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November 9, 2009

The chocolate milk debate

The National Dairy Council is fighting back. They sent information out today to try to combat what they see as the growing threat to milk drinking in public schools. The food activists who got soda out of school cafeterias may be moving on to chocolate milk. Horrors.

But the National Dairy Council says if we take the chocolate out of the lunch line, kids will stop drinking milk, which everyone seems to agree has some nutrients students need. The Dairy Council is launching a "Calling all moms to raise their hands for chocolate milk" campaign. Even though flavored milk has sugar in it, the council says studies show that children who drink chocolate milk don't have overall higher intakes of sugar than kids who drink plain old white milk.

About 70 percent of the milk that kids in the lunch line are choosing is flavored, they say.

So what do parents think? If chocolate milk wasn't an option, would your children drink white milk instead or reach for juice or water?


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I HATE the chocolate and strawberry milk options. My children drink plain 1% milk at home and are fine with it, but gorge on the chocolate milk in school because it is available. Get rid of it, I say!

What next--take away orange juice because the acid effects dental enamel? Try to do some positives--salad bars, perhaps?

Is there really nothing more important for the SUN to be tackling ? I mean this is a no brainier - get rid of he chocolate milk. Parents be parents and feed your kids. If as parents you want your kids to have chocolate milk send it in with your kids lunch meal and if you have allowed the state to provide a free meal for your kid then to quote one of my former students "you get what you get and you don't get upset" so if the state/school system gets rid of the flavored milk and all you get is plain milk - oh so sad.

We have meatless Mondays and parents arrive with Fun Meals! We are part of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program and parents send candy bars, Hugs, chips, soda(16 oz), and other pure crap. Kids arrive at school carrying cupcakes and soda for breakfast, and chewing gum with pockets stuffed with candy! Obviosly, chocolate milk should go but so should tons of other junk food! Also, vending machines, teachers who hand out candy as incentivees.....and so on! Let's get this blog back to student achievement;academics! I know eating healthy helps achievement but let's not discuss it here.

This is America, what is wrong with you people? Your children deserve to have the same choices and freedoms you had as a child without big brother telling them one more thing they need to do. If you dont want them to drink chocolate milk talk to them or pack them a lunch and quit being such lazy parents.

What's wrong with all the non-dairy - low fat alternatives?
Rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, soy milk? All these come in "chocolate" too and are much healthier. That seems to be the sensible solution. Besides, 65% of the kids are lactose intolerant anyway. Get dairy out of schools!

Get rid of it!

I drank chocolate milk in elementary and middle school and I came out fine. If the problem is children over indulging on the substance then parents should teach restraint at home.

To say chocolate milk is a threat to children is ridiculous. Over protected, over tested, over analyzed... let kids be kids and enjoy a freakin' chocolate milk in school.

The bigger issue concerning city schools should be the overall lunch intake. Our children are being fed the same dull foods as before, sometimes still getting pizza for breakfast. And when children have to pay full price for lunch, grilled cheese and fries, or 3 nuggets and a few fries should not be on the menu.
Supposedly we were to have healthier lunches for our students but instead they still get the same stuff as before. Our children are coming home just as hungry as when some of them left for school. As for the milk issue, why take away the one pleasure from what they are being served for lunch. Let them keep their milk.

Chocolate milk is certainly an issue to consider, but I believe it to be more interesting that Joe Hairston, the Superintendent of Baltimore County schools has pulled valuable resource teachers out of the schools and has limited their participation in assisting schools where resource teachers are needed most. The kids in the BCPS school system will suffer much more dearly from Hairston's poor decision making than they will from drinking chocolate milk.

I can say as a classroom elementary teacher, that strawberry milk (I don't know about chocolate) is the equivalent of eating NINE oreos! NINE!

90 percent of my problems come after lunch, from the kids who (you guessed it) have sugar shock from strawberry milk.

In elementary school, at least, milk is their only drinking option, so kids would drink regular milk if it was their only option.

from all of us that teach elementary in the city, please PLEASE PLEASE take away flavored milk!

How about a consistent non-milk option for the (at least) 19.5 percent of my African American students who are lactose intolerant? I could really go for no more post lunch tummy aches.

(Stats from Nutrition Today.)

There's one key principle which underlies the solution to this debate:

Government is not obligated to support anyone's habits or flavor preferences.
You want chocolate milk? Bring it from home.

You want a Super Double-Triple ice-cream sundae in school? Bring it from home.

You want your son to have a 32 oz coke for lunch? He can bring it from home.

Making debate in the school is good for children and from that they can show their talent.In this way making chocolate milk debate we can know that which children can drink more milk.

What's the point of holding comments for approval when obvious SPAM gets posted? The majority of comments lately have been advertisers with links to their product pages making benign/meaningless comments (e.g. Korean Ginseng, R4I, Gunpowder Tea, Casque Bluetooth, et al).

i am a student a mcps, and i know that if you take away chocolate milk, students will not buy milk and they will not get the vitamins they need because some schools at mcps have no recess, and with so much homework, students wont have time to go outside

Parents who don't want chocolate milk in schools are afraid that their children will not listen to them and purchase items deemed inappropriate. Parents who want chocolate milk in schools either don't see a problem with it or they fear that their children will not drink any milk if not given the choice.

From a parent who has a child who's allergic to milk and another who's lactose intolerant, I may be a little more objective here since I don't have a vested interest in my kids drinking milk.

Chocolate milk is better for kids than no milk at all. If you don't trust your kid not to buy items at school you deem inappropriate, pack his/her lunch until his/she is old enough to understand what you are asking of him/her. I had to do this with my daughter who was buying snacks all the time in K and 1st grades. After curtailing her lunch funds, she's learned to better manage her food choices. She now has independence that goes along with her more appropriate eating habits.

Hope this helps.

Does anyone not think it a little bizarre that we are the only animals to drink the milk of other animals? There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about milk consumption, and the last place to go for that information should be the peddlers of "cow juice." Plenty of the nutrients from milk can be gotten in the food we eat. Rather than spoiling kids with chicken fingers and other unhealthy "kids food," perhaps we should avoid deceptive practices and make a concerted stand to demand that children eat the food that is healthy. Stop playing games.

And back to the real story - today I found two students having sex in a stairwell in the BALTIMORE COUNTY school where I work. Keep talking about milk - it will keep you far away from the horrors that are happening every day where YOUR kids go to school...WAKE UP!!!!!

The National Dairy Council spreads misinformation about nutrition to protect the bottom line of milk producers.

Not everyone agrees that kids need milk. Chocolate milk is not better than no milk at all. Kids do not need to eat ANY dairy products to be healthy. Calcium, vitamins, and protein are present in so many other more healthy foods. The best drink is water, why not have that be the only drink available in school cafeterias?

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