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January 5, 2010

Hume doubles down on Tiger comments

Brit Hume says reactions have been mixed since he stunned his fellow Fox News Sunday panelists when he recommended that Tiger Woods address his current woes by converting to Christianity (and suggesting in the process that Buddhism was inadequate to the task).

While Washington Post television writer Tom Shales recommended Tuesday that the Fox News personality apologize, Hume has declined to back down. He spoke at length on the subject – and more explicitly – Monday on the O’Reilly Factor.

O’Reilly began by asking whether Hume was proselytizing. Hume's response:

I don't think so. I mean, look, Tiger Woods is somebody I've always rooted for as a golfer and as a man. I greatly admired him over the years, and I always have said to people it was the content of his character that made him, beyond his extraordinary golf skills, so admirable.

Now we know that the content of his character was not what we thought it was. He is paying a frightful price for these revelations. I – my sense is that he has basically lost his family, and there's a lot of talk about the endorsements he's lost. But that pales, I suspect, in his mind, with what he's lost otherwise.

And my sense about Tiger is that he needs something that Christianity, especially provides and gives and offers. And that is redemption and forgiveness.

And I was – I was really meaning to say in those comments yesterday more about Christianity than I was about anything else. I mentioned the Buddhism only because his mother is a Buddhist and he has apparently said that he is a Buddhist. I'm not sure how seriously he practices that.

But I think – I think that the – Jesus Christ offers Tiger Woods something that Tiger Woods badly needs.

Hume described the feedback he has received since the segment aired.

I got some letters and e-mails from people who were like me, who are believers who said, "Great. Right on. Right on. Way to go."

I've heard a lot of terrible comments from people who claim that I was a pompous jerk who had no business mouthing off on the subject and that I shouldn't have belittled the Buddhist faith and so on. I really wasn't trying to belittle and demean. …

It has always been a puzzling thing to me. The Bible even speaks of it, that, you know, you speak the name, "Jesus Christ," and I don't – and I don't mean to make a pun here, but all hell breaks loose. And – and it has always been thus. It is explosive.

I didn't even say the name in that way. I simply spoke of the Christian faith. But that was enough to trigger this reaction. It triggers a very powerful reaction in people who do not share the faith and who do not believe in it.

On Fox News Sunday, Hume said he didn’t think Buddhism “offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith.” Shale devoted a column on Tuesday to Hume’s comments.

"It sounded a little like one of those Verizon vs. AT&T commercials – our brand is better than your brand – except that Hume was comparing two of the world's great religions, not a couple of greedy communications conglomerates," Shales writes. "Further, is it really his job to run around trying to drum up new business? He doesn't really have the authority, does he, unless one believes that every Christian by mandate must proselytize?"

Shales notes that Hume embraced the faith after the 1998 suicide of his son.

It would be indefensibly insensitive to mock Hume for his beliefs, especially considering the way he came to them, but that still doesn't mean one must cheer him on as he tries to turn a bully pulpit into a pulpit, period.

In a way that many others had spoken of this particular faith, Hume seemed so bolstered by Christianity that he just had to go tell it on the mountain. And the golf course. And Fox news-talk shows.

Shales concluded with some advice for Hume.

First off, apologize. You gotta. Just say you are a man who is comfortable with his faith, so comfortable that sometimes he gets a wee bit carried away with it. If Hume wants to do the satellite-age equivalent of going door-to-door and spreading what he considers the gospel, he should do it on his own time, not try to cross-pollinate religion and journalism and use Fox facilities to do it.
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It takes a lot to piss off a Buddhist and I'm PISSED! Shit Fume said Buddhism doesn't know how to teach forgiveness, the douche obviously never read a history book. How many wars were Buddhists involved in? If that ain't forgiveness, what is?

