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Smallville gets the 'Burgundy Blur'

"Dad? I have someone I want you to meet!"

The finale is near, and as it approached, we kept wondering how Lois and Clark were going to stay true to the comic with their relationship? The films show Lois and Clark single. And if this week's episode plays out as planned in the finale, the two will remain so. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Lois womaned up and realized "he/she who wears the crown" indeed has a heavy head. Or in layman's terms...Lois walked in the Blur's shoes and she didn't like it. And who can blame her? The Blur is supposed to help everyone -- on call all the time and still has to hold down a job. The mere thought just tires us out...but read on, if you're so inclined.

Now this may seem like a stupid question...but if your deceased father keeps putting you on spur of the moment trials that entail impossible decisions that ultimately hurt your psyche, why on Earth would you take your fiancee to ask for his permission to marry your true love? Anyone? Anyone? Exactly. You wouldn't! But despite all the knowledge to the contrary, Clark did just that, and how does Jor-El answer his request? He strips Clark's powers and gives them to Lois for an entire day. In that time she tries to resolve the question of who's buying all of Metropolis' water rights while helping those in need.

Lois gets quite the kick out of running around, but realizes that saving the world takes a toll on your wardrobe and your mind. Her super-hearing is cause enough to drive her to distraction, knowing that you can't tune out all the pleas for help. And she sees Clark's daily goings-on in a new light. So, you have to triage and prioritize where to dole out your aid as situations arise...as Clark says, "you get used to it."

But the one thing not so easy to accept? Villains using your loved one as bait to make you do their bidding, like the imprisoned Toyman does to Lois. She must become his puppet or he will send his minions to kill powerless Clark. Lois actually believes Toyman will play by his rules and agrees. But of course, he calls off his minions, because now Lois is sent to kill the Blur. Which she tries to do. Luckily, he regains his powers from her in the nick of time. But in the end, Lois realizes she can't stand in the way of Clark and his duties to the world. As she puts it: "Every moment I take for myself, I keep you from your task of saving people." So Jor-El's "gift" turned out to be another trial that ruins Clark's dreams and plans. Lois realizes their being together makes both of them vulnerable and that just can't happen. So, a day before the wedding, Lois dumps Clark. Talk about timing...ouch!

That's the worst of it, but there's more bad news...super cousin Kara? She was helping Clark keep the planet safe, until Jor-El summons her to the fortress to tell her she must choose to remain with Clark or leave Earth now. Jor-El's reasoning? Kara has her own destiny in another time and place and this is Clark's time to battle. So without so much as a real goodbye Kara uses her Legion ring to leave her only family in the universe. We said it before, and we'll say it again: Jor-El is cold-blooded -- as much as a bodyless voice can be.

Kara leaves not only her cousin high and dry, she leaves Oliver in the pits of the Earth to get the bow of Orion, the one weapon that could destroy Darkside. Oliver's one step away from it after a series of trying tests, and Tess's old school marm comes in and yanks it away from him. Since he's been "Omegafied," he's been a pawn in Darkside's plan. Unfortunately, Kara and Clark don't know that, and he's not man enough to tell them.

So all of Oliver's altruistic plans are for naught, since according to the higher-up Darkside lackey, his great one had bigger plans for Oliver. Something tells us that Oliver is going to be sacrificed for the greater good before it all ends. We don't want to see it happen, but don't you see it as inevitable?

Toyman and other evil-doers are going to use the city's water supply to spread their dark agenda and Clark will be unable to stop them without his right hand man. It's almost too painful to watch. Next time: Armageddon. Or as we like to put it, the end of our Smallville haven forever...sigh...


First off, it's DARKSEID. Learn how to spell. Second off, you do know that Lois and Clark got married in the comics, right? Well that answers your question on how they will stay true to the comics. And Kara did not leave Oliver "high and dry" as you said. They had both completed all the tests together and were about to get the bow when Jor-El summoned Kara back to the Fortress. One would think Oliver could walk 5 feet and grab a bow on his own. And Kara went to the future in the comics as well without saying goodbye to Clark, so Smallville is staying true to the comics once again. Learn what the comics actually say and lay off Smallville's back.

I think that they wanted to get as many episodes as they could for the last season. So we are getting all these episodes that seem like someone put up a chart of ideas on the wall and threw arrows at it. I think that it is funny that Smallville is ending on Friday the 13th. The end is near. Thank Chuck.

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