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December 4, 2009

Sarah Palin, Christian Zionist?

Is Sarah Palin counting on a mass migration of Jews to Israel as a precursor to the end of the world?

Boston attorney Michael Felsen, treasurer of the secular Jewish communal organization the Workmen’s Circle, has an interesting piece on the subject in this week’s Baltimore Jewish Times.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and possible contender for the top job in 2012, has been in the media to promote her new memoir. Felsen picks up on comments by Palin on Good Morning America last week in response to a question about the Obama administration’s opposition to Israeli expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

“I disagree with the Obama administration on that,” the former Alaska governor told interviewer Barbara Walters. “I believe that the Jewish settlements should be allowed to be expanded upon because the population of Israel is going to grow. More and more Jewish people will be flocking to Israel in the days and weeks and months ahead. And I don’t think that the Obama administration has any right to tell Israel that the Jewish settlements cannot expand.”

Felsen, critical of Palin, accuses her of “going rogue in the West Bank.”

More and more Jewish people flocking to Israel? What’s Palin’s source of information? Since 2002—the year in which the major wave of immigration from the former Soviet Union came to an end—there has been a consistent downward trend in immigration to Israel. By 2006, immigration was down to 1980s levels, during which time 9,000-24,000 people immigrated annually. And in 2008, the number was 13,681, representing the lowest ratio of immigrants to Israelis since the establishment of the State – 1.9 immigrants per 1000 residents.

Felsen says Palin’s “declaration that Jews will flock to Israel ‘in the days and weeks and months ahead’—plainly at odds with statistical trends—has an eerily familiar ring.”

"In fact, it’s entirely consistent with the belief of “Christian Zionists” that a mass ingathering of Jews to Israel is the necessary prerequisite to the battle of good against evil at Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ," he writes. "As Pastor John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) puts it, 'We are racing to the end of time,' and more Jews (who, Christian Zionists believe, will either convert or face perdition) in all of historic Palestine are a key ingredient to fulfillment of that Biblical prophecy."

Felsen writes that the position of Palin and the Christian Zionists on the expanding settlements puts them at odds not only with the Obama administration, but every administration of the last 40 years.

"It’s troubling to think that Palin’s policy pronouncements on the Middle East might be even remotely motivated by apocalyptic beliefs," Felsen writes. "Expanding the settlements, if not a prelude to Armageddon, at a minimum significantly hampers, and perhaps even destroys any remaining prospect for a just and lasting peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples."

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That anyone takes anything that that screech-owl from Alaska has to say as being worth more than the effort it would take to flush it down the toilet, is symptomatic of how un-evolved, uneducated and totally clueless a large segment of the population has allowed themselves to become. Sarah Palin wears her sphincter muscle as a helmet and it is a lose fit.

Unfortunately, Republican Administrations since Ronald Reagan's have been infested by people who believe that the last days are nearing -- and, even worse, that it is part of their life's mission to bring those days ever closer.

Nobody who believes that Jesus is coming in the near future and, therefore, that it is acceptable to stripmine our country's assets, and the world's assets, before then should be entrusted with any position of responsibility, either in government or outside.

Sarah Palin is part of a Dominionist Christian sect whose mandate allows members to lie to all those outside their faith because outsiders are considered to be "demons" and "not real." This explains her pathological tendency to lie. It is time for Sarah to produce Trig's birth certificate and her medical records as well - records she refused to provide during her vice presidential run.

What is wrong with you people.? Most Christians believe in the rebirth and re-population of Israel, and the second coming of Jesus Christ to rule and reign. That's why Jesus is called the King, that is why we pray in the Lord's Prayer, "....thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". Christians have believed this for the past 2000 years. This is no new secretive cult teaching. This is apart of a faith that has brought so much good to man kind. And the poor loony , that says we are told to lie. You are dead wrong. Christians are forbidden to lie by the Bible, and are warned that all liers will have their part in the lake of fire. You must be thinking of the Koran.

thank GOD for people like sarah palin!

Boy the liberals sure go bonkers when Sarah says anything.
Perhaps she is just simply referring to the fact that Jews may wish to go to Israel to live there or to help it defend itself from being wiped off the earth by Iran in Iran's quest to kill all the Jews.
In any event, Sarah has the right to say what she believes.
Of course, since it conflicts with what liberals want, the liberals will use any means necessary to defame and criticize her.

