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October 26, 2010

General election Early voting exceeds primary total

Friday was the first day of a weeklong early voting period -- and people seem much more enthusiastic than they did during the primaries.

Both Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley and Republican former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. stormed the state Saturday to get out the early vote.

The State Board of Elections reported that 32,000 people voted Friday. On Day One of primary early voting, merely 14,000 came out. In total, 77,000 people voted early in either the Democratic or Republican primary. As of Tuesday morning, more than 95,200 statewide had cast early votes for the general election, according to State Board of Elections figures.

Friday's numbers showed that twice as many Democrats as Republicans voted. That tracks from the primary early voting turnout. Prince George's County, a Democratic stronghold, has notched the highest turnout, with more than 15,800 casting ballots, the elections board reported.

The early voting centers are open to registered voters from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. through Thursday. Check here for details

Tallies from each day of early voting won't be made public until after the polls close on Election Day, Nov. 2.

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Senator Harry Reid--LIES!

Prior to the real estate crash illegal workers were pouring into Nevada and stealing jobs in the construction trade. Contractors are to blame for enticing all kinds of illegal labor, to bloat their profit. As a Democratic leader Senator Harry Reid should have stopped this travesty to the American working man, instead now they have an overabundance of illegal alien households feeding like leeches of the dwindling public welfare system. This lefty has allowed illegal immigrants to access unemployment benefits and like his co-conspirators across the United States has subjected Citizens and residents to combat for jobs with foreigners with no legal permission for being here.

The Pew Hispanic Center study shows 17-percent of all construction workers are in the United States illegally. Reid says not in Nevada. “That may be some place, but it’s not here in Nevada.” But their latest 2009 numbers show Nevada is the state with the highest percentage of “unauthorized immigrants” in the labor force. Because of his complete inattention to the immigration invasion, Nevada, California and other border states have massive treasury deficits. NRSC Communications Director Brain Walsh Stated: “When you consider that Harry Reid has been splitting his time lately between his Ritz-Carlton condo in Washington and high-dollar fund raisers with trial lawyers in Canada, it’s easy to understand why he honestly may not believe that there are illegal workers in Nevada.

In July 2010 "When you go to the unemployment office there's many U.S. citizens who are unemployed construction workers and they don't have jobs because right now, some of those construction companies find it easier to hire undocumented workers," said Reporter Nathan Baca.
If Reid is returned to office he will bring upon America another crippling --AMNESTY. By a large margin--ALL--Lib-Democrats are participating in this plot. It extends these criminal aliens the right to be hired by unscrupulous business owners. It will also bring on our children another $2.6 Trillion dollars to find, as the non-profit Heritage Foundation has calculated this amount to process the 12 to 20 plus million already illegal settled in America. The Democrats would reward the knowingly wrongdoing of these people, with a path to citizenship, that should only be appointed to respectful legal immigrants.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost to US citizens-Residents in the name of corporate greed. Sen. Reid had the chance to mitigate his behavior by passing permanent E-Verify, but instead we are lucky to have a 3 year extension to the verification program; forget that he regrettably passed it on a voluntary basis. This federal system to identify illegal foreigners in the workplace would have gone a long way to replacing authorized labor. FAIR stated in 2005-- “The booming Las Vegas casino sector is attracting large numbers of immigrants to the city. Despite a required police background check for new hires that bars most illegal aliens seeking casino jobs, the city, nevertheless, is attracting large numbers of illegal aliens working in hotels and other jobs not requiring advanced education or skill levels and paying low wages.

" The presence of a large number of illegal aliens is attested to by the spread of money transfer to foreign countries and check cashing operations and the growth of immigration consultant services. The large population of illegal aliens is straining the state’s health care and criminal justice infrastructure. Eighteen percent of Clark County residents do not have health insurance and rely on the valley’s crowded emergency room for routine care; health officials believe many are illegal aliens Today Senator Reid has a seriously flawed immigration grade, the worst unemployment amongst the states, highest bankruptcy rate and almost terminal foreclosures. He should be ejected from his public service job and replaced by Sharron Angle. Not the great Candidate, but she will be honed to the TEA PARTIES philosophy to cut federal taxes, reduce the size of government and begin by any means possible the repatriation of illegal aliens. TEA PARTY lawmakers will not genuflect to Republican elites and certainly not the left side of the aisle. There will not be any excuses not following citizens/legal residents interests; cutting short the encumbrances of the special interest lobby.