How is anyone going to know about Jesus Christ unless someone is bold enough to tell the story? Mr. Hume is right. speak the name, "Jesus Christ," and I don't – and I don't mean to make a pun here, but all hell breaks loose.
Every knee will bow. Better to do it this side of His coming.

why should someone ask for something they don't need from someone that does not exist? if Tiger "needs" forgiveness, at all, it's from his wife and children and no one else.

Well the Christian faith sure didn't help Sandy Hume now did it?

Hey @Kristine, Buddhists have been involved in plenty of wars? are you kidding me? WWII (the Japanese?) massacred and raped and killed millions of ppl all while being fervent shinto buddhists.

Buddhism does not teach 'forgiveness' and redemption. It teaches that human desires are wrong but also that your societal mores are an illusion and this world is an illusion. how does embracing this philosophy get your family back after years of adulterous behaviour? Brit makes a great point.

And just when you thought Brit couldn't do anything dumber than work for Fox. What's next, as cameo as Nostradamus in the Broadway production of "2012"? Nobody ever said television personalities were smart.

What a freakin insult to the Buddhist!!! I always have liked Brit but he so far out of line on this that I have lost ALL respect. First religion should be personal,private and second it is NONE of his business.This is a SLAP right in his mothers face. We in this country are starting to sound like third world nations,spreading this crap every where. God answers no prayers and the only way Tiger is going to solve this problem is with in himself. Let the believers keep score on the prayers "asked" and prayers "answered", they will see it does NO GOOD,no one hears them. Brit get a life and mind your own business you religious zealot!!!

Hume is definitely right. What he said yesterday was unlike anything I have heard about Christianity on TV before. He did the right thing by speaking the truth, and I don't believe that he was trying to make any Buddhists feel bad. He shouldn't need to apologize because he was speaking about his beliefs. If a person of another faith spoke about their beliefs, would they be given as much grief about this?

Rule #1 - It's this simple: you don't go around telling people what religion to practice (unless it involves breaking the law), especially not someone you don't know and on national television!

The nerve of this guy.

Hopefully, other Christian broadcasters will do the same.

It seems like Shales is confusing evangelizing with proselytizing. Traditionally, the word proselytizing was used when one intrudes into another person’s spiritual life and pushes him to convert by force. The medieval Crusades consisted of proselytizing.

Evangelizing, on the other hand, is witnessing to the faith in Jesus Christ and allows the person to decide for himself whether to accept the message. While Christians are not mandated to proselytize (as I have defined it), they are commanded to evangelize. Brit Hume was doing nothing more than evangelizing. He just happens to have a large platform on which to evangelize.

Brit was on a show where people sit around and express their opinions on a variety of subjects. Brit expressed his by saying that Jesus will forgive and change Tiger's life. Jesus did this for Brit and he shared his experience with Tiger via the show. If you don't like his opinion, you are free to disagree or you can turn the TV off.

Calling Brit Hume names does not seem the right thing to do. I would say that the man is ignorant. Saying one religion can do better than another is preposterous on its face. He should stick to his own beliefs and leave the choice to others.

I think Brit Hume was right on. I feel he owes an apology o no one. Other so called religions can say whatever they want on television, so Christians should be given the same right.

"Every knee will bow. Better to do it this side of His coming" - I thought my father's house had many rooms, not that I had sold myself into slavery when God asked for me to love him.

Let' see. You were watching a TV show on Faith and Ethics and you are offended when someone shares their opinion about their religion and how it could help someone who is deeply, morally in trouble?
You may use the off button on your remote.

@Daniel FYI Shinto is not Buddhism. Some Japanese practiced Shinto and Buddhism together, but this practice was outlawed by the Japanese Empire in the 19th Century.

