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September 3, 2010

Ehrlich going up on TV

Gubernatorial candidate Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. made his first TV buy this week. The Republican former governor will pour $91K into television advertisements on WBAL-TV starting Sunday and is spending $62K for ads on WJZ. His ads on both stations go for at least two weeks -- until Sept. 19, the station confirms.

Typically candidates buying in the Baltimore market will put up ads on all four major stations -- though were waiting to hear from FOX45 and ABC2.

Ehrlich spokesman Andy Barth would not comment on the content of the ads. "We prefer not to discuss media strategies, purchase, etc," he said in an email.

The ads will run during news programs, and will be Ehrlich's will be his first paid spots on television -- typically the medium candidates spend most of their money. The purchase raises the question of Why Now? Campaigns often heat up after Labor Day, though many had thought the Ehrlich team would wait until after the September 14 primary to start spending money on TV since he does not appear to be threatened by Republican challenger Brian Murphy.

It will also be interesting to see if Ehrlich will run positive ads like the ones O'Malley has had up throughout the summer -- or if he'll jump out of the gate attacking the incumbent governor. O'Malley's ads feature business owners and executives praising the governor's handling of jobs and the economy.

Baltimore area viewers will be blanketed. Other candidates buying time include Baltimore State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy and her opponent Gregg Bernstein; U.S. Rep. Frank M. Kratovil Jr. and his challenger state Sen. Andrew P. Harris; Joe Bartenfelder v. Kevin Kamenetz, who are vying for the Democratic nod in the Baltimore County Executive's race.

Even longtime Congressman CA Dutch Ruppersberger will be challenged on air - his primary opponent Raymond Atkins bought time.

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I wonder what Ehrlich will say in his first ad. He's running away from his record so he'll probably just attack attack attack.

Maryland look out. We are in store for two months of mud-slinging from Bobby Haircuts Ehrlich.

Be careful Bobby - don't spend all your money too soon! You definitely don't want to call you boy Mike Steele for a bailout

I guess the two first posters here have forgotten about the misleading, lying, mudslinging attack ads MOM ran on the radio earlier this summer.

I don't think Ehrlich can fit all his many promises into one ad. I want to cut taxes, raise spending and put a chicken in every pot!

Maybe Bob will show up with his BGE bill. You know, the one that the heavy drinker promised to not allow to be raised.or he could show the PT job the pappa-in-law has for 180K while furloughs become common-place.Or he could present the logical notion that you make cuts and THEN raise taxes. You don't raise taxes and increase spending and increase your staff's salary AND raid the rainy day fund.It would be nice to pinpoint the little things that he probably has yet to learn... like the publicly traded company that used to be based in Baltimore but moved their HQ as a direct response to the increased taxes. Or the accounting firm that looked at their clients before/after the tax law changes and determined that from one small firm, the state lost out on $2 million in taxes because taxpayers left the state.Or he could highlight the truth - we live in a world of tax and spend and O'Malley knows no other way... just like Obama.

Ehrlich should start his ads with "THIS AD IS FOR YOU CONSERVATIVES" and talk about tax cuts and asking immigrants to show their papers.

His "MODERATE" ad will talk about him being pro-choice and promising to increase government spending for counties.

Ehrlich he's for everyone!

@jay Let's not compare apples and oranges. O'Malley's television ads have been very positive talking about his record and featuring business owners who praise his handling of jobs and the economy

Its obvious just from reading the Ehrlich-sycophants comments what Bob Ehrlich will do. He is going run a negative campaign because he prefers Maryland families forget his horrendous four years as Governor. He was hopeless then, why would we want him back?

Ehrlich can keep running to the right and try to blame O'Malley for the Bush Recession and link him to Obama, but that's going to backfire. You'll just enrage Democrats and ensure that O'Malley gets elected.

@BaltimoreColt. Do your math, Ehrlich raised General Fund spending while O'Malley cut it.

Is it odd that Governor Ehrlich is trying to run like an outsider. Does he think our memories are so short?

He raised my property taxes, increased how I pay to register my car, and added this flush tax too (that affects middle-class families and the rich equally). He also increased tuition at UMD so high that I had to take out loans to pay for my son's education. Plus for four years nothing seemed to have got done.

