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August 4, 2010

Palin endorses Brian Murphy for governor

Conservative darling and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed gubernatorial candidate Brian Murphy today, posting a note of support on her Facebook page. It is the first Palin endorsement in Maryland.

Murphy is running for the state GOP nomination as a more conservative alternative to Republican former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., who has most of the establishment GOP support in the state.

So far, Murphy has not shown up in polls or had much of an impact on the race, but in other states a nod from Palin has given outlying candidates momentum. On the stump Murphy says both Gov. Martin O'Malley and Ehrlich have spent too much state money and says he would cut corporate income taxes and reduce government spending.

Murphy’s campaign put out the following statement from Palin:

“I’m honored to endorse Brian Murphy for Governor of Maryland. Brian is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment commonsense conservative and a firm believer in the free market and the cause for energy independence. As a former energy industry executive and current small business owner, Brian has the private sector experience that is so lacking in government today. He knows how to incentivize industry to get our economy moving again. Together with his running mate for lieutenant governor, Mike Ryman, Brian will provide Maryland with principled and results oriented leadership.”

Murphy said in a statement that her endorsement is "an honor and a privilege."
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I may just switch my affiliation from Democrat to Republican and vote for Ehrlich in the primary.

Palin has a better record at endorsing candidates than Obummer does. Hell, no demonrats WANT him campaigning for them after his terrible failure in Mass and Virginia and NJ!

Obummer is toast!

Wow. I didn't see this coming. Ehrlich having trouble with the base?

i guess she agrees that Bob "Because We've Got Nobody Else" Ehrlich isn't good for Maryland. But, then again, when has she been right about anything?

Well I was undecided in the primary, but now I'm going to support Ehrlich. I can't stand Palin.

"Former energy industry executive." He was a commodities trader for Constellation Energy. "...has private sector experience that is so lacking in government today." Yeah, the problem with government is that it is not wholly run by corporations. "Reduce government spending." Because the state spends far too much money providing services to people...? Murphy got a full scholarship to UMD. Where does he think that money came from? I guess now that he got his free ride, time to put an end to free rides! "Small business owner." His "investment group" owns a bakery and a "men's cosmetics company." Really, this is like shooting fish in a barrel...

She needs to butt out of races that she's not a part of.

Brian Murphy sounds like the better choice. We need a conservative governor.

Ha! Ha! Ha! I just love it. Of course, Ehrlich will win the primary, but anything that forces the Bobster to use some of that frightening small war chest of his to fend off an attack from the Right is cool by me. Meanwhile, O'Malley is running ads, raising big cash, and getting ready for 4 more mediocre years in Annapolis. But hey, that's better that having Bobby Smooth in charge again!

I'm sure Sarah Palin is well-versed on the issues affecting Marylanders to give a qualified endorsement.

There goes ANY chance he might have had!

Gov. Palin's endorsement of Brian Murphy should be a wake up call for Bob Ehrlich. Bob needs to understand that his base is far more conservative than he gives them credit for. He also needs to understand that he needs to be more assertive with his positions on the issues that matter to conservative Maryland voters...illegal immigration (Sanctuary), hand gun carry laws, abortion, private health care and he needs to tie Owe'Malley to the Obamanator and make it stick.
Without taking these public stances, Bob has no chance to win in November.

and we should care because...?

Big Spender Ehrlich is no conservative.

Palin doesn't even know the guy. You can tell that her comments are from info supplied to her. She doesn't even live in MD and wouldn't know where we are if she wasn't a failed candidate. She has no voice and is only gaining popularity attacking what others are doing, offering no solutions of her own because she doesn't want to A) Give away how little she really knows B) Be criticized for how little she knows. Go back to Alaska and get you family together.

As a longstanding grassroots conservative Republican activist in Maryland, I am NOT surprised by Sarah's endorsing of Brian.

This is a major indicator of the long overdue blowback against the thinly veiled contempt which certain members of the former Ehrlich administration and the Republican establishment have had for social conservatives statewide for some time now.

Palin knows very little about Maryland. This endorsement is a kiss of death for Brian

This isn't a good sign for Murphy.

Bob Ehrlich raised taxes and spending, and still refuses to say how he will balance our state budget. In a race between Brian Murphy and Martin O'Malley, we could have an honest debate about the role of government and a true choice over which direction our state would go.

