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Nikita recap: From Russia, with drugs

"Oh my god, your skin is soft! What's the name of that dermatologist you use?"

Who is Alex, really? A former Russian sex slave? An orphaned girl whose family was murdered by mobsters? The heiress to a billion dollar empire? All of the above. We learned a lot about our favorite newbie Division agent this week on Nikita. Unfortunately, her colorful past caught up with her big time while she was out on her latest assignment. Luckily enough, she had not one but three saviors to swoop in and help deliver her to safety.

Catching up with old friends
Alex’s latest mission involved a tech billionaire, on-line dating, and a swinging nightclub. Sounds fun, right? Not so fast. Besides charming the rich brainiac, she needed to steal his most recent cell phone prototype so that Percy could sell it to the highest bidder. Almost immediately, Alex ran into some major problems, or more specifically, some major Russian problems in the form of a drugged-out Russian girl named Irina and an evil mobster named Vlad. Irina, as it turns out, was brought over with Alex and sold into slavery, but unlike Alex, she never made it out. After they accidentally bump into each other at the nightclub, Irina wastes no time double crossing her old friend. She calls Vlad and before you know it, Alex is trapped in a small dog cage with a camera pointing at her face and a syringe full of heroin in her veins. Vlad, as we learn, is not too happy with Miss A since she escaped the clutches of his sex slave ring over six years ago. He also has done some homework and found out about her lucrative birthright, to which he hopes she confesses on camera. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know the whole assassin story and quickly finds out that she’s no longer a girl that you should mess with.

Joining forces
Alex’s disappearance doesn’t go unnoticed. When both Nikita and Michael realize that she has been nabbed by the evil Vlad, they spring into action. They go about solving the problem separately, and before you can say “KGB”, they run smack into each other and collectively kick some Russian butts. Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t Nikita and Michael supposed to be fighting against each other? Well, not this time -- they have a common cause. They both want to save Alex. Of course, Nikita doesn’t tell Michael this. Instead, she acts like she’s trying to retrieve the phone prototype which she says Alex still has in her possession (Nikita really has it already). Luckily, Michael is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and he believes her motivation. After they join forces, they come up with a plan to break in to Vlad’s secret hideout and rescue Alex from captivity. Basically, this plan involves going in together with guns a-blazing. Not too creative, but who cares, it works. The person who really ends up saving Alex, though, is Irina. Somehow, she comes to her senses and unlocks the cage when Vlad leaves the room. This change of heart doesn’t sit well with Mr. Vlad, and he is furious upon his return. Too bad for him, because now Alex is free...and armed. She points the gun at him and before she pulls the trigger, she says a few parting words, “There is one thing I want you to know. I am Alexandra Whodinuf (it’s Russian, but that’s how it sounds), daughter of Nicoli Whodinuf, and this is your reward.”

Hanging with Amanda
With Vlad out of the picture, Alex tells Irina to hit the road and don’t look back. She also warns her to keep her mouth shut about her true legacy. Nikita then comes in after Irina takes off and sees that Alex is alive and kicking. She slips the cell phone in her pocket and tells her to hand it to Percy when she gets back to Division. Michael also shows up and sternly tells Miss N to hit it because the “D” boys are around the corner. He then grabs the strung-out Alex and safely returns her to Amanda’s couch and everything is hunky-dorey, right? Nope. Apparently, Amanda has a few questions for Alex about her past. Uh oh, this can’t be good. They don’t call her the Inquisitor for nothing.


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