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August 16, 2011

Bryant, Orlando church remember city-born pastor

Bianca Prieto and Jeff Kunerth of the Orlando Sentinel report:

Members of Pastor Zachery Tims' New Destiny Christian Center packed the sanctuary Monday night for prayers, praise and testimonials following the death of the 42-year-old minister.

Tims' ex-wife, Riva Tims, told the capacity crowd of 2,000 that Tims enjoyed a family vacation in Puerto Rico a week before his death. The Timses, who were divorced in 2009, have four children.

"He was able to have fellowship with his daughters and sons," said Riva Tims, pastor of Majestic Life Church in Orlando.

Church officials announced that Tims' funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at First Baptist Church of Orlando. A wake and public viewing will be held from 3-7 p.m. Friday at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka.

Jamal Bryant, a pastor at Empowerment Temple AME in Baltimore and a friend of Zachery Tims' from there, told church members that New Destiny will continue without Tims.

"You are not a personality-driven church. You are a purpose-driven church," Bryant said. "Pastor Zack's DNA is now on you. You are infected with excellence."

Although much of the service was joyous praise and singing, Bryant told the congregation that it was fitting to mourn the passing of their spiritual leader.

"Allow yourself the liberty to grieve. Allow yourself the freedom to cry," he said.

New Destiny Minister Wanda Robinson told the congregation that the cause of Tims' death on Friday night in a New York hotel room had not been determined.

Church member Jacob Moby said the cause of Tims' death would not change his mind about the pastor who inspired and encouraged his family to become better people.

"We celebrate the life he led and the legacy he left," said Moby, 45, of Orlando.

Earlier in the day, Tims' fellow pastors said Central Florida lost one of its most promising, up-and-coming ministers.

The Rev. Randolph Bracy Jr. said Tims was a charismatic preacher who appealed to young people in a way that few ministers could. He spoke to them about the issues of teen pregnancy, drugs, poverty and crime from a background of growing up troubled in Baltimore.

"That is where I think he stood apart. That was the background he came out of, and his ministry was shaped for those who had these kinds of problems," said Bracy, pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church in Orlando. "He filled a void that was tremendously lacking in the Central Florida area."

The Rev. Willie C. Barnes, head of the African American Council of Christian Clergy of Central Florida, said ministers will hold a pastoral prayer vigil at noon today at the Mt. Olive AME Church, 2525 W. Church St., Orlando.

"We lost one of our leaders," said Barnes, pastor of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville.

Barnes said Tims will be remembered as a minister who reached people who don't normally attend church.

"His ministry was very, very powerful, especially to young people. He brought a different style of ministry, and it reached a lot of the younger generation because it wasn't so traditional," Barnes said.

Barnes cited Tims' youth ministry and his programs that gave young people a place to go and things to do at night other than hanging out on the streets.

"It was a great ministry and a wonderful ministry, and I expect it to continue," he said.

On a national level, Dallas megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes sent his condolences out on Twitter: "DEEPLY saddened to hear of the passing of Pastor Tims @ztims ... praying for his family and church"

Tims, whose Apopka-based church has one of the largest congregations in Central Florida, was found dead at about 6 p.m. Friday. The housekeeping staff at the W Hotel discovered the pastor dead after attempting to clean the room. It's not clear how long he was dead before he was discovered or why he was in New York City.

The Office of Chief Medical Examiner, city of New York, is working to determine how Tims died. His body was claimed from the medical examiner by a Brooklyn funeral home on Monday, according to Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the ME's office there.

"The cause of death is pending further study," Borakove said. Toxicology testing is part of the analysis done to determine cause of death, she said. A determination will not likely be available until later this month.

A New York City police official told the Orlando Sentinel early Monday that Tims' death did not appear suspicious.

Later in the day, NYPD Detective Martin Speechley said, "It's an ongoing investigation. I cannot comment further."

New Destiny had a growing membership of more than 7,500 worshippers. Much of Tims' success was his ability to make biblical concepts accessible to people -- using props and visual devices with his sermons. He was also one of the first to utilize billboards to publicize his church and himself.

"Zack Tims was one of the first persons, particularly in the African American community, to use billboards to make sure he was seen in the community where the church did not go," said Bishop Richard T. Davis of the Church of Healing and Prosperity in Orlando. "He coined the phrase, 'A church that is alive is worth the drive.' "

A longtime member said Tims' "influence far exceeded the Apopka ministry and his death may be God's way of telling the world to wake up."

"He was an international pastor. He was known all over the world," said Madonna Alexis of Waterford Lakes. Alexis said she started attending New Destiny in 1996, but has since left.

A bouquet of roses was wedged in the locked front doors of Apopka's New Destiny church early Monday, beneath a sign that said, "The church will make a public statement at 7 p.m."

Zachery and Riva Tims were married in Baltimore on Jan. 8, 1994, and two years later started New Destiny in an Orlando hotel room. The congregation quickly began to grow.

In 2001, the church purchased 21 acres off East McCormick Road in Apopka after outgrowing a church on Powers Drive in Orlando.

Just four years later, New Destiny built a $3.4 million, 34,000-square-foot center as a safe place where area youths could hang out after school.

