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December 31, 2009

Every Step you take...

Well, it's been awhile. But today The Sun published another story from my reporting in London, this one focusing on the use of closed-circuit cameras. Baltimore has been doing some interesting things with CCTV in recent years, and I thought it would make sense to visit a watch center in one of the most-watched places in the world. But I didn't realize going into the interview just how closely officials in Baltimore and Westminster, a borough in central London, had worked together to implement our city's network. We ended up talking more about this thoughts about Baltimore, and in an interview this week, Gov. Martin O'Malley was candid about the challenges he faced in maximizing their effectiveness.

Here's a map of all the camera locations in the city, with the exception of transportation cameras, private systems, and some new cameras that went up at the Inner Harbor.

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About 'Crime: A Tale of Two Cities'
When "The Wire" gained popularity in Great Britain, we were contacted by a London-based journalist who proposed a job swap. Mark Hughes, a crime reporter with The Independent, a national newspaper in the United Kingdom, wanted to come to Baltimore to see if the city’s police officers, drug dealers, prosecutors and politicians bore any resemblance to those on show. We agreed to complete the exchange by sending our police reporter, Justin Fenton, to London to compare crime trends. We’ll publish some of their work in the print edition of The Sun, and more observations will be available here.

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Justin Fenton has covered crime for the Baltimore Sun for five years, in suburban counties and Baltimore City. His award-winning work has included coverage of the Amish schoolhouse slayings in Lancaster, Penn.; a 16-year-old boy who executed his parents and two brothers in their sleep; a three-part series about the odyssey of a female serial con artist; and a small town’s crippling baseball stadium deal with a hometown athlete.

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A Brit in Baltimore
Mark Hughes is the crime correspondent for The Independent newspaper in Britain, a national daily based in London. He has covered the goings on at Scotland Yard, and further afield, since 2008. Previous to that he was the paper’s north of England reporter, working from Manchester. He joined The Independent in 2007 after three years working on a regional newspaper in Carlisle.

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