The last comment by "trig is not Palin's child" is possibly the dumbest thing I have heard a democrat say! And it was Obama who lied during the election-not using private funds and disowning his pastor. God help this country.

Talk about a stretch!

All she said is 1) She thinks Israel has a right to build settlements. 2) People are immigrating to Israel.

#2 is true, and #1 is supported by her political philosophy.

Reading weird religious beliefs into her words is rather absurd.

Wow, if the three comments above were the only ones 'approved' by the blog author then I can only imagine the ones that were rejected.

What drivel. The entire premise is shoddy at best and assumes the author of this post and a "treasurer of [a] secular Jewish communal organization" have intimate knowledge of Sarah Palins personal religious beliefs about the end of the world. If that's not laughable enough, this seeming throw away line about Jewish settlements in the West Bank is supposed proof positive of her 'Christian Zionism' because it has an 'eerily familiar ring' to a secular Jew who hasn't liked her from the get go.

Forgive me if I don't pick up the phone and start lighting up the media to cover this uber important and earth shattering revelation.

I love Sarah Palin, she makes moonbat liberals say crazy things.

Sarah Palin: A Liberal Lament

"Last night I saw upon the stair
A little woman who wasn't there
She wasn't there again today
Oh, how I wish she'd go away..."

-- [Apologies to William Hughes Mearns]

For those who haven't noticed, there has been a troubling increase in anti-Semitism in much of Europe. Coupling that with Israel's vibrant economy, you can rest assured that Jewish immigration to Israel will grow. As well, the average fertility among Jewish Israeli women is 2.7 children and among the ultra-orthodox (according to one estimate) almost 8!!

That anyone takes anything that that cholo from Hawaii? has to say as being worth more than the effort it would take to flush it down the toilet, is symptomatic of how un-evolved, uneducated and totally clueless a large segment of the population has allowed themselves to become. Barak Obama wears his sphincter muscle as a helmet and it is a lose fit.

There has been a great deal of Jewish immigration to Israel from Russia and from some Middle Eastern countries. There are many valid criticisms of Sarah Palin, but this one is bogus.

P,S, I have fond memories of the Workmen's Circle, as my parents were active members.

if conservatives agreed about settlements, the leftists would move closer to the muslim position of seeking Israel's destruction. leftists will do what they have to in order to remain in good standing with the world's billion muslims, at the expense of the Jews.

whatever may have been the case in past gererations, it is the left which is the cryptic advocate of Jew hatred .

modern conservatives believe that Jews deserve the right of return granted by Israel, along with self-defense, self-preservation and self-determination. apparently, either leftists oppose those things, or they simply enjoy lying about what conservatives stand for.

Is Sarah Palin a Christian Zionist? Unequivocally, yes. She can be no other given her religious affiliation. Most every conservative evangelical American church leans in this direction. It is the default position of those belonging to Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, charistmatic churches. Unfortunately it is largely an unexamined position as it is with Palin. She believes it because her church believes it.

For more background on this movement check out:

40 years of opposition to the so-called settlements has really helped the so-called "peace process," huh?
The majority of Israelis do not consider tthem to be so-called "settlements," but towns built on land they legally won in war.
As to Sarah Palin being a socalled "Christian Zionist," why do Jews constantly push their friends away and embrace their enemies?
In the meantime remember what former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin is reported to have said about a similar situation:
If and when Christ returns the Jews will examine their options, until then, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."

Cut bait, geniuses - no one's biting.

Hymie - I suspect that besides being a total Right-wing dipstick, you probably are a bit miffed that a person anything less than lily white, somehow became president. Of course this is all supposition as your statement above was stolen and reworked to express your bigotry against, if not color, then intelligence. Get your own damn material.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens when she's president, huh guys?

Im peach OBSAME bring in Palin! now! before Copenhagen ..............all the stupid stupid idiots who laugh at Palin now will not be laughing in 8 months ;(:()

truly enjoy the libs getting all wee wee'd up over palin.

