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August 25, 2010

Young female murder suspect fired shot after robbery victim laughed, police say

[UPDATE: Here's the story that ran in print today, including interviews with the suspect's family members, who say she had an uncontrollable temper and needed help.]

The 14-year-old girl charged with fatally shooting a man during a robbery attempt earlier this month fired her gun when one of the victims laughed at her because she was so young, according to police charging documents filed this morning.

Prosecutors, in seeking the young suspect be held without bail, described Arteesha Holt (left) in court papers as a "flight risk and a danger to the citizens of Baltimore." The young girl is charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, using a handgun in the commission of a violent crime and several other offenses.

Police have said the girl may have tried to rob two men on Linwood Avenue on Aug. 13 as part of a gang initiation. The victims were among three Latino men killed in recent weeks in a spate of crimes that has shaken the community in Southeast Baltimore.

A rally was held in Patterson Park on Tuesday following the beating death of 51-year-old Hondouran Martin Reyes. The suspect, a mentally disturbed man, told police he beat Reyes with a board because he hated Mexicans. Police have classified that killing as a hate crime.

The Aug. 13 shooting involving the 14-year-old suspect occurred in the 100 block of North Linwood Ave. about 9:40 p.m. Police said an officer was flagged down by Wilmer Bonilla, 26, who needed help. The officer found Jose Rodolfo Gonzalez-Coreas, 43, lying on the front steps of a rowhouse with a gunshot wound to the head.

Bonilla told police, according to the charging documents, that he and Gonzalez were sitting on the steps when a young girl armed with a silver handgun approached and announced a robbery. "Because of the age of the suspect the victims began to laugh at which time the suspect fired one shot grazing the victim Wilmer Bonilla's head and striking Jose Coreas in the center of his forehead."

The victim was rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital and was on Aug. 17 was listed as brain dead. Police said he was kept alive so that doctors could harvest his organs. He was pronounced dead Aug. 20 at 5 a.m.

Police said they identified Holt as a suspect because she had told several friends and bystanders about her involvement and that her 18-year-old brother had helped her escape from the neighborhood. But she gave the gun to her brother, according to police, and he kept the .32 caliber revolver in a black bag.

Police said the brother showed the gun to people and later was seen by police officers carrying the bag. Officer stopped the brother and arrested him on a handgun violation. They said investigators later linked the gun to the shooting.

Prosecutors said in court documents that the young Holt has a pending juvenile burglary case.

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Some true criminal masterminds there. It's like they didn't even care if they were caught.

I guess it is the victims fault for laughing at her..... I don't even know what to say about this?

I hope she is tried when Bernstein is behind the helm of the citys states attorneys office... Lets [PLEASE] make her the example. What a waste... Her parents should be ashamed of this piece of work. More than likely, she is the product of drug addicted parents who just didnt care OR know how to raise her.

There is dumb and there is dumber, why would he be running around with a murder weapon (gun) in a black bag. Well, evidently it shows that these apples probably did not fall far from the tree.
The public was probably taking care of them before and now we will definitely be taking care of them but they will be fine with 3 h ots and a cot plus free medical care

sad she's just another statistic in a city feel'd with em. prayers to the families, including hers.

Where are the parents? I will not judge because this type of behavior starts from somewhere, the question is what can I do to help? Comments are just words, what are u doing to solve the situation? I pray for the victims famliesy and the family of the suspect, so matter how we look at it, two families are affected...

Please, please, PLEASE charge this wanna be thug, this low life that has absolutely nothing to offer society, who will forever be a burden to the an adult! That way...she NEVER gets out to breed and/or to kill again! Also, her thug brother should be charged as an accessory to murder as well as accessory to attempted murder as well as a slew of other charges! disgusting!

Unbelievable...every time you think the City can't sink any lower in the way citizens act, a new crime is committed. Is the current States Attorney going to blame this crime on poor police work?

I hope the guy who survived is there to laugh at the girl when she gets the lethal injection.