The Gospel is offensive because it takes away all of man's self-proclaimed glory and asks that you give it back to Him to who it rightfully belongs. Men are so self indulged and prideful that they become enraged when you suggest that they are not God. They want credit for something they didn't do. They want to be in control and summit to no one. They want to be God! We all come to a place when we realize that we are NOT in control. Mr. Hume was only suggesting that Mr. Woods might be at that place and that... (sorry Buddists' this will hurt but it's true)...perhaps he should turn to Christianity in this time of his need because that is THE ONLY WORLD FAITH THAT MAKES CLAIMS FOR ETERNAL FORGIVENESS FROM THE CREATOR HIMSELF. Now go fact check that and you will find that it is true and that other religions only offer sets of rules and rituals that if you follow to the "Tee" (how ironic) you MIGHT, not will, But MIGHT achieve some sort of spiritual elevation of yourself.. self gThe Gospel is offensive because it takes away all of man's self-proclaimed glory and asks that you give it back to Him to who it rightfully belongs. Men are so self indulged and prideful that they become enraged when you suggest that they are not God. They want credit for something they didn't do. They want to be in control and summit to no one. They want to be God! We all come to a place when we realize that we are NOT in control. Mr. Hume was only suggesting that Mr. Woods might be at that place and that... (sorry Buddists' this will hurt but it's true)...perhaps he should turn to Christianity in this time of his need because that is THE ONLY WORLD FAITH THAT MAKES CLAIMS FOR ETERNAL FORGIVENESS FROM THE CREATOR HIMSELF. Now go fact check that and you will find that it is true and that other religions only offer sets of rules and rituals that if you follow to the "Tee" (how ironic) you MIGHTlorifcation. Tiger can not pardon himself at judgement, only Jesus can and sooooo... Hats of to Brit for kindly sharing his Faith, GREAT JOB! God knows every other reporter is having a field day with Tiger and tearing him down, Brit was offering a REAL solution!

Thank you Brit for caring enough for Tiger Woods to offer him a hope and not condemnation.

Why is tolerance granted to ALL but outspoken Christians? Why? Because Christianity is Truth and the powers of darkness (read Satan) want to keep the masses in darkness and out of the Light of the World, Jesus.

People allow any group (homosexuals, radicals, proponents of any religion other than Christianity) to speak their minds and call it freedom of speech but let a Christian speak truth and they are called jerks or worse. Well done, Brit! Keep speaking out!

Tom Shales and Kristine are poster children of ignorance. Tom believes his lack of finding something to live for or die for means no one else should. The arrogance of asking Brit to renounce his opinion only goes to show freedom of speech is OK when it is PC. My question is why do we allow closed minded people like Shale to bully people and he still has a job?

I don't think Hume did Christianity any favors by suggesting that adulterers should become Christians.

And most Buddhists aren't going to be insulted by this. "No sexual misconduct" is one of the 5 precepts. The Karma associated with breaking the precepts is not easily expunged.

Buddhists know that "becoming a Christian" does nothing to improve this sentient being's Karma.

I doubt that you will post this but here goes. I suggest that all of the nay sayers go to the source and read the gospel of John... lets see what God saya about the matter
ed evans

It took a lot of courage for Mr. Hume to make that statement regarding the Christianity is the only faith that offers true reconciliation and forgiveness and a chance for a new beginning. I applaud and admire him more than ever. May the Lord bless Brit for his courage and statement.

This was quite brave of Brit and I take my hat off. "I am THE way, THE truth and THE life. No ,am shall enter the kingdom except by ME". He didn't say, I am one of many ways. Brit Hume has just become my families favorite for his courage. There are NO OTHER ways guys!

God ,Bless Brit Hume and strengthen him during this time of testing. God, forgive those of us who know the same Truth as Brit, but aren't as bold in proclaiming it.

1) There is an assumpation here that Tiger 'needs saving'. 2) There is an assumption here that monotheistic religion is the only religion in this world 3) There is an assumpation that Tiger needs something to be saved from, i.e. Heaven, Hell, whatever. These are Judaic/Christian/Muslim constructs. Most people assume that all the world believes in these constructs too. They don't. Tiger is half Thai. The *majority* of Thai people are Bhuddist. You might as well be asking Tiger to renounce his Thai culture. Why is America so great that he has to decide on one or the other. "One country under God,", but let Thai people (or Bhuddists) be included in your American club. We tolerate you, tolerate us.

