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January 14, 2010

Jason Poling: A message for Pat Robertson

The Rev. Jason Poling is pastor of New Hope Community Church in Pikesville.

It’s been said that if you give an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters an infinite amount of time they will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare. Then again, this scenario may explain the genesis of the blogosphere.

There’s a basic principle to keeping blogs healthy: Don’t feed the trolls. Every blog has them, the people who delight in vituperative attacks on others (known as “flaming”), obnoxiously long screeds, and monopolizing the virtual conversation. But if you engage the actual content of his remarks, you will find yourself sucked into a black hole of back-and-forth posts involving bad logic, worse grammar and endless frustration. It’s a lot like arguing with a four-year-old: the minute you start, you’ve lost, because in doing so you have effectively declared that a rational adult ought to seriously debate the merits of sleeping under all of the blankets in the closet sorted first by color then by texture.

But there is a remedy: the universal shorthand “Dude, STFU” which translates to “Kindly be quiet.” This treatment, which only works if applied sparingly, essentially declares: “What you are saying makes absolutely no sense. Nothing good will come of discussing it with you. You’re annoying everyone on this blog. So cut it out.” Such an approach steadfastly and resolutely refuses to reason with the unreasonable, to join a battle of wits with the unarmed, to punch the tar baby.

Much the same principle applies to the outlying voices in our media landscape. There may have been some gaps in my seminary education, for I cannot begin to fathom how I might evaluate Pat Robertson’s claim that the entire nation of Haiti in the course of its battle for independence made a pact with the devil. What would be the text of such a pact? Would everyone in the nation need to agree to it? Every adult? A majority, or perhaps a super-majority? Would it need to be signed in blood? The mind boggles.

In much the same way, I have difficulty finding handles with which I might begin to grapple with other ideas promoted by Robertson: that Hurricane Katrina constituted an exercise of God’s wrath against New Orleans for its wickedness, or that 9/11 happened when God withdrew his protection from America when some obscure ACLU lawsuit was filed somewhere that morning and he decided he had simply had enough.

But I think maybe I’m not supposed to. That would be a relief, because I have absolutely no interest in feeding this troll. I don’t want to begin to engage his statements because I do not want to effectively declare that a rational adult ought to seriously debate whether a particular nation’s misfortunes derive from a binding contract with the Prince of Darkness executed over 200 years ago. I certainly do not want to engage these ideas when that nation’s capital lies in ruins with tens of thousands of its citizens, if not more, lying dead in the wake of a massive earthquake.

No, all I really want to say to Pat Robertson is, “Dude, STFU.”

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Amen brother. When will people wake up and realize Robertson is INSANE!!!???

I think Pat should start to act like a Christian rather than a demi-god. With an attitude like that he just becomes one of the nails in jesus hand. Shame!

As a Christian I am agast at what you have said. May God forgive you. I know He will but I don't thing you are aware of what a sin you have commited. Or smart enough to ask.

Makes sense to me even though I would like to blast him!

robertson, hang it up and retire somewhere we can't hear you anymore. you are not God and you do not represent him or anyone.!

you are one really sick son of a bitch YOU AND YOUR KIND NEED TO DIE AND GET OFF OF MY PLANET

Great response. It may be too late, but this sicko is best ignored.

Robertson is a "GOOD CHRISTIAN" that
should "go to hell". His comments
about natural disasters are the rants of
a crazy man. The GOD he preachs
about would not punish the innocent in
a country because of the horrors that
past leaders carried out. GOD, please
aend him to the devil now!


I cannot not believe you are a Pastor and writing such rude and crude things. Maybe Robertson should not have publicized his beliefs as he did but there is no need for cursing and name calling. What are you telling to your congregation? If you don't agree with someone you should belitlte them and write horrible insults to them? What happened to love your neighbor as yourself? Lets work together to create peace and love for people not cause more discord and hate in our communities. Lets talk about helping the Haitians in thier time of suffering and giving them a spiritual and physicam hand in the matter. I do not agree with your way of handling this. I am not sure many true disciples of Christ would. God bless you and give you wisdom to write things that are beneficial.

I second that KJ. I mean, how can Robertson say such a thing? Is every natural disaster that happens hundreds of times each year in the world a form of punishment from God? Every hurricane, earthquake, mudslide, tsunami... you name it? Or does Robertson suggest that only the areas that are predominately poor or Black are punished? This boggles the mind...

Pat Robertson is a troll that should be ignored. This idea is perfect, if there weren't so many people following his every word.

Where is the righteous indignation against the “Christian Empires of the West” that put the slaves there in the first place to grow their sugar and distill their rum?

I recently saw the video re: Pat Robinson remarks.

"Haitian's made a pack with the's true.. " Where you there during the what ? How stupid,and irresponsible to have a postion in the media and clergy and cast such hate and evil amoung so many. Mind you most people that follow you have a reputation of being infected by stupidty and low IQ.

By the way...I have to wonder if your blowing smoke screen out of you A%% because people might actual be doing God's will by donating to a genuine cause instead of your 700 club.

since you seem to think you know so much you'll undersatnd when I say...
here's hoping you step on a pretty blow fish on your next vacation.

Pat Robinson was so wrong in his statements about Haiti. Shame on his statements that do not reflect any type of compassionate faith. Past time for him to go--he will be judged, just like the rest of us. He made his mint on putting fear in the hearts of his followers & is without concern or compassion. Sad--terrible human!

