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April 28, 2010

Violent crime busts in Arundel

Some breaking news out of Anne Arundel County police.

Authorities just announced arrests in a 6-month investigation into drugs and shootings in the Brooklyn Park area:

The operation initiated in October of 2009 and concluded in April of 2010 with the objectives of identifying and targeting offenders involved in street level drug violations and illegal gang activity, gathering criminal intelligence and developing investigative leads pertaining to other criminal activity, and reducing violent crime in the area while increasing safety and security for the residents of Brooklyn Park.
 During the course of the investigation, eight search warrants were executed on residences and two search warrants were executed on vehicles. Information was submitted to the State’s Attorney’s Office on two of the residences for possible nuisance house violations as these addresses have had multiple drug and nuisance complaints in recent years.

We've uploaded pictures of the suspects. More from the police statement:

Contraband was seized as a result of the search warrants including approximately 34 grams of suspected cocaine with an estimated street value of $3,343.00, approximately 102.74 grams of suspected marijuana with an estimated street value of $3,082.00, approximately $1,740 worth of controlled prescription medication and one handgun. Additionally, five vehicles and $3,138.00 in U.S. currency were seized as drug gains. In total, 24 suspects were arrested and charged. (19 adults and five juveniles) Additionally, an arrest warrant has been issued for another suspect. The community played an integral role during the investigation by providing detectives with critical information.

“Crime fighting works best when there's a partnership between alert citizens and a responsive Police Department,” County Executive Leopold said. “I want to thank the citizens for standing up to drug dealers and gangs in their neighborhood.”

“I am extremely proud of the officers and their contributions throughout this extensive operation,” said Chief of Police Colonel James Teare, Sr. “Identifying and targeting offenders involved in criminal activity is a goal of the department and the success of this operation is apparent in the number of arrests made and the amount of contraband seized.”

Search and seizure warrants were executed at the following residences: 

310 Audrey Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21225
105 4th Avenue SE, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
240 West Edgevale Road, Baltimore, MD 21225 (Submitted to SAO for nuisance house)
5003 Brookwood Road, Baltimore, MD 21225 (Submitted to SAO for nuisance house)
Undisclosed residence in Glen Burnie, MD 21061
121 Camrose Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21225
122 Camrose Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21225
5302 Patrick Henry Drive, MD 21225

The following suspects were charged:

Suspect: Leroy Antonio Sherrod, 27, of 533 N. Washington Street, Baltimore, MD 21225. The suspect was charged with Possession of Cocaine and Illegal Possession of Controlled Prescription Medication
Suspect: Saahir Shakir Smith, 24, of 824 Herndon Court, Baltimore, MD 21225. The suspect was charged with Possession of Cocaine and Illegal Possession of Controlled Prescription Medication.

Suspect: James Colinson, 39, of 310 Audrey Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21225. The suspect was charged with Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Suspect: Juvenile male from Baltimore, MD 21225. The suspect was charged with  Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia  

Suspect: Bobby Alton Jones, 33, of 310 Audrey Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21225. The suspect was charged with Possession of Marijuana 
Suspect: George Blane Truitt, 39, of 105 4th Avenue SE, Glen Burnie, MD 21061. The suspect was charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Suspect: Mary L. Keene, 60, of 240 West Edgevale Road, Baltimore, MD 21225. The suspect was charged with Possession of Marijuana.

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People need to wake up. The prohibition of drugs causes the violence. The government tells us that they must prohibit drugs and then they tell us that we need them to protect us from the monsters that they create! And they don't even allow us to carry guns to defend ourselves from the drug dealers. The government creates the criminals and then demands more resources to fight them. Take back your government. Take back your freedoms. End the immoral war on drugs!!!

Now that all this money was spent on this investigation and all the man hors and time and energy was put into it - you should feel proud of yourselves - except for one thing - they'll get a slap on the wrist and be out in no time! Why? so the government and the lawyers can make more money!

So you're telling me that 25 people's lives will be permanently altered by police and prosecution for $11,000 of drugs and 5 cars- What a load of bull! This is exactly why the drug war doesn't work. Over those six months of the investigation, they paid the officers at least 5-6 times what they seized and more!

