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August 31, 2009

Muslim organization blames talk radio in attacks

After attacks on Muslims in New York and California, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations is targeting what he says is “growing anti-Muslim rhetoric” on the Internet and talk radio.

CAIR is seeking federal hate crime charges in the attacks on a mother and daughter in Smithtown, N.Y., and a taxi driver in Pleasanton, Calif.

In the New York incident, which occurred on Aug. 20, a Long Island man has been charged with second-degree aggravated harassment after threatening to kill and attempting to rundown the mother and daughter, each of whom was wearing an abaya, a black robe that covers the head and body.

According to a report in Newsday by former Sun colleague Sumathi Reddy, the mother told police that she had been at a gas station when a man approached from behind and yelled, "Take that stuff off. What do you think it is, Halloween?"

The woman said the man "kept striking a match on a matchbook like if I was to start pumping the gas he would throw the match at me.”

The man said he had done nothing wrong, according to the Newsday report.

"They shouldn't be allowed to wear that around here," he said in a statement to police. "This is not Iraq. They should not be dressing like that here. Send them back to Iraq."

In California, two men have been charged in the beating last week of taxi driver Jaswinder Bangar after he picked them up from a Pleasanton bar, according to a report in the San Jose Mercuary News. Police said the men called Bangar derogatory names as they punched him, breaking a tooth and causing lacerations that required several stitches to close.

In a statement on Monday, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said “Our nation’s religious, political and community leaders need to address the growing anti-Muslim rhetoric on the Internet and on talk radio that can lead to such incidents.”

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Suffolk County, where the atack occurred, has been the scene of many xenophobic incidents against immigrants, Latinos, and others. Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy has been notoriously lax about fighting hate crimes.

CAIR is an Islamic terrorist supporting organization whose goal is to help Islam dominate America. No one should care what they complain about.

I don't see them complaining about this speech.

NY Muslims:Ramadan is a Time of Jihad, the Jihad is Alive!~Video

Michigan:Muslim Mob Surrounds and Attacks Christians~Video

Muslims cause the same problems across the world. It is time to end their immigration into America.

This is sickening. I'm glad this moron was charged for his crime. He obviously has no idea that the long robes some Muslim women wear are not specific to Iraq or that these women are very likely not even Iraqi. His ignorance affects his dangerous and deadly bigotry.

American Muslims must do as African-Americans did to win their rights and protection from the vicious hate crimes directed at them: legal action against violent crimes, as well as make it politically and culturally unacceptable to vent Islamophobic garbage.

And all Americans of decency and good conscience who already haven't must join them. If the rights of one group of people suffers, everyone else does as well.

No one should be hurt because of a religion. When Muslims stop calling blacks ugly raisin head, pug nosed slaves and stupid (tabari1:280) cursed quran 3:106, then hellfire. Dr. King was called house nigga by a muslims during the civil rights because he was a christians and quran said christians and Jews are apes and pigs. It is angainst Islam for a black Muslim to marry a white or lightskinned arab muslims, Muhammad made an arab girl slave marry an ugly black slave as punishment. Is it fair for Muslim to allow this racism and murder in Africa where Muslims have beheaded 10 Christian pastors for not accepting Islam. Kenya-churches were burned with the people inside when the presidents cousin lost the vote. Is it fair that Americans allow mosques to be built and no churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia because Muhammad made them promise to run everyone out of Arabia but muslims. Is it fait that Muslim police and fireman cannot save a house with dogs or pictures on the wall. Cabs not allowed to carry dogs because women and dogs are impure. I SAY NO WAY. mUSLIMS COME HERE TO TAKE OVER AND NOT TO BE SAFE. mUHAMMAD SAID MUSLIMS ARE NOT TO IMMIGRATE TO INFIDEL LANDS.

Muslims should not be in America. Take your Black HEFTY bags and get out of our country. Go back to your Islamic Crapistans - Good Riddance. Islam sucks. Islam mass-murdered 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY ISLAMIC BARBARIANS. I couldn't care less about the moon-god-worshipping Islamic Barbarians. Take your primitive, polygamist, mass-breeding selves and GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRIES. America is NOT a Mohammedan country. Doug Hooper, imbecile convert to rotten Islam - go screw yourself. GO LIVE IN YEMEN! GOOD RIDDANCE!

Instead of blaming talk radio and the Internet, why not put the blame where is belongs: Radical clerics

Talk about hate speech- read the quran, it is filled with hatred.

Ban the Quran!

CAIR?? Aren't they unindicted co-conspirators in a funding case in the US involving the terrorist group Hamas? Why are they being cited in a public newspaper? This would be like citing the KKK or something.

There was no radio when Muhammad killed 900 Jews by beheading and 100 million African blacks were castrated. what did they do?

Islam survived up till now because throughout history those who had a stake in its survival managed to stifle any critical assessment of its tenants, doctrines and practices by violence and threats of violence. There is a familiar Muslim saying which states in Arabic ‘Al fikr kufru’’. This translates as ‘Thinking leads to blasphemy”. The Organization of Islamic Countries had earlier tried to pass legislation through the United Nations that incriminates whoever questions their beliefs, never mind that they give themselves a license to denigrate any and all other belief systems. Illegitimatizing the other seems to be the most favorite topic of their so-called Friday sermons at their mosques especially those in the non-Muslim lands. The Muslim organizations in the West are trying to sculpt the world in their image. To them such efforts are merely means to protect their livelihoods and they can quote many verses from their scriptures, which affirm their attitude.

This is such an unfortunate incident and the man should be charged. Its not illegal to be muslims and muslims should not be discriminated against no matter what. Having said that, I'm no fan of islam either. According to the Quran, islam is as hateful as Nazism, but most muslims don't know that. Most muslims are innocent normal people who thinks that the Quran is something else. No, the Quran should not be banned, it should be exposed. Banning the Quran is probably how the Mullahs and the Imams stay in power. It is my opinion that most muslims will leave islam if they knew what is actually written in the Quran.

you american must unite if you dont want to lose your culture and race you must pressure your govt to stop islamic immigration before it is too late, if muslim population reach 10% problem will begin, take back your country many of you make a mistake by electing barrack obama the sweet talking socialist obama and his team have agenda to destroy america from within and then the union of islamist and socialist will take over. WAKE UP gullible american you are the one selling your future this is a warning from ex muslim like me

I worried that all muslims are doing is apologizing for attacks and now condemning the media for the exposure. One thing is clear, to date , I believe that anti muslim rethoric rather than tolerance, is emphazise and preached at muslim mosques. My observations of Muslim reactions around the world in regards to attacks against "infidels" are of celebration and euphoria. What do Muslims expect? There is a basic problem we are facing in my opinion. Our muslim brothers are been bombarded with anti-american rethoric and some of them are reacting accordingly. These muslims fanatics are being fueled by hatred and violent sermos from their own Muslim leaders all around the world. I worry about where their alligeance lies. It would be sad having to fight our own people but let it be no doubt, you muslim extremist who read this, we will defend our freedoms, liberties and faith with tooth and nails. I believe we have demostrated we are willing to sacrifice for justice and freedom. To you, my muslims extremist that read this, believe me, I wish you have a change of heart because if not, I will help you meet your virgins. If in doubt, go ask the Taliban who attacked us... Oh , I forgot, we went, found them, and killed them. Don't mess with America!!! If you don't like us... GO HOME!! simple

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