What I fail to understand is, are there that many vicious, ignorant, and morally deficient people who contribute to him that enables him to remain on the air?

thank you sir, well put.

Thank God that Pat Robinson actually engaged his brain before declaring that Hait had made a pact with the devil. Pitty he forgot to engage his heart!

Pat Robertson's comment emanate from White Supremacist Christianity. The white christain right holds these beliefs as well. A similar comment by a white rightwing christian politician in the ake of Hurricane Katrina. Reporters labeling Roberston insane, benignly support his white supremacist theological viewpoint.

Haiti defeated France in 1801. It has suffered economically and militarily due to the United States and Western Europe's determination to starve Haiti to death, for defeating France in 1801.

It's amazing that Pat Robertson's theology hasn't progressed beyond that found in the older parts of the Old Testament. The devastation of a whole nation could be justified by invoking Yahveh's anger at one person, as in the Exodus story. How terrifying for Mr. Robertson and his followers, and how sad.

Pat Robertson's statements emanate from white supremacist christianity. A similar comment was by a white rightwing christian politician in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Many white conservative christians share this viewpoint.

Haiti defeated France in 1801. Since then, the US and Europe have tried to starve, Haiti, to death for defeating a colonial power.

I can't believe this guy. Maybe he should open his own Bible, let the moths fly out, and read the passages that say that he is not qualified to judge ANYONE!!! I never thought I'd live long enough to say this, but I would like to see Amazon, etc. BAN his books. Nothing good can come from reading the rantings of a lunatic.

Attempts to label Pat Robertson insane, misses the point, its a benign belief in white supremacist christianity period. Several writers and reporters have done so.

While prayer and relief are the most important things needed for Haiti right now, there is nothing wrong with pointing out evil in the world that God doesnt want us to be involved with. If I believe that voodoo isnt something that Haiti should perform, then I have a right to express that opinion. The problem that Mr. Robertson makes is that he acts as though he knows it is coming from God, when of course he doesnt. I dont believe that he actually said this however, as his spokesperson has stated. He pointed out a pact that he heard was made with the devil years ago. I have also read that Mr. Robertson's group is sending millions in aid to Haiti. Is anyone here suggesting that Haiti should refuse it? The White House doesnt think that Mr. Robertson's statement reflects the spirit of America? Why should they? The president cant even give a speech without having a crucifix covered. He doesnt seem to be too concerned about spiritual matters himself, unless they are seen as worldly and pro Muslim. He suggests that we should pray for Haiti. Is Jesus Christ included in his suggestion? I hope and pray that Haiti can recover from this. I also hope and pray for a world where evil that most people arent aware of can be talked about openly without fear of retribution, even if it isnt currently politically correct.

Pat Robertson is the christian Osama.

Nice article well written.

I'm sorry to see that the kind of irrational and bigoted logic that Pat Robertson is engaging in is also engaged in by the few who assert that "white right wing christians" share his opinions.

The right holds no monopoly or racism and bigotry.


I cannot believe the comment made by Pat Robertson! How can a "man of God" condemn an entire nation of people. How vain of him to think he knows what God is thinking or doing. To put himself in that
category is the greatest sin of all. How can this preacher not show an ounce of mercy?
I am sorry for his obvious dementia, and hope his organization removes him from the air.

Well, thanks alot!! I gave up swearing as a NY resolution and I was doing so well until I read this! I absolutely agree with the author until our dear Pastor decides to sink to the level of Pat Robertson. Perhaps you could say, STHU (the double hockey sticks version) as a milder and more-appropriate-for-a-man-of -God-to-use? Cheers,

It appears that Pat Robertson would fit in better with the 16th Century than the 21st. His remarks on Haiti are truly disgusting.

how can someone this blatantly
ignorant fill a wheelbarrow with followers much less an enitre church.

he is a dangerous moron supreme and should be put in chocks in the public square

Pat Robertson is the kind of christian (lower case "c" intended) that gives CHRISTIANITY both a bad name & makes his kind of utter nonsense the moral equivalent of people of any other over-zealous & fanatical religious persuasion using their interpretation of their scripture (or addlepated brains) to essentially make such condemnatory accusations. He's a first-class IDIOT.

Clay – The problem is Robertson did say something good could come out of what has happened in Haiti. I fail to see how something good comes out of the amount of deaths Haiti will suffer. As you point out he talks as if he receives revelations from God or something. This isn’t the first time he’s made such foolish statements. No one can explain why such things happen and the best thing Robertson could have done was to express sorrow and offer prayers along with whatever aid they are providing. Instead he made a careless and thoughtless statement based on something he heard. Something that is hardly a documented fact.

You may want to also pray for a world where people don’t make hasty judgments and look for ways to bring about positive changes as opposed to blind criticism.

I would not see fit to worship a god as vicious as Pat Robinson speaks for. But fortunately he can't speak for God and has no knowledge of God. What a shame that Robinson has aged without increasing wisdom but remains mired in bigotry and ignorance. Fortunately, most humans ache for the agony the people of Haiti are suffering from an act of nature.

