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Gossip Girl Podcast: "Damien Darko"

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We've decided that Dan is no longer allowed to complain about not having all the advantages of those Upper East Siders on Gossip Girl. After all, he gets to waltz into an internship at Conde Nast because Lily called in a favor, and then he had the gall to be pissy that he was at W instead of The New Yorker. Meanwhile, Blair worked her butt off to get in the door without using connections. Harumph. In other news, Serena is shocked that Ben still isn't interested, Chuck is dallying with his enemy's daughter, and Eric has developed an unlikely friendship. Plus, the Captain is a total schmuck. Seriously, who would hire him for anything?

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This show is def becoming like The O.C which means it's going downhill.

I don't really like Serena these days right now I prefer Jenny and Vanessa. Serena just seems desperate for attention.

So far Gossip Girl has gotten kinda stail so I miss Georgina.

Great podcast as always

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