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August 13, 2010

Ehrlich raises $3.2 million,has $2 million in bank

* Updated. *

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. released his hotly anticipated campaign fundraising numbers this morning. The Republican says he has raised $3.2 million -- about the same as his chief opponent, Gov. Martin O'Malley.

O'Malley, a Democrat who began the year with $5.7 million to Ehrlich's $140,000, now has $6.7 million cash on hand, his campaign reports. Ehrlich reported this morning that he has "in excess of" $2 million in the bank.

Ehrlich said he exceeded his money-raising expectations and noted that he'd pullled in cash from more than 13,000 individual donors, 96 percent of whom live in Maryland.

O'Malley has raised money from about 13,000 donors, as well, his campaign manager, Tom Russell, says.

In a statement today, Russell trumpeted O'Malley's 3-to-1 cash advantage over Ehrlich.

"Momentum is clearly on our side," Russell said. "momentum is clearly on our side. "The Ehrlich campaign’s cash on hand number is lower than we expected to see. It appears the Ehrlich campaign suffers from the same problem that the Ehrlich administration had. They just spend too much money."

Ehrlich's campaign, based on the numbers he released, has spent more than $1 million so far, without running costly television ads. O'Malley appears to have spent more than $2 million this year. He has purchased numerous television and radio ads. Campaign reports on next week will provide details of such spending.

O'Malley released his numbers Wednesday morning, hours after the reporting period ended. The State Board of Elections will make official campiagn finance reports for all candidates -- including the hundreds of hopefuls trying for the state's 188 legislative seats -- available Tuesday.

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I don't know. I'm not buying it. I think the Sun should examine the accounting methods used to come up with that number. I've been hearing that Ehrlich is really hurting in terms of raising cash, so I'm curious to know the specifics here.

Poor Bobbie! Looks like even your rich Republican friends are thinking better of wasting their money on a "no shot" candidate.

Look, Bobbie, you won only once statewide against a very weak candidate who ran an even weaker campaign. You lost big time as the incumbent in 2006 to a much stronger candidate with proven executive experience (which, I might add, you lacked and still lack) who ran an excellent campaign.

There is no reason to think the metrics are any different this go round in Maryland. Marylanders as a whole are not angry with O'Malley and have no reason to be. He's delivered and our state is in better shape than most in this recession. That is due to O'Malley's executive experience and leadership.

The old axiom is this: You're not a leader if you turn around and no one is following you. You turned around four years ago and learned that painful lesson. Even the people of Baltimore County (your home district) went for O'Malley.

Once again in 2010, you lose. (Neat rhyme, don't you think?)

Hey Ron,

Don't forget the $3.2 million includes all the rich clients and corrupt cronies the Kanes shook down to get Mary the LT. Guv spot.

Boobie already spend $1 million in oversized signed which are already falling apart. Wait until that one on hanging in Federal Hill falls off and kills someone.

Hey Woodie I just got my paycheck and lo and behold the state of Maryland took more out of my check than social security.
Gee thanks Annapolis.
This is progress?
Thanks MOM, Mike Miller and Michael Busch.
Maryland has weathered the recession better than other states due to our proximity to DC, Woodie and federal jobs.
MOM has nothing to do about that.
What exactly has MOM accomplished?
How about Baltimore city, certainly flourishing after 40 years of Democratic rule?
The 3rd most dangerous city in the country.
Nice job Democrats.
How many taxes did MOM create to burden the so overtaxed residents of Baltimore city?
Energy tax, cell phone tax to name two.
And his pupper SRB just came up with the bottle tax.
This is progress?
I am voting for Ehrlich because I cannot afford another 4 years of the Three Stooges ruling and destroying Maryland.
Hey Woodie MOM got a great price on those slot machines too.
Does MOM talk in his sleep?

Check this out on the State Board of Elections website about Ehrlich...

A full 30% or a whopping $157,295.88 of Ehrlich's contributions in the last cycle came from "Miscellaneous." The site does not define Miscellaneous, but 30% is a huge amount to not know from whence it is came!

By contrast, O'Malley's campaign finance report on the same website shows Less than 1% or $36.18 as Miscellaneous.

In addition, less than 43% of Ehrlich's $$ came from individual donors while 57% of O'Malley's $$$ came from individual donors.

REPORTERS!??? Where are you on this one? 30% Miscellaneous??????

This story and the comments are both misleading. Especially since only the O'Malley spin on the numbers is reported, but that's typical of The Baltimore Sun.

