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America's Next Top Model: Giving thanks for an ANTM rewind

"I am so sick of this mentor/photographer thing. Can I just go back to being a model already?"

Nothing says Thanksgiving like an America's Next Top Model behind-the-scenes flashback show. This is one of our fave eppies every Cycle because of course, we are privy to all the backstage shenanigans and we get to take a moment to remind ourselves what is so fantastic about our favorite show and all of the little things we’re so thankful for…

Models behaving badly
Don’t double-dip! Seriously…you might be pretty but it’s still so nasty! Apparently, the uber-thin Anamaria loves her some no-calorie salsa so she happily digs into the jar with her spoon (eeks—can’t spare the calories of a chip or a rice cake!) and then digs in again. That’s called double-dipping and definitely a house no-no. Thankfully, she was excused early in the Cycle.

Baby mamas
It’s hard enough to deal with the day-to-day Top Model stress, but imagine leaving a baby back at home in order to follow your ultimate dream? Some of the girls suffer this fate but Jane wasn’t do worried about babies, instead, she calls home to secure the Justin Bieber concert tix. A girl has to have her priorities. Though, we figured an Ivy League gal like Jane would like real music.

Models with alter-egos
We originally watched how weird and uncomfortable the BBQ with the male models was but we never knew the real reason why it got so creepy…until now. Apparently, a chick named Myrtle crashed the party. Yes, Chris has a really strange, kind-of-Jim Carrey alter-ego she calls Myrtle. Myrtle came out to play at the party and sent the boys running. It wasn’t a total loss, however, we did notice how the fellas took their burgers to go!

A room with a view and fried Oreos
Being located on the shore of Venice Beach means there will be some great eye candy…and some serious weirdness. One particularly fantastic afternoon, the models reveled in the freak show that was a naked guy frolicking on the beach and then they sat back and enjoyed some of Ann’s fried Oreos. Yes, the thinnest person we’ve seen since Anamaria left the show has terrible, vile eating habits. Luckily, Karolina Kurkova arrived on the scene with some fruits and veggies and made the models some smoothies. Though, Kacey admits that she’d rather eat fried Oreos. Who wouldn’t?

Who will claim top prize next week?
As much as we love the high fashion highlights we hate to see this Cycle come to an end next week. The competition is tough. We think it was about the closest final four we’ve seen in a long time. Chelsey knows her modeling stuff and she never buckles under pressure. Ann is awkward but seems to be blessed by the modeling (and metabolism) gods. So who do you think will take the ANTM prize next week? Tell us in the comments!


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