As an Alaskan who was raised w/Sarah Heath (Palin), I'm just blown away with how many of you think she's a practicing Christian. WOW, WOW, WOW!! At the one time in her life that she did attend church (just before her run for Wasilla mayor) she showed up at church maybe 3 or 4 times if that. She's been our state's only governor to not reside in Juneau (our Capitol) and instead opted to collect 24/7 per diam staying in either the Anchorage condo or in her residence in Wasilla. But church?!? She and Todd did NOT attend church during this period either. She attended a one-hour event at the Anchorage Baptist Temple last year, but then, all of our local politicians were also there. Those in the lower-48 know so little about Palin and are so incredibly gullible that it's truly laughable.

It doesn't matter what Sarah Palin says, all of those who see her as a threat in the future election will turn her words around and always find something negative to say about her.
I hope that she will be elected in the next election and I feel sure that she stands a great chance....she is great, qualified and extrememly well suited for this position.
More power to her.....she is the CHANGE the world and america badly needs.

The poor Baltimore Sun-all that publishing equipment and staff and nothing of worth to say. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic. Liberalism is a mental illness.

This should not surprise anyone.
The liberal progressives hate for Christian values and princibles on which our nation was founded is really what they want haulted and torn down.
Funny thing, they tell us that it is understandable Obama sat in front of Jeremiah Wright for 20 and never heard anything "unAmenican" yet they hear a half dozen words one time from Palin and they know her entire philosophy of life.

Yes, not surprising at all when you cosider the sources of such hate mongering.

Congratulations! You've found a new way to ridicule Sarah Palin. Now, she's an extremist religious fanatic who wants to stop any remaining prospect for "a just and lasting peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples." Are you serious? If so, get some more facts.

If she runs for prez I am vot'in for her. We needa a woman not only to sweep up states but to spring clean the white house corruption against the inalienable life liberty and love for Judeo-God, fellow countrymen and neighbor, traditional family and christain values, and support the dignity of the poor, elderly, the unborn, and the marginalized. These foundations has sustained this country blessings, prosperity, and facilitated correction regarding slavery and discrimination. Tired of the bispartisan duplicity. Ya got my vote, girl...go gittem!

President Obama is a narcissist, and he is The Abortion King. He is a friend to the Muslim world: ISRAEL NATIONAL RADIO (June 5, 2009) Audio _ "Obama Promises Arabs Jerusalem will be Theirs!"

Sarah Palin loves God, and is Pro-Life. She is (and will be) a friend to Israel.

God bless Sarah Palin and her family.
And God bless her enemies too.

Forget the crypto language of the liberal writers regarding Palin. The criticism all boils down to this: Palin is Pro-life and pro traditional (real) marriage. Therefore she's a threat to all the rotten libs and their evil agenda(s). They'd rather have a Marxist foriegner for a president. I'd rather have a Palin or a reincarnated, drooling Ronald Reagan with Altzheimers, than Barack (where's he really from?) Obama.....

This must be a religion page for Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance, judging from the nutjob liberal wacko comments that get approved.

I love you Sarah Palin. You are the kind of a leader that the world needs at this time. America made a big mistake with Obama, and the time will show that very soon...

I notice that nowhere in Palin's comments are Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, or any other reference to her, or any other faith made.

Palin merely echoes the sentiments of the Israeli Government, who also anticipate an increase in both the native and immigrating population, and the resultant need for additional land, and resources to handle their steadily increasing population.

Surely the responders can't possibly be suggesting that the Israeli Government is also somehow being deluded by irrational, Dominionist Apocalyptic Christian views, are they???

It's unfortunate that in a land that espouses. and aspires to religous freedom; that a public figure like Palin is attacked at every turn for having the audacity to acknowledge her's.

Reading some of the posts, it's clear that the messenger is being attacked, and not because of the message, but because of the faith of the messenger.

The question is why.

Sarah Palin is simply stating that a sovereign nation such as Isreal has every right to expand its settlements, just as any other nation has. You seem to forget that Isreal won its land,despite being assailed from all sides in the six day war. It seems to me that you have a problem with her faith moreso than with her politics.

Sarah Palin is, quite clearly, not up to the task of holding public office. She is a self centered, ignorant, back-woods hack, who has managed to out-Quayle Dan Quayle. Perhaps we have lowered the bar by allowing an idiot puppet to sit in the White House for the eight years of the Cheney puppeted Bush regime, and because of that, Sarah Palin has gained an appeal among people who I suspect also think light-beer is actually beer and Wonder Bread is actually bread.