First off, O'Malley already had millions of dollars before the election campaign began.

Ehrlich started raising money quite late so it's is amazing he raised so much so quickly.

The most important thing to note in this story should have been that in a 3 to 1 Democrat state, a Republican candidate raised the same amount of money as the Democrat and from the numbers, it looks like mostly from small donors.

If I were the O'Malley campaign, I'd be worried. Despite what the O'Malley spokesman said, clearly the momentum is in Ehrlich's favor because even in this anti-incumbent cycle we're in, I still would have expected O'Malley to have out-raised Ehrlich by nearly 2 to 1, but instead they were even.

Typical of The Baltimore Sun and O'Malley supporters to put up a reality distortion field to spin bad news as good news for the Democrat and good news as bad news for the Republican.

Oh, and a correction to the Woodie the dunderhead...

Ehrlich won his district and O'Malley only won 3-4 of all of Maryland's counties.

Typical O'Malley spinmeister, making it up as he goes along.

All of this is so juvenile and points to the largest problem with politics. It's all lip service - the poloticians spout BS constantly and all their devoted followers spout BS for them constantly. I just want an authentic good-intentioned person to be my governor and unfortunately I will not get one as a real choice.

O'Malley was barred by law from raising money, Ehrlich was not. Little Boobie playing the woe is me game again.

Just pathetic. Go debate his primary opponent before worrying about O'malley. Anyway Governor O'Malley offered to debate Ehrlich on WBAL, but the ex-Guv was chicken.

Ron: Brian Murphy is your person.

It amazes me how blind people are about where the rich people are really alligned. Time after time, year after year it is the Democrats that receive large donations to their campaign. 65% of Ehrlich's donations were under $100. Owe Malley, OweBama, Mikluski and Cardin all have very powerful people backing them with millions of dollars. The conservative party is the party that shows you how to provide for yourself. The liberal party keeps you down through entitlements that give you no incentive to provide for yourself. The liberals need people to stay poor and uneducated or else they'll have no one to vote for them.

Maryland has the biggest division in the country between rich and poor. There is a very small middle class compared to the rest of the country. This is because Democrats have pulled the wool over Marylanders eyes for decades. Time to make a change

Since when did the amount of money a candidate has equal virtue? All things being equal, does the fact that O'Malley's bank account may be larger than Ehrlich's mean that he'd do a better job as governor? I don't get it.

I am glad that all of you MOM backers believe it is about who raises the most money and who has the biggest bank account will win. I on the other hand believe that their is a wave of in this country that will also impact Maryland in November. I believe this wave will not only furlough MOM for good, but will bring about a slight change in the make up of the state legislature. I not saying that the democrats will not control the two houses, but they will have more members on the other side that will be able to stop their uncontrolled spending and tax increases.

People in this state are mad as hell about the unemployment, the illegals, and the deficiets and they want change. They do not want the Obama type of change. The want their leaders to be truefull and they want their leaders to keep their promises. I still remember being promised by MOM a reduction in my BG&E bill; I still remember being promised by MOM no tax increases during the first year he is in office and 9 months later he called the Assembly together to bring about the largest tax increase in the history of this state; I still remember MOM selling tax increase on fixing the structural deficient. You see, I still remember these and other broken promises he made which he knew he could not keep so I classified him as a liar.

I am a democrat but unlike a lot of my fellow democrats I use my brain especially when I am lied to by those who will do and say anything to get what they want.

Yes MOM will need all the money he has to run the ads spewing lies about his accomplishments and his opponent. I say that for the betterment of this state we furlough him before he turns the entire state in the dumper as he did Baltimore City.

This is politics. The key to winning any election is getting your message out to undecideds and turning your voters out to the polls.

The reason these numbers matter so much is they are real. Unlike a poll which can be manipulated by selective sampling, this is hard numbers.

O'Malley has 6.5 m on hand, triple that of Ehrlich which means he can better deliver his message, and better turn out voters.

The story in all this is what is Bob spending all his money on? No tv, no mail, no radio-lots of friends on the payroll and a democratic operative who called him a nazi. Ehrlich simply has bad habits. He spends to much, works too little and espouses no real political philosophy.

Conservatives hate his tax raising, government growing, for slots, against slots for slots, blame game style. That is showing up in his fundraising efforts. Progressives know he has no conviction. He has been campaigning for 4 years, he has yet to ennunciate a real message. He is in trouble, the GOP can do better. . .Murphy is an example.

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