Say what you will about Ehrlich, but at least he completed his term as governor.

I can see Delaware from my house!

Palin is OBVIOUSLY a lot smarter than those that think Ehrlich is a fiscal and social conservative.

Doesn't this split the Republican party? I am a democrat and to have the Republican party have the front runner, Erhlich, be rejected by such an important Conservative as Palin in favor of a unknown like Murphy could split the party. If Murphy gets the nom that may send Democrats who would have voted for Erlich back to O'Malley? I guess we shall see in November.

Hey Mike.....get a dose of reality who cares what ehrlichs stance is on abortion, or any public figure for that matter, they are running a state, not peoples lives.

Find something else to complain about, that matters to everyone.

(my earlier post was switched with someone elses!)

As a longstanding grassroots conservative Republican activist in Maryland, I am NOT surprised by Sarah's endorsing of Brian.

This is a major indicator of the long overdue blowback against the thinly veiled contempt which certain members of the former Ehrlich administration and the Republican establishment have had for social conservatives statewide for some time now.

Stop being stupid just because Sarah Palin endorses someone. It's idiotic thinking like a lot of you have displayed that's gotten us into this mess we're in now. If you're not already in the unemployment and free food lines, you will be with that kind of mindset.

Go to to learn about Brian before cancelling him out. He's for term limits, secure borders and has created jobs when others were laying off to name some things. I believe him when he says he'll balance the budget without raising taxes. He is one smart, honest businessman.

I met Brian at an April Tea Party and have gotten to know him well since then. He's a solid fiscal conservative, a family man and stands for everything we need in our next Governor. I think he could turn this State around for the better in a lot of ways.

I can see Sarah Palin's straight-jacket from my kitchen window.

Maybe she will endorse Eric Wargotz's main primary opponent too. Oh, please, please, please. Then Mikulski can rest easy.


Wonder if Andy Barth will do a fake news piece about THIS?

You have to know that O'Malley's office were laughing their butts off when they first saw this l'il tidbit of news this morning.

Who neend Palin when Ehrlich has the right wings main man the mighty mighty Steele.

Democrat yes, Republican no.

The GOP stands for nothing good and it's a party of the Bush Era policies and politics.

Any group that is against Health Care says alot to me as a citizen.

Maybe Murphy shares Palin's stance on term limits: half of a term.

Palin has no credibility to endorse anyone. She was elected to be the governor of Alaska for four years and reneged on her responsibilities, quitting on the citizens after two years. Hardly qualifications to endorse anyone else to be governor for four years in another state. What an absolute hypocrite!

Ehrlich is probably celebrating about the news. An endorsement from Palin would be the kiss of death in the general election.

Palin resigned as governor because:

1.) she didn't want to be a distraction to Alaska's politics,

2.) she wanted to become a distraction to the politics in every other state.

I could vomit just looking at her.

This endorsement has nothing to do with Murphy or Maryland. It is all about Pain. The more she gets her name in the press, the more controversy she stirs up, the more money she makes. She is already getting $100,000 per speech. Does any one honestly believe she has the country's best interests at heart?

It's ridiculous to support Ehrlich. He is just another establishment, career politician who is going to keep Maryland on the same track it is going. Does anyone remember that we voted him out of office four year ago? Obviously not.

Now, come on people. Sarah Palin is simply pointing out the obvious. We have a pair of losers for Governor at the moment and need someone who might actually change the direction of the State. Sorry if you liberals don't like Sarah Palin but she is correct in pointing out that while Erlich might look good compared to Martin "don't do anything" O'Malley, he isn't really a conservative. So let's roll the dice. Half the state will vote for someone who will take our state back and that is more than the establishment GOP can deliver.

Ehrlich is a Democrat in republican clothing

And think Ehrlich never acknowledged Brian Murphy existed til now and wouldn't debate him i guess he thought he had give me!? Maybe Ehrlich will debate him now

People need to weigh in more on accomplishments and who accomplished what for our state. Endorsements come a dime a dozen. The candidate that she has spoken out for were already in position to win. She just brought in the entertainment from her past history of truly not making sense.

Can Sarah Palin even find Maryland on a map?