I dont think that the people of Haiti are overly concerned about Mr. Robertson's comment right now. If his comment makes people think about evil, then good comes out of it. Regardless of any pact made or not made with the devil, I dont believe that voodoo can help anyone, and making someone think about it cannot hurt anything. Positive changes? I believe that millions in aid can help bring that out, and I also believe that people in Haiti accepting Christ is the most positive change they could make. I have seen where Mr. Robertson says in his show that he feels he is praying for someone somewhere with a back problem and a person calls in to say that their back was healed during the show. We shouldnt be so quick to judge Mr. Robertson if he honestly feels that he is doing good, and gets rewarded for it. We also shouldnt assume that Christians dont have a right to complain about being discriminated against, although God takes care of all that in the end. Thanks.

Congratulations, you just got an atheist to say "amen."

Pat Robertson seems to have an inside line on the Devil's conversations. Want to know how that happened? It was when he abandoned love and compassion. he hears the Devil well - but God - not so much.

Robertson and his ilk seem to talk with the devil a lot. He often says that he knows the devil's plans. Seems like he has a direct line to Satan -- perhaps he is Satan. His actions and words seem to point to this.

Clay - I'm sure what Mr Robertson thinks or says is the last thing on anyone in Haiti's mind. Honestly it should be the last thing on everyone’s mind right now. Both he and you talk like Haiti is some sort of pagan stronghold. Somehow I doubt either he or you know too much about the people you are commenting on. As for his claims anyone feeling the need to boast about their prayers isn't following Christ's commands. He instructed his followers to pray in secret and not look for accolades in this world. Mt Robertson's actions sound prideful and boastful not to mention questionable. Christians have the same rights as everyone else including getting criticized for careless and insensitive remarks like Robertson's.

Dear Pat,
I totally support you from the Relegious Point of you. we pat for our deeds in our life time. Thatis whathas happend in Haiti. The Politicians and the Pundits and news anchors who look fo rratings don't understand your Point of reasonong. what you said is truth and reality is always hard and bitter. may god bless you for speaking the truth. when people change their way of life and life styles the change willcome for that nation. This is Fact.

Everywhere I go someone is discussing the comments made by Pat Robertson. Devout people, people who are not religious, even people I know from other faiths...EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM condemns Robertson's comments as "absurd", "despicable", "insensitive". I watched the video, and even in context, the words and sentiment are plain wrong. There's no spinning this. It doesn't matter how much Robertson has given to Haiti, which is pointed out over and over again. Some might start regarding him as a false teacher or false prophet. Isn't he exactly what the Bible warned of. Someone who appears kindly, but who uses their leadership to poison. That sounded like a whole lot of poison to me.

My god says to forgive the ignorant, So Pat you are forgiven, it’s not your fault you are so stupid, your god must not be very nice to have made such a stupid person!

But we still love you


I am more disappointed in his co-host who is a black woman sit there and listen to him criticize our people in another country. He is ignorant and I dont expect anymore from him.

there is not place for evil in heaven!!! Pat Robertson.....your going to hell and your offspring will bear your Karma!

Voodoo is just a religion, people. You may not follow it, you may not understand it, it may creep you out, but it's a viable, old religion, and if Haiti had stuck with that they would probably be doing MUCH better than they are now. Naturally I'm not refering to the earthquake, which is caused by tectonic plates shifting, and has something to do with living on a round planet, not with gods or spirits or the worship or lack of worship of either of those things.

It's ignorant and racist to try and claim Voodoo has anything to do with Haiti's situation. An intellectual approach to Haiti's ongoing disaster would include such things as geography, politics, racism, the CIA, a religion that thinks overpopulation is acceptable (not Voodoo, oddly), lack of female empowerment, and basic economic principles. Don't go down Pat Robertson's path by talking glibly about Voodoo. It's saying the same thing as he did in a different way, and it is just as superstitious and, yeah, racist.

As a minister of the Gospel I sincerely regret Mr. Robertsons recent remarks. I can only hope he changes his statement or makes his real intention clear. It is hard to believe he really means what his video clip says.

Thank you.

So, does that mean that if Rev. Robertson experiences a personal calamity, he's made a pact with the devil and is experiencing retribution?

I have lived around Christians all my life, and they never cease to amaze me. How cold, how self-righteous, and how un-Christian can one Christian be and still be called a Christian?

Pat Robertson is an ignorant, arrogant self-rightous man...not a Christian at all!

The fact that Pat Robertson wasn't caught in a meat grinder years ago is proof that there is no punishment for those with no morality.

I am not saying that Haiti is a pagan stronghold. I think that every country in the world is a pagan stronghold. If Mr. Robertson is a little weird in his approach fine. It certainly gives Christian bashers something to complain about. Take it out on Christians for all the hurt you feel towards the people of Haiti? Hogwash. A good reason to not know God? Hardly. Most people say they kind of believe in God , but when you start talking about satan they look at you funny. Satan is just as real as God, and Mr. Robertson's comments have people worldwide thinking about something they really dont usually think about. Say what you want, Mr. Robertson's comments have done more good than harm. The sad part is it usually takes a believer to see the whole picture, but not always. We are here to evangelize to our brothers and sisters. That is the main point to life as a Christian. If we mess up, we mess up. If we sometimes speak too boldly, we are human. Remember, they called Christ a lot more names than they do Pat Robertson. They got together and said how bad He was and how terrible all the things He did were. If He healed someone but not someone else He was racist or whatever. Sound familiar? Who do you think was behind all that conspiracy? The same one who gets people to bash Christians if some Christian isnt afraid to speak what he truly believes, even if he wants to help. Most people wont get to heaven. The great majority of people end up with the other guy. At least now more people know more about who motivates them, regardless of where Pat Robertson goes when he leaves here.

