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March 25, 2009

Steele tells CNN he would 'consider' running for president -- UPDATED

CNN's Don Lemon had an interview with Michael Steele, during the course of which the RNC chairman said he would "consider" running for president, and that his comments about Rush Limbaugh were part of a calculated strategy.

The CNN political ticker reported that Steele "stressed he has never given serious thought to a potential White House bid," but that he said he may decide to seek the presidency at some point if he determines that's "where God wants me to be."

"God has a way of revealing stuff to you, and making it real for you, through others," Steele said, according to CNN. "And if that's part of the plan, it'll be the plan….[If I run] it'll be because that's where God wants me to be at that time."

As for his run-in with Rush Limbaugh, which led to a public apology for calling the radio host an entertainer who is deliberately inflammatory: "I am a cause and effect kind of guy. So if I do something there's is a reason for it. Even if it may look like a mistake, a gaffe, there is a rational, there is a logic behind it. It's all strategic."

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God bless Michael Steele-James Brown sang "Only in America" years back.

Now Only in the current Republican Party, could Michael Steele, an uninspiring Lt Guv and failed Guv candidate, consider himself a viable candidate for president.Their bench strength is non-existent.

Republicans don't seem to realize that American voters when they turned to Barack Obama were not making some affirmative action hire. They measured the man and saw the potential for greatness. Comparatively Michael Steele is an Empty Suit. Please let him run!

Deeper Thought- Won't Steele have to give us his Final Answer on the a woman's right to choose?

Michael Steele would consider running for PRESIDENT?? Not only is he displaying his incompetence as the head of the RNC, he also appears to be delusional. And maybe he can share what his "calculated" strategy is, because NOBODY can figure it out on their own.

Michael Steele needs to worry about doing his job and building the Republican Party back to prominence before talking about running for President. If he tried to run, Mitt Romney, Mark Sanford, or Bobby Jindal would wipe the floor up with him. The base of the party is NOT with Steele.

Michael Steele -- the gift that keeps on giving

Michael Steele is just another embarassing joke that the big waste of space Bob "BAD HAIRCUT" Erlich help bring to us. If you think the dems are bad, just think back only to a year ago and what eight years of the Bush criminals did to this counrty. Let's see, George Bush jr.,Bobby "Bad Haircut"Erlich, and now Mikey "don't call me STEAL"Steele. Gee the repugs really have a great team to inspire us. I think i'll take my chances with the Dems on every level.

Steele should drop his resume off at McDonalds. They may consider him for assistant manager.

I say neither party is worth a penny with a hole in it. It's time the American electorate start looking at third party candidates.

Michael Steele said: "I am a cause and effect kind of guy. So if I do something there's is [sic] a reason for it. Even if it may look like a mistake, a gaffe, there is a rational, there is a logic behind it. It's all strategic."

So Steele's comment that our planet is threatened by global cooling, that all of our scientists are wrong, and sites his proof as "Greenland," which, he said, used to be green but now is not, was all part of his "strategic" plan!

Steele is in his current position solely because of racism. His only qualification is that he is black and a Republican. This helps Republicans pretend that their party is not racist, and it enables racists to say, "See, I told you blacks are inferior" as the point at him.


Tony Joe wrote: 'God bless Michael Steele-James Brown sang "Only in America" years back.'

I say: While you are entitled to your political opinion just like any other registered voter citizen you should probably leave out the musical comparisons unless you check the lyrics before posting your comment.

James Brown sang LIVING IN AMERICA. Brooks and Dunn and Jay and the Americans sang songs with the title Only in America. By the lyrics they are THREE entirely different songs.

Tony Joe wrote: '...Michael Steele, an uninspiring Lt Guv and failed Guv candidate...'

I say: Steele did not fail at running for Govenor. He lost to Ben Cardin running for US Senator.

I'm not a Steele fan but if you're going to comment (on anything) check your purported facts.

Please run for President, Mr. Steele. Guarantee that Obama gets 8 years!

Posted by: Tony Joe from Baltimore
Deeper Thought- Won't Steele have to give us his Final Answer on the a woman's right to choose?

Woman's right to choose what? Let's not distort murder with words that make it seem like a right to vote.

Is this nut case downing the same drugs as Rush Limbaugh?

He invokes the Almighty to disguise his secret desires. I think I hear the little voice, telling him to choose S.P. as a running mate. Or is it Alan Keyes? A "cause and effect kind of guy," yup, a good explanation why he and his cohorts go down in flames. He could have a page in the so-called "Darwin Awards."

When will Republicans stop thinking they have to wait for God to point them in the right direction. We just got rid of "God's" choice for the last 8 years. If you want to be anything in life, decide for yourself don't put the onus on God.

btw .. except for riding the coattails of Ehrlich as Lt. Guv. you have never been elected to any public office. I think you need to start smaller.

Steele/Palin = the Republican equivalent of Abbott & Costello. The difference is Abbott & Costello were genuinely funny. Steele & Palin are funny only if you're in to black humor (pun intended); otherwise they're pathetic.

Funny how I hear the left talk about Michael Steele as incompetent and the media try to turn Michael Steele into some kind of joke or the Republican Obama. If Steele is truly incompetent as described here why is it the GOP OUTRAISED the DNC last month and are well on their way to doing it again this month....Unfortunately the name calling will continue since the MSM will not report this...Also the fact that the RNC has a 24 million surplus and the DNC has only 1 million (when you take away the 7 million dollar debt they have against the 8 million they have on the books.

"If Steele is truly incompetent as described here why is it the GOP OUTRAISED the DNC last month and are well on their way to doing it again this month"

The answer is Steele is kept away.
Guess who DIDN'T come to dinner Tuesday night at a Republican major fundraiser in D.C.?

this must be a liberal rag

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Yeah, right! And why not? He's just as lame and clueless as the rest of his party. I am just praying the GOP runs him or Palin so we can watch Obama take them apart and expose them for the cheap manipulators they really are.

Just so we're clear: 1) Being on the right side: Steele pretended he was a Democrat while running for the Senate seat. People did not vote for him then because his fraudulent character showed and it had nothing to do with the color of his skin. 2)His being the "President" of the Republican party in no way comes close to who and what President Obama is and//or does. The President doesn't need to acknowledge him, what would be the purpose? He has no vote in Congress, no influence over the behavior of his own party or it mouthpieces, he has yet to offer any viable solutions, options, suggestions, or alternatives that can help the country get back on track, just like his party constituents, and President Obama hasn't got that kind of time to waste. If the president wanted more hot air in his office he can just turn up the thermostat.


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