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December 27, 2010

Man beaten after '09 hotel shooting shot, killed Sunday

[UPDATE: Police say they are trying to find out why they didn't charge Woodland after his hospital release. They arrested him in November on minor drug charges, but prosecutors say they were never contacted about pursuing gun charges.] 

A year ago this month, Raymond Woodland was partying in a downtown hotel when police say he pulled a TEC-9 semi-automatic firearm and shot a 19-year-old in the face. The victim’s friends responded by beating Woodland into critical condition.

Woodland, who in a few moments went from suspect to victim, was never charged for the shooting as he lay in a hospital bed with a grim prognosis.

But he apparently recovered: on Sunday, the 20-year-old was on the streets and walking through Southwest Baltimore when he was fatally shot.

Police on Monday identified Woodland as the man shot multiple times in the 2100 block of Boyd St. Officers responded to the scene at about 7:50 a.m., and Woodland was pronounced dead about two hours later at Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

After the hotel shooting on Dec. 6, 2009, police said they intended to charge Woodland with attempted murder if he ever got out of the hospital, but charges were never filed.

Instead, the men who beat him – Dominic Anderson and Abdullah Omar – were charged. Their trial is slated to begin Jan. 25.

It’s not clear when Woodland was released from the hospital, but in November he was charged with drug dealing and was out on $5,000 bond, records show. A woman who answered the phone at Woodland’s home declined an interview request.

We're trying to figure out why Woodland was never charged - after all, he is accused of shooting someone in the face. Defense attorney Warren A. Brown, who represents Anderson, said prosecutors said that using Woodland as a witness in the case against Anderson and Omar and pursuing charges against him as a suspect presented a conflict, but he said they informed him that they were trying to work on a remedy. I've got calls out to prosecutors and police to try to clear up the situation. 

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What goes around comes around. That's all I have to say...Justice served - lesson learned :)

Street justice does tend to have a note of finality to it! I wonder if any of the thug 'wannabees' learned anything from this or if they simply are determined to have better weapons?
This is a tragedy.. but that's life in the city!

One less socio-path. Hopefully Prosecutors will now drop the charges they never should have brought in the first place against the other two men.

I'll give you a clue why he wasn't charged.....
because the government is incompetent and it's impossible to get fired from any government job.

Justice has not been served because the person who made this mistake is likely still picking up a check from the city.

Like I have always said, he will not be missed.

Headline: Blacks killing blacks

I find this to be shocking! Baltimore is a wonderfully safe city thanks to the decades of liberal, er, uh, I mean, progressive, politicians who have been elected time after time after time and who have done such a fantastic job of bringing families and businesses into Charm City.

As I always said, "You get away with nothing in this life. What goes around eventually comes back around. You may get it back in a different form but, YOU WILL GET IT BACK. JUSTICE SERVED."

Gee, can't imagine why no one wants to live in the city.

Rawlings-Blake should be dropped off on the Howard Street bridge one morning in a spot with a clear view of southbound 83.

Then she should have to explain to the 23 actual taxypaying citizens left in Baltimore why it is that thousands of upon thousands of potential taxpayers stream into the city each morning, and stream right back out again each evening.

You are all some hateful people. Since, a) you don't know who killed him or why and b) since he wasn't charged in the first place then he wasn't guilty then **either**. You all like to trumpet the "greatness" of this country with your conservative punishment stances and blaming "liberals" but after oh, 16 YEARS of Bushes that were the genesis of most of this crap look where we are now. Yeah, it's not cool but until your OWN __it doesn't stink why not keep it to yourself rather than throwing it around in some much self-righteous indignation (and while you're all at it stop speeding, talking on your cell phones, walking your dogs off the leash, double parking in Fells Points getting tickets and bitching about it etc etc. etc. - that's the same slippery slope you're bitching about here.

How do you know he won't be missed and justice was served? Mr. Woodland was somebody's son, may have even had a friend or two. Vicious heartless people on this board.

GreggH, you are right. He was innocent, just tell that to the family who's child was murdered by him. As for blaming liberals, if conservatives were in charge we would blame them so until that happens people will blame liberals.

I'm sure there are people that will miss Mr. Woodland. I just wish the electric chair would have taken him out of this world instead of another random killing in the city of Baltimore.

221 dead so far this year, the city is safer than last year which ended with 238. Come on Baltimore, we still have a few days left to blow past that number, I know you can do it! I'm not sure how we can call the city safe with an average of just over 4 killings a week so far. Heck, one might think Baltimore was Baghdad but without the IEDs.

You silly people claiming "justice served." Look at the criminal records of the people who beat this man. And don't you think that the person who killed him is another person who kills for a living? They were all criminals. So, there is still a murderer running around the city. Finally, self-defense is perfectly legal; but beating someone to near death in self-defense is not. Grow up.

PS: Texas is a conservative state with one of the highest murder rates in the nation. What a crock blaming liberals. Grow up.

Raymond was someone's son, brother, grandson, nephew & cousin, so to his family he will be missed. Raymond was not perfect and did some very bad things. What he did last year in the hotel was wrong, but Phillip he did not kill anyone. He shot a 19 yr old man in the face & Raymond was beaten very bad. We have to be very careful of the things we say. Cham said it best there are some very cruel people on this board. Tony Smith was also correct, there still is another murderer running around Baltimore. So how has justice been served? I just hope what has happened to my family none of you experience!

People we need to pray for everyone the just and the unjust. That could being your child or children in the Hotel having fun. Am saying no one got justice in this matter. Please pray for the youths of Baltimore, Maryland. Please pray for them just as well for self.

What do u expect ppl 2 say? No! Heartless is when a person shoots another 1 in the face! Heartless is all of these dead bodies that weren't deserving of their fate! U do dirt, u get dirt! Sorry 4 the pain of Raymond's family, but not for there being 1 less terrorist on these streets. I can't take it anymore!! Ppl think that this is a way 2 slove their qualms so they get what the hell they get! Tired of playing with these killers cause they sho ain't playing with us! All in favor of life for a life say I: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Most of the crime in Texas happens in the big cities, which are run by liberals who coddle the thugs with midnight basketball instead of prison

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