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Nikita recap: All the way

"Guys? You there? I have to pee! And I think my shoe is untied..."

It’s graduation time for Alex on Nikita. Hurrah! Let the champagne flow. Well, not quite. This promising young recruit won’t be commemorating the achievement at parties in a cap and gown. Instead, our future hopeful will mark her advancement by wearing an elegant, sapphire cocktail dress and sticking a potassium chloride syringe through the larynx of an Armenian crime boss. That’s the way Division initiates its newest agents, or, as Alex so gracefully puts it, “I have to waste someone or I get wasted myself.”

Ironically, this whole killing business makes Alex uncomfortable, and she’s not too jazzed when she gets the news about her impending promotion. (Neither is Nikita). Our girls, therefore, make a plan to pull it off without Alex having to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, things get misdirected and the girls nearly end up getting caught. Lucky for us, they always have a game plan and know how to keep Division guessing.

The Mission

Being a good mentor, Nikita decides that she will take out the target, make it look like Alex did the dirty work, and then everyone will go away happy. Unfortunately, Alex doesn’t agree with this idea. She feels it’s time that she takes on more responsibility. This means, she will have to complete the mission herself. Nikita, though, knows better and plans to hang close by. When Alex finally gets her target in a room, things quickly go wrong, and she ends up with a broken needle and holding the guy at gunpoint. To make things worse, Birkoff has discovered the two-way chat system that the girls have been using and Division has been monitoring Nikita’s whereabouts. Nikita realizes this only after they send a message which she knows didn’t come from Alex because she is watching her. Nikita then blasts into the house, gets Alex out of the jam, and all hell breaks loose when the Division henchman show up. Party guests scramble, guns shots spray the lawn, and poor Michael ends up taking one in the leg. Despite the chaos, the girls are able to escape to a garden shed and are now forced to come up with a new strategy. The new plan involves Alex giving Division a present -- and the present is Nikita.

The New Plan

While in the shed, Nikita reveals her idea to Alex, “They’ll take me in. You’ll get me out.” Because they have no other option, Alex agrees and Nikita is taken back to Division and put into a room with Amanda the “Inquisitor”. To keep up her end of the bargain, Alex quickly makes a plan for Nikita’s escape. She plants two bombs, one in the lunchroom and one above Nikita’s holding area. She also steals a guard’s key card and grabs a gun. Meanwhile, Nikita is put through some emotional torture by watching old videos of herself and her fiancé. Our girl hangs tough and doesn’t give away any secrets. After Alex gets everything into place, she runs into a little surprise. It’s Thom, and he tells her that he’s onto her. The two have a heated discussion until bang! The double-whammy explosion hits Division rocking its walls. Luckily for Nikita, it rocks so hard her chains come loose, and she is able to escape. Alex doesn’t get off that easy. She and Thom get into a major scuffle and she ends up accidentally shooting him in the gut. Riddled with guilt, she decides to stay with Thom and tells Nikita to hit the road. Then, to cover her tracks, she slips the stolen key card into a dying Thom’s pocket and frames him as the mole. Oh, what a clever girl! Even Percy falls for her ruse and rewards her by finally making her an agent. Congratulations Alex, you’ve graduated!


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