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October 14, 2008

A Tie in the 1st?

Frank Kratovil's campaign sent around a memo yesterday from their pollster claiming a slight lead in the hotly contested 1st Congressional District race against Republican Andy Harris. The Democratic state's attorney from Queen Anne's County leads the race in the traditionally Republican district 43-41, the memo says, which, given the 5-point margin of error, is really a tie. In a district basically designed to produce a Republican congressman, that would be pretty surprising.

There hasn't been any independent polling in this race recently, so there's no way of knowing how accurate this is. (The analysis in the memo -- "The poll clearly shows that Frank Kratovil's campaign of independent, common-sense change is generating strong bipartisan appeal among 1st CD residents" etc. -- doesn't exactly scream "objective.") On the other hand, there was a poll out yesterday showing Barack Obama up 2 in North Dakota, so who knows? Could be a big Democratic year.

Harris' top guy, Chris Meekins, isn't buying it. His response after the jump:


 I wish I had whatever Kratovil's pollster is drinking.

Our numbers show voters are learning Frank Kratovil is just another Liberal Democrat and the more people who know that, the worse Kratovil's numbers get.

Kratovil and his campaign has lost all credibility:

He said he was for the bailout on Monday, then said he opposed it on Tuesday.

He called just talking about tax cuts "irresponsible" in March, now he says he supports them.

He said "do not open new areas" to drilling in July, and now he says he wants to open new areas.

He said he supported the "amnesty" bill in Congress last year in January, now he says he will be tough on illegal immigration.

After seeing the misleading campaign ads, I am not surprised they would release a misleading poll.


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If he was an "Amnesty Man" then, he is still an "Amnesty Man" now. He is just trying to play to the crowds. Later he will flip flop back to the Amnesty crowd.

Failed liberal ideas? Can we talk a minute, Andy?
By DAVID FOSTER Guest Comment
Published: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 4:38 AM CDT
Hey, Andy, let's talk, man-to-man. I'm not surprised that your ad agency has focused on Failed Liberal Ideas in your TV spots. Nothing new there.

That kind of full-choke blast has worked here on the Shore for years and we've all heard the political wisdom that "With Folks East of the Bridge, Liberal is Bad and Conservative is Good and that's the Whole of the Law and the Prophets, Amen."

This might just be the year to ask Karl Rove's trained gurus what failed liberal policies you and they are talking about.

Let's see, how about Social Security and Medicare?

Liberal policies that need some fixing but I haven't heard many of my friends at William Hill or Londonderry ready to dump them.

Oh, sure, the unmentionable president and some of your best friends, Andy, wanted to privatize Social Security a few years back and let us trade in our monthly check for some ever-rising Wall Street stocks, but I guess you don't hear much of that these days, even at Republican fund raisers.

How about voting rights for women and minorities? Just some more liberal meddling that has brought us both Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

The biggest liberal boondoggle of all time, of course, was the narrowly passed (against Republican opposition) GI Bill after World War II, but I heard a lot of Republican ex-GIs at last winter's veteran's symposium in Easton talk about it as a life-changing benefit.

Would you deny the same to Iraq War vets?

Regulation of securities' markets? Well, even though Phil Gramm, Newt Gingrich and The Club for Growth (watch for its name at the bottom of Andy Harris' ads) did their best to dismantle regulation and thereby bring on the current debacle, now even John McCain is saying that we need more, not less, of these New Deal watchdogs.

Failed ideas, Andy?

How many Eastern Shore farmers are ready to give up the liberal-initiated farm program that, for all its inequities and inefficiencies, still does much to undergird our vital Eastern Shore economy?

Another Failed Liberal Idea, Andy? What cuts do you have in mind?

Well, sure, we all know welfare got out of hand, but guess who fixed it? Bill Clinton, the same flaming liberal spender who brought our budget into balance for the last time.

Can I go back for a minute to your big television sponsor, The Club for Growth? Look at their record, please. They (I mean the Club and its billionaire members) have been the biggest supporters and funders of the infamous Trickle Down theory of wealth allocation that has brought the middle class such a startling loss of economic security over the past seven years.

Maybe enough has trickled down on you, Andy, to make you love their support and approve their heartless ideology?

I won't even bring up the environment because your record shows you think that whole subject is just nostalgic sentimentality.

So you're still counting on Eastern Shore voters to knee jerk when they hear the hated Liberal label?

Do you and your ad people really think we're that predictable?

Or maybe we are.

We'll see.

David Foster is a retired attorney who writes from Oxford.

Meekins response to the Maryland Politics article above is totally inaccurate and deceitful. Meekins will find no rest in the place he is going when he is dead and gone. His roommate in the down below will probably Karl Rove. These kinds of outrageous lies don't cut it anymore. Meekins assumes the Public is ignorant and they are not.

What Chris Meekins will not mention is that the Harris campaign did a poll just a week before the Kratovil poll and it showed the same results. Frank ahead of Andy by 2 points. I think it is probably Chris who is smoking that bad weed.

Frank Kratovil is Martin O'Malley and Nancy Pelosi's lap dog. They own him! They have funded his entire race and have clearly bought and paid for any indepenedence he may have once possessed. He can't get any volunteers in the 1st congressional district to go door to door, so the corrupt ACORN loving Democrat machine busses them into the 1st from Prince Georges County. That is what voters are going to learn and what will ultimately win this race for Andy Harris. Kratovil as a Liberal is old news, his indentured servitude to Nancy Pelosi and Martin O'Malley is not. Kratovil will lose because he is beholden and he sold his soul to the machine!

I do believe Mike Pappas is smoking from the same bag of weed as Meekins.
A. Show me OMalley donating to Frank to 'buy' him - oh no, its not in the FEC report. Mike/meekins: Dead wrong.
B. Pelosi? Why because she is a dem? is that the best you can do? MIke/meekins: Lame
C: Bussing them in from PG? I knew the volunteers who stopped at my house and they are not PG they are local dems. Mike/meekins: dead wrong again.
D. Beholden, hmm. Kratovil is beholden to the liberal machine.... I will take that anyday over Harris' beholden soul to Club for Growth. When was the last time Club for Growth had to bail out one of their own in a general election? Why did the RNC tell Harris to take a hike when he went a begging for money? Why did the doctor vote against cancer screening? Why doesnt he support alternative energy or the bay? Why did his kids NOT attend public schools - he says he believes in public education for my children? Andy is good for no one.

Frank Kratovil is not a liberal; he is a conservative, law and order state prosecutor. Frank Kratovil has more honesty and integrity in his little finger than the entire Harris campaign. Mr. Harris won his primary by asserting that Senator Pipkin is a tax and spend liberal -- ridiculous. Hopefully, voters will not fall for those gross misstatements again.

Frank Kratovil is a liar. His advertisements say he supports a middle class tax cut.

In an interview with WSDL-Salisbury, Kratovil went on record supporting Martin O'Malley's tax hikes.

"And take, if necessary, the political fallout for doing so. The biggest criticism of the Governor has obviously been the issue of taxes and my view in that is that he was left in situation where something needed to be done. "

"I do think something needed to be done. And I think the problem with politics again and getting back to my opponent, it is one thing to sit back and criticize and say no no no and im against this and im against that and the question is what are you for. And those were tough decisions that were made. And something needed to be done."

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