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November 3, 2009

Steele for president in 2012? Yes, he might


If Republican candidates roll to big victories in today's elections, it could move at least one Republican closer to a 2012 presidential run: National Party Chairman Michael S. Steele.

For some time, the former Maryland lieutenant governor has been open to a presidential try. The scuttlebutt from folks who work at national party headquarters is that he thinks he’s going to be a presidential candidate in 2012.

A Republican turnaround after back-to-back defeats in the last two elections could advance Steele's presidential ambitions. He'd be a distinct longshot as a candidate; but if he outperformed expectations, there's no way of knowing where, exactly, he might wind up.

Today, Steele is making the rounds in New Jersey and Virginia, two Barack Obama states that Republicans hope to win in the only governor's elections of 2009.

Tonight, Steele will be all over cable TV. On Wednesday morning he plans to declare victory at a rare Washington press conference.

National party chairmanships aren't typical launching pads for a presidential candidacy (just the opposite in the case of Howard Dean, whose election as head of the Democratic National Committee was a consolation prize after his 2004 primary campaign flamed out).

Steele's army of critics, in both major parties, would no doubt say that he is a potential president only in his own mind. But that's where presidential runs start in modern politics.

And the notion of a Steele for President campaign isn’t completely far-fetched, at least to Steele.

Last spring, he was asked if he had ever thought about it. He replied, “without blinking, without hesitation, straight up,” that the answer was “no.”

Then he went on to say that he would consider becoming a presidential contender “if the opportunity were there and it was right.”

At the time, Obama was riding high and Steele had faltered repeatedly in his first of months as party chairman.

Since then, Steele has won plaudits for the RNC's fund-raising performance. And there is no longer any talk about cutting short his two-year term as head of the Republican National Committee.

“You know, God has a way of revealing stuff to you and making it real for you through others," Steele told CNN in that March 25 interview. "If that's part of the plan, it'll be the plan,”

Should tonight turn out to be a big one for Republicans, one national party leader may interpret the message that voters are sending as "Run, Michael, run."


A Steele adviser heatedly denied that there was anything to chatter about a presidential bid.

"There's no merit to it. There's no truth to it," said Curt Anderson, a Republican consultant who played a key role in Steele's successful RNC campaign. "He's just trying to raise money and win elections. That's what he's trying to do."

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So you think this token fool will run for Potus , that will definitely assure Obama a victory in 2012 , hasn't he realize he just negro , and the only reason the republican party elected him was to try and sway the African American vote , but black Americans are not stupid when it comes to politics , Steele and his republican party of no will continue to be lost in the wilderness for years to come , when you intentionally obstruct or impede the progress of this country your basically putting your own demise at hand , how about offering some real solutions for helping Americans rather just saying "no " to any kinds of solutions to dig us out of this mess , if anything Steele should be arrested just like Limpbaugh , Hannity and the rest of the republican party ..........oh

Michael Steele apologized to racist Rush Limbaugh. That disqualifies him for my vote!!!!!

Nice try...but Palin and Limbaugh will not allow it.

What does, "he's just negro mean"? And all this time I thought you Libs were color blind. Steele has infinitely more political experience, managerial experience and a lot more class than Obama. A lot more of Obama's "aquaintances" have been already arrested and/ faced public disgrace that have those of Steele.Based on his previous experience, if Obama was white, he would not even have been considered as a presidential candidate.

Peter E., I think you need to adjust your meds. Are you on Steele's payroll?

Sorry, my estimation of Steele (and Newt Gingrich) dropped like a grenade. He wouldn't get my vote.

His shifty endorsement of ringer Republican Scozzafava, who exited the race, then announced support for the opposing DEMOCRAT, tells me all I need to know about his brand of politics. Just as I knew fellow soldier Colin Powell was a ringer Republican the instant he got down and boogied at a party of fellow OBAMA supporters. And sure as hell, the good general wouldn't get my vote.

After this last few weeks, it is obvious that Mr. Steele is NOT what he said he was over the past few years at FOX News.
If Steele and Gingrich run together they will receive TWO votes. "Party First, America Last!"


Have you looked at Steele's resume? He's done nothing but run all the businesses he's been involved with into the ground...kinda like maybe he is GOP presidential timber...

Are you kidding?? there such a thing as lower than bottom of the barrel?..I guess there is.
Boy! talk about desperation.


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