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September 9, 2010

Ehrlich holds nose and votes early

Republican former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. cast a ballot for himself this morning in the GOP primary, participating in an early voting program similar to the one that he vetoed when in office five years ago.

Ehrlich has repeatedly denounced early voting as a “solution in search of a problem,” saying Marylanders were never “clamoring” for ability to vote before the traditional primary day. Also, he pointed out that the additional costs associated polling places and election judges is “an expensive process during a difficult time.”

That has put Ehrlich’s team in the awkward position of advocating to supporters that they cast ballots before election day, while also acknowledging that Ehrlich opposes the program. Gov. Martin O’Malley, the Democratic incumbent and Brian Murphy, Ehrlich’s GOP challenger, have both made an issue of the inconsistency.

Nevertheless Ehrlich’s black SUV transported him, his wife Kendel and their son Drew to the Annapolis Senior Activity Center around 10 a.m. where the voting age members of the family cast ballots. Asked why he chose to participate in the program – voters can still cast ballots on primary election day – he chuckled and turned to longtime staffer Greg Massoni.

“Why is that Greg?” he asked. Massoni didn't say anything and Ehrlich chuckled. “I don’t know," he continued. "I guess because it is the law. It is what we have so we're doing it. There is no great thought that went into that.”

Ehrlich said that if he becomes governor he would “keep an open mind” about changes to the program. Any alteration to early voting would require changing the Maryland’s constitution via a state-wide ballot question.
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Ehrlich is such a joke and certainly not a leader. Just because early voting is now offered doesn’t mean he had to vote early. Way to take a principled stance there Bob. Just more backtracking.

“Why is that Gregg?” he asked. Massoni didn't say anything and Ehrlich chuckled. “I don’t know," he continued. "I guess because it is the law. It is what we have so we're doing it. There is no great thought that went into that.”

No great thought describes Bob Ehrlich to a T.what an idiot.

It's "clamoring," not "clammering."

** From Annie:
Thanks! Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

I'm fairly new to this state and I'm a bit confused. How did he get elected the first time? The man stands for nothing, he's inconsistent, incoherent and agrees with you about everything. He probably thinks the Colts are still in Baltimore.

It's embarrassing that this fool is even taken seriously. Really? You're a candidate on the ballot and not much thought went into voting for yourself? About how much thought went into mounting a campaign you have no business in and that you can't win? About how much thought did you put into raising taxes by $3 billion and then denying it ever happened? About how much thought went into your 4-year golf outing as Governor, leading to you selling your influence to the tune of $2.5 million for doing nothing?

Ehrlich vetoed the early voting bill because the state constitution already established the days voting could occur on, and a bill can't change the constitution. Now that early voting has been added as a constitutional amendment his objection is no longer a concern.

@ Kharn - You are incorrect. Ehrlich did not veto the early voting bill for legal reasons. He vetoed it because he called it an invitation to fraud and terrible policy but his real reason like so many other things he has done was to try and make it more difficult for people to vote. He's just trying to run from his failed record yet again.

The true reason is Ehrlich tried to surpress the voters from firing him. He even bused in homeless people from Philadelphia to pass out sample ballots showing him as a Demcorat because Ehrlich thinks all black people are stupid.

These O'malley plants are too much! Early voting was instituted by changing the MD consitiution! How STUPID is that? That is why Ehrlich opposed it, plus the amount of voter fraud that goes on this state now has another week or so to manifest itself during early voting. Anyway, see you guys Nov.2 when MD kicks Owemally out of office! Hey whatever happened to those BGE rates O'malley was going to stop??? Oh wait, what about the largest tax increase in MD history??? Oh wait, what about record unemployment and negative private sector job growth over the last 4 years....try to defend that horrible record! LOL!

So Ehrlich needs his supporters to tell him why he now supports it? It passed a voter referendum. Ehrlich opposed it. If he had an ounce of principle in him Ehrlich would not vote early. But he doesn't.

Ok, ok, Leave Bobby E. alone,He know's he has no chance of winning, He just wants something to do, Let's see, He used an exploited an African American to win the first time, He exploited a person with a disability the second time and it failed, now he is exploiting a woman. Let him fantasize about getting his old job back. There is no law against fantasizing.

Bob Ehrlich has demonstrated his immature, narcissistic personality since his days as one of Newt's preening underlings in 1994. Don't think he has changed. For the past 4 years, his syncophants have been soothing his poor wounded feelings, telling him everything he wants to hear...yes Bobby, you should have won, not that mean O'Malley!

If he does not support early voting, well then, of course go out and vote early! Anyone who thinks that Ehrlich would make a better governor this time around better remember this! He does things that he is against, and then gets his side men to do all the explaining! Just like last time!!!

Ehrlich smells like rotten cabbage

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