Zachery Tims preached the "prosperity gospel," which is the belief that God answers the prayers of those seeking success. He was an example of his own theology. According to divorce documents, Tims earned about $33,400 a month in 2009, owned a $2.2 million Windermere home, spent $1,500 a month on clothing, had $437,300 in the bank, and drove both a 2004 Hummer and a 2008 BMW. Giving back to the church, he tithed $3,500 a month.

He also wrote a book titled "It's Never Too Late: How a teenage criminal found his divine destiny and became a successful millionaire and pastor of a thriving church."

Riva Tims said she was fired from the church by her husband a year before she filed for divorce in November 2008.

Initially stated as "irreconcilable differences," a reason behind the divorce, according to Riva Tims, was her husband's alleged "multiple and repeated extramarital sexual affairs."

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WOW! Nice SPIN! No mention about extramarital affairs, prior drug busts, etc. Make him sound like some sort of saint, when he already "fell from grace" DURING his time as a "pastor".
Is the author of this blog TRYING to lead people to hades?
Seems to me.

Can't wait to "find out" what the white powdery substance in a cellophane baggie in his underwear was.
What a "holy man of god" (as presented in this article).
Hey! Might as well present Satan as Mother Teresa!

Im glad you never made a mistake in LIFE geeesshh give him a break

Fred: No need to put a spin on it. Let us see your life as an open book.

Those people who throw stones and hide their hands, knowing that their hands are covered with blood.

Of course the media/society will say whatever it wants to paint a bleak picture of this man of God and his struggles. Yet, we can not allow media/society to dictate to us or advise us about Kingdom living when they know nothing about it. This man’s death or the way in which he died does not negate the way he lived which was to promote the Kingdom.

Why is this even in the The Sun? Because philanderer JHB spoke at the funeral of another philanderer and junkie? Give me a freakin' break! Couldn't this space have been used to "report" or "comment" on something--someone--useful. The whole lot of these idiots are damned to hell, old slicky Eddy Long included. Come on! The name of this blog is "In Good Faith"...none of these individuals reflect the purpose of this blog. As my first publisher told me when she threw back my first story... REFOCUS and REPORT!

I had never heard of Rev. Tims prior to hearing of his death today on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. He seemed to have been a great man of God with a few demons riding his back.

However, it just goes to show you that even men of the cloth are flesh and subjected to temptation. Therefore, if you know they can fall short, we plain folk definitely need help.

In conclusion, we should never wrap ourselves up with idolizing those who bring forth the Word, but know it ourselves because as it has been proven.....even they are mere men! My prayers will be with his family and congregation.

I actually agree with Fred. I'm sick and tired of the LIES these people live then they're made to look like Saints in death. This isn't about how am I living my life. I'm not brainwashed by RICH mega church pastors!!! This is about a man who had a wonderful vacation a week before with his family but drugs were found on him in death. Those demons is how he lost his family! Maybe if more people are HONEST then his story can help others.....still mad Tupac and Biggie are treated like Saints in the black community when they died THUGS!!!!

It is always a sad day when a goodbye is abrupt, however it is not abrupt for God for it is indeed he that commands the Alpha & Omega. I pray for the immediate family and church family as they greive and heal. Let us all remember the focus is always on GOD even when great men fall, GOD never fails and his word stands forever. Let us lift our leaders up in prayer as the attack upon them is greater than ever before to divide and break up marriages, fragment families and tear down churches.

Keep on judging him. In the time of your glory your adversary will come after you, you will reap what you sow in abundance.Wheather you like it or not he is resting in the Lord. What will your end be and where will you spend your eternity? WE LOVE YOU PASTOR TIMS. WELDONE DEAR GREAT MAN OF GOD. GOD'S PEOPLE CANNOT FORGET YOUR LABOUR OF LOVE.

I must say shame on those who quickly point the finger at other people's mistakes, while acting like they never did anything that was displeasing to God. Our Lord has what is called Compassion for those in a struggle with what ever sin their facing. How dare someone call themselves a Christian and not have a bit of Compassion for this Man of God who battled with what tempted him, and yes I said Man of God who's death came in such a heartbreaking way. My heart is truly sadden today to hear this news, as well as disgusted to see the way some Christians are commenting toward this tragedy, I Pray: May Our Lord and Savior have Mercy on All of Us, and may He help us daily to deal with our struggles, temptation and battles in our lives in a way that may always be pleasing to Him.

Do Not Judge: 1 “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. 3 And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Matthew 7:1-3

God Bless All!

