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Nikita recap: Betrayals

This is a fail-safe spy evasion technique.

Percy said it best, “Don’t trust your right hand man!” And, boy was he right. On this week’s Nikita, nobody was safe especially not Nikita. It was a triple-dip of double-cross, and Percy came out on top after playing everyone like pawns. As we saw last week, Alex was already in hot water after Amanda figured out that she was Nikita’s mole. This week, Amanda got a chance to torture her a bit in an electric shock chair until Percy decided that he wanted some alone time with his former protégé. Nikita was also doing a little cracking of her own. After her latest black box conquest, Miss N was on the hunt for someone to decrypt its contents so she could stop Percy’s next big mission…Operation Sparrow. To pull this off, Nikita kidnapped (or saved, if she tells the story) a CIA cryptographer named Malcolm Mitchell, but unfortunately she ended up getting more surprises than she bargained for.

The truth hurts
After Amanda reveals Alex’s true Russian identity to Percy, he orders her to leave and keep everyone out. Percy then uses the opportunity to show Alex the truth about the night that her family was killed. To her dismay, she learns that it was her father’s right hand man who ordered the hit and that it was Nikita who pulled the trigger. To make things worse, she also finds out that Nikita lied about the tracker in her brain. It’s actually a kill chip that Percy can use to take her down in an instant. With these new facts revealed, Percy tries to convince Alex to switch sides and work against Nikita. Alex is not easily swayed, and she tells Percy that she would rather die than betray Nikita. Percy then gets a chance to prove how powerful he is. When Michael tries to save her by pulling a gun on Percy, Percy uses a remote and in the blink of an eye, Michael is laid out flat on the floor. This seems to make an impression on Alex, because the next thing we know, she is sporting a secret camera necklace and trying to find out Nikita’s next move.

Cracking boxes
Decrypting the box turned out to be a tougher job than Nikita thought. After nabbing Malcolm (Division also tried to get him), she brings him back to her secret lair. She then shows him the box that she wants decoded. Although he is a genius techie, he explains to her that he can’t complete the work without the CIA’s help. Nikita is then forced to contact her ole’ buddy Ryan Fletcher. Fletcher agrees to help her but says the final decryption won’t work without the help of the CIA’s top dogs. Because she has no other choice, Miss N reluctantly agrees to hand over the prized box. After a few mishaps during the exchange process, the box is finally transported safely into Fletcher’s hands and is on its way up the top brass.

The final cross
Because Michael’s cover is blown, Percy also decides to come clean. He calmly reveals to Michael that the whole recent black box affair was a set up. He explains that he knew about their power trio and used their deception for his own purposes. He let them capture the third box (Guardian Winters was in on it too), nab Malcolm, and transport it to the CIA because it was all part of his master plan. (Uh oh, What is his master plan?)

Nikita was also caught unawares. With Alex now working for the other side, she leads Nikita on a wild goose chase prompted by Percy. When Nikita finally realizes that she has been set up for an ambush, she tries to plan an escape for she and Alex. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know that Alex has different intentions. To her surprise, Alex pulls out a gun and points it at her. She then demands that she admit to her past involvement in her family's murder. Nikita doesn’t get a chance to answer because the next thing we hear is the popping sound of a gunshot. Has Alex really lost it? Will Nikita get another chance to take Division down or has Percy finally put a stopped to her for good?


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