This is a very well-written article.

Not one individual should be surprised by Robertson’s comment; he has filled the media airways with loquacious frivolities regarding God’s intervention of natural disasters several times. My personal impression of Mr. Robertson is that he is purely an entertainer/celebrity using his form of Christianity as his pitch for high earnings in pay.

I did view the video; he could have been more eloquent.

I wish absolutely no harm to the man and I am not the type to call him any names to insult him or his family. Actually, in a strange fashion, I feel very sorry for him. How awful to live a life compelled as though you must judge others in the name of God. False prophecy is the work of Satan.

Mr. Roberts is an empty wagon. As my good old Dad would say, “An empty wagon makes the most noise.”

Bad press may be better than no press. Its interesting that all the people pointing the finger at Pat for the inappropriate things he said are doing the exact same thing; saying inappropriate things and
condemning Pat. Where is God in that. We're all for freedom of speech when we want to be heard, but not when we don't like what we hear.
Shame on us all, we don't practice what we preach. We don't do the "Golden Rule" treat others as we want to be treated. We all want to judge and condemn Pat, but we don't want Pat to judge and condemn. Well now, who's wrong? and who's right? We all need to ask for forgiveness and love one another.
By the way it does't sound like to many of us read the whole Gospel, God is a God of mercy, He warn's us before judgement. Because He wants to have mercy on us, not judgement. We warn our children,cause we love then,not to play in the street,they might get run over.
Similar to our legal court system,
"three strikes"your out ! law. God says "Choose this day a blessing or a curse". Thats not so hard to understand.
Do not worship any other Gods. Its easy to understand. God still judges people and nations. And He loves us enough to warn us ! God Bless the nations of the world.

well said, but let's not forget the words of trolls that everyone has since taken as what's known as "The Gospel". God can strike down Soddom and Gomorrah, but not New Orleans or Haiti? lots of people believe the former two, although i have no idea why. i very idea of a supreme, benevolent being striking down an entire city or country is just ridiculous. in fact, you've just proven your argument as i'm compared this incident to a document, the Bible, which i believe to be mostly rubbish with perhaps a smattering of historical truth just embellished until it was good enough to write down. oh well. you were right. :)

I am always amazed at how someone can preach from the bible in one hand and be so ugly from the other. I guess Pat Robertson and I don't believe in the same God or read the same Bible.

Pat Robertson is the epitomy of an idiot. He should be skinned alive and laid face down on a red ant hill.

Robertson and Limbaugh are both obscene, Godless PIgs.


pat robertson,you trade our health to the devil .you were the devil at that time.go back read about the haitians histories.

Mr. Robertson!
The kind of christianity you teaching is not for me.Sorry,I want out.Hope you eat you own words one day.


pat robertson is in his own hell. no need to worry about him, as compassionate, caring and real people regard him as a clown. we should lead a revolt to boycott any television station that allows him to spew his twisted views.

Pat Robertson is creepy...I am reminded of the saying, "Religious People frighten me, spiritual people inspire me." I cannot believe that this man has a following...reminds me of the empire here in Utah founded by Joseph Smith.

Bravo and well said. I'm a Christian and Pat Robertson does not speak for me. He needs to make a public apology and then disappear.

Pat your day is comming...Remarks like this will put you in front of the express line in Hell.Rush is right behind you. Talk about hypocrites and using the lords name for personal vain/ Fame..What excuses are you followers saying now?????

this guy is nothing but a bastard who needs to be stoned,hell is indeed waiting for him.

Interesting that when you go to the Pat Robertson website there is no way to send and email to him. I guess that he speaks and we listen? Just in case he or one of his handlers reads this, Pat needs serous help.

pat robertson appears to have made another grave error in judgement - sad.

but, you - are you really a pastor saying STFU? really? seems you're betraying some of the same Gospel values he might be . . .

Pat you have now given Christianity a bad rap! You may think your a Christian but really all I see is a big blowhard who likes the sound of his own voice and sitting next to the overly made up bimbo's just makes you look like more of a fool. May God have mercy on you.

Pat, you must have alshimer. I can't beleive those words came out your mouth, a respective Christian.

Lucky for Pat Robertson that he lives in a country where he can said any stupid, cruel, garbage that slips into his pea brain.

Pat, you must have altshimer. How can you consider yourself a Christian?

Mr. Robertson, You should read your bible and take heed. You are evil. I feel sorry for your soul.

I have always respected your right under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights to speak your mind but this time I really believe you are lower than pond scum - shame on you! You obviously have NOT read the Bible...The Almighty would never seek to exact this type of retribution on his people, He wants his people to live and "cover the earth" - His judgment is just, not about vengence against His creations (mankind - that is women and men and children)- SHAME ON, you Pharisee, you False Prophet, HYPOCRITE!

you are precisely right christopher webber.

Very sad commentary, he has clearly overextended his welcome and should not let the door hit him on the way out ... not that he would feel it.

I am grieved by the statements of Pat Robertson. How he arrived at those conclusions, I can't imagine. I call myself a Christian;and, when I saw on the "News" a portion of the people singing,"Blessed be the name of the Lord," I almost cried.
Those who are atheists, or agnostics can certainly point fingers and say that "all Christians are off their nut." But consider this: If there were no God, then Pat Robertson's foolish statements are as good as it gets. Praise God, It won't always be this way: "Blessed be the name of the Lord, and soon,very soon, we are going to see the King.
Respectfully, Johnny Wayne

Robertson is the Joe Biden of preachers.You never know what kinda wacky stuff he'll come out with

An open letter to Hatians:

Pat Robertson's comment about Haiti making a pact with the devil has caused a chain reaction of disgust and appall by the American people for his outrageous and insulting claims against your country.