What a waste of space. I hope they charge her as an adult (they probably won't) and I hope she rots in jail (she'll be out in 5 years).

If only the citizens of Maryland were allowed to protect themselves and carry concealed weapons would these sorts of things stop. Too all you nay-sayers, would you like to wager on criminals like this obey the handgun laws? No, the only people who obey such laws are the victims, such as these Hispanic men.

Don't the illegals know you can't make fun of city folk, they take umbrage at such things!

So aside from the whole gang initiation thing, this shining example of a waste of skin shoots a guy because he laughed at her? What part of this case doesn't call for the death penalty? Not that the victim would have had one, but this is a prime example of why Maryland needs a concealed carry system. With no way to defend themselves, citizens are just easy pickings for animals like this girl. Once people start shooting back, and the doubt of whether a robbery safe for the perpetrator can be carried out, the violence will begin to decrease and the crime rate will be lower. This has been proven time and again in all the cities that permit the carrying by citizens of concealed weapons.

I hope that she is charged as an adult. I am sickened when these youth commit heinous crimes and are charged as juveniles. These actions SHOULD NOT be expunged from their records when they turn 18.

Hopefully State's Attorney Bernstein will be in place by that time and see this girl experiences the fullest extent of a new and improved criminal justice system in Baltimore City.

I think that people should realize that, when someone has a gun pointed at you, it probably isn't a good idea to antagonize them.
There's enough violent crime in Baltimore that residents and visitors should observe some basic precautions. One of those would be--do not argue with or laugh at someone while they have a gun pointed at you. Whatever you have is not worth your life. Turn over your stuff to the robber and try and remember what they look like so that you can identify them when they get caught.

My blessing and prayer go out to the families of theses gentelman who was killed and a speed recovery to the other gentelman. ok i agree that this little girl is so out the back door wrong and yes should be punish but why is it always that every black family that has someone in it thats commit a crime have to be from a broken family, drug parents or better yet on welfare or some type of system and ha maybe instead of the public takeing care of them maybe her parents work and take care of someone in these small minder thinkers families. you can't always blame the parents , being a parent myself and i'm sure a lot of us are you can't always watch your children at all time especally if you have to work to support your family. So don't be so quick to blame the parents unless you know that for sure that they are drug addict or on the system . what if she was white then what would that make it better because her parents just couldn't be drug addicts or on the system. yeal right sometimes we need to think before we speak and try not to pass judgement.

She didn't get enough Social Outreach Freebies from the City's tax payers....that's the REAL problem! Free Summercamp with horse back rides and tennis lessons would have prevented all of this.

Couple of things: she's not eligible for the death penalty because of her age. (She also doesn't fit the statutory requirements even if she was of age.) She does need to be locked under the jail for the rest of her life though--thoguh again, because of her age, I'm not so sure she can be.

As for all this talk about concealed carrying of weapons. Answer me this one, geniuses: since the criminal always has the element of surprise since they know the timing of the crime and the victim--armed or not--doesn't, why wouldn't they just walk up to you, shoot you in the head, and talk your wallet--and concealed weapon I guess--from your lifeless corpse? With everyone carrying a concealed weapon, I guess that would be the response from the crimnal's perspective, wouldn't it? (I guess unless you're going to go Charlie Bronson on anyone who looks suspicious to you. Maybe your neighbor witnesses the crime and maybe they have a weapon, but why would they intervene and risk their necks to avenge you?) Nice idea, but one that doesn't provide the answers you think it does.

Annie, unfortunately the majority of kids who get involved with gangs, shootings, and other criminal behavior likely come from broken homes where drugs or crime is in the family history. Unfortunately its mostly minority kids. But its not society's fault. Thats an excuse used by those who refuse to work at life. Its always somebody elses fault. I'm sure at some point this poor girl will be represented as the victim and not someone who just plain made stupid bad choices.