Unfortunately we all have flaws. Some, our society sees as insignificant little hang ups and forgiveable. Other flaws are viewed as major issues that our society deems moral disqualifiers thus, damming us to societal hell. Regardless of our view(s) on the cause of this pastor's untimely death, he has done a great work for the kingdom in leading hundreds maybe even thousands to Christ. God said in his word, everyone (individually) must account for all deeds done in our life. It is time to take our admiring eyes off the men and women has called to serve and look to God the father in admiration. He is the final judge of all and a forgiving God. Let us all pray for the grieving family and STOP judging!!!

i was a deacon in is church in 2003and 02 he was my hero but lets not judge ive suford devorsees do to falling in the traps of the enemy .i well never forget him ,and hes x wife ,for seeing potential in me ,im now living in kentucky working on a come back in ministry after loseing every thing due to adiction and ungodly relationships with women.see you in the next life pastor tims my mentore for life . profit thomas h butler jr

OMG May God have mercy on us all. This is sorrowful and sobering news. Life itself is so fragile, life and death is determined by our choices. We all have individual struggles and this should cause us all to examine our own lives. I cannot immagine filling anyone elses shoes, all I can hope for is that when I finally take my last breath the good Lord will welcome me into eternal rest and peace.

Well, God is still able. The church is not Hollywood and we must stop treating pastors like they are movie stars. They are men that need lots of mercy/grace daily. Leaders must learn to be lead and a good place for most of them is their wives~~~

We have only heard rumors and speculations thus far; but even if they are true; think of this. This man of GOD was able to able to impart to over 8000 people; regardless of his human frailties and weaknesses. My question is who was there for him? If the rumors are true was any kind of intervention done; where was the sprit of discernment. My prayer is that his soul is resting with his Father and that he now has eternal peace. Please remember his family when making comments. I make no judgements because it could have been any one of us. RIP Pastor Tims.

Please read "Psalms 37:11" as Pastor Tims ministers to us from the heavens. There is no sorrow on earth that heaven cant and wont heal. To his family both biological, spiritual and televised, "God does all things well and he makes no mistakes". dont question him just accept that his plans for us are good and not evil. Rejoice and celebrate the life of Pastor Tims with a Shout of victory and a dance like David. God bless you all who mourn this lost on earth but gain in the Kingdom. NYC experienced record breaking rains that showered down many blessings and cleansings "Thank you Pastor Tims for your safe arrival into your earned level of Heaven".

Very sad day . i admired him greatly. May the Lord bless and comfort his children

Why do people think just because we are Christians we are to be perfect? We are humans..not robots. We all have sinned have come short of his glory. We are not perfect but we are forgiven. We are his children. He leads and sometimes we stray...but we come to him openly..confessing our sins. We all have struggles. Its how you handle it. God uses who he wants and who is willing to be used as his vessel. It's not about us! Its about Jesus! Come to Jesus! You dont know what you are missing...for real. O taste and see!

I will keep him and his family in prayer. No judgment for him is needed. He has lived his life whether good or bad and it is over. We need to be worried about ourselves and where we will spend eternity.

I was truelly sadden to hear the news of Pastor Tims. I am thanking God for putting Pastor Tims in my path. When i was tempted to fall back into my addiction i would listen to Pastor on the Word Network. And he was my inspiration each day until God blessed me and took the taste away from me. Pastor Tim left a mark in my heart, so i say farewell my friend, my brother in Christ. I pray for healing in the Family, church, and all of the World. Let us not forget the Jesus blood shed for all.


Logs, planks, and stones. He who is without sin cast the first!!! There is none righteous, no not one!!! Lets's remember the family and the body of Christ. We are all grieving the loss of this man of God. Remember what he has accomplished in the Kingdom and pray for the unity of the ministry In the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It amazes me how people get so self righteous about mega-church pastor. Would it be okay if he was a poor store front pastor? We can all agree he had problems and issues that should have been dealt with, but he is not in a circle by himself, we all do. I know but we are not Pastors and from some of these post Thank God. We all have the same responsibility to show the love of Christ. We all know he cheated on his wife and now possibly had a drug problem, but that is not the only thing that should defines him. He is gone now, why continue to rehash all the bad he did. There are thousands of people whose lives where transformed out of crack houses and out of mental institutions. Families reunited, drug dealers delivered, 8000 + people saved, homeless people feed and pregnant teen mothers helped. Most of All there are 4 children who will have to grow up without a father.

Although I do not condone any wrong behavior by this minister, there are no perfect people in this world. what you all have to realize is ministers have been called and gifted by God. They have the ability to do what they do even though they might not be living what they are preaching. A lot of times these ministers step out to honor their call before they get delivered from their own iniquities. But yet and still like this guy was doing they changing lives and motivating people to live a higher quality of life. In closing "He who is without sin let him throw the first stone."

I just want to be READY when the Son of Man doth come. I don't want to have judged another soul five minutes or five days before the Lord calls me to come out from this earth either. Now that is a very sobering thought!

until you pastor you will never know what a pastor must endure, if a sober member of AA still callls himself an alcoholic we that are saved must too remember we are sinners saved by grace not by force and that the most that God can get from any of us is a confession RIP Pastor Tims I understood your struggles

be sure your sins will find you out.and do that which hath proceeded out of your mouth. Numbers 32/23.that go!s for everybody so why don!t you preacher!s get it or maybe you have used god for a living for so long you don!t believe in any of it,i guess Zachery Tims did not believe in heaven or hell.

I look at Pastor many time on the Word Network and do believe he was Man of God

My prays are with his family and Church.

