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Smallville meets the Matrix

"Do you mind? We need a little alone time. No, you don't get to watch."

It had to happen eventually, right? With all the sci-fi and comic fandom out there, Smallville had to reach the juncture where Neo met Chloe. Such was the case when Ms. Sullivan made her triumphant return. I personally think it was way overdue. Chloe coming back, that is...not the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon moves...

After a month of Sundays, literally, since this episode was pre-empted for gosh knows what last week, we finally find out that the League members were abducted from Carter's funeral to some VRA underground prison. (So kudos to those readers who guessed correctly.) The Watchtower crew was taken for three weeks and their brains hot-wired into a mainframe that lets you play out your life's subconscious in a virtual world. Of course, in this world, Oliver is tormented by Chloe's absence, Clark doesn't have powers, and Black Canary, well...she's still the bad-ass who wants to cut someone.

So the VRA has the team lo-jacked so they can figure out how their brains trip their powers. Those who play nice with the VRA, get to keep their skills; those who don't...well, you get the point. Or so sayeth her Chloe-ness, clad in leather (in real time), and saving her man from his own psychotic trappings. In the virtual world, Chloe is sporting a very Madonna-esque white power suit, asking her friends to trust her and fleeing the virus that sweeps the virtual program every six minutes. She tried to unplug her friends from the machines earlier, but that whole free-your-mind-the-rest-will-follow mantra keeps coming up.

Long story short, Chloe handles her business and saves her friends, family, and lovers. It takes some coercing -- oddly, enough Clark is the holdout. He doesn't trust his oldest friend, because she never told him where she was going. Yes, Clark has abandonment issues (like that's something new, right?) Thank the stars that Lois is not drinking the Kool-Aid in this episode. She manages to get Clark out of his doubting doldrums to have faith in her cousin. After all, Chloe has earned a little trust. In bringing him to her side, Clark finally summons enough power to fly. Yes!!! People, Clark flew of his own mind, and body...now if he can just channel that in the real world, we'll be getting somewhere -- even he said it, so it's not just me, folks.

Chloe tells everyone why she had to go and how she set her plan in motion...it wasn't easy, but someone has to make the hard choices. One of her hard decisions: blackmailing the Suicide Squad into working for her. Of course, Oliver is alarmed at this, but hey if you trust someone with your life, no take-backs when you don't agree with ALL her plans.

After Chloe explains her actions post-Fate helmet, she and Ollie get some much needed alone time. She tells him his trust meant everything to her and it was the hardest thing she did to stay away. He basically tells her he looked for her face in everyone he saw. Chloe says she'll be sticking around for a while and Ollie retorts: Good.

Ummm, is it just me, or were you expected some serious groping to come about after all this pining? This reunion was more PG, than NC-17, and I think we can all agree we wanted as much steam as when Lois and Clark hooked up, right? Right? Am I alone in this thinking? Let me know. Until next week...


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