Phyrric victory. Long live Hamsterdam.

Pyrrhic victory. Long live Hamsterdam.

Bill - Thanks for your insightful and intelligent comments. YOU ARE CORRECT. The drug war is a joke. If people want to drink it's OK, but not use pot or other drugs??? That is insane!!! END THE WAR ON DRUGS NOW!!!!!

Only $3K in cash? There has to be more where that came from!

Who calls this a good job?why because the amount of drugs they found?now what if i told you that the police locked up 25 people for a stolen bag of chips.would that make you mad? well you should be mad then because the amount of drugs they did seize could have belong to one on top of that the drugs that did seized was only worth $2.500.00 . but yet they miss led people to thinking that this was a good the real question is how much money did they use from our already tapped budget . see if you can get the real numbers from that ! an when you finish with that there its somebody in jail who really dont belong there. an i'm pretty sure there are to many cold case murders an shootings ya'll could be working on.instead of wanting a pat on the back for petty crimes. go after the big sharks first an the small ones will die off.

25 people arrested for 3k worth of drugs on a 6 month that what we are claiming as a win? seems like a waste of time to me. That equals about $120 per person...or what we in Baltimore city say is just another day on the corner.

So the police spent money doing an investigation? It's not about how much they seized, the police are not trying to make money. They will likely find out from those arrested who they are buying from and go after the big fish. It sounds like most of the commenters are advocating for the criminals. If they didn't want their "lives ruined" they shouldn't have had ANY drugs in their house. Selling cocaine=criminal.

I smoke cigarettes, which makes me a pariah to many. Other people smoke marijuana - by much the same technique although the smoke is drawn more deeply into the lungs and can give you cancer as quickly if not more than cigarettes. These people are not shunned but more likely lauded as anti-conventional personalities. Its all a matter of PC thought. Facts are not an issue here. Cigarettes do not make me intoxicated. Ilegal drugs do, and take over your life. Think!

I agree with most of the comments above. How can this be a good drug bust? For 6-months worth of police work, they were only able to get about $8k worth of drugs, $3k cash, 5 cars and one gun?

Hopefully by hitting those 25 people with drug charges, they can slow down some drug deals by possibly scaring others from buying/selling drugs.... but I doubt it. Those arrested won't get in alot of trouble because of the small amount confiscated, so it most likely won't 'scare anyone straight'.

However, if police continue to make many, many drug busts this size, it could make people decide it's not worth the risk. Generally the police just go after the big dealers, so these smaller ones tend to feel safe. I'm going to remain hopeful, since the police are so excited about this bust, that this means they're onto something and will go after EVERY drug dealer....... we'll see.....

Excellent job to our Officers. What you must remenber is that if these people were in to drugs they are more than likely into so many other illegal things.


Haha 6 months WASTED for an ounce of coke and 3 and 1/2 ounces of weed. Our tax dollars at work. Oh I forgot there was some prescription medication there too! And by the way folks, the "street value" of the coke is nowhere near $3300 it is HALF of that. I bet that $3,138 will pay for about 1/20th of what it cost to waste 6 months on this garbage.

Those Baltimore zipcodes are wrong - Edgevale and Brookwood are both 21229. The Brookwood house is in Hunting Ridge.,0,5916640.story


Can you believe there are two Brookwood Roads in Baltimore?- In Hunting Ridge and Brooklyn.

Perhaps I ought to just mind my own business...

look at the people being charged, many of them for simple marijuana possession and paraphernalia (which apparently could also be the same bag holding the herb) this bust isnt anything to rave about... clearly evident by the quantity/cash seized. all this is is putting all the low end hustlers/users in some more troubles then they were before. the estimated value seized? 102 grams of herb for 3,000 street value??? lets do the math considering this herb was some high grade. 107 grams sold by the gram for $25 which is as high a gram will get... $2675. but yeah add a couple hundred dollars to make it look better because nobody will notice.... the propaganda will never end

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