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October 27, 2010

Ehrlich says he probably wouldn't run again

A campaign trail dispatch from The Sun's Childs Walker:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. said Wednesday that if he loses, this year’s race would be his last.

“It’s up or out,” he told reporters after a rally with seniors at Leisure World in Montgomery County. Ehrlich said it would be “difficult to imagine” a better environment to run in than this year’s election, with polls showing a GOP tide likely to sweep the nation.

He said he’s also finding it harder to be away from his children and that he has attractive fallbacks in his WBAL radio show and private sector legal work.

He told the crowd at Leisure World that he believed he was done with politics after Democrats dominated the 2008 election but that his wife, Kendel, urged him not to rule anything out.

He said he decided to run “for the greater good” after seeing rampant enthusiasm for his candidacy at political club meetings and other appearances in 2009.

“I’m very happy I made the decision,” he said. Ehrlich added that his campaign’s internal polls show his chances strengthening by the day.

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I hope Ehrlich wins. Imperfect, but would be a needed check on an out of control bunch of leftist legislators. He also will put some limits on a budget that will be over a billion in the red, no matter who wins.

If he loses, quite possible given the ethnic and economic makeup of voters(too many federal and fed contractors depend o big spenders) he will be fine. He's a smart guy who knows how to make a living without a govt job. We, not he, will be the losers.

There are few if any conservative leaders in this state who could build a movement in this state. I would hope businessmen who have accomplished their business goals would get involved in nonprofit boards, community and county activities and consider runs for Governor or Senate in the future. Let the Democrats keep promoting politicians to higher office.

We need leaders who know where jobs and capital come from. The federal gvt is headed for financial collapse in the next decade and layoffs, BRAC or no BRAC, will devastate the I-95 and 270 corridors. The defense dept and homeland security will not be exempt.

Leaders in the future have to run bare minimum low overhead government bodies. Marylanders will have to provide for themselves. In other words, join the United States of America.

From Ehrlich's lips to god's ears. Good riddence Bobby and Kendall. Now please just go away.

So, Didactic1, Ehrlich is a smart guy who knows how to make a living without a govt job? Yeah, I guess making millions as a lobbyist is what you Republicans mean by being an honest, hard working American.

And since, as you say, the budget will be a billion dollars in the red no matter who wins, how exactly is Bobby going to fix that, since he has already promised not to raise taxes while, at the same time, cutting state tax revenues by not taxing veterans pensions and rolling back the sales tax?

Sounds like more Republican "voodoo economics", in the words of George H.W. Bush, not some awful liberal.

Oh plese, Bobbie. Go away and stay away. It is less than 1 week until the election, and you are 10+ pts behind Gov. O'Malley. I've said it over and over again, you were voted out of office in 2006 for a reason. Gov. O'Malley has done a good job in the last four years. You should have listened to your gut and not your wife. And as for WBAL, it continues to lose listeners, so that gig may of short-lived. Go and make some more millions.

If he loses,you mean when he loses and he finally goes away for good .

If Ehrlich loses, will those maniacs who've kept his bumper stickers on their cars finally peel them off after 4+ years? Oh and will that lunatic who drives by crowded places with the Ehrlich sign trailer in tow finally hang it up? We can only hope.

Just go away! And stay away!

This is such a childess fourm with some of responses I have read on the things posted here.It is hard to believ the folks commenting are Adults

When Bobby loses, will we still have to refer to him as "Governor" or just "Gov"??

The problem is Ehrlich is a liar.But November 3, Leon and the others can finally remove their eyesore signs on Oregon ave, Joe Smith stop driving around with your stupid sign.

"Private sector legal work"? You're kidding, right? After failing the bar exam repeatedly, Ehrlich has never been regarded as much of a lawyer. His earnings over the past few years are attributable instead to his firm's lobbying practice, not its lawyering.

