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January 27, 2010

Catholic bishops: Don't abandon health care

Months after threatening to oppose the health care overhaul over abortion – and one week after the election of a 41st Republican senator cost the Democrats their filibuster-proof majority, casting passage into doubt – Catholic bishops now are urging Congress against dropping the project.

“The health care debate, with all its political and ideological conflict, seems to have lost its central moral focus and policy priority, which is to ensure that affordable, quality, life-giving care is available to all,” Cardinal Daniel DiDinardo and bishops William F. Murphy and John Wester, writing on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, say in a letter sent to members of Congress this week. “Now is not the time to abandon this task, but rather to set aside partisan divisions and special interest pressures to find ways to enact genuine reform. Although political contexts have changed, the moral and policy failure that leaves tens of millions of our sisters and brothers without access to health care still remains.”

The bishops have advocated consistently for broadening access to health care, but oppose abortion. In November, the conference took an active role in lobbying for an amendment to the House version of the health care overhaul to prohibit taxpayer subsidies for insurance plans that cover the procedure.

Read the bishops’ letter.

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Are these Catholic bishops also funded by George Soros? Many "Catholic" organizations are funded by Soros to they support anti-Catholic and anti-American actions.

That would explain their supporting a criminal "help-the-poor" SCAM like Obamacare that would destroy our health care, our economy, our freedoms and our country.

Actually Catholic hospitals, about 600 of them are going BROKE paying the costs of illegal immigrants impact on that system. Since anyone who has been aware and alive before 1960 understands in their GUT, the American bishops, actually much of the church which came to power through the 60s, tend to adopt leftist ideas that government and taxpayers should pay for 'charity'...considering how much Catholic funding went into ACORN in the millions of dollars, it would seem the Amchurch bishops are more into 60s notions about what constitutes 'charity' and who should pay for it than anything else. As for Soros, as journalist Cliff Kincaid reports in his recent piece on the cupidity of many catholic bishops and authorities in the Amchurch vis a vis both illegal immigration and 'healthcare' reform. This ''reform' pushes this nation ever closer to bankruptcy and dissolution. The 'charity' involved is at the expense of taxpayers who must fork over that 'charity' in taxes and higher medical, education, infrastructure costs, and they must do so or face a prison term or massive punishment, fees, higher costs for themselves and their families. Kincaid writes: Left-wing Huffington Post blogger John Gehring notes with pride and pleasure that the Catholic bishops have “signaled they will play a leading role in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform this year by using the power of their pulpits and bipartisan political influence on Capitol Hill” and that the recent briefing was designed “to outline plans for persuading the public and wavering members of Congress that fixing a broken immigration system is a moral and practical priority.”

Gehring is Communications Director and Senior Writer for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, an organization funded by atheist George Soros. He is also a regular contributor to the God’s Politics blog run by Jim Wallis of Sojourners, which received $100,000 from the Soros Open Society Institute to support the “Christians for Immigration Reform” campaign.

Catholics who think 'charity' is not to be administered by taking from ONE to give to another at the point of a gun, are in a up hill struggle with those in the modern church who can't see the immorality and evil in such a process. Take the heart out of you to see how greatly the Amchurch and bishops have sold their soul and Catholic future for a kind of 'charity' that allowed abortion and euthanasis to thrive in this nation. One gets the distinct feeling they do not give a tinkers d....n about THAT kind of evil.

I wish these 'bishops' would shut up about the 'healthcare issue'. I'm one of the 'little people' they see as needing the 'help'...thanks but no thanks. In this current emerging culture of death a centralized healthcare system couldn't be anything else but a monstrous tool of the culture of death.

Go back to your pulpit your Grace and start teaching authentic Catholic teaching based on the true Gospel of life and light. Maybe you'll actually see the light then.
He's called jests, he's your boss, and he doesn't support socialism OR the culture of death.

(I apologize for any typos, getting kids out, but had to respond.

The Catholic Bishops need to FOCUS on what they are supposed to do - which is SAVE SOULS! They forget that they have a moral obligation to promote HONESTY not SNAKE OIL, MARXIS AGENDA's that OBAMA and his ilk are not done trying to force on the American People. THe Bishops should worry about the DESTRUCTION THEY HAVE ALLOWED TO OCCUR WITHIN THE CHURCH - let the AMERICAN PEOPLE figure out how to solve the ALLEGED HEALTH CARE PROBLEM! By the way I am Catholic and I am thoroughly disgusted with these so called Men of GOD who advocate this SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE BILL!

This health care scam is a double edge sword for these bishops. The church is against socialism also. It is not about health care but the taking away of freedom and liberty and I don’t want to be under that yoke.

I have a question for the Bishops and anyone that is for this Healthcare Bill? Will there be any money left after paying for (4,000) abortions a day? Paying for sexual diseases and lifestyles that fill the emergency rooms? It could happen that the taxpayer would be forced to pay for sex changes, that has already happened in San Francisco.
Why do the Bishops think the tax payer should be forced to pay for the living-dead?