Murphy hangs out at (FOX News-endorsed) tea parties, raves glowingly about Dick Morris and Michelle Bachman -- and now gushingly accepts this Facebook friendorsement by Sarah Palin. Yeah, um ... good luck with that, Brian.

I don't care for Palin at all, but I'm still voting for Murphy.

What's the difference between Marty and Bobby? Answer: not much.

well I hope this makes things interesting in Maryland

So John Coale surfaces again! Funny that he gave O'Malley a $500,000 loan in '06 and now he's SarahPAC director endorsing Brian Murphy. Just a coincidence? Somehow, I doubt it.

In 2006, John P. Coale, loaned Martin O'Malley $500,000 in the final week of the campaign to beat Governor Ehrlich.

John P. Coale now serves as a top advisor to Sarah PAC.

Palin just humilated Bob Ehrlich in front of the entire country.Wayne Gilcrist is having the last laugh.

Don't worry Bob's buddy Steele to the rescue.

I think that's the ticket for the GOP in Maryland! Go hard right. How could things go wrong?

It's funny how people are coming to Ehrlich's defense as if hehe's some real conservative. He raised taxes and fees and increased spending more than any othter Governor in Maryland history! What did you expect? Not all REpublicans are swallowing their pride and voting for Bobby.

I could careless about Sarah Palin , I did not vote for in 08 and why should I care about who she supports you know what they say birds of a feather flock together so this guy must be like her ,And by the way I don't like Erlich or O'Malley either I guess I'll have to choose from the lesser of two evil.

She's obviously endorsing Murphy over Ehrlich because she knows Ehrlich isn't really a fiscal conservative. Doesn't anyone remember that he increased spending by over 30% when he was governor?

I think she endorsed Murphy because it's easier to spell than Ehrlich.

Seriously though, could Miss Grizzley Momma just keep her fascist nose out of our state? The woman makes me ill.

Who has endorsed BGEhrlich besides the Venezuelan basketball player?

Sarah-who supports Brian-who?

"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin"? You mean failed Governor Sarah Palin. Remember, its “Failed Governor Sarah Palin”.

What exactly does Palin do? And why do we care what Palin says? I mean, why is she in the news anyway? She knows as much about MD as she knows the distance between Russia and her house. Everytime I hear Palin talk, I know John McCain is thinking what I'm thinking, (What a FU**** idiot!)

This woman sure brings out the worst in people I see.

These haters treat her worse than terrorists!

Could this be a pre cougar move? Ha-Ha. Just kidding. She is hot! If she backs him, he has my vote too.

Ehrlich paid her NOT to endorse him.

Is Sarah Falin refudiatin' Bob Ehrlich? You betcha!

Palin seems to think that what she thinks, counts.

Interesting how 'Bobby's supposed 'crowning' as the Republican primary victor MIGHT have been a tad premature?
The contrast between O'Malley, Bobbie (O'Malley Light), & now Brian Murphy may well get a better look by real conservatives in this state now.
May finally help move us back towards the 'Free State' than being the 'Fee State' as real Republicans have been lacking here!
If Bobby were a true GOP conservative, he might have learned to support the State GOP Party, and not think only of himself!
THEN Bobby might not have been all alone when trying to push through his legislative items while Governor!

Though I don't entirely agree with what he's said, I do believe that @Gus Alzona is raising an important point.

From my perspective I would say that "As a nationally engaged, grassroots-Conservative activist, I am NOT surprised by Sarah Palin's endorsement of a candidate like Brian Murphy. He fits the mold of anti-establishment that Sarah finds attractive and has been endorsing throughout the country."

The problem, however, is that Brian is not in any position to be anti-establishment. One cannot decide one day to run for governor just because the state is run poorly. It takes years of planning, wealth and political connections/friends. I like Brian's message and certainly appreciate his position on many issues but until he's ready to lead, Maryland is Ehrlich country - for Republicans, Independents, and now many Democrats.

But I will end on this, kudos to Sarah Palin for engaging "everyone." How often do we hear that the political elite neglect upstarts? Thank you Sarah for being involved!! Even if I don't agree with why you did it. ;-)

I think her endorsement hurts him in MD. Actually is fatal for the primary and the general. Fact is, Maryland is essentially a moderate to liberal state. The R's here are overwhelmingly social moderates. Her endorsement highlights how to the right he is and now he will receive less of the R vote in the primary than he would have prior. No way could he win a general in MD with her endorsement.