Sorry, but I don't think O'Malley is perfect but he's a far superior choice to Ehrlich.

Brian Murphy is out with his ad:

Ehrlich = largest spending increase
O'Malley = largest tax increase

We need a better choice.

Anyone else think that the size of the buy is very small given how many other ads are on the air. And why WBAL? He must got confused with the radio station that used to give him unequal time.

Ehrlich probably doesn't have enough money to run a bigger ad buy. That's a pity.

Let the negative ad war start. Sorry Bob, but you can't go back in time and erase your record. You and Kendell should back to making a lot of money by not being lobbyists and not being corporate fat cats.

Positive Ads_ do you mean the ads he ran in which your editorial board had to chastise him for lying.

Martin "Receding Hairline" O:
'malley's fans club at this paper, in one word, funny!

I would have a ad showing all the illeagals comming to maryland. And the graves of all the citizens who have been killed by drunk illeagals.
Then end with Omalley saying it is to expensive to get rid of them.

Bob is spending money with WBAL so it can be recycled into his pocket.

Do you think Ehrlich wasn't a lobbyist? What was he paid $800K to do every year? My family won't make that much money in 10 years!

O'Malley had a point in his negative ads.

That being said his TELEVISION ads have been very positive. Ehrlich's will be mud-slinging at its finest. He played dirty four years ago and he'll play dirty again.

Look, tons of "rapid response team" posters from the Maryland Democratic Party. Partisan politics in Maryland has run amok. It's the strongest argument for bringing back Ehrlich--dividing the government and forcing compromises instead of jamming tax hikes and unpopular laws down the people's throats.

@jay Let's not compare apples and oranges. O'Malley's television ads have been very positive talking about his record and featuring business owners who praise his handling of jobs and the economy
Sorry Michaela I am not buying it. A negative ad is a negative ad period-no matter what forum is used to deliver the message. Mom's radio ads were deceptive lies the even THE SUN chastised him for.

Taggart-if MOM loses this election you don't think for a moment he will end up as a highly paid lawyer/lobbyist himself like several of his ex-staff members? Give me a break. If there is one universal in politics it is that polticians from both parties cash in on their resume. Are you really that naive?

I want things to get done in Maryland, rather than have partisan gridlock. Four years ago, Ehrlich just delayed legislation because the General Assembly overturned a lot of his vetoes.

But let me ask everyone here. What is Bob Ehrlich going to do if he is elected? He can't do everything he has promised so what will do first?

I think he'll just play a lot of golf and enjoy having a state car and security. His campaign has that right now

Lies? That is too harsh. Ehrlich has some serious questions that he refuses to answer. He's a lobbyist in his action - I don't care whether he is officially registered or not.

What I don't understand is why Ehrlich can't be honest. I get that most defeated politicians do what he did, but just own up!

Partisan gridlock is the only thing in Annapolis that is preventing things from getting worse in Maryland.

Ozzy, you forget that any spending increases have to be matched by tax increases as well. MD has a balanced budget requirement. Ehrlich was responsible for BOTH the largest spending increase AND the largest tax increase. Look at the change in "revenue" (taxes, regardless of what Ehrlich wants to call them) between the beginning and end of his term.

The crazy thing is that he think we should believe him when he says he's going to cut taxes. That's NOT his record. Moreover, he doesn't know how to add. He says cut taxes but doesn't say how he'll make up the gap.

Hey IPFrehley have you forgotten the plethora of taxes MOM invented while mayor of Baltimore?

Do you say positive ads? MOM went negative for two months and Ehrlich gained 9 points on him. Looks Like Annie Linsky sees a need to prop up the Sun's fair haired Governor. Not surprised, the Sun had to turn on Ehrlich some time. I guess they see him losing this one and figure he needs their help

Why can't the political machines leave it up to the citizens to think for themselves. Stop stuffing the ballots. I am a normal citizen. Have not a political partisan bone in my body. I was young when my parents voted for Hubert Humphrey. I am voting Ehrlich not because of what he didn't do last time around (as seems to be what the Dem Machine can rest on) but simply because he represents a President who is not even slowly turning our Country into a European model. I am not interested in this type of model and we need a complete overhaul of the democrats (Governor O'Malley included), to keep America America. Simple (if not too short).

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