This is incredible... If it had been someone like a Christoper Hitchings making comments from his world view he would have been lauded as brilliant pundit. However, take a man like a Brit Hume who makes comments from his world view he is an Intolerant, week minded idiot. My question is don''t bash it if you have not tried it. Consider the words of C. K. Chesterton - "The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried"

I think Hume should recognize, as should all Fox News, that they are walking a very fine line into becoming a pulpit. Incessantly noting the failures of a political party is one thing and should be expected from Fox at this point. Demeaning a widely recognized religion on cable television is an entirely different animal. And to make matters completely worse, he doesn't even have his facts straight. To make a leap like he did, you've at least got to do your homework. I'm a Christian and I'm offended by the way he chose to focus on the dichotomy. Being a Christian isn't about telling people how they can benefit from believing in God. For those who truly believe, it's convincing them how GOD benefits from their belief. I mean, is that how conversion of faith is supposed to happen? Once you get into a jam where another religion can be of greater aid, you just jump right over? If that's the way it works, Mr. Hume, then tell me who all those Catholic priests who have molested children for hundreds of years can go to receive the 'best deal?'

As a ultra liberal, agnostic, I say that Brit Hume is allowed to have an opinion. It might be a rather misguided one (I am thinking of the scandals of the Boston and Irish catholic churches, and many other things... then again perhaps there was a little too much forgiveness in those cases) but it is his and he is entitled to it..

I am fairly sure that good Buddhists are able to find the same peace and serenity as good Christians can, and as a passive bystander, Buddhists do seem much more peaceful and serene than most conservative Christians... just an observation...

As I don't consider Fox news to be particularly objective when it comes to religion, I have long since stopped bothering to listen to what that network has to say.

However, just because I don't agree with the views on Fox, does not mean that they should not be allowed to express them. There are so many other channels to choose from.....

To those Christians, going "Oh poor me, why can I not tell everyone how much better our religion is than all others, that they will go to hell if they don't believe as I do, that they are immoral if they don't believe in Jesus, that they should convert to Christianity because it is better than their religion without them being upset"

Try to practice one of Jesus's teachings... Humility! You will find that people will magically become much less upset with you and you can say "Jesus as much as you please without worry of backlash"

@Kathy : The Apostle Paul refers to himself as a slave of Jesus Christ in Romans 1:1. The word translated as "bondservant" is doulos, which is the Greek word for slave, not servant. Time to let go of our "comfortable Christianity" and discover what it is that God REALLY wants of us, and fall before Him repenting of our hubris and volunteering to be His to use, instead of trying to force Him to fit what WE want to do. For all Christians who read this post, go to the below url and read the whole article there, then as was said earlier, make your religion and relationship personal. To any others who care to read it, I honestly pray that you come to understand your true place in the great scheme of this existence, and what incredible joy there is in taking that place voluntarily.

Britt Hume had a right to say what he did. But you have to admit that saying something like that on national television (implying that one religion is better than another) was stupid and deserves all the criticism that he is getting for it.

Mr. Hume was asked a question and his answer was forthright and genuine. Mr Woods would do well to listen. I applaud Mr. Hume's boldness in speaking the truth.Jesus Christ is truly The Way and I will continue to pray for the Woods family regardless of outcome and media hype.

@Matt I am so tired of people not being able to have a discussion without name calling on these topics. I don't agree with his point of view, but I do think that he has every right to have one, and to say it.

It is then up to the rest of us to point out, why we think his point of view is accurate, or not accurate and to do so in a civilized manner.

This makes for a interesting discussion about faith, and the way it is seen in different religions, rather than degenerating into the cycle of someone says something stupid, everyone yells at them if they disagree if enough yell then an apology occurs and then the person leaves for a while and then comes back and keeps on going.