"When considering ideas proposed by
certain people, look to the holiness of
the person when desiding whether to
believe or follow them.", This quote is from a priest on the largest Catholic network. Consider then the holiness of
our bishops and the justice with
which layity and priest alike have been
treated to.

Please, bishops, don't go along with the socialist health care advocated by our current president and his political party. In fact, please just stay out of the debate. We need you to shepherd us regarding the truths of the faith. Many of our people have never been taught even the basics of their religion, and many of them are deserting the Church for that reason. Our pastors speak vaguely about loving one another but don't even explain the readings at Mass. Don't you agree that a little more instruction along those lines would be of greater benefit than begging for some socialist, redistributive healthcare plan that will ultimately bankrupt this country?

These bishops, which one should note are not representatives of all the bishops, are correct that as a society we ought to have a preferential option for the poor. As a society we have a duty to care for the weakest of the weak whether born or unborn, legal or illegal. This is simple human decency and must be at the core of a society that truly respects the dignity of the human person.

HOWEVER, their suggestion that we do so by force using tax dollars is a suggestion and their own opinion. Our desire to care for the weakest of the weak often causes people to adopt an end justifies the means mentality, but forcing people to be "charitable," doesn't make people virtuous and doesn't really promote a society of love or a culture of life. As a society we need to be generous, and in fact in many ways we are, but we need to be generous because of compassion not coercion. Love is a choice and having congress choose to redistribute wealth for people isn't a choice for love its a choice to attempt to solve the worlds problems with power. Sadly many of the bishops have forgotten the lessons of the cold war and again want to try to use socialism to create a perfect society. Its never worked before, but those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

Once again the Bishops are forgeting that they are supposed to be worshiping at the alter of Christ but instead are worshiping at the alter of political correctness. Why do they think so many catholics have left the church. Their lack of action agains Palosi, Kennedy, Biden, etc. has cause a scandel which still rocks the church daily. Their support of this bill is another scandel which will rock the church. When will the Bishops learn that they are to follow God not Stalin, Mao and Obama.

All peopel in Massachusetts are stupid because of their votes one year for debating health care have to do over. So much time and taxpayer's money we waste for nothing.

Maybe the Catholic bishops should have thought about health care before, in the 2000's they put abortion on a pedestal above all other issues (war, capital punishment, the poor, etc.) to issue a de-facto endorsment of the Repubican party. Of course, the real reason the bishops supported Republicans was to get vouchers to boost slumping Catholic school enrollments (as a result of the abuse scandals). I welcome the Catholic bishops into our nation's political debates, but they must be honest brokers. You cannot say a pro-choice Catholic politician should be denied Communion, while embracing politicians who have led us to war in Iraq, support executions of the mentally retarded in the US, and continue to deny the fundamental truth that there is nothing pro-life about denying health care for all.

The depth and breadth of hatred and disdain towards your fellow American citizens and members of the human race displayed here is mind boggling.The scope of the willful ignorance is beyond imagination as well. Most industrialized nations manage to insure their populace for less money and with better outcomes than our current system dominated by for profit insurance companies.From a simple business standpoint our current system has become increasingly inefficient and non competitive.From a theological standpoint most of these comments are appalling at best. When Jesus healed the sick and ministered to the poor I can't remember anywhere where he asked if they "deserved" his love or not.

Originally,it was suppose to be the people attending church would give to the poor. Now, the government wants to be The Church! They take a lot of money from taxpayers, the only ones paying for everything. So, less is going in the baskets from parishioners because of the government your backing on healthcare. Defend the taxpayers instead of defending the government who takes what originally was suppose to go to God's House for the poor!

I've read one stupid comment after another. You middle America wonderkinds need to understand that the poor that you have so much disdain for are costing you billions in health care right now because they use the most expensive systems to get their care. When they get ill, they run to the emergency wards, clogging them up and getting all kinds of expensive tests run for minor illnesses. The Government already ends up paying for this. This is a matter of biting your stupid noses off to spite your ugly faces.

In addition, the elderly many of whom are the loudest opponents of reform refuse to step up and pay their fare share for health care. They need the most care and pay the least with Medicare with its extremely low premiums.

The bottom line is that you didn't give a darn about your children or grandchildren while G. Bush was running up the deficit at obscene levels and only now have you suddenly gotten some fake consciousness about it. Hmmm........I wonder why. Really!

If the bishops want to promulgate Christ's teachings, then they are logical to desire the best possible healthcare for everyone. However, Christ's teachings do not specify exactly HOW that is to be achieved.[Clerics are not trained as economists or diplomats.] Nor do His teachings specify how peace--though desired by sincere Christians-- should be achieved. If we had followed the bishops' august pronouncement during the Cold War, that conflict would be over, and the Soviet Union would have prevailed.

Who are these people on this protesting against the catholic bishops? You know who they are? They are rightwing nuts that don't work and live to push for republcans. They all listen to Limbaugh poison their minds with his lies. They loved Bush and they love war. When they hear the word TAX they go bannas. Bush put a 10 trillion deficit in the books.

