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April 30, 2010

Did Ehrlich force split of Murphy and Amedori?

A GOP ticket for governor has split: Former Del. Carmen Amedori, who several weeks ago agreed to run in the number two slot to long-shot gubernatorial candidate Brian Murphy, has withdrawn and will work instead for his primary opponent, former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich.

“It has become quite apparent that Bob Ehrlich is and will be the only one to beat Martin O’Malley in November,” she said in a prepared statement. “I am happy to be returning to the Ehrlich camp and I plan to put forth all efforts to help him become Maryland’s next Governor, once again.”

The spurned Murphy isn’t taking the defection quietly. In his own press release, the businessman lashed out at Ehrlich, accusing him of pressuring Amedori to abandon him and saying the incident highlights the failings of the GOP in Maryland. Amedori had been running for U.S. Senate before agreeing to join the gubernatorial ticket; she has previously served as an Ehrlich appointee to the state parole commission.

"The Republican Party has remained small and ineffective in Maryland because its leaders lack the determination to stand on principle, the will to inspire, and the passion to win," Murphy said. "Former Delegate Amedori is a case-in-point. After agreeing to be on our ticket weeks ago, and being an outspoken opponent of Governor Ehrlich's failed policies, she has abruptly succumbed to pressure from supporters of my opponent, Bob Ehrlich, and has done an about-face. When she joined the ticket, she did so with the firm belief that Maryland was headed in the wrong direction. She acknowledged that I was the person to lead Maryland forward."

Both statements, incidentally, are datelined Ocean City, where the state Republicans are holding their convention this week. Some caterer is probably quickly rearranging the dinner seating arrangements even as you read this.

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Sounds like a good topic for D.J. Bob's radio hour this week.

Puleeeeze! This is a guy who thinks he can LEAD the State of Maryland? He couldn't win a middle school student government election!

Two words! GROW UP!

You want to be in politics? Quit whining and offer the people something to listen to! No one wants to hear the baby stuff. We have big problems here in the Land of Pleasent Living! Offer some suggestions...

I see a good opportunity for her to be on Ehrlich"s ticket for LT. A conservative CC woman of stture that can attract the female vote away from beefcakes boy wonder ,hopefully. She would be ready to lead if something made Ehrlich relinquish power.By the way ,speaking of whining, Its only been since 1/1/10 that boy wonder Gov stopped blaming Ehrlich for the state' problems. Took 3 yrs for him to grow up!

Amadori"s a good LT for Ehrlich. Well seasonesd and ready to lead in case. By the way, it took over 3 years for boy wonder gov to grow up and stop blaming Ehrlich for the State's preblems

Why does the Sun consider high-school stuff like this news but not a Rasmussen (sp?) poll showing the "Poet Warrior" with only a 3 point lead over the former Gov.? Seems to me that's worth at least page 5 in a state that's 3-1 Dem's to Rep's...
Brian: The Rasmussen poll was a blog item last week, as this item is today.
-- David Nitkin

Brian who?

Listen, the only guy that can knock O'Malley out of the house in November is Ehrlich. His first order of business should be how to reduce the number of voters in Baltimore city and PG county. They would vote for a rock if the Democratic party suggested it.

I'm not voting for anybody for governor.

Isn't this the same Ehrlich who had Michael Steele on his ticket the last time? We were lucky that Bob was able to finish his term. Steele has shown that he can't stand the heat in the kitchen. I wonder about some of Bob's choices for important positions. He needs to focus on getting competent people around him.

Bob Ehrlich lost in 2006 because he was double-crossing a lot of Reagan conservatives in the GOP. So, they sat home in the general election.

Amedori is a political hack, the type that Bobby likes to surround himself with; he won't win again in Maryland. He is a neoconservative who was the laziest Governor we ever had - too busy playing golf and thumbing his nose at VIPs in Annapolis.

He also compromised a lot of GOP conservative legislators by making them support his moderate policies and then giving them no meaningful coattails or even a "Thank you" as he was ushered out the door.

What an empty suit...

The more I think about this, the more I think the ideal ticket is Murphy Murphy. That's Brian Murphy and Don Murphy. To oppose, instead of Ehrlich Kane (that's Mary Kane), if it's legal Ehrlich can always run an Ehrlich Ehrlich ticket, with his wife. What Republican wouldn't want to either vote for Murphy Murphy or Ehrlich Ehrlich?!?

I agree with Tim, Amedori is a political hack, she was responsible for killing the charter initiative in Carroll County, why? She did it to further her political career, Gov Bob would do well to loose her.

I was just at a Reublican event with Amedori 1 week ago. She stood there and told us that she thought the race btw. O'Malley and Ehrlich was an ego driven grudge match. When I spoke with her after she told me how Ehrlich promised during his last campaign to fight for a concealed carry law. She said she promised this to supporters for him. When he got elected he backed out on her (her words) and she felt that he gave her the parole comission job to get her out of his hair. She clearly is two faced and Murphy and Maryland are better without her!

No doubt Bob Ehrlich will lose Amedori, just as soon as he gets what he needs from her.

Ehrlich's MO: 1) kiss ass and lie to get what is needed; 2) don't return phone calls to those who helped him once objective is achieved.

Murphy is legit. Before you pshaw his style or his policies, at least look him up. He talks in problem-solving specifics, not grandiose political platitudes. And he's not a career politician, something we could use more of in Annapolis.

@ Newton - I was against the Charter in Carroll County because it is Big Government at its finest. And while I appreciate you crediting me with stopping Big Government, It went to a vote, on a Saturday, and the CC voters decided it was not a good thing, at the time.

If Bob Ehrlich is serious about being governor again then he should pick a seasoned legislator who can work across the aisle like Nancy Jacobs. No doubt she is conservative, but she is the likable kind. Shows he's not all about me-me-me Republicanism and is serious about solutions.

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