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May 11, 2011

Judges reverse decision on Muslim headwear

The Associated Press reports:

A Georgia judge has reversed a decision that blocked a Muslim man from his courtroom because he was wearing religious headwear.

Henry County State Court Judge James Chafin said he found "through his own research that there is a basis in the Quran for both men and women to cover their heads as a religious observance."

Three separate times, the judge had blocked Troy "Tariq" Montgomery from entering his courtroom to dispute a traffic ticket because he was wearing a kufi, a traditional Muslim head covering. Montgomery said he was surprised by the decision but hopeful no other Muslims will have to face similar objections.

The Judicial Council of Georgia decided in July 2009 to allow headwear that is worn for religious or medical reasons after a similar dispute.

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What's wrong with this judge? If he wanted to be splashed on YOU TUBE and all the TV stations across this land of mammoth dysfunctions, all he needed to do was to allow Tariq to come in, his head adorned as commanded in some holy book of yesteryear--then say, "Remove the head gear-your ticket will be kaput, keep the head gear, your ticket will be doubled, may be even tripled!" That would have surely tested Tariq's devotion to the lord up above. Something tells me he would have picked the head gear and his lord up above and gone to the media about the judge and histrionics would have followed, with Judge Jeannine of Fox News fame, leaning over her desk in her program, her cleavage parted like the Red Sea, spouting profundities about cantankerous and cankerous judges who should be unseated from the bench and Matthew Hay Brown would have blogged on the subject then-- Anonymouse would have appeared on that blog, like a silver lining rimming a gray cloud (or the other way around would work just as well) taking up for the man with the Muslim head gear, uttering deep thoughts about the freedom to be what you want to be when you are a religious person being threatened every moment of every day, then Robert Littel would have appeared and pointed to Anonymouse, the simple fact, if the whole world were only irreverent and irreligious the head gear question would never have popped up in the first place, upon which truth Anonymouse would have pounced with a war whoop that he would have yelled thus "BOBBEEEE!" that war whoop would have been followed by a repetitious Anonymouse didactic so boring that even polite BankStreet would have lost his mature composure to point out that we are all safe when church and state are separate and that when the two commingle there will be nothing but conflagration--he surely would see the head gear issue as a confrontation between church and state--if the same notion were to emanate from Robert's mouth Anonymouse would plunge a sword of contention in his side and argue to dispel the logic that the Islamic head gear versus the American judge had anything at all to do with church versus state; but coming from BankStreet, the rationale would be tightly embraced and warmly cuddled by Anonymouse-- after that the two--Anonymouse and BankStreet would have sung a dirge to Robert and a couple of odes to each other--
Thus would have gone life if the Judge had told Tariq, "No head gear, no fine, yes head gear, double--no, triple fine!"
R Anon

Maybe you could use your superior analytical predictive talents to help Harold Camping figure out where he went wrong and come up with the right prediction for the end of the world

Well R ANon with Bobbie taking extended time off I guess that makes you the only important person here according to his egotistical and demented opinion.

I am a bit hurt you didn't include me in your little narration. I guess I don't rate as much as those others. I guess I'll have to try harder/


I'm still trying to figure out if I've been insulted or complimented. Or just (apparently successfully ) goaded....

Bankstreet I do believe R Anon doesn't approve of your respectful treatment to us poor deluded absolutist Christians.

I love you all! Amen. And Rino, you are too middle of the road to be included in scintillating predictions of the future, too sane, too much of a square, too little of a circle or should I say too little of a spiral--none of that is right, actually you are too much of a straight line Rino--yes, that's what you are--waver a bit, vacillate, move right, move left and then you will emit light like Bobby the fly fisherman incomparable--insufferable, as Anonymouse would put it--but I will stick with incomparable--more apt because as I see it, all of you miss Robert's sparkling atheistic curmudgeon--isms. Pray hard believers, pray hard that the fish don't catch him, that he catches the fish instead and he returns intact from British Columbia to harass all of you into a state of pious lather.
R Anon

Anon pious laughter might be a better description.

I’m sorry I’m not as entertaining for you as Bobbie. I miss him about as much as I’d miss a case of diarrhea. I think diarrhea of the brain might be a better descriptor of his nonsensical extremist rants. If you could take the qualities Limbaugh and convert them to the extreme left and mix in with Olberman you get Bobby.

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