God loves of all despite our foughts

May God judge each of us in the manner in which we have judged others. If we kept our judgements to ourself, maybe God will have mercy...if we dished judgement out like we were righteous, then maybe God will judge you with a righteous standard...and boy you better hope you can stand up to it. This man was human, he did good with his life, he is now gone, no need to try and make him look bad...

One thing for sure, whether you believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ or not, we will all meet Him one day, and you just may hear what you have posted today abut Pastor Tims again. Be VERY CAREFUL. He sees and hears you.

Phuc him & all megaphucpreachers like him. This iz the reason I left the Black church, the White church, hell all churches....all sissified, money-hungry, gluttonous sluts. Jakes and hiz sissy sons, Eddie Longdong justa plain old chicken-hawk, Paula White pumpin' Benny Hinn in the Vatican City. Sinners every phucing one of them

It is truly tragic that this poor man found himself in such a contradictory life, as Paul described wanting to do right, but the right he would do - he could not. What loneliness, remorse, shame and sheer terror must have haunted this man who both lived in the dark and the light. Are we all
so different?
Does his position call him to higher things and demand of him a greater life? Yes it does. But positions do not keep you, positions do not fill the emptiness inside you, positions cannot sustain the gift of God. So is he without our pity? Are his children unworthy of our prayers? No. For his family needs us more now than before and it is our obligation if we care to call on the name of the Lord in their stead.
Must he account for his sins? Yes. But to us at this time there is no account to be given, save that to our heavenly father who will have mercy on whom he’ll have mercy.
So what must we do to be saved? When the terrors of our life come whispering and pressing against us in our darkest night … call on the Lord, for only he can save us. He will draw us into his perfect light and deliver us from evil.

"Zachery Tims preached the "prosperity gospel," which is the belief that God answers the prayers of those seeking success"

That is the reason for the downfall of Mr. Tims. The "prosperity gospel," is Just what it claims to be. It is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The "prosperity gospel" has more in common with a "Make a Wish" organization than following Jesus. The sad part of all this is all the people in his "Church" that will continue to cling to His Heresy .
People please, recognize this False Gospel for what it is. Honestly and sincerely pray for God to show you the truth and he will. Trust God, It may not be his will for you to be Rich, but he dose Love You!

I am thankful and greatful for the wonderful sermons and wisdom I received from Reverand Zachary Tims.Even though I'm grieved by his passing Yes, I never forgot he was human like us all. RIP.

The word of God declares "let every man work out their own soul salvation with fear and trembling." When one assumes the role of pastorate it is not about the meganess or how poverished a pastor maybe, but it is about his or her obedience to God. As, I often share with people that if God can speak to a donkey then why He can't he speak to a sinner. In this untimely death known to us was not untimely to God. God protects and hides those whom are His and if that is done through a natural death to ensure that they have a eternal resting place, then so be it. Finally, the true love of God is not shared through hatred, name calling, bashing men and women of God in spite of what "we" may think; because, the truth of the matter be told we would condemn people to our made up hells. But thanks be to God for showing us grace and having mercy on us. So, let's do the same for our brother, he is still in peace Pastor Zach. Tims family our prayers are with your family in this time of bereavement.

Why do people fail to remember that no one is perfect? Pastors are human just like us. Just because they know the word doesnt mean that they dont struggle like you and I.They too are tempted. They do not use kryptonite. His job is just to teach us....not to be perfect

My prayers go out to the Tims Family & especially the children. If a person got shot or died in a similar fashion, most of us would have the decency to be sympathetic to the family & children. But because he is a preacher, some would take license to expose their ignorance of the church and religion at large. I agree with Bryant in that the church will survive because it is more than a person or personality. It is a hospital! no more, and no less. People, even preachers in it, are sick; some more than others...but all sick. The perfection in church is its Savior not its saints. Not a single one in the Bible that is without his sickness. It is my prayer that the many that have been help by his ministry don't get tripped up by his weakness or sickness. Giftedness is often rejected because of ignorance of perfection. Thanks Tims for your ministry. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them" Rev. 14:13...Peace & Power!

Sadly enough everyone who can target the negative never can see that God does not weigh sign like we do. ALL sin STINKS in his nostrils. Doesnt matter what it is. Whether its a lie, homosexuality, murder, its all sin. And most of us need to self examine before we try and put leaders on blast. They are human just like us. And there is none righteous but the father. your addiction may not be his but you definitely have one. Instead of pointing out flaws try praying for leaders. Because they need it. the devil attacks leaders harder and first so he can stunt your growth.......when will we learn. Be like Jesus. SMH

Only one man walked this earth as a perfect being and his name is Jesus, many times we as christians (followers of christ) find ourselves giving man the praise and honor that belongs only to the savior and may not even be aware of it. So in the end we end up in the battle of words trying to defend or chastise someone else and it's usually before all the facts are out, so whatever the outcome is let us use it as a learning tool to better ourselves and the people around us especially as a black community . My prayers goes out to his family