There are too many good people, parents, and children out there who are making the right choices and despite many seemingly unfair hurdles life has thrown at them, are doing everything possible to be good citizens and contributors rather than choosing the easy way. Everyone of us is presented with choices in life and we all grow up learning the difference between right and wrong. Some people choose the quick and easy path, thinking money, drugs, and violence are the answer to their problems. They refuse to admit that its the quickest way to pain, hurt, jail and even death. They think anyone who gets in their way is expendable. They do not value human life. They think they are either invincible or will be the one who wont get caught. Good luck with that line of thinking.

The "girl" in this case doesnt looks anything like a typical 14 year old. She's hardened already. You can see it in her face. Whether it was the absense of good parents or other family role models - especially the 18 year old brother - thats where the problem lies. She's certainly made a terrible mistake that may cost her her life through no ones fault but her own.

Natalie Semon said: "Whatever you have is not worth your life. Turn over your stuff to the robber..."

That may not be enough in this town. Remember the Hopkins research student, on his way home from the train station? He gave them the money and they still killed him.

I say they can have it when they pry it from my cold dead hands. And I am going to do everything I can to take one or two of them with me.

This girl is the perfect argument in favor of eugenics.

I'm glad she didn't run across me with her gun. I've been laughing since I clicked on the link and saw her picture.

Reading the comments above, I am ashamed to be a member of the same human race as the writers of them.

People are people, and should be made to suffer the consequences of their actions. I have no problem with that. But please, leave the other heinous comments about the murder suspect out of it.

I am also ashamed to live in a country where people under the age of majority can even be considered to be tried as an adult. Legally and morally, that is repugnant.

It is legally repugnant because a society cannot claim that individuals lack the responsibilities and rights of an adult under the law … until they do something wrong. It is morally repugnant because young people's brains are underdeveloped and in flux.

This murder suspect should, under no circumstances, if convicted, be allowed back on the street. But tried as an adult? I don't think so.

I think it's time that we recognize that we can both protect ourselves from crime AND behave as members of a grand and civilized society.

I was going to reserve comment about the preposterous idea of making an example of a 14-year-old---but now that it has been topped by the suggestion that the death penalty would be appropriate---how is that not antisocial too? Fourteen is very young. Not young enough that juvie is the right penalty, but 4-5 years short of being worth giving up on.

Teens are inherently dangerous and especially so in an environment that condones violence. Permanently incarcerating the ones that make fatal decisions is somewhat arbitrary because a good deal of the crime (especially when Colonel Colt is involved!) is a product of the circumstance and not a complete thought process on the part of the individual. It is also ridiculously expensive in the long term.

If there should be a crackdown on teens who commit crime, it should be to get them off the street and in a juvenile program on the first remotely serious offense, not to give them second chances. The second chances should be when they are 21 or 25 or 30, when they should no longer be young and stupid and can reasonably be expected to support themselves.

If only this country would have the courage to elect a black president. Then maybe the miniorities would have someone to look up to and embrace traditional American values. Yea right...

This is the setup for the defenses.

Myron, people of this social standing have been in a bad place for so long that it will take generations for them to have responsibility and self respect. In East B'more, it's much more a socio-economic issue than a race issue. For generations now, the high teen pregnancy rate has left kids to become like stray alley cats, making there own way through life, seeking recognition from others of the same caste and this is the result. But don't worry Myron, your obvious understanding of minority issues is a godsend to the problem.

The shooter is only 14 and on prescription meds. She suffered humiliation and degradation when the Latino bigot laughed at her. Her rage is not only understandable, but justified.

And she's black and female in a city controlled by liberals.

Any guesses as to what's going to happen in court?

Myron you're a Moron.

I've got an idea to cut the budget. I say we bring in the air force and carpet bomb (preferably a "daisy cutter" type) the NW and NE side of Baltimore. Just an idea. Obviously, give fair warning to the worthwhile. :-) Cheers.

