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August 10, 2010

Michelle Obama, daughter visit Annapolis


First Lady Michelle Obama, 9-year-old daughter Sasha, a young niece and other relatives toured Maryland's historic State House on Tuesday.

Gov. Martin O'Malley greeted the family, said O'Malley spokesman Shaun Adamec, and gave Sasha, the niece and a 2-year-old girl in the group Salisbury Pewter pill boxes engraved with the state seal. Obama's sister-in-law was also in attendance.

Maryland State Archivist Edward C. Papenfuse led a 45-minute private tour of the capitol and grounds. Secret Service restricted access to the capitol building during the event, from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and kept media and passers-by at a distance.

Papenfuse, state archivist since 1975, said the guests were "engaged" and enjoyed themselves.

"We had a great time," Papenfuse said. "They were a wonderful audience."

The State House -- which dates to 1772 and is the oldest working state capitol in the country -- is loaded with history.

The first stop was the House of Delegates chamber, Papenfuse said, where House Speaker Michael E. Busch explained the legislative process. 

After peeking into the Senate chamber across the hall, Papenfuse led the group to the state archives room, the Old Senate Chamber -- where George Washington resigned as commander of the Continental Army in 1783 -- and the governor's office, which holds a huge desk made out of Wye Oak. The Obamas also viewed a rarely displayed draft copy of Washington's resignation speech.

Papenfuse shared history highlights and trivia about the capitol: The flag pole atop the wooden dome is a real Ben Franklin lightning rod. President Abraham Lincoln came to town in 1865 but didn't want to be seen by anyone. He walked a mile to his boat undetected.  

In addition to the pewter boxes, the Obamas left with several books, most notably an autographed copy of roots. Author Alex Haley's nephew, Chris Haley, heads the state archives research division.

Michelle Obama, wearing a knee-length flowy, white dress, the children and her sister-in-law descended the State House steps about 12:30 p.m. and briefly strolled the pedestrian area between the capitol and the governor's mansion. Papenfuse explained the statuary commemorating Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court case that led to school integration.  

The Obamas hopped into a silver SUV and sped off in a motorcade, reportedly stopping at the nearby U.S. Naval Academy and at other historic Annapolis sites.

Obama told Papenfuse and others that the day was part of the girls' summer educational visits.

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Great another photo op for Marie Antionette...... and O'Smarmy

Was Michelle, my belle, taking inventory of the state's assets prior to the federal takeover? And did anyone check to make sure all the state silverware was still there?

The first two comments reflect Republican idiocy in general: when you have no rational arguments to support your position, use personal attacks. When you have no rational personal attacks, attack the children of your opponents.

This tactic failed with the Clintons and will fail here also.

President Obama and Michelle Obama ("my belle") are doing a fantastic job of raising their children despite all of the time demands that their positions put on them. They make me proud to be an American. And their friendship with Governor O'Malley and Mayor Blake of Baltimore make me proud to be from Maryland.

I am ashamed of the Republican nut jobs that attack them and their children without basis.

Jonathan Inskeep
Crofton, MD USA

Marie "Antionette"? Apparently you're against all forms of tax as well. Does that include syntax?

Did you whine this much about Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan?
Marie A-n-t-o-i-n-e-t-t-e wasn't despised for being ostentatious, she was hated for being aloof from the hardships of French peasantry.
Its doubtful that Michelle Obama is out of touch with most Americans any more than any other First Lady, minus a few gun-toting kolpophobes -ahem, Real Americans® smearing Michelle Obama as a "foreigner" in some lame attempt to inflame unthinking rabble.

I see ignorance is still alive and well based on previous comments smh

Political affiliations of most posters are so easily detected when they make reference to the First Lady as "Marie Antionette [sic]" (and can't spell the name correctly); and make reference to a 'federal takeover' of the state (hint - a Republican President, not a Democratic President, did that 150 years ago).

Makes one wonder if their political biases prevented them from actually reading the purpose of the tour by the group. After all, the article states the purpose was "part of the girls' summer educational visits." (The term 'girls' is not a reference to all females, but females below the age of 18.)

Makes one wonder how uneducated certain posters want the American public to be. After all, it is easier to spread propaganda to uneducated persons who then don't have the capability to do proper research than those who do have that capability.

Oh, and yes, I'm registered as a member of the Democratic Party.

To Paul D...
Thank you for the history lesson on Marie Antoinette. It certainly helps to highlight the commonalities between Mrs. Obama and Madame Antoinette. The latter said "Let them eat cake!" showing her ignorance of the plight of the peasants whose economic well-being depended on the wisdom of the aristocracy. While we haven't starved to death...yet...our bank accounts most definitely are, as are the millions of retirees who have watched their pensions and IRAs dwindle to nothing. We were taught to save...for the "golden years" and that gold is definitely of the "fool's" variety.
To Mike....
A summer educational tour? Might I recommend the Smithsonian Institutes of Washington? A short commute...and free admission. The two biggest qualifiers that most Americans put on summer fun...thanks to the "change" that we have left in our pockets.
It is a shame that Mrs. Obama (yes, I said a SHAME) is educating her children that they are entitled to spend taxpayer dollars in the name of "vacation" or "summer educational tours." My granny didn't raise a fool...but I wonder about some of the esteemed Democrats posting on this article.

It certainly helps to highlight the commonalities between Mrs. Obama and Madame Antoinette. The latter said "Let them eat cake!" showing her ignorance of the plight of the peasants whose economic well-being depended on the wisdom of the aristocracy.

Ah, yeah, the First Lady has NEVER lived like Real Americans- working parents, honor student, law degree, slave ancestry.. -NOOOO, she's in Spain blowing tax dollars needed in case we needed to start another They Tried to Kill My Daddy War (despite the annoying fact that her trip was privately funded).

p.s. Madame Antoinette never said "Let them eat cake", it was a quote from Marie-Therese, the wife of Louis XIV.

While we haven't starved to death...yet...our bank accounts most definitely are, as are the millions of retirees who have watched their pensions and IRAs dwindle to nothing.

And what? You think First Lady has any actual legislative powers? Some magical ability to regulate the financial industry? Snap her fingers and tell the "I got mine" hucksters at the top of the chain who drained those IRA's to give it all back? That would sure smell of Marxism, bub!

"My granny didn't raise a fool...
No, but I wouldn't bang on the MENSA Hall of Fame door quite yet.

oh god it's more buns and buns ..again and again!! who tells her it's an attractive look to glue your hair to your scalp..clueless!
She oughta spend her money on better wigs and fixing that unbecoming over/underbite. Because her parents didn;t fix her teeth when she was child so MO needs to do it herself now.
I'm over the hype - the overfed media hype of her as a fashion "icon" What is there to be proud of when she parades her gnarly cleavage/chest for all to see in her tight tank tops/dresses. So many inappropriate choices she's worn. I think she's more interested in being flamboyant and edgy than dressing appropriately befitting her position FLOTUS.
All I see is woman who is out of touch with the rest of America and is not sensitive to the plight of so many struggling families.
I still like President Obama but his wife has become a liability.

Why has the other Obama daughter not been in public lately?

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