"Gov. Palin's endorsement of Brian Murphy should be a wake up call for Bob Ehrlich. Bob needs to understand that his base is far more conservative than he gives them credit for." This is what I want to hear from the right. The further Ehrlich moves to the right to appease the more extreme elements, the less his chances of winning in MD. Thank you Sarah Palin - keep screwing up conservative politics.

Md has been ruled by Democrats since 1898 and the only thing the Governor has ever really had any control over is the veto pen and neither Ehrlick nor O’Malley used it where spending is concerned. I really do not see much difference between the two of them except O’Malley is tougher on crime. I will vote for Brian and if Ehrick wins the primary I will stay home because he is just as bad as O’Malley. I will not settle for the lesser of two bad choices. Pam Chase, Edgewater MD

To all you people bashing Ehrlich for not being conservative enough and praising Murphy for being true to his conservative roots, I think you should know that Brian Murphy used to be a democrat. People don't change over night. He's a snake in the grass.

It's funny; there is not one comment on here about WHY people don't like Murphy. It seems like no one has listened to his ideas. Murphy is the only one who has put down specifics. Erhlich's only specifics are that he will put together committees to see what the problem is and O'Malley is too busy putting out ads against Erhlich when the primary hasn't even happened yet. The only reason Murphy isn't known is because the papers have already made up their mind that the grudge match will be better then having Murphy vs. O'Malley. Since Erhlich and O'Malley have been governor, Maryland has gotten worse.

Tony :The reason why no is commenting on Brain Murphy who is Brain Murphy and I am not trying to be funny but I never heard of him until now ,Most people on here seems to feel the same , If we did not just have a party system maybe people would know Independants and write in's not that he is one of them all politics is just one big dog and pony show ,doesn't really matter who is in charge.

The times they are a changing. On tuesday, the voters in Missouri turned out almost a million people to vote down the ObamaCare mandate. That was 90,000 voters more than the entire Republilcan Senate candidate recieved. Which means that the 71% of Missouri voters who voted against ObamaCare included at least 90,000 Democrats and/or Independents. Now Barabara Mikulski, Johnny Boy Sarbanes, Ruppersburger and our RINO Republicans like Erlich, are going to wonder if a state like Missouri, which is split 50/50 democrat and republican can blow out ObamaCare with a 71% against versus 29% for, Maryland might not be as much a lock for liberals as they think.


OK, for all those who don't know but should, why not actually pull up both Ehrlich's and Murphy's websites, and DO SOME HOMEWORK!
You will see where Brian has been specific on what he has as ideas and plans for Maryland!
Bobby had 4 years, and is making the same promises, but did not really produce then, so what would 4 more years do, other than 'settle the grudge match' in his favor?
Like recently Ehrlich was promising gunowners to 'Relax the carry laws if elected' which sounds nice, but what did he DO in the four years he HAD before?
Nothing!!! So we should believe & trust him now?
Bobby's largest sin has always been believing ONLY in Bobby Ehrlich, and no one else, not willing to help others on the GOP Team!
For a supposed 'team player' from Princeton, combined with a total condesending & arrogant attitude, Bobby won't get you real far, real long!

One of the reasons you have never heard of Brian Murphy is we don't have a functioning media in Baltimore or Maryland for that matter. We have a selective controlled propaganda machine that gets used mainly by the existing political hacks to maintain control of the political dialogue.

The least you tea party Nazi's coul do is buy Sara a brain so she can stop making you look like fools.

So there is no comment about why non one likes Murphy. Well here is one. The guy is a total jerk. I know this crack pot. He is an egomaniac. I love that he wants to talk about the public schools, but is he sending his kids there? no. Trust me...this guy is full of himself and little more. Come to his neighborhood. There is not a single supportive sign. If his neighbors do not support or even like him why should you?

I met Brian...he is smart, articulate, personal and has integrity. He has done something in his professional life, unlike many politicians. Maryland needs someone to balance the budget....look at VA, with Bob Mcdonald....they now have a budget surplus, no new taxes...Brian is the same cut of competent leader we need in MD

Why is Ehrlich so afraid to debate Murphy? Perhaps we might learn and decide who the real conservative is.

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