I was so deeply hurt when I saw the picture of Arteesha on the news. I personally knew her when she was a student at my elementary school. Since the age of 7 she was a very lovable child, full of energy, loved to read, followed rules, hardly was in trouble, and was an advanced student. She would always offer to help me after school. She left my school (her and her brothers) at the age of 10 and I didnt hear from her anymore. It hurts me to my heart to see how an innocent child can grow up to be a danger to society. Where did things go wrong???? Its too late to point fingers now. How many children are we going to continue to slip through the cracks? Once our students now, who are our future are caught up in the negative influences in the streets, how can we guide them in the right direction? I truly agree that it starts at home, but what can we do when what they learned or did not learn at home doesnt work. There are children from many socioeconomic backgrounds in this country that grow up to become killers. Everyone should reach out to atleast one child who is caught up in the negative influences in the streets and become their mentor. I feel upset that I didnt follow her or check up on her once she left elem school. Could I have done something to help her continue to think about books and a good education instead of guns??? I know I cant blame myself but now she has to be institutionalized for the rest of her life when she could of become a doctor or lawyer in the future. I think that the hundreds of kids who are now in the juvenile detention centers should receive counseling before they are released to try to get them back on the right track. Even though what she did was wrong, I still remember the bright child that she once was. Wow, if I could of seen in the future, what could I have said to help her???

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

I continue to see words like, eugenics, welfare, animal, death penalty being thrown around on this board, and it sickens me.

Somehow you think you're better than this girl, and the Hispanic gentleman she killed. Newsflash: you're not!

Makes me so happy to read this, 1 less illegal and 1 less breeder, thanks Peter you made my day.

If she could have only found her happy place.

It's so sad to read the comments about this child being from a drug or public assistance family when the commentors don't even know her. So much hate in this country, open your minds God fearing people and pray for these families. I've worked in the penal system for over 20years and have counted both black and white convicts as well as them coming from wonderful homes. Peer pressure is number one in situations such as this. Break the chain of hate.

Trying to wash this away by saying she suffers with mental problems is simply too easy. This is once again a case of someone out of control with no parental supervision. Why does a 14 year old have possession of a handgun? BTW she was with her 18 year old brother. Does he suffer with mental problems too? The Black community of Baltimore should be ashamed of themselves for not having better control of their children, and for thinking that attacks on other races is simply OK. What are they going to do if these races start to retaliate? CRY RACISM? They have to understand that their actions will be dealt with. Why is the court system scared to hand out the maximum penalties for these crimes?
One of her family members said that not only the Hispanic family lost a member, but that they did too by this "child" being in jail. Lady your family should have taken her by the scruff of her neck a long time ago.

"She suffered humiliation and degradation when the Latino laughed at her"...what the H is going on here? Suffered? Excuse me, who was holding the gun?
Blacks in Baltimore better start taking control of their kids. When stuff like this happens please do not try to shift it away as actually being someone else's fault. This is ridiculous and I hope this girl gets the whole book thrown at her. She deserves no less. If she is old enough to kill someone she is old enough to pay the penalties...which in this case will be a slap on the wrist, because she is black...and lives in Baltimore. I am sure her uncontrollable actions did not just start with this murder. Someone should have taken her by the scruff of her neck a long time ago and told her that her actions are not OK. Mental problems should not excuse her from any penalties.

This isn't a black issue...It is so easy to "cherry-pick" instances like this, and label an entire race of people...So do I take Madoff and indict an entire race of people? Do I take Jeffrey Damler and judge an entire race of people?

This kid has some issues. She is an individual. There are a lot of screwed up people in Baltimore City, but these people, people like this stupid girl, shouldn't be used to judge an entire race of people...Grow up, when you get down to it, we are all more related than most of you care to realize!

