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April 18, 2008

A more visible role for Andrey Bundley

The former mayoral candidate and Walbrook High School principal is faring well under the new administrative reorganization at North Avenue. Bundley is now the unofficial deputy to Roger Shaw, executive director of secondary schools.

Bundley was suspended and removed from his job at Walbrook after an audit of student transcripts in the summer of 2004 found that students had been allowed to graduate that spring without all the necessary credits. Officials rushed to arrange a special summer session for some of those students; others were told they had to repeat a grade. Bundley was reassigned to the central office and allowed him to keep working on secondary school issues. He stayed under the radar for awhile but has become more visible recently.

Despite the graduation fiasco at Walbrook, Bundley was well-liked by parents and students. I'm told his new responsibilities involve community outreach, the area where his strengths lie.

Still, some people are concerned, especially in light of what happened this year at Maritime Industries Academy, one of the schools created after the breakup of Walbrook. Marco Clark, the former principal of Maritime who previously worked under Bundley, is now suing the school system. Among the allegations against Clark at the time of his departure in December: He let a student graduate without meeting the necessary requirements. Clark, too, was beloved by the families at his school, and Maritime erupted into chaos after he left.

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I can't believe after all the press about Walbrook that Andre Bundley is in a leadership position at BCPSS. What message is this sending to everyone? If you keep your head down and run for mayor you can do wrong and get a promotion. I understand that the only reason he is still at headquarters is that F. DeStephano did not follow due process. Will BCPSS never change?

But let's keep our eye on the ball here: can anyone see how this will turn into his next run for mayor?

It is further proof that the good ol' boy/girl network is still alive and well in Baltimore. It's what got us in this trouble in the first place. I'd hoped that it was going to be addressed by Dr. Alonso.

Way to go! A system that fails to teach children and can't keep violence out of the school buildings promotes someone that should have been fired for illegally graduating children that can't read.

I'm sure we're going to see many more folks come out of the wood-work at North Ave. T. Edwards left BFA quick and was playing over in Combined Charities with Bundley till she was brought out too. Who's next?

I always find it amazing that in 2008 we stil have a double standard for how we see each other. How many of you have been on the battle fields day in and day out encouaging, not discouraging, giving hope after the folks in charge of the system have failed our kids and waked away, where are you when the kids from broken homes enter a buiding ful of hate and wounded from the night before. Sitting at home or behind a desk compaining and critizing others. Dr. Bundey cares about kids and he's done more for most than the word may ever know. He teaches kids it's ok to make a mistake but get up and move on. Life isn't over yet.

I lived in Walbrook Junction and saw that Dr. Bundley had on those kids. He wasn't the first person to just pass those kids but was just the one that fell under scrutiny. He's someone in the community that actually cares for it. That's more then you can say about a lot folk in this town, especially the critics.

If North Avenue was cleared of people who made mistakes the building would be empty! It hadn't been proven without a shadow of a doubt that he did anything wrong. I know for a fact that he follows the lives of our youth with a heart of passion. As a principal he bought shoes and clothes for kids and made home visits, the neighborhood respected him. He has made a positive impact on many kids and gave parents hope. How many of us can say that? How long does a person have to pay for one mistake anyway?? OMG, even King David repented and was forgiven, so WHO ARE YOU???

I attended Walbrook High School and Ive never seen a principal that cared about their students as much as Dr. Bundley did. He was the only reason why I stuck with school and wanted to better myself. He did more for us then alot of the parents.

Dr. Bundley was my principal in both Harlem Park middle school and Walbrook High and I must say that his dedication to the students was/is undeniable. Its so sad that when broken communities finally gain a positive male influence who is relatable and passionate, that very same community tears him down. Betrayal and hate comes in many forms but it's venom stings the most when its from HOME!

Baltimore is too small and has too much potential to cultivate generations of losers.

Baltimore please analyze and help out before you complain and crucify!

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