Why is it social justice seems to be all the UCCB cares about?? Most Catholics, including the clergy, do not even know their catechism but they can quote Marx and Mao at the drop of a hat. If the Church had not been so involved in liberation theology and social justice since the sixties perhaps the Latin and South American countries would not be so impoverished by socilistic leaders now. They come here illegally and want us to change our way of life ot suit them. I have worked my entire life without a hand out. I know I have been blessed by God but my becoming poor is not going to help these people neither will our nation becoming Socialists. I can not give my children what they need due to high taxes.

No one in this country is denied healthcare. Most get better health and dental care than my children received and it is sure better than my childhood. Most everyone can afford to pay something but they do not think they should have to give up their cell phone or hair and nail appointments or their cigarettes and liquor. It is not Christian charity to enable this people to waste their lives or our money.

I never had a vote so I never could decide between the Democrats nor the Republicans but then I never went to school, never learned to read never learned to write, never spoke my opinion, never been introduced to a democrat or a republican never saw political rally on TV - as a matter of fact I never saw any TV not even a cartoon - I guess I am not even worth the dirt on the average American's shoe - I must be - for I never even was buried - I was dumped in the Garbage And what is all this I hear about a Health Bill - well I guess I hear about it soon enough - some more ''Americans'' will be joining me on the garbage pile - Oh I know your wondering - well the reason is quite simple I was an Unborn American that no one wanted not even my own mother - Thanks America

The letter was signed by 2 Bishops and a Cardinal, means nothing. Soros has poured millions into organizations that defy the Vatican. All of which happen to support Washington's agenda.

Most Bishops support Health Care Reform, but draw the line at abortion.

Karen asks why the Bishops only talk about Social Justice. Well, here's a few reasons: Matt 25; Book of Acts (being a "traditional Catholic" she may not ever have read those sections. So then try papal encyclecles: Rerum Novarum, Quadragesimo Anno, Mater et Magistra, Pacem in Terris, Progressio Populorum,Caritas in Veritate (I know that my spelling is poor---always has been lol). BUT if the only book Karen reads is the Catechism, I suggest she read paragraphs 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935,1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940 to start with.

Josh, Josh, Josh....

You gotta be Joshing! These people are upset with our broken government and the society it is working hard to bring down in ruins every day - both here throughout the developed world.

Anyplace where:
- laws allow for the killing of unborn children in their mother's womb;
- laws seek to call two (or more...) people of the same sex who enjoy masturbating together "married" much less a family;
has falling off the cutting edge and has deliberately put itself beyond the bounds of God's grace to help it.

These people are tired of a Church heirarchy that:
-can so easily work around 35 years of legalized murder of the unborn;
-has been unable to clearly identify sodomy as the same sin God finds so repulsive that He punished it in such a forceful and memorable way as an eternal lesson to his People in the bible;
-did not early on purge itself early of its homosexual priest pedophiles;
-has led the church into its current Diaspora with no clue how to reverse the process...

I could go on, and on, and on....


Jesus came to save souls not end war, stop illness or famine or any of the horrors of our World.

Our Church is lost and in need of total overhaul before it can work again to accomplish this - its only mission in the world.

The above comments by a few well meaning but naive bishops are a great example of their total lack of understanding and a pathetically sophomoric approach to the forces of evil we face today.

Conference of Catholic Bishops Exec Chaired Pro-Abortion, LGBT Rights Group

They might as well just go ahead and make Nancy Pelosi a freaking cardinal!

Health care is a God given right not something that should be debated as it is in congress. There has been a lack of compassion for those in need for a long time as the country was pursuing war after war. War is death... health is life. There is a diabetes epidemic that has gone un-noticed in government
Obama has brought up the issue of health care. Thank God, it is now a big debate because for the last 8 years we were searching for "bad guys" and forgot there was a country to run

While health-care financing and delivery systems in the United States suffer from significant flaws impacting cost and access which have accumulated over the years, the entire system is not broken. Reform legislation should address specific issues; not on replacing or overhauling the entire health-care system at one time.
While attention is rightly paid to the socio-economic aspects of the crisis in health care and delivery, it is essential to acknowledge and respect the fundamental ethical principles at stake. Above all, it is necessary at this time to ensure that any national health-care reform legislation provides respect for human life (e.g., by not funding or mandating abortion as a “health-care benefit”) and respect for the conscience rights of health-care professionals (e.g., providing nothing less than the current protections in federal and state law—and preferably more).
Health-care reform legislation must respect the integrity of the physician-patient relationship. This means that people should be free to choose physicians and health insurance coverage which accord with their values and needs. This also means that physicians must not be prevented—by the force of government regulations—from respecting their patients’ privacy or from offering the attention and treatments patients require based on the physician’s professional judgment.
Ancillary (but significant) Issues. Any health care reform legislation must be carefully monitored to ensure that interest groups do not take the opportunity afforded by comprehensive legislation to insert provisions that harm the dignity of individuals or the family or that inappropriately serve the agenda of a particular group or ideology.

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