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August 5, 2009

Steele, RNC: Obama presidency a "failed experiment"

This just in...Barely six months into his four-year term, Barack Obama's presidency is a flop.

Don't take our word for it. The Republican National Committee has just released a web ad that writes off Obama's presidency as "a failed experiment in just 200 days."

RNC Chairman Michael Steele invited reporters to check out the new ad during a conference call Wednesday afternoon. The ad, and the call, were designed to draw attention to Obama's declining poll ratings and the nation's rising joblessness at the 200-day mark of the president's administration (which occurs later this week).

They came on a day of escalating back-and-forth between the two major party committees, as the political fight over health care continues to percolate.

Steele angrily rebutted accusations by the White House and the Democratic National Committee, who have charged Republican and conservative critics with manufacturing opposition to the administration's health care overhaul plan.

"This administration has the arrogance to look their nose down at my mother, my sister, my family members, my co-workers who are legitimately concerned," Steele said, heatedly. "To sit back and say this is some Republican cabal is a bunch of baloney. And you can substitute that 'b' for something else, if you want."

Steele said it was "a lie" for the Democrats to label Obama's critics as "angry extremists," when just a year ago, Democrats were praising opponents of U.S. economic and war policies for standing up to President George W. Bush.

The "angry extremist" tag comes from a new Democratic web ad . It features photos of Steele, Republican congressional leaders and Rush Limbaugh (who is heard saying, of Obama, "I hope he fails.") and blames "desperate Republicans" for disrupting public meetings held by House Democrats.

The ad also includes a photograph, widely circulated on the internet since last month, of an effigy of Maryland Democratic Rep. Frank Kratovil that was hanged outside his district office in Salisbury.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs referred to the incident in accusing Republicans of ginning up sometimes angry protests at town hall meetings by Democratic congressmen, who are spending much of their August recess defending the administration plan and accusing the insurance industry of blocking efforts to fix the health care system.

The Democratic ad ends by inviting viewers to express their opinions about the Republican "mob" attacks by phoning RNC headquarters in Washington. If they did, callers were directed by a recorded Republican voice to "give us your input" at a number that turns out to be the main switchboard at DNC headquarters.

Steele defended the political trick.

"I get the joke," he said, referring to the Democrats' "Call the RNC" tagline, a standard feature of ads by both sides, and added: "Talk to your own party, because they're the ones that ginned this up."

As for White House charges that Republicans are ginning up the sometimes boisterous anger, the former Maryland lieutenant governor said that "we are not inciting anyone to go out and disrupt anything."

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The republicans are naively dealing with a ruthless regime who has mastered the manipulation of news and truth with lies, misrepresentations, slam tactics and worse. The DNC is attacking its own moderates and the GOP with equal verve. The republicans need to trumpet truth vigorously with energy and vitality and develop first strike capabilities and instant reply to the emotional attacks of criminals who hate having the light shown on them.

Seems like 6 months is too little time to legitimately claim failure. Steele needs to do better than this.

I hope the Republicans can put a real party together again and eschew the likes of Limbaugh.

What a pity that the best the Repubs could provide was tired old Mccain. Now we will have to endure Thugawump politics crippling our once great country until at least 2010.
We caused this mess by electing this Joker. Now it is up to the middle class to bring him down in 2012! One 4 year term equals multi generational fiscal nightmares.

Ahhhhhh...words, words, words and so few facts. The sound of angry losers working so hard to regain their power for the fallen once-powerful, who can't back up their allegations or judgements with facts.

What else can be expected from the right-wing.

Except that Hailbuton, Exxon and Blackwater are fine corporations. LOL

Yeah I know it sucks. The Democrats are copying the dirty tactics out of the Republican playbook and aren't even giving Rove his proper royalty checks. Sad day isn't it?
Republicans naive? In what? How to show human compassion for anyone but themselves? Probably.


Come on the Liberals clearly own the Media and manipulate the news truth and lies. I'm angry at Obama and the national media for making this into a Republican vs Democrat battle. The health care plan obviously is not if favor of the American people.
We either
A.) Choose the Obama Plan
B.) Do nothing?

We don't have the option to revisit the drawing board? What is the hurry? Read the plan it! It doesn't make sense.

There is far too much distortion in the media. Obama isn't doing too bad, his cabinet members, however, are not too great. Most distortion is over this health care bill..I suggest everyone go on the congress website and actually read it..THINK FOR YOURSELF. As far as the health care plan goes, all it does is provide more choices for the public and thats about it. There are some other things like Nurse run clinics in schools and things of that nature, but its a pretty good bill (aside from your state taxes being raised ;) ).