Another 14 year old THUG, HOODLUM in the making, just got her first bulls eye!
Good job Charm City! When are you going to learn that you have to clean up the trash heaps of Baltimore?
To say this individual has mental problems is simply a way of trying to get her out of jail and back on the streets, looking for her next victim.
No I am not going to show any compassion, except for the victim's family.
If she had been taken by the scruff of her neck a long time ago, when she first started acting up, sat down and told her behavior is not accepted, perhaps this would not have happened.
And her 18 yr old brother no better than her! Well what can I say? Another poor black family let down by the system. Shame!

The best solution here for the benefit of society is to execute this murderer now before she has another chance. We will wait, however, until she kills again and again. She is a dreg and useless to society. She is the only one to blame. Everyone will be avoiding Baltimore like it has the plague if they aren't alreay. I am.

and where are the parents of this girl..hmmm????

Hmmm... Commenters are asking about parents -- plural? Untold trillions of Great Society giveaway dollars hasn't cured the screw-'em-and-leave mentality of our, er, "urban" areas? Go figure. Hey! Let's give away some MORE!

There are many more kids out there like this one. People can psychoanalyze her, debate causes, etc, fact is it all begins at the bottom...home...and works its way to the top. Guess "Hope and Change" hadn't quite made it to her neighborhood yet...I'm waiting for someone to blame Bush...

Bmore is the biggest dump on Earth, enjoy

She grew up cared for by the tax payers, now she will continue to be cared for by the tax payers,.....from welfare to prison.

94% chance the democrats just lost another future voter in this young woman.No worries, though. The party is working hard to insure that felons are returned their right to vote, realizing 90% of the people in American jails would vote Democrat.

"at which time the suspect fired one shot grazing the victim Wilmer Bonilla's head and striking Jose Coreas in the center of his forehead."

That must have been some magical bullet.

The spelling in some of these comments tells me all I need to know about the writer, even if their sentiments didn't!

There's a lesson here. If confronted, give up your stuff. Don't laugh. Don't antagonize the scumbag. Then when they are leaving, pull your own gun and shoot them in the back. Then roll them over and shoot them in the front. This prevents reoccurance and saves lives down the road. It also confuses the police. You people in Baltimore have the same right as I do to carry a weapon for self defence. You just refuse to exercise it. You get the government you deserve.

Arteesha ??? - is that a real name?

Too bad she is not in Iran or Saudi Arabia, they do have some public punishments that would be fitting for this crime. (think stoning, hanging, or a public be-heading). Perhaps then gang bangers and there kin would think twice before murdering and robbing).

I don't agree with the Saudis with much but they do have some punishments fitting for some crimes I would say.

What will happen to her 4 kids?

3 hots and a cot? I've got a better number for her .45 caliber. Get this POS out of our lives forever for under a buck instead of the time and money to incarcerate.

This story is so tragically humorous because it took place in the same city where a LEO was fired for keeping a kid in line and giving him some tough love. I guess the powers that be in Baltimore would rather have the locals become one of THESE as opposed to a productive member of society.
Enjoy it folks - the message has been sent.

Hardly a surprising crime in a city full of trash. Why is it that nearly all of the cities dominated by liberal politics for decades represent the worst cities on the planet? Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, they all suck, are a complete drain on society, produce little if anything of value, and yet there is never any real criticism of the liberal values that have driven them into the ground (in fact, the stupid people of those cities continue to vote in those who are hell bent on leaving them without hope).

Teacher, you're clearly an idiot. It sickens you because people on these boards think they are better than this girl. I can only assume most of us are not out killing people so clearly we ARE much better thank you. This is not a normal 14 yr old kid and they should not treat her as one in our court system. I'm sick of you with all these excuses. Stealing something as a teen under peer pressure, ok forgivable. Trying recreational drugs or drinking at a young age, risky but doesn't forecast a future criminal. KILLING someone goes above and beyond any human with a heart and a conscience. I and no one else should have any compassion WHATSOEVER for anyone except the two innocent victims who were minding their own business.

