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The Vampire Diaries: Will She or Won't She?

Yes, I ingested some of your brother's fluids, but it was completely platonic.

Well what an interesting week with cliffhanger on The Vampire Diaries. So the ritual sacrifice grows nearer, and Klaus is ever the chess master, setting everything in place. Even when our fair Mystic Falls crew thinks they're playing one game, he shows them up for the amateurs that they are. Really well meaning amateurs though.

Poor Damon. He can't help being in love with Elena. Which means he can't help doing rash things like giving Elena his blood so that if she dies, she'll come back as a vampire. He didn't really mean it! It was a spur of the moment decision, and he immediately regretted it -- we think. He should have just trusted in the magical witch potion with no expiration date.

Read on!

Have we ever mentioned how fond we are of Matt? We heart him and his ability to reason for himself. Good for him for noticing that Caroline is just Caroline, and that's she's not a monster. We love that he went looking for her after she didn't show back up. We're also feeling a little charitable towards Sheriff Forbes, who, unlike the last time she found out Caroline was a vampire, is being sentimental about her daughter who has become a vampire. We're keen to find out how that will play out

Back in ritual sacrifice land, our fave peeps aren't used to their adversaries having backup plans. So Klaus grabbed Caroline, Tyler, and had his main witch guarding them...we think that they were really just decoys all along. We think that the real plan was to use the alternates anyway. We felt a little silly for not realizing sooner that the chick witch was Luka's sister...we guess we expected her to be held against her will rather than being a willing player. As for turning Jenna into a vampire so he could kill her as part of the sacrifice...that was a dirty trick, Klaus, and we do not applaud you. Boo, even. And she was being so cool about the whole vamp thing. Seeing Jules captured was no treat, either.

What will be Elena's fate? Will it be revealed in the next ep? How can the Salvatore men keep it from happening? Where's Bonnie, or Elijah, for that matter? We're sure they've got an ace up their sleeves. Um, right?


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Loved the ep. Like you guys I think Klaus meant to use spares anyway. Gotta say I'm surprised they found someone really interesting for this role. That guy is good.

This show keeps getting better.

I just wish they didn't kill Damon. As girlish as I am, I'd like to see his eyes one more season at least.

Still I wonder, why don't you girls do a podcast about this show? I love hearing you debating about gossip girl's plots and I'd love to know what you have to say about those vamps.

no mention of damon and his death sentence? tyler bit him, for crying out loud! i feel like that's a gigantic cliffhanger.

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