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October 21, 2010

Cordish touts business support on Arundel slots

With a recent poll a showing an even split in public opinion on slots at Arundel Mills mall, developer David Cordish held a press conference at a Millersville contracting company headquarters Wednesday to showcase support in the business community for his planned casino.

The Cordish Cos. Chairman is asking Anne Arundel County voters to support Question A on the Nov. 2 ballot. If passed, Cordish can proceed with plans to build a 4,750-machine slots parlor and entertainment complex adjacent to the mall.

Cordish, with about 30 county business leaders who support the planned casino, stressed the project would bring 4,000 jobs and millions to the county and state at the gathering outside of Reliable Contracting.

Cordish said he was encouraged by the polling, which "indicated momentum," but added, "We're not going to let up.

Cordish also announced that he has invited business owners to invest in the casino as partners.

Kevin Johnson, CEO of the Hanover-based Commercial Interiors, an 18-year-old general contracting company, said he supports the project and "hopes to get some work from it."
"This is an important project for Anne Arundel County," Johnson said. "It will put a lot of people to work."

Jerry South, CEO of Annapolis-based Towne Park, said, Gaming in Maryland will happen. Let's get our fair share."

-Nicole Fuller

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Good for Corcish. I'm in complete favor of the Slots Parlor at Arundel Mills. Those against it keep hinting that the Slots are going to be in the Mall and are worried about their children coming in contact with those coming to play slots. A large majority of the players are the grandparents of kids themselves and are not "Gambling Fiends or Child Molesters".
If they are worried about the conduct of Mall patrons, why are they not worried about the Halloween Party that's being help at the Mall and the Several OPEN BARS that will be in the Mall during this party.
Oh, I guess Drunks in Costume are better than Senoir Citizens playing Slots. What a brunch of Damned Jerks!!!!!!

"develioer" David Cordish?

It makes sense that those promised business contracts would support the guy offering them cash. I predict the people of Anne Arundel will vote this one down.

This article in Cordish touting businesses I guess is similar to him creating a confidential "Business Council" in which business leaders have been promised favors in return for their support of "Question A” Actions like what Cordish are doing in that article and this Sun article summarizes why Wall Street Banks and other companies have recently been taking advantage of average citizens. That’s why I think it is important to vote against Question A and to tell all Casino companies like Cordish and the rest of them that citizens won’t be run and tricked into fake promises by these slot companies.

Hey Badpoppop - your foul mouth is unnecessary - and it doesn't help the image of the pro-slots faction.

The NIMBY's propose we should take the legitimate license from Cordish and give it to an out of state corporation and their partner a foriegn owned company that is being financed by Russian Banks. It isn't enough to keep jobs out of Anne Arundel, have to maximize the money that will leave the state.
That is how Wall Street and Big Business stepped on the common man.
Most of the businees's that I saw on the news were legitimate business that grew from hard work dedication to the community. To have a local business with owners that live locally. How could you be so petty as to say that is detrimental?

There's more than just business support needed to get slots at Arundel Mills. It needs the support of the county's citizens. I, as a senior citizen, cannot support Arundel Mills as a site for slots. I find the mall most unattractive for my business. It is simply too big, too far to walk, too hard to find a parking place, and too dark. The mall stores cater to the young crowd. I shop maybe twice a year and only in the daylight.

A retired police officer once told me that slots will bring crime only if there is already crime in the location. I tried searching the Internet to find out what the crime is at Arundel Mills and only got mixed results, no hard data. So for me it boils down to whether I feel safe there, and I do not.

While I see merit in the jobs it will bring and maybe Cordish can build a good product though it appears they are getting much too much money out of these projects, I would have to vote no to Question A.

Frank- you've got to be kidding. Either you're not the brightest bulb in the lamp or you're purposely trying to distort facts. The businesses, unions and County organizations ( i.e. police and firefighters) who are in favor of slots at the Mall do so because they honestly believe it will bring jobs, business and desperately needed tax revenue to the area. I don't believe Cordish has to hide behind the NIMBYs or use a illegal alliance with an out-of-state slots owner or scrounge for financing wherever he can get money no matter what their real interest. If you really had the interests of AA Countyand state taxpayers at heart you would see that this is no contest. Stronach along with his cohorts offer nothing. They probably would not be able to develop Laurel and if they did, it would be a bare-bones,second-class operation that would reflect very poorly on the County..

A vote against Question A is throwing your support behind Penn National, a company that has not once told the truth about what the referendum is really about and a company determined to keep sending MD money to WV. A vote for Question A will bring in throusands of jobs and will help support our failing school system- right here in AA County. Which one sounds better to you??

Failing school system? Who is lying here? Maryland schools are consistantly among the top schools in the nation, and Anne Arundel schools among the top in the state. Cordish is a failed casino operator who has power freinds and alot of money. Otherwise he would not have been given the license to begin with.

Wouldn't millions come to the county and state if they were at the race track?! Last time I checked it is still in AA county!

"So for me it boils down to whether I feel safe there, and I do not. "

No one is forcing you to go to Arundel Mills. If it caters to a younger group, who cares? It has 14 million -tourists- per year spending real money. Columbia is only about 10 minutes away, Annapolis/Parole are only 10-15, and Marley is all of 7 minutes away.

If you are voting against Question A because the "young people are shopping there" then that is rather silly.

"Wouldn't millions come to the county and state if they were at the race track?! Last time I checked it is still in AA county!"