Are you serious, O 'Malley has done a good job the last 4 years? Vote for whoever you want, but please dont try to tell us O'Malley has done a good job. Taxes increased, thanks to a special session that was not needed, but cost lots of tax dollers and oh yea didnt he promise during the last election that he was able to help with BGE, that worked out real well.

once again it is pretty clear that what former Gov Ehrlich fears the most is winning theelection. giving up $750-1$1 millK for the governor's job probably seems to him a lousy trade.he clearly looks like a man going through the motiions for the sake of his party, his campaign doesn't seem terribly well run.

Why the GOP didn't try a fresh face this year, even if they lost, it might deepen their bench for the future.

A "fee" is 100% accountable money but can act like a tax on those who have to pay for the specific service that money goes to fund.

A "tax" is always a tax and will be collected with little or no accountability as to where that money is spent... just the way democrats like their collections of money from Maryland citizens "unaccountable".

So if you're idea of "honesty" in a Governor is one who "orders" special sessions to raise taxes across the board and calls them taxes (because you can't stop him anyway, and won't remember when you have the chance to throw him out), versus one who must resort to adding fees for some services due to the fact his vetos to curb Annapolis spending were all overridden by the democratically controled House and Senats... "keep playing the fool you always have been"!!!


Oh have mercy. I hope you wouldn't keep running year after year after year that Maryland says thanks but no thanks. Move on and leave us alone. The only reason you won several years ago was because KKT was the worst Dem candidate ever (though a wonderful top-notch person with lots to offer).

Your mistake was believing that the "rampant enthusiam" for your candicacy by your cronies and at small political club meetings had anything to do with what average Marylanders want. You lived in an echo chamber and were a legend only in your own mind. Ego and arrogance can take you down the wrong path, like here, but it doesn't win elections.

I think a Republican can win in Maryland one day, but it will take the National GOP (and its candidates) truly recreating and transforming itself (for real, not just as a marketing or campaign tool). Right now, they disgust MD and for good reason. And then a candidate in MD that actually has things to offer the state besides bully tactics, stale ideas, and a humongo ego. Marylanders could take to fiscal conservatism, but the reality is that the GOP has lost any real focus on that (instead religious issues and assisting the rich and big business dominate) and hasn't lived up to that (Bush and Ehrlich and the GOP Congress were spend spend spenders).

Can we get this in writing??

Bobby ya sound like ya've read the tea leaves! The writing's on the wall. Ya won't have Bobby to kick around after this, eh? Oh BTW, thanks for that fabulous calendar with the picture of the US Capital you sent me, when you were congressperson, after I asked you for help on a matter. No help except for the calendar! I cherish it so much I was glad to cast another vote against you in hopes it would be the deciding one; but I guess there are a just a few more out there who think of you like I do. Ba-bye Bobby! Ba-bye!

OK O'Malley lovers let us look at the facts...THE GOV did not turn back one of Bobs fees...not one , if he was such a crusader for the common man why did he not repeal all those fee increases..hmm sounds like his stand on slots when Gov Ehrlich wanted them for the monies they would bring in and by the way those fees would never have been enacted if Slots were OKd, but no the Dems shot him down 4 years in a row..and OMealey mouth backed there demise until of course he got in and then we needed them as well as taxes increased..and Bob Ehrlich kept a surplus when no Obama stimulus was given to us as OMealey got and we are still in the Billion dollar hole..and Unions , well I am sad to say a member whose group--not members backed OMealey mouth..why, so he could continue to screw us...unreal union..well this is one of MANY UNION MEMBERS voting for Bob Ehrlich..

It would be interesting to know how many of these die hard "no matter at what cost" O'Malley Democrats above also voted for Obama, all of you would be our guess? Guess you'd vote for him again too no matter the cost! That's pathetic & so is the thought of another 4 years of O'Malley! Let us not forget O'Malley campaigned for Obama & helped put him in there! Wise up Marylanders, Democrat or not, O'Malley has hurt the state of MD, just as Obama is hurting this country. Enough is enough, get Bob Ehrlich back in there, we need him now more than ever!

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