On behalf of the Moving With A Vision Ministries World-Wide, New Light Cathedral and J&L Mickie Ministries. We send our prayers to the family and to the Church. The strategy for this hour is not to react but to respond in God's love. God is love and He makes no mistakes. He is a perfect God giving assignments to unperfect people like us. All have fallen short to the glory of God. I pray that we consider the family and reframe from making opinions and remarks that bring shame to the family. Let us turn this blog into God being glorified and exalted. For what we all know and can see, is that Pastor Timms affected many lives, mines too. Use his death to promote kingdom awareness for all people. I encourage every believer to began speaking life and strength to the family and church. I also encourage the local church and the church at large to celebrate his life regardless, period.
Apostle Jerlette Mickie
Presiding Prelate, MWAV

Zachary Tims Exposed! : Johnny Rice gave $127,000 donations, but Zach wouldn’t help Johnny’s Missions to India Ministry. Sad, but true testimony of Missionary Johnny exposing Pastor Zachary Tims selfish sinful-carnally minded ways…;;

Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a
temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a
murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was a gossiper, Martha was a worrier,
Thomas was a doubter, Sara was impatient, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered,
Zaccheus was short, Abraham was old, and Lazarus was dead...Now what’s your
excuse? Can God use you or not? God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the
CALLED. ~Pastor Joel Olsteen

Pastor Tims,

God rest your soul, he fought a good fight, he kept the faith, and now his course is finished on this earth.Whatever way this man died, God knew what he was dealing with, God knew his struggles, God knew his demons. Am I condoning it, by no means, BUT I am saying that God knew all that he was going thru. We so many times put our faith in the messenger when we should really be listening to the message. My prayer is that whomever takes lead at NDCC will continue to listen to the message and be made whole. For this reason alone, the Bible declares that we "study" to show ourselves approved unto God. Whatever Pastor Zach did, whatever he's done, again God knows. I applaud the man of God for admitting his guilt in adultry before his congregation and seeking help. This to me showed humility, which lots of mega preachers dont have. Prosperity preaching; not into it, but the Bible does declare that it is God who gives us the power and the ability to gain wealth. It also declares that we are to be like trees planted by the rivers of water and whatever we do shall prosper, finally its declares that we are the head, not the tail, above, not beneath, the LENDER, not the borrower. On the outside looking in, we see mega-preacher. We see all the glory, but dont know the story... The Bible tells us "Let every man examine himself". Take his life and his demise as another opportunity to "examine yourself" and pray for his family and the continuance of what God began in him and the former Mrs. Tims.

he was an awesome man of GOD! people make mistakes nobody said he was perfect! He was saved by Grace! We have ALL Sinned and Fallen Short of the glory of the lord! let the man rest! u try pastoring a church of 7,500 people! smh

I am truly sadden by the news of Pastor Timms passing. I mourn along with all who loved him and knew him. He has truly touch many with his preaching and teaching. God allow us to cross path in a spiritual traing session, and the impact he left will never be erased. My prayers go out to his family,congregation and friends. He will truly be missed, however, his legacy will live on. May God's peace escort all of us through this time of mourning. I believe this is a time to cry. Let us pray continue to pray without ceasing, and keep believing God for strength and direction, as we go through this together and allow God's prescence to heal all wounds and hurts.

@jade try pastoring a church of less than 50 mess is mess I see people thrive on negativity my mom husband is a Bishop of a church in the ghetto of Oakland,CA and I've seen people don't want to love there neighbors they love drama my prayers is to look to the hills where our help come from and I pray for pastor Tim's family cause he and his wife touch my life and also made me believe in black love&marriage I was shocked when I learned he passed &cheated on his wife all in one day but GOD gets the glory cause when I was going through they messages was on the word and they were too and I had no clue

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. ST. JOHN 8:7

RIP: Pastor Tims where do they go ? When a man or woman of God needs help where can they turn? To whom much is given much is required. I am a pk and I know first hand that they struggle more than the average Christain why ? It's because of what they stand for the work they do in the earth. We need a place a screed place for them to turn for help without the whole world playing lil gods .he who is without sin cast the first stone that would be Jesus and if he has already chosen to forgive then who do we think we are ? Gone too soon we need to take a long hard look at ourselves ... Peace and Love , debbieGphilly

What is dumbfounding is that I believe many people on this blog is missing the point. By no means am i condoning the mistakes of this mans past. But i will say this the message behind all of this, in my eyes is that everyday we should seek to know God more. Dont be afraid to face your problems. Rest in the fact that we all are sinners saved by our faith in the precious blood of Jesus. pastor Tims you will be missed. And I pray what could not be done in your living will be accomplished in your death. may God's face shine upon his children, that they may achieve their predestined purpose on this earth. What a tragedy!

The good book says. "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" So all you "holy rollers" who are sinless (it seems) let God be the judge of us all. Dr Tims has positively impacted the lives of our family, for which we are truly grateful. Since his altar call at the Powers Drive church in 1999, my husband and I have not looked back at the lives we left behind. This chuch has truly been a blessing to us. My thought and prayers go out to Pastor Riva and the 4 adorable children. God be with them, always.

Havent your mothers ever taught you, "If you dont have anything nice to say, Dont say anything"?... please remember whatever sow you shall reap. We miss you Pastor.