No, its not. It is in Howard and PG County also.

At Arundel Mills, AA would get 30 million per year.

At Laurel, AA would get 6 million per year, Howard 6, and PG 6, because the profits would only be about 60% and split 3 ways.

Terry G. you really need to get you facts straight and stop listening to the stop slots twist on the truth, Cordish is not a failed casino owner, the casino his company owns and manages are very profitable its the race track owned and managed by others located near the casinos that are failing. As far as slots at laurel race track vs arundel mills? The road to get there are mostly neighborhood roads compared to the multi lane roads, expressway and interstates around arundel mills, the area of laurel racetrack is also surrounded by a community several times larger and has several historical landmarks that would be impacted by a casino at laurel, plus it would be environmental unsound because of a near by natural spring and animal preserve. I live, shop and work near the mall and deal with the traffic there every day of the week, I have done early voting and I voted for slots for the added parking, added security, more jobs and more money to improve and maintain the county I not only grew up in but also still live in.

The biggest concern is that people will bring their kids into the Casino since it is already at the mall. That is not a place for a child to go. We all no that people have gambling problems so now lets let them blow there hole paycheck right in front of there kid. That is a great example to set. If the slots where going to be built at Laurel Race track or even an off site location other than a family venue most of the people that are opposed to it being built at the current location would not have a problem. So the big question is why did they pick Arundle Mills Mall. To take advantage of the people that are there, most of them being there with there families. So David Cordish really did not even give your family a thought or just thinks that you should bring them in with you. It is all about how to bring in the most money. Bottom line is if it were being built at another location there wouldn't even be a debate over it. The big thing that they say is if Maryland wants slots then this is there chance. I like all of the reasons to build the slots except the location. The reason they want it built there is because of the location an all of the people and that is the same reason there is such an outcry to not have it built there. You would have thought that the planners of the project would have said" Hey, we really want to get this built and also have the full support of the community so lets pick a place that will gives us that opportunity." But instead we have what we have now. Really smart decision. Lets just have them built it some place else and bam everybody will be onboard. It is that simple. I think that would qualify as a no brainer.

I hope that any of you who favor slots at the mall and who frequently commute or travel on routes 100 and 295 remember the daily traffic backup on these highways. Also, please keep in mind BRAC which is adding 5,000 jobs in the next year to Ft Meade...these folks too will compete for highway space. Then add the tour buses and out of town tourists coming to play the slots. Nice, huh? It will be too late to change after the election. Slots are not worth it. Maybe build the casino in Annapolis instead where all the politicians who are frothing at the bit for all the revenue the slots will bring will think twice if they built it in their neighborhood. And yes, there already is crime at the mall..both in the shopping places as well as the parking lot. Next time you visit the mall and cannot find a parking space, or experience long line of cars trying to enter routes 100/295, remember, it was your vote that aggravated an existing road problem. And ask Cordish why he didn't include the increased vehicle traffic by BRAC in his so called taffic study. He'll do whatever it takes to BS the public into making himself richer. He could care less about jobs and tax revenue for the county. In my humble opinion. Thomas

"The biggest concern is that people will bring their kids into the Casino since it is already at the mall. That is not a place for a child to go."

Then you should be opposed to Laurel, who actively promotes birthday parties for little kids and have the parties down with the gamblers.

The mall, unlike Laurel, would forbid anyone under 21 from entering.

Laurel, MD is about 100 feet from Howard County. The roads (198 and Route 1 are to small to handle traffic and there are huge neighborhoods surrounding the Laurel Racetrack that would fight a casino tooth and nail. The Russett neighborhood successfully thwarted Jack Ken Cooks attempt to build Redskins Stadium (FexEx) in Laurel. This would delay slots in Anne Arundel for another 5 years or more. The Mall is the best place. More tourist, more hotels, more restaurants. The building will have parking, a Ramshead music auditorium, Ruth Chris, Bobby Flay and more. It will be a boom. Separate from the mall and you have to be 21 to enter. It is a total win, win for the county and the tourist friendly Mall. Homeowners around the mall I am sorry. But you chose to live near a Mall for christ sake. PS-Stop stealing the "Vote For" signs. You are showing desperation.

Why are we still hearing "increased crime and traffic"? I know that these are major concerns, but they have been addressed so many times before.. It gets boring to hear these same old things over and over. John W, do you really think that the next community on the list will automatically ... on board for casino gambling? No, I don't. The Question A vote is not about location, it is about allowing casino gambling in Anne Arundel County. When Penn National Gaming saw that there would be 4750 slots at one location (as WAS specified by the MD GA BEFORE the vote) why didn't they then join forces with MAGNA and put up the $28.5 million needed for the bid? Mr. Cordish played his card, and decided that having the casino next to the mall would be the most lucrative venture.

@ "Liberal Soldiers" ... Yep, I chose to live around AM Mall ... not for "Christ sake" ... because it's a good place to live for me and my family.

I didn't choose to live next to a 4,750 slot-parlor casino. Just like the Russet Neighborhood, we're fighting 'tooth and nail' because we obviously have a LOT of very valid concerns about crime, horrific traffic issues, and property values. I personally don't buy Cordish's Utopian outlook if slots come.

(Seriously - Can you tell me ONE school system - ANYWHERE - that has ever prospered from local gambling revenue??)

Assuming you don't live near Arundel Mills, it's very easy for you to preach of all the benefits without dealing with any the headaches.

Not at the mall. No way.

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