Kid or no kid, screw the BS Jessamy model and think she can be fixed through rehabilitation. Put her down like violent stray pitbul. Easy and cost effective.

Ah, Baltimore. I see not much has changed. Great city, just so long as you don't leave the aquarium - the rest of it is a zoo...

I think it's about time to utilize "Surge" tactics against criminal gangs. I don't see how they're any better than terrorists.

I am so proud of how far women have come since the beginning of feminism.
Paul Johnson,Milton, Fl

Two less problems for Baltimore.

Send her to the chair.

And hope the news gets home to Mexico City - it's dangerous up there!!

it says: "The suspect, a mentally disturbed man, told police he beat Reyes with a board because he hated Mexicans."
I bet he wasn't white, yellow, nor Mexican......
Why not to say it? Verboten, Mr. urinalist?

Arresting this girl and holding her without bail simply for murdering a robbing victim in cold blood? I'm positive Al Sharpton will speak up soon to explain how being so unkind to this MURDERER is a racist attack on her civil rights!


Okay, since you're snarkiness is SO COOL...a lot of the time, bad guys are trying to make the least amount of trouble possible for the most amount of gain...most of the time, they are looking for victims who are not situational aware...if you go through life oblivious, then you are setting yourself up for failure...also, if the firearm is CONCEALED how will the BGs know a person has it...and, there are a LOT of concealed carry license holders now: how many do you hear about being shot in the head and robbed, as you put it? You know the liberal media would LOVE to put that on the news...Finally, I would rather have the means to try and defend myself instead of simply being at the mercy of any random thug...YOU are a liberal AND you have a "the cops will save me" victim mentality...the cops do yeoman's work, but they can't be everywhere at once...hey though, stay stupid and maybe the BGs will get YOU instead of score is as good as another, especially one they don't have to work for...

Genetic decay. The best possible solution is a speedy trial, conviction, execution and then use the remains to fertilize a garden to feed the hungry.

I was in b-more 1 time, in the "combat zone". It sucked. Aptly named. Some people are animals.

Saw all this on the "Wire".

Get Rudy down here from NY to clean this crap up!

Or not. Home of the NAACP. In one of the wealthiest states in the country and we have to watch this stuff year after year after year.

How are those Democratic Mayors working out for Baltimore?

Only a death penalty will do.

Remember how you Yankees used to sniff and turn up your noses at how things were handled in the Old South ?

There was a reason.

Still is.

This girl made a voluntary, free will choice which will impact her life forever. SHE CHOSE TO PULL THAT TRIGGER! Her skin color has nothing to do with the crime. Until such time as the justice system deals with the issue of violent juvenile offenders, these kind of stories will continue to appear throughout our country. The appropriate punishment here will be a minimum of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole ever being even considered.

While this girl should be locked up for the rest of her life, the parents should also be located and punished.

If this was part of a "gang initiation", why not charge every member of the "gang" with murder also. Round them all up and throw away the key.

I drove an elderly man to Baltimore once years ago to seek treatment at John Hopkin's and we were nearly mugged in broad daylight walking along a busy sidewalk. Two foot officers just happened along and prevented it from becoming ugly. We took a brief tour of the city and decided to never's a sewer, made Miami seem like a safe haven.

The quote "hardly was in trouble" is all too familiar whereby the principal did nothing but rationalize the situation in order to placate an angry parent. The fall person was the teacher, who took issue with the bad behavior. Point of the matter is that are many, many psychopathic young adults among us all over this country. We label them children, misguided or basically good kids as an excuse for not properly handling the problems, while the teacher that spends more time than anyone else with them and listening or watching the behavior is vilified. So just keep rationalizing the behavior as the teachers are learning to keep their mouth shuts to avoid the unemployment line and these children are turning their guns on you the public. Now after 10 years of warnings, just maybe you will listen to the teachers and let them run the schools instead of these lame administrators and school boards.

Make an example, I don't care if she is 14 this is obviously an aggravated circumstance: Death Penalty.

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