Uninformed and hateful is the word that correctly sums up many of these posts. Prosperity gospel? Try, "the Gospel": God's own Word says, "above all things I wish that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers." Jesus's very coming was to restore what Adam lost in the lush, abundantly suppplied garden God gave him. There is no way to honestly read the Bible and not conclude, though we may struggle, that God's plan is that we be in relationship with him and blessed, in order that we may be a blessing to others. Read the stories of Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Issac, Joseph, David, Solomon, Moses, Paul, etc. God supplied all of their need and above their need.
Thankfully, God needs no help in judging Pastor Tims's fate or anyone else's. We'd do well to get about some good works ourselves and impacting the lives of others.
I am a Christian, raised in the church, I love God, do a pretty decent job raising my son as a single parent, am educated and a licensed professional, love my family, give time to my community, give to the poor, support my church with my time, talent and treasure, use my professional talents to help those without means--and yes, at times, I say or do the wrong things or am tempted to sin. Does that nullify my belief in heaven or hell or profession of Christ? No, it simply makes me a human, who happens to be saved by grace because of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross. To misunderstand forgiveness and redemption because of Christ's free gift, is to misunderstand the very foundation of Christianity. Jesus loves me, not because of my good works or ability not to sin, He just loves me because the Bible tells me so. Recall John 3:16, "God so loved the world (not Christians only but all of humanity) that He gave his only begotten Son that whomever believed (not lived perfectly) on Him might have everlasting life."

My heart goes out to his family and congregation. The death of Dr Tims bothers me for various reasons, the main one being accountability. Who were the individuals in this mans immediate circle? Was the salary worth turning a blind eye to the truth? If (again if) narcotics played a role in this man of Gods demise, where was his "life" support system when he needed it? A man of his statue does not have the common convenience of soliciting drugs or strippers (ref: 2006 affair). There is always a "middle man" and in this case someone obviously close enough to be trusted with his secrets. A pastor with 7000+ members doesn't travel to France and waltz into a strip club alone. There is always somebody assigned to "watch". I'm a Pastors kid (30 yrs) and know first hand that when you reach a certain level of "ministry success" and everybody on staff is eating lovely, nobody wants to swing the rod of correction. This isn't a new century tactic that the devil is using to steal and destroy, it is only exploited because of mass media publication. We have to keep our leaders lifted in prayer and if you have been assigned the position of "watchman", WATCH!!!!

We have lost a brother, perfect or not. Family, if we had really prayed for our brother when he fell, could the power of our prayers been powerful enough to prevent this? God knows. But there are other opportunities that we still have to pray for brothers and sisters who are struggling in their walk. Brother Tims is gone. But WE can still repent and PRAY like we should for the leaders of the body of Christ. Christianity is not a spectator sport...we ALL play a part in this game of life. We are not like the world. We have prayer at our disposal. No, God cannot change a will but he CAN influence a will. Lets pray.

Also, I try to make myself go by this rule. I do not give myself permission to complain or criticize if I am not actively (continuously) praying about that person or situation. What usually happens is that as I keep that person or situation in prayer, MY attitude changes..It is obvious by some comments who is and is not praying...doesn't even take spiritual discernment...

RIP Pastor Tims
You will be dearly missed
I always enjoyed your anointed, fiery, powerful messages - You are like the simplicity in Christ Jesus

Pastor Tims has been a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ and Kingdom of God

Love you in Jesus name

Pastor Tims is a blessing!!!!!!!!

I believe med history could very well indicate heart attack and heart failure -
white powder could be mints or medications

Love you Pastor Tims

I belive that God is trying to get his people's attention. No we are not to judge but at the same time we MUST realize that God is calling for a standard of holiness. "None but the righteous shall see God!" It's time out for playing church. God is bringing exposure to everything that is not like him in this season. He is no longer tolerating a "double minded" way of life. For the word tells us to either be hot or cold because if we are luke warm he will spew us out of his mouth. We as the body of Christ are to be set apart for the work of God and we are held to a higher standard of excellence. Jesus is soon to come and we have no time to judge one another. Take Pastor Tims' mistakes and death as a warning to get your house in order because the next number may be yours! Make sure that there is no sin that will be left to be exposed about you. While I am dissappointed in the scandals that revolve around Pastor Tims' as being another leader in the kingdom, I admonish you to re-evaluate yourself! Pastor Tims' life, good or bad, is speaking for him... what will we be able to say about you. Rember the song... Let the work i've done, speak for me!" Blessings and my deepest sympathy to Mrs. Tims' and children. As a fellow first lady I can only imagine how much she has endured and thru all of the scandals even after his death she stood in support of her husband with grace. I salute you woman of God for your stregnth!


I thought the accuser of men was the devil.

Reverend Tims messages brought me through a very trying time in my life. I didn't look upon him as diety, but as an instrument of God. He was mere flesh, subject to temptations and imperfections. Being a leader of megachurch did not exempt him from temptations, which are plentiful in prominent positions. Whatever his carnal vulnerabilities may have been, the battle was between Tims and God, not us. Remember David, a man after God's own heart, adulterer, murderer, coveter, yet God provided His favor upon David and his generation forever. What an Awesome God. I thank Him for the opportunity to be blessed through Reverend Tims and his powerful and inspirational services. The Tims family I pray God's peace be upon you during the loss of your love one.