If I can offer my sincere apology for his ludicrous statement, let this be it ten thousand times over. Please, please know that Americans do NOT share his viewpoint.

We are weeping for your nation and pledge to do whatever we can to help you.

Presumably, this "devil" that Robertson says has punished Haiti is the United States and Western Europe, their 100 years of gun-boat embargoes and reparation payments choking off Haiti economically throughout the 19th century, their 80 years of military interventions, support for and propping up of brutal dictators thru the 20th century, leading to the Haiti we see before us today.

Also, the "pact" that allowed the slave revolt in Haiti to win must also presumably be the economic success of the plantation of St. Dominigue in the 17th century, which lead France to flood the now-Haiti with more enslaved Africans than any other territory, more than their military could ultimately control.

Naturally, people like Robertson are far too ignorant of such simple logical connections in history, leading them to stretch for fantastical notions of divine interventions. In the minds of people without sense -- devoid of actual facts, unable to grasp simple logic -- things just magically "happen".

Life makes a lot more sense to people with sense.

Are you a man or a monster.

Everyone, calm down please, let me break it down for you like this. The man is an embicile simply put who CANNOT explain the reasons why natural disasters happen so he goes to library, does a quick read on history of Haiti, and whoooaaa, there was a revolution so let me come up with the stupidest reason possible and tell that to my millions, why by the way have nothing to do with this, most of them at least except for fellow idiots, it's as simple as that. The man is a moron as demonstrated by such comments after 911. He's plain stupid and trying to rationalize it all so please ignore his ignorant mind and understand he's trying to survive in same world we're all in. There, I said it, hope y'all don't get upset with me!

we all knew robertson was a wack job, it's the rest of you that support him that worry me. ahhh..if only the world could be populated w/scientists and intellectuals instead of christians...

Every time Pat Robertson opens his mouth, people rush to explain that he doesn't represent the values of "true Christians." Of course, Robertson would say the same of them! So, it's interesting to see Christians accusing each other of not being "real, true Christians," apparently never realizing that the premises of each are entirely subjective and therefore have little basis in reality.

Pat Robertson is a very lucky man. Not only is the con he is running under the guise of religion protected under flawed law, but because the god he pushes on us is just a pile of superstitious made-up crap, he will not have to face the fires of hell, that also are a pile of made-up crap used to keep the masses sufficiently fearful of rocking the boat and ruining the scam for everyone in on the take.

The giuy's old and obviously in the first stages of Alzheimeir's. These delusions are not unuasual at his age, my own mother is convinced that her house is haunted because the bed just lifted into the air and then she woke up.

The only problem with the "Pat Problem" is that Schnitt on FOX testifies that Robertson has bee doign this for decades before Alzheimers may be considered an excuse, but rather the last deperate aCT of one who demands complete control of the World.

Is it instructive that he states that Satan said Yeah that you go ahead? What witness was there? Well, Robertson places himself as the sole surviving witness.

My conclusion: bi-polar depressive, possibble parinoia, occasianal, but not chronic pschosis.

'Judge not less thee be judged "

Maybe WE ALL should heed those words

You, me, and Robertson.

I can imagine that many of these vitriolic remarks have a bit of history to them, but how many of these critics are actually seriously reading their Bibles? Moreover, I rather suspect that (if blogging were Millenia old) much of this spew would find ancient parallels in the public's response to Amos, Jeremiah, or John the Baptist. The problem, folks, is not simply that there is Voodoo in Haiti, it's that 96% of the population claims its Christian, while 50% of these (according to the CIA handbook) practice Voodoo, too. This is a disgrace, and why would we think (self-righteously!) that the God who disciplined Israel for its syncretism, would not discipline the Church for the same? Judgement must begin in the household of God, whether here or in Haiti.

I'd comment on Robertson's general white supremacist orientation, but others have said that repeatedly already. Robertson's love of conflict diamonds and the old South Africa is bizarre, like he feels free to be entirely evil as long as it only hurts black people.

What ever happened to Ben Kinchlow. Did Pat eat him or something?

What I would love to know is what, exactly, all the Robertson supporters who commented here would have to say about Dietrich Bonhoeffer's philosophy about community and the church. It's not a matter of simply "Judge not lest ye be judged", but a whole lot of "bear ye one another's burdens" to the point of great emotional and philosophical discomfort--something many American evangelicals are allergic to.

I am sure Robertson words were taken out of text. I am a Christian I believe in love and forgiveness through the Lord Jesus.The bible says that we should not judge other and we should treat others as we want others to treat us. In this situation we should offer our unconditional help to the needed in Haiti, However, we should recognized that not only Haiti if in deed those people make a pact with the devil , but everyone who practice evil or anyone in any generation who has not being wash by the blood of Christ is under a curse.
Even so, He probably did not express himself correctly, Robertson was not too far from the true. We should not disregard his statement ,we should deeply think about his statement based on facts shouldn't we?. God opposes the proud but He gives grace to the humble there is still time to repent and walk with the Lord who is merciful and loving to those that repent from evil.