No discussion, nothing learned, pointless.

If Brit Hume was the president of the united states or someone in public office, then I would have more of an issue, but he is on Fox... enough said....

To my christian friends, news flash! not all of us want to be converted, and it is not because we have not looked, it is often because we have looked and did no't really like what we saw.

If your religion makes you happy wonderful, if you feel the need to share that wonderful, but realize that not all of us really want to hear it....

Unfortunately, Hume's Christianity is of the "what's in it for me?" kind: what can Jesus offer me?, how can Christianity fix my life?. All the theological sophistication of a 6th grader, really. Glad it works for him.

Good for Brit Hume. Why should he apologize for stating the truth. I'm so tired of people trying to be politically correct...that's why this country is in the state it is. We need more people like Brit!

If Mr. Hume believed he just discovered a cure for cancer, wouldn't you experct him to share that in a discussion about that illness. We'll he felt he had a remedy [cure] for Tiger Woods problems. The christian faith says believers are to share the gospel [good news] so why are non belivers so upset when they do, they should be surprised when they don't.

As a believer in Jesus Christ for 23 years and a business person who deals with many sensitive issues facing business people, including how to talk about faith... I applaud Brit Hume's courage and conviction to sincerely offer useful advice to Tiger.

He did this out of love. Love is a sacrificial act, and Brit sacrificed because he has zero to gain personally and a lot to lose, including his job! along with all the negative onslaught he is enduring).

Thank you Brit for honoring your Christian faith by loving others.

A devout Christian would likely feel great compassion for someone in Tiger's current position. And he would certainly do everything he could to offer comfort in any way he could. And he would not hesitate to share or try to hide his opinion if it had a chance of bringing another to the same peace and joy he had. That's Brit. His comment was a gift to Tiger. gene

Fox (faux, fake, fraudulent.......) News has been constructing a framework for Right-wing dogma to become a doctrinaire type of religion for years. It was only a matter of time before they tied in fanatic Christianity to the whole package, so that they can do their part in establishing a theocratic corporatist autocracy, to replace our already corrupted form of Constitutional government. They will, as they have already been doing during the transition, keep elements of what our forefathers envisioned in the Potemkin Village type of false front that is presented to the mindless drones (teabaggers) as actually being their (and our)government. Wish there was a god to help us, because they mean to win at all costs, and they will try to choke us with theirs in the process.

Thank you Brit for not backing down. Believing in Jesus Christ seems to irritate some folks. If the critics would take the time to just see for themselves if Jesus is real....If someone really wants to know if Jesus is real or not they will get an honest answer if they honestly ask.

The only religion that matters is Capitalism. And if everyone would just settle down, Capitalism will punish Tiger. In fact, it has already started. He is losing endorsement deals. If Tiger is truly remorseful, Capitalism will forgive him and he'll get new endorsement deals. Capitalism brought Tiger's family to him. If and when the time comes, Capitalism will return him family to him. Or perhaps replace them with an even better, new family. Have faith.

(JESUS) Just the mention of his name and people get very offensive.
My wife and I were shocked when we heard Brit Hume's comment.
He hit it right on the green about Tiger Woods.
Here is the answer Tiger has probably been hoping for.
(1) A chance to beat his sex adiction.
(2) Another shot at making family life work.
(3) The promise of eternal life, pease, and forgiveness.

Thanks Brit for your heart felt caring comments.

It doesn't matter what religion you practice. Being a good and decent person is what counts. Anything body saying otherwise is pregnant with agenda.

Typical narrow minded bigoted comment coming on Fox News, i doubt Hume would say the same thing on another network.

Does that mean that if Tiger converted and became Jewish he wouldn't be understood or any other religion. how smal of Hume.

I think Shale hit the nail on the head as far as Christianity today when he used the words,"Drum Up Business" because that's what it seems it's turned into the last 40 years,a business. A business who likes to build bigger and gaudier churches while many in their community go hungry.