In one of his sermons, Its Not Good to Be Alone......he was saying how everybody needs a companion and someone to talk to..........He looked kinda sad....I wonder was he crying out for help in his own sermon. He was not wearing his wedding ring, maybe it was just after the divorce.....He looked a little vunerable and lonely to me.

Adultery is committed when there is a lack of intimacy or you are crying out for real closeness. Adultery is not fulfilling, and neither is porn. It is an counterfeit, an illusion.

He had a lot of responsibility, and maybe no one to talk to. When you have a big ministry, who really understands you? I think the pressure of having to be an example, can get to be too sad.......he seemed like such a sweeheart.
He may have been very, very lonely, and went back to the thing that brought him comfort, when he was a lonely teenager.

I weep for the children and the ex-wife who is now a single mother. Addiction is not a joke and if one if freed from its bondage, it is imperative that one stays drug/alcohol free. If you return to that former lifestyle, you may lose your life. It is important as a recovering addict/alcoholic/whore/gambler that our walk with God be close and our belief in Christ be real in order to keep us from all vices. One vice always leads back to the old vice. God is not like the cops in repeated domestic violence incidents: eventually he will call your bluff and you can die in your sin.

A MARVELOUS,RIGHTEOUS WORK OF GOD - All Good in the Sight of God

Pastor Tims life is open before everyone.
God's Love covers faults, shortcomings, weaknesses
Pastor Tims possessed, confessed, and professed the power of the risen savior and holy living!!

Pastor Tims promoted and supported the Kingdom of God and did not need any signs on him giving praise to faults, shortcomings, weaknesses

Pastor Tims had a very busy, very busy schedule and did God's Work in good faith.
Both Faith and Work were mighty and victorious in Tims life.
Pastor Tims has done nothing more or less than all saints and christians
Pastor Tims achieved his goals, accomplished his missions, and fulfilled God's plans
We have ALL, all sinned and come short of the glory of God

I always enjoyed Pastor Tims on TV


I DO NOT believe false reports, hotel, and drug messes

Pastor Tims has done an Excellent-Super job
--in lifting up Jesus
--building the Kingdom of God
--making full proof of his ministry
--finishing his course on earth


I strongly believe that Pastor Tims knew his heart was weak and continued to work very hard, very hard in the Kingdom of God until his day was done.

God is Good ,and I see and know nothing but Good, Great, Golden for Pastor Tims

Everyone, Everyone, Everyone falls and GOD FORGIVES EVERYONE over and over, OVER AND OVER

LOVE YOU PASTOR TIMS, family, and church~~ Greetings from Texas

fan since first TV appearance and forevermore
My Blessed brother in Christ Jesus!!!!!
Walking the Streets of Glory !!!!!!!

I do not want to judge the bloggers that don't live in our area. But I wish everyone would read all of the news stories prior to Pastor Timms death. He did a lot of good in this community. The media is not making him to look like a saint. Maybe, just maybe his work should speak for him.

Let me remind all that no one is perfect, not now or in the biblical days. All the disciples fell short of perfect living; David had a husband killed so he could take his wife and Peter would cut you first and apologize later. Those who are chosen are operating on a higher spiritual level and I believe that Pastor Tims was taken up by God before he forfeited everything (this is why there is no cause of death). I don't believe he had a chance to use what was on him and if it comes back as stating drugs, I will not believe it. I see the resemblance when the news was fabricated that Jesus's body was stolen so the people would not believe he rose on the 3rd day. Drugs may have been on him, but I don't believe he got a chance to use it. All of you who are chosen for such a time as this, let us all keep every pastor covered with prayer, they need the protection and strength; and someone they can go to in their hour of need. There has been a spiritual shift and we need to follow the cloud.

I know that we all have struggles, but none are any smaller than the last. Pastor Tims touched a lot of lives, & one day by channel surfing, I ran upon Pastor Tims, I was touched by his message, I am always touched by the words that give the Glory to GOD. Pastor Tims did that. Every morning when the LORD opened my eyes, I would turn the channel to Pastor Tims, he always had an uplifting message for everyone. I agree with one of the postings that I read tonight. Yes Pastor Tims had struggles that he was dealing with, but those that were there to see what was happening, did not step up for whatever reason. I remember Bishop: Noel Jones, in a sermon he did years ago, he said he wanted people in his life who were not afraid to tell him when he did something wrong, or handled something the wrong way. Bishop Noel Jones stated that true friends would tell you if the road you were traveling on was about to end at soon. Not let everyone perish because they were afraid to say something to you. He said he did not need friends like that. It was powerful & uplifting. Pastor Tims had some of those people in his circle, who would rather see something bad happen than say something about it. Whatever his short comings were, he & wife Riva started a church from a hotel room & was able to reach souls everywhere. The work of the Lord was being done, even in the midst of the affair & whatever else. I go to church to be fed, once I'm fed, I'm on my way home. GOD IS GOD ALL BY HIMSELF. HE DOSEN'T NEED OUR HELP.Please try not to judge this man for his faults, know that he was delivered to do great works for the LORD. He did. GOD delivered him from a terrible background, he went on to preach to hundreds of thousands of people & made a difference in all of their lives. GOD can use us all for his will, we have to want to do GODS will, & he can purpose of lives in that way. GOD used all kinds of people in the bible to do his works, even though they were less than some of us who are without SIN, would want to hear or listen to. God used David, he had an affair. GOD used Noah, he was a drunk. Jacob was a cheater who was used by GOD. Paul was a murderer, used by GOD. Moses stuttered, but he was used by GOD. & so many more were used by GOD in the bible. Who are we to judge anyone. I Thank GOD for allowing this man to reach out and touch & speak & bring so many lives to CHRIST. GOD said to Pastor: Tims, a week ago, Well done my good & faithful servant, well done. Pastor Tims you can come on in, come on home. He did not say to him, that because of your faults, I'm sadded. He said Well Done, Well Done. I continue to pray for his family, his (4) children & for Riva, & the family of NDCC. Pastor Tims will be truly missed. Remember all of the preachers, speakers are all human beings, they have their vaults to. Its not what you call me, its what I answer to. Be Blessed!!!!!!!!!