I do not know the heart of Mr. Robertson..
I pray the following words are the weapons of mass construction.

One of our blog members seemed to state that we should not judge others. But the Bible does say we shall judge angels. Angels are messengers. And if a person is in trouble, should we not point that out..
If a brother or sister's behavior is destructive, should not the citizens (the Body of Christ) point out the error. ?

Example: The water is shark infested. The youth pastor takes the children/you to the shark infested waters. I shout to the youth pastor,"Don't go there!" Lives are saved.

If the person says:" All Haitians made a pack with the Devil. Those who sing, "Blessed be the name of the Lord" have the Spirit of Beelzebub" should I not speak out and warn the offender.

There is a sin that leads to death: The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was ascribed to having the Spirit of Beelzebub within. He warned us to be careful.

If you hate your brother or sister (in Christ), how can you say you love God.?

How many of you out there has dumped somebody? How many elders have said: "Because you are not a part of my socio-economic class I will not be your friend. (You can't make this up folks.
Who out there has ever said to a sister in the Lord, "I never want to see you again. But what happens when the sister you hate goes on to be with Jesus.? Will you be with her?

Judgment begins first in the heart, the Household of God/in me.

The Lord wants us all to come to repentance. He is looking for a loving ,kind-filled and obedient heart. A heart filled with the weapon of Mass construction

To the People of Haiti:

Copyright: Songs from a Dove:

A Song of Praise: (Lyrics & music under the name of Johnny Wayne)

I hope the following is appropriate for this blog.

Listen to the Heart Beat: (1996)

I have loved you with an ever-lasting love,
I have loved you with loving kindness.
I have loved you with an ever-lasting love,
I have loved you with loving kindness.

Listen to the heart beat.
Oh don't you think it's really neat.
Jesus is the Truth, the Life, the Way.
He's looking for a kind-filled heart.
He's looking for a pleasing heart.
He's looking for a heart that will obey.

And I'm not afraid to face tomorrow,
for in God I put my trust.
Yesterday, today and forever He's the
The Name above all names.

I think if all Christians, including Pat Robertson, spent as much time and focused energy scrutinizing what needs fixing in our own hearts, we'd actually start becoming the people God knows we can be and then we'd be so focused on making Him proud (happy with us) & being just amazed with how things really are that nothing else would matter so much. Too often we tell Him to shut up so we can tell Him and everyone else how to do it. I picture Him shaking His head, the angels going "what is WRONG with them?!?!?!?", as we live lives so far below the amazing plane He's prepared for us to walk in. I like the Matthew West lyrics that say:

"I don't wanna go through the motions
I don't wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don't wanna spend my whole life asking,
"What if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions?"

Jesus said that if we have faith (trust in God) the size of a mustard seed ( a mustard seed -- that's about the size of the head of a pin), we could tell the mountain to throw itself into the sea. That's a tiny tiny seed. What size does that make my faith? or yours? Shouldn't I be working on me, so I can then be there for you when you need me? We're to speak the truth in love ("agape" - a deep-rooted care/concern for someone/something). If I'm speaking out of anything other than a deep-rooted care and concern for your soul's progress in your relationship with your Father, then I need to not speak and re-evaluate why I'm talking in the first place. God is our only audience, the only One that matters. Say it to Him and see how you feel. Go into your drama or your temper tantrum in front of His throne and see how you feel. Accuse others of not being as good as you in front of Him and see how you feel.

Correction: Resubmission on

Listen to the Heartbeat:

Songs from a Dove
1996 Copy write
by "Johnny Wayne"(Lyrics & music)

Apologies about the resubmission: Hope the following is appropriate for this blog.

To the People of Haiti:

I have loved you with an everlasting love,
I have drawn you with loving kindness.
I have loved you with an everlasting love,
I have drawn you with loving kindness.

Listen to the heart beat.
Oh don't you think it's really neat.
Jesus is the Truth, the Life, the Way.
He's looking for a kind-filled heart.
He's looking for a pleasing heart.
He's looking for a heart that will obey.

And I'm not afraid to face tomorrow,
for in God I put my trust.
Yesterday, today and forever He's the
the Name above all names.


Johnny Wayne

to Green Lion:

you commented:

"we all knew robertson was a wack job, it's the rest of you that support him that worry me. ahhh..if only the world could be populated w/scientists and intellectuals instead of christians..."

Posted by: green lion | January 15, 2010 8:59 AM

Although I understand how tempting it is to arrive at your conclusion (as I don't support Pat Robertson or his comments, nor am I a follower), I must ask you to consider that true Christians (ones who adopt God's perspective as set forth in the Bible) are in fact scientist/intellectuals -- I know it's hard sometimes, considering what's out there, but a true scientist/intellectual would not judge all Christians by the actions of some. Judging all of us or God by the actions of people who claim to represent Him, or who claim to be "Christians", is simply not logical, as we are all not that person who's actions you are judging. So basically, it makes more sense to judge me when you know me, judge God when you know Him.

P.S. you may be glad to know that your wish will be granted, at least partially... the Bible indicates that true Christians will be taken out of this world about 7 yrs prior to the battle at armageddon.

