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October 20, 2010

Democrats up ante; put $1 million behind Kratovil

So, do the folks at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee know something about the Frank Kratovil-Andy Harris rematch that the wise-guy analysts don't?

If not, why have they poured $1.1 million into a race that some--though by no means all--handicappers see as a likely Republican pickup?

The DCCC just put another $300,000 into attack ads against Republican Harris in Maryland's First District, according to a new filing with the Federal Election Commission. That brings the DCCC's total investment in Kratovil's re-election to $1,118,981.78.

That spending vaults Maryland's easternmost congressional district into the top ranks of House races nationally and raises the stakes for a party fighting to keep its majority in Congress.

Perhaps it's simply home-state pride. After all, Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland is the DCCC chair. And Baltimore-born Speaker Nancy Pelosi--the GOP's punching bag in its anti-Kratovil ads--and neighboring Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer, the Majority Leader, are the top Democrats in the House.

Or might Democratic strategists have reason to think Kratovil will hold off Harris, long regarded as one of the Republican Party's best bets in the nation to take back a Democratic seat this fall?

If it's merely an attempt to entice the national Republican Party into redoubling its support for Harris--which would deflect resources that could be deployed elsewhere--that's a very expensive ploy. For now, though, the National Republican Congressional Committee is being outspent better than two-to-one in the conservative district, which takes in parts of Baltimore, Harford and Anne Arundel counties and the entire Eastern Shore.

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I thought they were planning on pulling out of all races where the DEM had no chance... I would be one angry DCCC donor when Harris ends up winning by 5+

Oh Harford, you cad. You are simply wishing for something and simply ignoring the FACTS (typical Repube). Polls from June-Oct. 18th show a race where both men have been leading, none by more than 3% in polls with a 4.9% margin of error. √ back in on November 3rd and let's see who won. Harris was "supposed" to win last time. Since this is a "Shore seat" it makes sense that the man who actually lives and works on The Shore be the sure bet to hold it. Randy Andy only pretends to work part time at Salisbury Hospital to fool Shore folks into thinking he actually cares about their issues. Harris is a hard-line Baltimore/ Harford County Pol who could care less about those in Cecil, Kent, QA, Caroline, Talbot, Dorchester, Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset counties. However, Frank Kratovil grew up, lives in (EVERY NIGHT), and remains loyal to the voters of The Eastern Shore. Harris would only represent 1/3 of Baltimore Co and 1/2 of Harford Co. (Combined less than one county while Frank represents NINE Shore counties). He won in '08 and Shore voters will send him back again in 2010.

First, Kratovil is from PG County - his father was a judge there. So, let's do away with the "he is one of us" argument.

I am an unaffiliated voter that is probably best described as conservative. I live in the 1st, and I voted for Kratovivil last election (but under no circumstances will again - I am all in for Harris). I also follow politics pretty closely. Here is my take on why the DCCC is spending money here - Andy Harris is a weak candidate and is running a weak campaign.

This appears to be a wave (no tsunami) election for conservatives, and the 1st is a very conservative place. However, in every district you must run a good campaign to win. Andy Harris has run a terrible campaign in that he has failed to create a good narrative (I am for.../I believe ... and my opponent is out of touch because he has...). It seems he wants to simply win by default because it is a Republican year.

Harris would benefit greatly I believe from a two prong attack: (1) broad based personal appeals to voters where he explains what he believes in (ads featuring him); and (2) attack ads that tie Pelosi and Obama to Kratovil. Had he done these things, he would be crushing Kratovil right now.

Kratovil on the other hand has run effective ads (even though I ding him for running the 23% tax ad which was outright misrepresentation) that portray him as independent, likeable and caring.

To any Republicans that are listening, if Kratovil wins please, please, please recruit and train a better candidate next time. There has to be a better candidate in the 1st than Harris.

Well, well, here's another story by Paul, trying to prove that he really is a journalist and not a paid for DCCC hack, of course the code for this story ensures it will never be found on the front page, so those that are paying attention recognize this fish wrap for what it is. Harris gets money and it's all front page and then Paul, putting on his halloween costume of impartialata journalista makes sure this story winds up here behind the girls underwear ads so coveted by Annie and Julie. If there weren't so many stupid people reading this tripe I would find it amusing, but I'm just getting tired of the DNC sycophants that infest this paper like bloodsucking ticks on a dog. This bunch isn't even proving smart enough to realize that the dog has an illness, and it's terminal.

Thank the internet!

So, Mr. C. Kook, are you one of the "many stupid people reading this tripe.."? So many hateful analopgies of blood, sucking, dogs, sycophants, ticks, infestations, illnesses, terminals...

First, bias on the table. I am a Kratovil supporter.

Kratovil has worked and lived on the eastern shore for years. I am not making a "he is one of us argument" but it is nonsense to paint the eastern shore as only accepting those who were born there. It is a quite friendly place.

They do tend to like to be governed by people who live there, because many feel it grants insight to the life they face.

Kratovil is a moderate, whose political ideology is likely closer to many conservatives than the more extreme views of Harris, who believes his religious views should prevent the rest of us from Sunday hunting, or that pornography poses a bigger danger to youth than smoking. Personally, I feel, while both are not good for young people to indulge in, Dr. Harris should know better.

In a perfect world I would be voting for Wayne Gilchrest again, but ours is not a perfect world.

Kratovil's first vote as a Congressman was for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. His first vote in the next Congress (if elected) will be for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

Pelosi is terrible and responsible for much of the garbage that has come from DC the last 4 years. This alone should give people pause.

I will be checking back on here on election day, but I have a feeling you won't be. Also, shouldn't you be enraged that Kratovil is being promoted by "overseas" money from the Chamber of Commerce, typical hypocritical LIB.

Harris would have won last time, but Kratovil campaigned as a moderate (I'll admit he is somewhat moderate even though he voted for the ultra-liberal Cap and Trade which would hurt the Shore ) and he got the endorsement of Wayne Gilcrhest which helped push him over the edge. Like I said, I will still be here on Nov. 3rd, and I'll gladly admit I am wrong if Kratovil wins or gets within 5% of Harris.

Looks like Andy Harris is up by double digits per Monmouth University. I am seeing a lot of pro-Democrat polls posted, so will you post this one...

Have any of you had dealings with Kratovils office?? have any of you tried to get his office to step in an request a congressional hearing?? I have Im a veterans with a Major issues with the VA . Kratovil will not even meet me one on one to be shown my documentaion. Remember all first he is a Lawyer. We need a congressman who will fairly and equally represent us all.

From Harford,
Cap and trade isn't a liberal idea. It's a free market 1980s Republican idea to address environmental issues. Look it up. It was first proposed by folks from the Reagan administration:

And Patrick Bryan,
the Congressman represents 100s of thousands of people. Can you imagine if each one of them demanded a personal meeting with him? That's what staff is for.

Unrest - you are playing a bit of a shell game. Yes, some conservatives advocate free market solutions to actual environmental pollution. However, these people were not in the 1980's trying to put a tax on carbon dioxide (you know, the stuff mammals exhale). Carbon dioxide is not pollution, and we certainly should not tax it. To do so is to raise energy taxes which of course raises fuel costs and hence hurts significantly the least fortunate among us. Moreover, researchers are beginning to find that the global warming scare has been vastly overblown by those that stand to profit from it.

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