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Gossip Girl recap: The trifecta of evil strikes

"I'm getting OPI's 'Lincoln Park After Dark.' I suggest you choose a complementing shade for our date."

Juliet knows no bounds when it comes to taking Serena down. She’s not above lying, stealing, cheating or kidnapping to get what she wants. On this week’s episode of Gossip Girl Juliet enlisted the help of Vanessa and Jenny to accomplish her mission of getting Serena expelled from Columbia, alienated from her friends and family and physically helpless in the face of great danger. We don’t know what Juliet plans on doing with a drugged and unconscious Serena, but let’s just hope she doesn’t plan on sticking her in a hole in her floor and fattening her up. Even her cohorts in this evil plan seem unaware of just how far Juliet is willing to go. It’s all fun and games when it comes to pitting Dan and Nate against each other to win Serena’s affections, but true destruction takes someone who’s off their rocker, and Juliet fits the bill. We’re often critical of Serena, but this utter and complete annihilation at the hands of her so-called friends made us nauseous. Here are some other thoughts:

Best bromance: It’s so cute how Dan and Nate miss each other. Boys, never let a woman come between such an exquisite friendship.

Best academic lesson: Who knew those Venn diagrams would come in handy for real-life affairs of the heart? One of these days everyone is going to realize Eric is the smartest of the bunch and take him more seriously.

Best liar: Jenny looks Lily straight in the face and pretends like she’s not part of the plot to destroy Serena. Has she no shame?

Best accessory: Juliet’s giant corkboard of destruction. Even Vanessa commented on the serial killer connotations of the display. Juliet was pitch perfect in answering, “I just like visual aids.”

Best aphrodisiac: A masquerade ball. Something about donning a mask and attending a party incognito just makes everyone want to twist tongues.

The scheming continues after the jump.

Biggest double standard: Nate’s mother basically declares Blair a harlot for attending the same party her son is a guest at and for dating the same man her son calls his best friend. It’s a man’s world.

Most pathetic: Vanessa seems out of place in the trifecta of evil. Her character isn’t cut out for this level of malice and we pity her.

Most useless character: Instead of checking in on his children, Rufus spends his days as a kept man cooking.

Worst insult: Serena tells Eric he’s just not enough when it comes to proving her self-worth. Ouch!

Best celebrity comparison: Chuck using Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as models of a powerful, successful couple he and Blair could emulate.

Chuck uttered those three little words in the throes of passion that every girl desires to hear and in a surprising twist, not only did he mean them, but he actually admitted the truth to Blair. Unfortunately for these two star-crossed lovers, Blair feels she needs to prove herself to the world first before she can stand by her man. What do you think? Is Blair smart to walk away from Chuck or just crazy?


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