Thank you @Pat and so many bloggers here, I find comfort in grief

For Pastor Tims to live is Christ and to die is gain
Pastor Tims laid down his life just like Jesus did - no man could take Tims life

Pastor Tims means more to the body of Christ than words can ever express

The Live Stream was disabled, so I watched Tims youtube from the previous months and years - MY SOUL AND LIFE ARE RICHLY BLESSED

Pastor Tims is called, chosen, glorified of the Heavenly Holy Father Almighty -
We are weeping with those who weep
God is good to all
God rains on the just and unjust


Pastor Tims did many, many good-GOOD things - God's Minister of Light and Fire
Yes, the Lord God Almighty says Well done thou good and faithful servant , take thy rest, receive thy crown, enter ye into the joy of the Lord

Praise the Lord for his goodness unto the children of men !!!!!!!

Likely that heart disease and heart failure are silent killers - health issues are very likely
The news, reports, lies cannot touch God's annointed - Please do not lie on Pastor Tims - Please STOP LYING on Pastor Tims

Texas Joy for Jesus
Remembering Pastor Tims

Pastor Tim u r going to be greaty missed all around the world. I am not here to put pastor in HEAVEN OR HELL.
I hope somehow, someway he made it in. Now for us who are still here, make sure you read your bible more, pray more and fast more. PLEASE, PLEASE BE READY. WHAT SO EVER IS BOUND

Many times Pastor Tims blessed my life as I watched him on TBN. We are in prayer for his family, his church family, and the body of Christ as a whole. I thank God for the ministry gift of Dr. Zachery Tims.

Your DNA is left on New Destiny and you will never be forgotten.As you take your seat next to the Lord Jesus himself job well done.R.I.P.May the Lord you up there and your family down here.Thank you for keeping me grounded and loving myself when I did`nt want to.My special prayers to the family and the whole destiny church saint and friends and may God keep you all in his care.

PEOPLE CAN GET ALL THE HEAD KNOWLEDGE IN THE WORLD....PEOPLE CAN SAY WHAT EVER THEY LIKE.....BUT THE TRUE LIGHT OF GOD'S PEOPLE IS SHOWN IN WHAT THEY DO....AND NOT IN WHAT THEY SAY!.... Leaders are subject to sin and we shouldn't judge salvation but always might righteous judgement yet never condem, less you are subject to falling yourself. HOWEVER THEY SHOULD STOP PRETENDING LIKE THEY ARE PERFECT...and when they fall in sin...SIT YOUR BEHIND IN THE PEWS AND GET MINISTERED TO and when you have been delivered take your place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just sitting back laughing at these comments.They are funny however a bit un truth worthy I must say.I bet more than 1/2 of this page didn't know the man,never met,nor went to his church.I go to his church and its simply a wonderful Body of christ.And i commend the person far up above on this page that stated truthfuly that they had never heard of him prior to his death.Alot of you people are worried about all the ''Wrong'' things.Instead of thinking about what you plan to do tomorrow or next week,or what difference you can make in this world.,Your worrying about ''What was in his underwear'' Again allthe ''WRONG'' stuff.People speak like they have never made a mistake in their life.If you havent made a mistake in your life,your Humanity is questioned.Cut a man a break,you wouldn't be saying stuff about Pastor Zach if the media didn't broadcast every bulletpoint of his life.A life that ''HE'' lived not the world.A life that he lived for god,Not the world.Yeah he mademistakes in life but he didn't hide them he was open about it.How do you think the media knew?Because he told them (Which if he was alive or can see the world now,i bet he regrets).If his family is not concerned about all the MISTAKES (Just like you and me) he made in life,well why are we.Again he didn't live for us.Pastor Zach was the best Pastor someone could ask for And dont care what any1 says. People just shouldnt be so judgemental all the time.I hope you all understand where I'm coming from.From person-TO-person! :)

You are still loved and still missed, Pastor Zach!

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