I live in the same city where Mr. Robertson lives and know people who work for CNN. I am always interested in what kind of maelstorm he stirs up from time to time. I am saddened by his inappropriate comments, especially the inopportune timing of them. It does remind me of the comments Rev. Fawler said about 9/11 being caused by America's loose morals. As it turns out, Rev. Fawler was not altogether wrong because muslim extremists are appalled by our country's immorality, as are many devout American Christians. But his comments did not reflect the whole truth, and they were made at the wrong time before people had enough understanding of the situation to reflect on his statements.

Inappropriate words and inopportune timing.

I see both of these things in this blog, too. I am especially saddened by your use of STFU as if they mean "Kindly be quiet!" when they are rarely meant to be kind words at all. Do you understand txt msg language? As for the timing, did you read about why Mr. Robertson thinks Haitians made a pact with the devil? Have you taken the time to read even Wikipedia and commented about Dutty Boukman and the spilling of blood that became a catalyst for the Haitian revolution? This event certainly needs some interpretation for our 21st century minds to understand. That would take time. Giving a knee-jerk reaction to an outrageous statement does not take time.

May he who is without sin may cast the first stone. Those with sin may certainly express opinions without casting stones.

Thanks to all who feel we may have taken Mr Robertson's comments out of context and without understanding. Perhaps it's true that he could have forseen that lack of understanding and provided more context with his statements.

Amen. No context can help me understand hw the original statement. It's even sad how much thinking and praying about the remarks has distracted me (and probably others) from the mission of loving Gog and neighbor.

Shelly Serrano, you said exactly what I thought once I discovered who'd written those comments. Please everyone as the Bible says, "Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.: And if you don't love yourself, love your neighbor anyway. Who is your neighbor? Everyone!

Pat Robertson and Osama Bin Laden should get together -- they have a lot in common.

Robertson's extremist comment (religious, racial extremism) and America's reaction to it are marking the end to a half-century of Christian extremism in America. Thank you Jesus. Next... the Iranians will revolt against their religious extremist leadership. Oh what a happy day!!!

The world's people are getting SICK AND TIRED of Christian, Muslim and Jewish extremism. They are also getting sick and tired of economic extremism and its clergy of abusive banksters and CEOs.

You have to remember, Muslims dont worship God because the only true God is the Father of Christ. So who are they worshiping? Satan. Bankers worship money so who are they worshiping? Satan. Christ is the Son of the only God and they are full of love. If someone distorts what they want then who is that person serving? Satan. So if someone tells you in a loving way about Christ and His Father it is never extremism. It also never serves satan. Christians cant back down because of all the control that the devil has on the world. If things in the world are frustrating, then God and His Son are the only real answers.

Clay - You make me sick. You are the reason Atheists must put your stupid, bigoted, hateful, fraud, that you continue to taut as love and bliss, out of business for good. You are the embodiment of evil.

Clay – Nothing Pat Robertson said was Christian or full of love. What he was judge someone which is not Christian and based it on legend with has never been proven accurate. There are plenty of frustrating things in the world and all comments like Robertson’s do is make it easier for people like Robert to use against all Christians. You need to stop trying to defend remarks that should have never been made and are un-Christian.

Rev. I want to come to your church. I'm a Irish Catholic boy who lives in the South with a mean Malcolm X streak sometimes. I don't think it would hurt humanity if someone popped a cap in P.R's booty. Maybe he who shut up. My God does not advertise on TV and his ministers do not have huge hunting leases in South Texas outside of San Antonio. My God stands with the Israeli people and not just the artifacts in Israel.

You have to remember what the bible says, and that is to test the spirits to see if they are real. All of this stuff with Rick Warren, Benny Hin, the Catholic church and Pat Robertson, is it real or is it a cult? I suppose non believers like to look at cults and say that it is what Christians are like, but dont let satan twist what you believe about Christ and the truth. Also, anyone who doesnt confess that Christ has come in the flesh is not of God, as scripture says. That also leaves a lot of people and groups out of whom we should listen to.

Clay - A strange group you have combined there. I wonder how much you know about any of them at all. Perhaps you are the one being twisted into making judgments on others. Why exactly compare three individuals with an entire denomination? BTW all of those you mentioned do in fact "confess that Christ has come in the flesh". You sound like either an Evangelical Christian or a Baptist. Those are the two denominations that devote so much time to trying to put down others while claiming to be spreading the Good News. You also sound like one of those bible worshippers who almost puts the bible on the same level with God.

Every church and denomination should be able to withstand the test. Is what they are preaching coming from God or the other guy? When Catholics take money for a card to pray for someone to get them out of purgatory, is it coming from God? Am I putting down others or just asking us to examine them? When the bible is God's word then it is God. Thanks.

Clay - I thought we'd covered the subject of Mass cards already. The card sent to a bereaved person or family indicating that the sender has arranged for a Mass to be said in memory of the deceased. It's actually something rarely seen anymore. I think I've only seen a handful in my whole life.

Clay -
You seem to have it all down.

Why don't you just type out your list of who's in and who's out...

Based on your comments so far I'm guessing you're ruling out Haitians, Muslims, and Catholics.

Any others?

Oh, and how's it feel to sit there? On God's throne?

Chris - Who do you think you are coming in here and picking on our clueless clown? There are so few of them left and he is barely enough to go around as it is. Find your own clueless, absolutist, delusional voice of god, he is ours to humiliate, which is hard enough as it is because he humiliates himself half the time anyway.