Sarah Palin is an idiot and I hope she becomes the standard bearer of the Republican Party, because if that happens, their next national convention will be held at the Ramada Inn out by the airport in Boise, Idaho.

Robert, if you enjoy reading in addition to spewing invective, why don't you pick up Sarah Palin's book? I promise it's not lethal. Read any 10 pages, and you'll see that Palin is far more concerned about getting the self-dealing rot out of government than she is about ideological positions.

Israel, as it is called today, is NOT a sovereign nation. It is the Assembly of Satan referred to in Revelations 2:9. The 'Star of David' is really the symbol of the Freemasons, and also used in the USA government on their seal and money. The Rothschild family are fraudulent Jews and also Freemasons, which use and promote the Satanic cult of the Ancient Hebrews.

The return of the REMNANT OF ISRAEL refers to the return of the Christians to Palestine. The 'remnant of Israel' refers to Jesus Christ; and it is the people who take refuge in His name - the remnant of Israel referred to in Zephaniah 3:12-13 WHO WILL RETURN TO JERUSALEM IN THE END TIMES - that is AFTER the assembly of satan has been destroyed.

Research the Rothschild family to discover how much power and muscle they have over the world's economy and governments. Pure evil!

You've got it all wrong, people.

It was stated earlier that most Christians believe that the Jews must return to modern day nation of Israel to be saved.
This is false.
Catholics and Orthodox make up the great
majority of the Christian World.
Neither of these ancient Churches teach this concept.
Jesus can save a Jew no matter where they are located. He is God.
I love my Evangelical brothers and sisters, but sometimes I wonder about their sense of history. The "Rapture" is another example.
Even though there is not one verse in the Bible that attests to a "Secret 2nd Coming of Jesus" - some would bet their salvation on it. The ancient Churches have never taught this understanding of the rapture and never will.
Sadly, you will never hear "Rapture Believers" pray for peace in the Middle East - even though Scripture specifically tells us to. This is because under their belief system there is a necessity for chaos in the Middle East to usher in the "Rapture". This really makes it a selfish and self-centered theology.
I would vote for Palin simply because she is Pro-Life and Traditional.
The current President is doing great damage to our Republic. We need a drastic turn in direction and soon.

Mitch - If Sarah Palin had actually written her book, then maybe what is written in it would have some bearing on her ability to be a viable candidate. She is a hollow shell that is being prepared to be the next tool of the Neocons. Once the Neocons got a taste for puppet figure-heads, during the Ford tenure in the White House (Cheney & Rumsfeld), they began looking for controllable trolls that would allow them to manipulate the government for the benefit of the ultra-rich clique (about 4000 of the richest) they represent. George W. Bush (aka clueless idiot) was perfect, he did what he was told and because he didn't have a clue how to do the job, was totally dependant on his manipulators, the same way Palin would be if we were stupid enough to let her win the White House. If you can buy Palin, then I have some lovely beach front property on Mars that I would be willing to sell to you cheap.

God doesnt want women to run the country but I am glad that Sarah Palin is in there speaking for Christians. I just wish the party could get some guy who looks good on tv to do it. She comes off as a little flaky to me. But then again, Hillary Clinton doesnt come off that way but as more serious and she isnt the answer either. I would rather have Sarah than her. But a man needs to step forward and run the country the way God wants it run. Any candidates?

President Palin? keep making fun of her beliefs that just happens to be what most people in this country agree with and she will be the ultimate liberal nightmare come true. Oh Joy, how sweet it is.

Jim & Clay - If America is as stupid as you seem to be, we might as well just kiss the country good-bye. Sarah is an idiot and is only considered viable because there are enough idiots, like you seem to represent , that are keeping her afloat.

Clay - You are the reason people are beginning to think religion has to go. I would not be surprised if someday, when we look up the word "stupid" in the dictionary, there will be a tiny picture of you next to the definition.

The people who are obsessed with hating Sarah Palin are every bit as useless as the people who are obsessed with hating Obama and were obsessed with hating Bush. They are political paperweights - they sit exactly where they were and serve only to hold things down.

Here's one possible (and far more plausible) explanation for her words: the twin brothers of Anti-Semitism and Islamic fundamentalism are spreading throughout the world at speed, and Jews will have to consolidate to be safe.