As for him or anyone else giving Tiger any advice of any of the gossip mongers running off at the mouth, the title of an olkd Mac Davis comes to mind,


Regardless of what Tiger does, Elin should dump Tiger, and let him join Amway, along with his "girlfriends", as Amway also screws anything that moves. Amway is a scam, and here's why: Amway pays out as little money as they can get away with, so they support the higher level IBOs ripping off their downline via the tool scam. As a result, about 99% of IBOs operate at a net loss, while the top 1% make several TIMES more from their Amway tool scam than from the Amway products. Read about it on my blog, I suggest you start here: and forward the information to everyone you know, so they don't get scammed.

Brit was asked for his personal opinion and gave it. He was not speaking on behalf of any other. He more interestingly than other media folks highlighted Tiger's likely overwelming feelings of guilt and provided a well-intended and meaningful suggestion. It is impossible to separate ones spiritual beliefs from issues of character, an ultimately spiritual subject. Brit was walking his talk and I commend him for breaking this cultural taboo. He was not claiming personal superiority over others nor saying Christian's are better people than those of other faiths. He stated his correct understanding of the Buddist faith which does not include the tenet of personal reconciliation of guilt with one's creator for the truely repentant. Everyone has an overarching "life and worldview" whether they realize it and have name for it or not. There are clear and substantive differences in worldviews and as such are necessarily exclusive. To think there are no substantive differences between them is superficial and irrational. May your first priority be to seriously examine your beliefs.

I don't have a problem with Mr. Hume's faith, but he has insulted many peaceful, intelligent people and he obviously knows nothing about Buddhism. Maybe he should take a course on Eastern Religions so that he will better understand it before making such a rash, closed-minded judgement? Besides, being a Baptist didn't help Bill Clinton keep it in his

It is just further proof, as if it was needed, that Fox News is a joke and a sham. What he said was indefensible, at least from an anchor/host as opposed to, say, a religious guest. And of course, he belittles Christianity while he is at it..

All you have to do is substitute any other religion, or atheism, for his use of the word "Christianity" to see the impropriety of his statements.

Brit Hume was recently held out as evidence of Fox's legitimacy as a news organization after the dust-up with the White House. This shows what a farce that claim was, even though it never made sense.

I say to all you Christians defending Brit, imagine if he said "atheism" or "Judaism" or any other religion instead of "Christianity". You would be very upset and obviously would not praise and defend him for his courageous stand. So there is no principle here, it is just rooting for your team.

As for the notion that Christians are persecuted, you really can't be serious, you can't mean it. How? I mean, it certainly is true that we have a very crass, materialistic society that is not conducive to pious living. But you are afforded total absolute rights in your faith and your people are in the top of EVERY position of state and local government (some Jews are in there, too, your old testament brethren). Despite this dominant control of society by self-proclaimed Christians (and Jews are relatively influential), perhaps you feel persecuted because deep down we all know your beliefs are really silly and just so implausible, with virgin births and miracles, etc. So perhaps you feel embarrassed with talking about it and thus think you are persecuted.

@Tex it is true there are differences, but what makes you think that Christianity has the best answers? As a former Christian, I found much to be desired in my old religion.

May I suggest, as the Bible suggests, that you remove the plank from your own eyes, before you examine the speck in the eyes of another?

A few other similar words from your own holy book, from your own God made flesh:

"Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.

You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:1-5 RSV)

"Beware of practicing your piety before men in order to be seen by them; for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Thus, when you give alms, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by men. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. (Matthew 6:1-6 RSV)

You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said: 'This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me; in vain do they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.'" (Matthew 15:1-9 RSV)


It seems to me that Jesus did want people to be converted to his faith, but from a position of love and humility, not arrogance I have experienced so often from the religious right.

