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The Vampire Diaries: Klaus: 0, Mystic Falls Gang: 1

"I'd elbow you in the gut right now if you didn't smell so much like that sexy Old Spice guy."

What an excellent week on The Vampire Diaries! We have to say we always liked Alaric, and have written him at least one paean on this blog, but Klaus in Alaric's body? Hot hot hot! He had some great snarky lines on par with what would ordinarily come from Damon, and some of his expressions were priceless, like when Damon told him that he wasn't impressed with Klaus. We are worried though that Klaus won't give Alaric's body back intact. We hope we're wrong, because we <3 Alaric.

Also great fun was the whole 60's dance thing. We have to say that Mystic Falls has more parties than any other place we know. Seems like it's almost every week. Also remarkable is that this high school is filled with not-at-all-awkward teens who can put together a rad 60s outfit at the drop of a hat and can dance in a really coordinated way, and all seem to be having a jolly time with each other. Our own high school experience was quite different, but then we didn't have paranormal peeps popping around every corner like Mystic Falls does. Must be something in the water.

We were charmed by how intent Damon is on saving Elena's life. We love it when he looks at her in that sarcastic yet smoldering way. Sigh.

So Bonnie's not really dead and we're sort of annoyed that we invested grief in her through the whole commercial break. Doesn't she know how fragile we are?

And naughty Elena, enlisting Elijah's aid by removing the dagger in him so that it can be used on Klaus. Though we wonder how that works if Klaus is spending his time hiding in human bodies. Seems to us it would just kill the host body and Klaus would be free to find another. (Please don't kill off Alaric, gods of TV writing land!) We hope that Elijah honors his promise not to harm those Elena loves even if they did him harm. He did make that promise to her right before she stabbed him, right?

One final note. Liz "Sheriff" Forbes is doing a remarkable job not freaking out and trying to kill her daughter like she did the last time she found out about her daughter's vampy ways. Well done, Liz. But don't think we won't revoke our approval if you blow it down the road. And we're still cross with Matt for the ongoing betrayal. He's not in our cool book lately.

If the episode next week is as awesome as the trailer for it, all we can say is OMG.


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Best thing ever was Bonnie and Damon dancing. So much better than Damon and Elena.

Looking most forward to the Salvatore Brother Smack Down next week! However it comes about it’s sure to be powerful and I miss it. The first scene the brothers did together in the pilot was what sold me on the series. In my humble opinion Damon & Stefan’s relationship is the true heart of the show.
Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder in scenes together bring out the best in one another #TeamSalvatore

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