Sickening pandering to the 2% majority who insists they are just 'us folks'...

horse puckey...

Stories like these just make us hate them more.....

Selling their neighbors kids body parts... yet heralded as victims AGAIN in the press.

Iran - do your worst!

Why wouldn'y Mrs. Palin feel kinship to the illegal squatters on the West Bank? So many of them are in trailers, and originally came from the USA.

Judging by the record of Sarah Palin and what she has said throughout her political career, she know a heck of a lot more about the Bible than she does about foreign policy. When her foreign policy sound like Biblical Prophecies, it is important and legitimate to raise questions!!

Posted by: David | December 4, 2009 9:10 PM

if conservatives agreed about settlements, the leftists would move closer to the muslim position of seeking Israel's destruction. leftists will do what they have to in order to remain in good standing with the world's billion muslims, at the expense of the Jews.

Nothing of the sort, of course.
Caring not a whit for the religious idiocy of either the Jews or the Muslims, this particular "leftist" simply thinks that Palestine has a reasonable claim to a territory. Israel also has a reasonable claim to a territory. Neither one is acting reasonably, but Israel is behaving very badly by imprisoning the people of Palestine and holding them in cages that are so often bombed and burned by the Israelis.

Both those crowds of religiously crazed zombies are as mad as the Talibangelicals here in America. Get over your silly-ass stone age superstitions, folks!

Don't disparage the word "stupid".

High-Me, almighty Queen or King of the conservatives, what are you, a one person aspiring censorship board for the Sun blogs?

Sarah Palin is an empty headed but shrewd woman with a powerful appeal for fools who should get back to school to learn English grammar and how to spell--

Katherine you are a hateful idiot--the kind of woman Jesus would and should hang his head about. Jesus was a Jew, and even according to the Bible was a Rabbinical scholar.

Mark Redman, don't set yourself above your evangelical siblings--just because you are not a proponent of the rapture does not make you any less an advancer of ignorance and fear. We need Sarah Palin like we need a cancer in our guts or a boil in our butts.

Andy Doherty don't rewrite modern day politics in the image of your fantasy. The Israeli government has been receiving an influx of immigrants from Africa via Egypt and it has asked the Egyptian government to better police Egypt's border with Israel to stop this new diaspora.

The Israeli government knows the limits of the land available to it. It knows it has to make peace for its own survival, that war mongering is not what a majority of its citizens want, that they are tired of the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. The Israeli government has agreed to halt new settlements although it will not dismantle the old ones.

Sarah Pale Brain, her butt firmly ensconced in safe Alaska, her mouth clamped on a piece of fresh salmon, her hypocrite heart wrapped around biblical mush can afford to encourage increased Israeli militarism and misadventures because the missiles will not fly into her home and the stones will not fall on her head when they start coming.

Is the woman a census taker for Israel? Her comments on increased Israeli need for land are unnecessary, unfounded and myopic--entirely based on her handlers telling her to define herself as the anti-Obama essence in every way--the woman does not have an original thought in her head, she is the ultimate Manchurian candidate, and for those who believe that in this she is no different from Obama but would vote for her anyway--Robert Littel's repartees are just right--if you hate Obama why would you love this woman--for two reasons--she is not black and she is a bible thumper.

Anyway, the only reason for the Israeli comment from the mouth of the Pale Brain is her handlers' political antipathy for Obama--they know bigots and bible fascists abound in this world and they are shaping Sarah to fit the fancy of the rabid mobs--everything the woman says is calculated to bring her votes from this ignorant--the book she did not write herself, that somehow magically appeared on the best seller lists even before publication, was also calculated to prop her up as one of the reading, writing intelligentsia.

We continuously vote for mirages and if Obama is one of them, and Reagan, Kennedy, Clinton and Bush the vacuous were others--Sarah Palin beats them all by miles--she is the cream of the mirage crop-- a light weight like none other, a vapid woman who will bring apocalypse to this world because she wants to be the instrument that returns her savior to the Earth.

If she becomes President unless the Israelis do the opposite of what she wants, just to spite her for being the idiot she is, we will sow nothing but disaster across the world. The woman needs to be taken to the top of an oil rig and left there with a bible in her hand and a prayer on her provocative lips.
Ravensfan Anon

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