Any information on illegal immigration has been suppressed by the Liberal national media. You can however GOOGLE keywords in my commentary to locate the truth. Information such as illegal alien costs; anchor baby costs; Illegal aliens and Social Security; add Totalization agreement with Mexico; the 2006 Secure fence Act (completely trashed.) The facts are in the articles about health care, education even prison services. The costs to support the illegal occupation of this country will stun your brain. This administration has made the invasion even worse, by directing ICE to release non hardcore criminal aliens. But then again they are all criminals, by intentionally ignoring our laws. Lefty Senator Barbara Boxer and a whole host of these insipid politicians, Governors, Mayors must erased from the Washington arena on November 2nd, from the growing pile of economic ruin.

You're an idiot, Francis.

And us Libs are stomping your guts out in this election just like we did the last time.

Just wait 'til Nov 2nd when we come pouring in like rain.

Democrats may have an edge in Maryland, but not around most of the country. The spells trouble for the Democrats.

Obama and the liberal Dems are ruining our country. I'm an independent and actually dislike the Rep governor of my state however I voted for him as I will in no circumstance vote for a Dem and give Obama another Dem governor. Our nation is falling apart and if we don't get rid of most of the Washington politicians, we have only ourselves to blame for the difficult conditions we have placed our childen and grandchildren's futures.

Clyde are you a moron? So you're independent... but will never vote for a Dem? So you want to get rid of the "Washington politicians," but you're going to vote Erlich back into office? Wow... way to be short-sighted. Look at the big picture, idiot. The nation is always better and more prosporous, or at the very least MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, under democratic control. Take a g.d. history class

I am all for the values this country was founded on, i.e. God and His principles. Many gave their lives and their fortunes for the freedom that you and I now have. Whatever party protects these freedoms, I will vote for. As for people who do not respect God's principles, I say go to another country where you will be happier, stop changing America, and stop taking God out of America. If we follow His principles, He will protect America. If we don't He won't.

Republicans, you’ve got to be kidding me!!! The Democrats did not take power with a surplus! The Republicans handed them one!!! Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them some Socialist. If you had behaved yourselves I wouldn’t have voted for Kratovil, but you’re acting like spoiled children who are upset that the grown ups are cleaning up their mess.
This is not the time for conservatives. In 2000 things were so good that we tried that. Look what it got us. The only American who is qualified to be President in times like these is Franklin Roosevelt! He had a far worse economy. A far more dangerous enemy abroad and no one in the world had ever been able to communicate information as quickly as he could get it.
Thing with Roosevelt, he proudly thought of himself as a socialist. He was on good terms with Stalin! He was a womanizer, fond of the drink and consulted psychics. Not to mention wheelchair bound. Imagine what would be said about him today.
Today we have a black President with a funny name and for some that’s a huge concern. If it’s not for you, then good for you. Be proud of yourself for it! Don’t deny that a middle name like Hussein and his skin color aren’t liabilities.
Al Quada is a threat, but London is not burning because of them, Paris is not occupied by them. Hitler did both those things, pointed to the United States and said, “You’re next.” They were a bit more threatening than a guy who looks like a dirty wizard, lives in a cave and has an army of beat up old trucks and box cutters.
Roosevelt had a 25% unemployment rate! Tax cuts under Hoover led to the stock market crashing. It took nearly 16 years for us to get out of that mess. Though things aren’t as bad now they won’t be fixed overnight. We wouldn’t be better off if McCain were President! We probably would have been if Gore had been. Take responsibility Republicans!!! You screwed up, it doesn’t work and trying things your way will not fix what is wrong. Frued said, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Voting Republican is insane!

"And us Libs are stomping your guts out in this election just like we did the last time. " by: captainkona


What planet do you live on dude?

How many "early voters" are voting multiple times and will also vote on 11/2/2010?

Ted, get your facts straight. Check out the Revenue Act of 1932, a Hoover initiative that increased the top rate from 25% to 63%. Hoover was an interventionist, matter of fact FDR ran originally on the platform of not interfering in the markets. Of course, that did not last long and the economy wallowed in a period of stagnation despite all the social programs he instituted. Hoover was an advocate for large "temporary" tax hikes. "Temporary" meaning they wouldn't be reduced until JFK began cutting taxes. FDR did not get us out of the Depression, nor did the war (contrary to popular belief). What got us out of the Depression was the result of war. The fact that all of our global competitors had most of their industrial capacity wiped out. They needed to rebuild, so we lent them the money and since our industrial base was kicking on all cylinders we had them pay us to help them rebuild. What a racket, lend someone money to pay us to build things. The stock market did not return to 1929 levels until 1954. Unemployment remained high until the end of the 40's when it began to subside (in part because a whole generation of men returned either in body bags or lame).

The measure for unemployment has changed a few times in the last 30 years to mask the level for political reasons. Economists argue that the real rate of unemployment is 17%-28%, but the level of adult age workers not employed is around 50%.

Republican, democrat, the last 15 years has shown that neither one has a clue.

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