When I see people practicing their faith with love, not tooting their own horns and motivating by their actions, I almost...not quite, but almost reconsider my views, but then along comes someone who insults my intelligence assuming that I must not be able as an adult to come to my own choice when it comes to religion, that everyone else in the world is wrong, stupid, immoral and misguided and I remember all the reasons why I decided to leave my old religion.

It is this arrogance that rubs those of other religions the wrong way, not the teachings or values of Christianity.

But perhaps you are correct, perhaps when these things happen we should urge those that transgress to change religion, thus in my humble opinion, since there does not seem to be an epidemic of child molestation among Buddhist monks, perhaps you Christians can have Tiger and those catholic Priests should convert to Buddism?

Problem solved LOL,

Anyhow I have exhausted my arguments, happy new year and best wishes to all.

Hume, Aren't all the blond christian girls (including Elin) that Tiger is hanging around with, showing him what it means to be a christian? He doesn't have to convert because It's all there already. Regarding Britt's comment "Christians can be adulterers, too" - all 16 blond christian ladies Tiger consorted with are adulterers and they approve of what he's doing.

It has rightly been observed that other religions may have something to offer on various subjects in a particular sense, but they do not have Christ Jesus on God's terms, therefore they are impotent in the arena of salvation from personal sins against the holy God. All Gentile religions are vain, period. Spiritually, that includes Judaism. They are spiritual Gentiles. Christians are spiritual Jews.

Neither Tiger nor anyone else can convert. God is sovereign in Election before earths creation. God does the choosing, not man. The pot does not choose the Potter. We approach God as supplicants...petitioning for salvation. If Tiger is Elect...he will. If he is not, he cannot.

Brit has witnessed a good witness. Ours is the ministry of the outer call only. The inner call is Holy Spirits alone.

I am a Buddhist, and I was initially offended by Mr. Hume's comments.

After some further reflection, however, I came to understand where he is coming from. He is someone who has been helped immensely by the Christian faith, and he simply wants others to enjoy the same benefits that he has. At the same time, his comments betray a deep lack of understanding of Buddhism and its value to those facing difficulty. In times of crisis, religion of any sort is very helpful, as long as it is deeply felt, whether it be Christianity or Buddhism or something else. I am saddened to realize that Mr. Hume believes only Christianity offers this help in times of need, and not Buddhism, nor presumably the other great religions of the world.

An apology would be nice, but perhaps superfluous for me personally. I am less offended now, after reflecting on Mr. Hume's motives. I forgive him.

Just a quick reminder to those whining about Hume's "freedom of speech" (or lack thereof): it only means freedom from suppression by the GOVERNMENT, not freedom from the CONSEQUENCES of what you say! I don't see anybody from the government trying to squelch his opinion, so his freedom of speech is intact!

Boy, Daniel you are one ignorant person saying the Japanese Buddhist started WWII. The persons controlling the government and the Emperor were of the Shinto faith. Those not of the Shinto faith were forced to follow it during WWII because the Emperor was considered divine according to the Shinto religion..

Nothing so points out the superiority of Christianity as the over-the-top nastiness of its opponents.

First off, I am Buddhist

Personally, I am not offended my Mr. Hume's comments. As an American, I believe in the constitutional rights of both freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Mr. Hume gave his opinion on the matter. Everyone is entitled to that and we are entitled to agreeing or disagreeing and even arguing the point.


Where I do have a minor problem is the comment "...I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption offered by the Christian faith...". If that is what Mr. Hume believes, then I think he has a fundamental misunderstanding of the Buddhist faith.

I am not interested in a game of 'my religion is better than yours'. We can point at any religion or belief set and highlight someone who did wrong and quickly say "see how wrong your beliefs are?" We all have our faiths, for our own personal reasons and those should be shown respect, regardless of what your particular faith is. Just as I would not insult a Christian for their believes, I would hope for the same respect in mine. I do not feel insulted by his comments, I feel disrespected. For that I feel an apology would be appropriate.