Who is in? Those whom God says are in when they get judged. According to the bible this is those who accept Christ and make an effort to do His will. Perhaps there will be a few Jewish people who will be let in even if they dont know Christ, I dont know. The bible talks about a remnant of Israel being saved. If I were Jewish, I know one thing. I would spend more time with Christ than I would getting my kid into pharmacy school. I think it bothers people when they think that they might not be let in, sometimes enough to change their lives. As far as mass cards go, I thought that they were sometimes misused. I also heard you could buy something in order a prayer to be offered. It makes me think about a catalog with different gifts that you can purchase in order to be forgiven. Maybe a deluxe vacuum cleaner could get you relieved for more sin than a standard model. Maybe encouraging someone to convert could get you 50 percent off at the bookstore. I think it could get to this if it had been allowed to get too far. I still see bingo in the church as going too far. I see a pope deciding who shall be offered sainthood as going too far. God says one thing, simplify, simplify. Even that is too complicated for some. Or is it that it interferes with their lifestyle?

Chris - See what I mean?

What does God tell you Clay? Do your hear an audible voice(s)? Are you a messenger actually sent from God? If not, who is your authority? Are you making this stuff up? If not, why are your claiming your "interesting" opinion on what the bible teaches to be the only way to salvation? If you are not a messenger from God, then how do you know that this "God" is telling you to judge Jews and other Christians for their equally valid opinions? Maybe it is you who is sent to bring us down? You sound quite confused as it is.

And, remember that satan can raise a fit about something like a pope offering sainthood to someone, but then back off if a Christian says it is wrong. Dont let him fool you. Thanks.

Clay – You were doing ok after the first two sentences then you basically ruined it by everything you said after that. You still cling to many wrong ideas. I’m not sure where you “hear things” but I’d be careful about what you hear if I were you. I’m not even going to bother pointing out your other theological errors as we’ve been down this road and it does little good. One thing if you were Jewish you would believe Christ a heretic and false messiah so I kind of doubt you’d be looking to spend more time on him. What bothers most people is your placing yourself in a position to judge other people, other Christian faiths and non-Christians. Might I suggest you remove the log from your own eye before you worry about specs on the eyes of others.

Wrong. If I was Jewish I would be more like Neil Diamond. Messianic. And I dont "hear' anything. I read the bible and observe the world. Thanks.

Clay - All that while wearing your sphincter muscle as a helmet? You truly are an amazing man.

Clay - Various streams of Judaism are unanimous in their rejection of Messianism as a form of Judaism. Lets not quibble over that since neither of us is Jewish anyway. Maybe you mispoke but you were the one in your post of January 19, 2010 5:18 PM who said " I also heard". You may not realize at times you do much more than observe the world. It may be well intended, but you also make judgements as well. You still cling to biased ideas which have no biblical basis.

Clay that last Anonymous psot was me.

Yes, I did say that I hear things from other people. I thought you were referring to me hearing God speaking or something like that. I did hear Neil Diamond sing, "Jesus Christ paid the price" when I saw him in Philly. And he sang that in front of a lot of Jewish people who are fans. I thought it was great. Thanks.

Clay by what authority do you interpret the bible? What do you go on? Because if you have no response, we could assume a Mormons or a Methodists, even an atheists differing interpretations as equally valid. You are taking the bible as more than a "guide for living a good life" when you claim to have the monopoly on "what God intended by...". If you start judging/interpreting in order to reach decisive conclusions, you must have a consulting body by which to verify your interpretations don't you think? Otherwise, you are not using the "Inspired Word" for what you say you are using it for.

When Christ says "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" you either believe it or you dont. I think "no one" includes Jews. It isnt necessary to consult any church authority. Thanks.

What did the apostles do? did they just go off teaching whatever they wanted in spite of Peter's "command" or "authority"? Do you think the structure of the early Christian church was scattered and unintended? How then would anything be accomplished? Aside from translations from Aramaic/Latin/Hebrew/etc. and the communication barriers presented in those days, you would think that there would be organization. Early church history began in ritual, custom, teaching, communication, sharing. How else does something "move along"? The only reason you ARE a Christian is because of the organization of your ancestors.

I realize this is a little late, but I thought readers would appreciate a letter from Satan to Pat Robertson, as published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Dear Pat Robertson,

I know that you know that all press is good press, so I appreciate the shout-out. And you make God look like a big mean bully who kicks people when they are down, so I'm all over that action.

But when you say that Haiti has made a pact with me, it is totally humiliating. I may be evil incarnate, but I'm no welcher. The way you put it, making a deal with me leaves folks desperate and impoverished.

Sure, in the afterlife, but when I strike bargains with people, they first get something here on earth -- glamour, beauty, talent, wealth, fame, glory, a golden fiddle. Those Haitians have nothing, and I mean nothing. And that was before the earthquake. Haven't you seen "Crossroads"? Or "Damn Yankees"?

If I had a thing going with Haiti, there'd be lots of banks, skyscrapers, SUVs, exclusive night clubs, Botox -- that kind of thing. An 80 percent poverty rate is so not my style. Nothing against it -- I'm just saying: Not how I roll.

You're doing great work, Pat, and I don't want to clip your wings -- just, come on, you're making me look bad. And not the good kind of bad. Keep blaming God. That's working. But leave me out of it, please. Or we may need to renegotiate your own contract.

Best, Satan

For more information about this letter, go to:

You should checkout this article.

"Comparing the Legends of Bois Caiman

I wonder if Pat Robertson will tell that Chile is also cursed, since their recent quake.

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