Obama is doing FAIR and the Republican party doesn't want anyone to know that.

This is very important and its not about the Republicans and Democrats it is about all of our futures, too many people act like this is only about beating the other party not what it will do to America.

I do not see anyway they can lower how much Medicare is costing, which is what they say they are going to do, while the numbers of people getting on Medicare keep growing.

If the Government keeps spending more money and raising our deficient things are going to get a lot worse for all Americans.

... as opposed to Bush II, who got 8 years to experiment on the country in the same sense that Dr. Frankenstein experimented with monsters.

I can't believe this tripe! 30 some year of republican running up debt and they try to blame the guy who's been there for less than 200 days. I wish I lived in a country with intelligent people who would actually look at facts not myths provided by right wing sources and spoon feed in to our entertainment media which is not liberal at all. In fact it leans right because the right is better at manufacturing stories.
I can't believe that people don't see the need for health care reform when we have a health care system which ranks between 16-27th in the world. By the way I've had surgery in France for an emergency and the care was great and free. Wake up! The cost burden on our businesses is too great and if we continue to allow insurance companies and pharmas to control us we'll stifle small business' ability to compete on a global scale.
This is one cost we can take off balance sheets, make more effective and improve all of our lives.
What happened to united we stand?

How would Chairman Steele know if Obama's administration has failed? Steele, as he himself admits, doesn't do policy.

Dave: The FACT is that In 200 days your guy ran the national debt up to $9 TRILLION from the $1.3 trillion is was at after "30 some year of republican running up debt" (which is a "fact' completely made up by you).

You have zero credibility to judge who are "intelligent people who would actually look at facts not myths" since you seem fond of perpetuating your own myths as facts.

Personally, as someone who couldn't bring himself to vote for either Obama or McCain, I'm terrified to see where this country will be after 4 whole years of one of those jokers running things. And while most people agree that health care needs to be reformed to act like the plan set forth is the best and only option and has to be done RIGHT NOW is ridiculous. It's way too big a deal to cram through without at least someone knowing what's in it.

The Long Legged MacDaddy wants us to approve a sweeping package of legislation to completley overhaul the health care industry, not just the health INSURANCE industry.


You don't have to go back 30 years... 8 will do. The Republicans don't seem to mind running up the spending, as long it's spent on Republican priorities like lining the pockets of the energy, insurance, defense and pharmalogical industries.

To suddenly find a fiscal conscience now is disingenuous and utterly laughable.

Here is an idea, before you go pointing fingers at the current adminstration, why not take a look at the eight year stupdity of the previous administration. (War, Economy, Crooks, need i go on) Look, he is not exactly accomplishing things over night but when you have to clean up someone else's mistakes before you can fix something , that is ridiculous. Don't judge unless you not be judged yourself.

Those same polls cited by the silly RNC chairman even more clearly indicate that the Republican party has been deemed a
TOTAL FAILURE by the vast majority of the American public. They stand today closer to political oblivion than any other pol party since the Whigs of the 1840,s, and they did it the olde fashioned way: They Earned It!

The sad truth of American politics is that people are ready and willing to run to the government, hat in hand, when times are bad. But when times begin to turn for the good they are just as ready and willing to take the credit for themselves, and the "private sector" (whatever that is), and act like the government had nothing to do with it.

Given the remarkably bad hand Obama was dealt upon entering office, I'd say he was doing either well or very well. Most people are completely uninformed as to the proportions of the run on US banks last fall and how close we were to falling off the edge as a country. In one weekend alone, nearly 9% of our GDP was pulled out of money market accounts in an "electronic run" on investment banks by foreign investors. 9% folks. The fact that the Dow is back up and the banks are posting profits again so soon is a miracle given this history. But people live in a here and now Internet age, so such amazing feats of government in restoring confidence and solvency in our system are going ignored as the public, predictably, credits the very same private sector that needed and begged for enormous bailouts for the turnaround at hand.

Meanwhile, when Obama tries to enact health care reform for a system that desperately needs it, the same public gets skittish over outlandish scare tactics by the Republican party/insurance lobby. This is one of the most important issues of our lifetime, but due to its overwhelming complexity, people are getting scared off in the details. I highly encourage folks to seek out the facts about how quickly cost rates are increasing in this country and how many people are joining the ranks of the uninsured each year, if they want to find something really worth being scared about.

I believe the health care system does need to be reformed ,but only get ins.rates down,prescriptions down,and better coverages with way less premiums.I don`t want the government taking it over. Obama has fooled every body into thinking that he would change everything for the GOOD of the people.He is not looking for a second term in office. He looking for a lifetime in office and plans to take over our government as a dictator.


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