I would hope as Americans, we could show tolerance for everyone, regardless of (in this case) their personal faith. We have a long ways to go....

16 blonde christian girls have been doing a much better of teaching tiger about christianity than brit hume would. Tiger has 2 kids, do those girls have kids too? Both christians and tiger the buddhist are hurting their kids........

It is a shame that a man with the most anchor-person sounding name on the planet, rugged good looks that lasted into middle age and a voice that should demand respect in his professed profession, should waste it all by confusing which ends of sixty odd feet of digestive tract is for speaking and which end is for defecation.


Your comment of January 6, 2010 9:22 AM is classic in its brevity and content:

Nothing so points out the superiority of Christianity as the over-the-top nastiness of its opponents.

I've framed a bold copy for my office wall.

Hume did what he should have. He just stated what he believed. Christianity is a faith, and all other man made religions like Buddhism are false.

I have noticed this happening more and more, and I believe it is a sign of Christ's soon return. Bret is just getting out the word that it is time to repent, and accept Christ as their savior. Everything is riding on thst...

After reading the comment from John above, I find that there are in Christianity, people who are every bit a deluded and intractable as there are in any other stupid religion. I feel the same way about religion as John does about all the religions out there, but include one more hateful, bigoted, "faith" that needs to be included in all the other man made religions. Until you produce this god of yours, PROVE that its nature is exactly as you state it to be, then everything you have said above ain't worth the smoke its written on, and will be most vigorously resisted for the clap-trap that it is.

Social psychologist have proven a marriage has about 70% less problems if the people are the same race and about 60% less problems if the people are the same religion. Once anyone marries out of their religious faith or their race, there are automatically strikes against your marriage working out!!! Young people take note!!!

I am a Christian who has lived in a Buddhist country for more than 20 years. I have a deep respect for Buddhist beliefs. Although I remain a Christian, I find myself questioning some of my Christian beliefs. The foremost dilemma I face is the belief that a Christian could, after committing sin, just express his remorse; ask for forgiveness from God; then find redemption. This is the basic message Brit Hume wanted to relay and which I find wrong. It is a convenient way to find salvation and it gives every Christian an easy way out of every transgression he commits and which he does over and over again. I don't think this is the correct teaching of Jesus Christ. Somewhere along the way His teachings may have been corrupted and/or misinterpreted. I am a devout Christian and am still searching for the truth. But for a supposedly Christian like Brit Hume to pretend to know the truth about salvation is a mockery of our faith.

CJ - I think Mr Hume misrepresented the truth about forgiveness. . It requires much more than simple remorse to receive the forgiveness. It requires contrition and true repentance “sorrow for and abhorrence of sins committed, and the firm purpose of sinning no more in the future” in order to receive God’s forgiveness.

Searching for the truth requires us to question what we believe and why. I wish you well along your search for it.

As a Christian, I find it interesting all of the strange and weired viewpoints shown here on both sides. As a Christian, we believe that through accepting Jesus as your personal savior, (Romans 10:9-10) is the only way to avoid eternal damnation. Brit was simply expressing his faith in what he believes to help Tiger out. Sheesh. From some of these comments you'd think he was trying to maliciously attack him. It seems in this country at times we have freedom of speech, until someone says something the mainstream doesn't agree with. Keep it up Brit!!!

We have admired you from the get-go. Whenever you are on
fox, we listen to every word. I heard about your witness for christianity today on the car radio. I came home and checked on-line to see exactly what you said. Go Brit. Don't ever back down. You are 100% correct and God will bless you abundantly for your witness!

You either believe the same as Brit Hume - that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the light and that no one comes to the Father but through Him...and Tiger needs to ask forgiveness for his sins to receive Christ's forgiveness and love - or you believe there are other ways to do this. Forget whether or not Hume should've shared the advice at that time, on that program, or in his role. You either believe what he said is correct or wrong. Read more about it in "Politics and Religion: Knowing Little But Never Being Wrong" -

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