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The Vampire Diaries: If Indiana Jones had Vampires

"Get it? I'm hot and I'm stoking a fire. It's a metaphor"

This week's The Vampire Diaries had sort of a slow start, but then accelerated to a breakneck speed! We weren't surprised, exactly, but still shocked by the events of the second half of the show. At the same time, we were scratching our heads at the random inclusion of Indiana Jones references that were sprinkled throughout the episode.

We take back what we said insincerely last week about Liz Forbes being mother of the year. It was really quite sweet that she and Caroline came to a meeting of the minds and seemed to truly bond for the first time since the show started. We suppose it must be difficult as a parent to find out that your kid is the antithesis of everything you believe to be right and good in the world, and we applaud Liz for being able to reach in and overcome that, however temporarily. We were glad that Caroline decided to compel her after all, though, instead of running the risk that mommie dearest might have a change of heart.

It was also awesome to get a little of everybody in Mystic Falls this week. Bonnie showed up and was her usual reticent self, but helped out anyway. She's on Team Vampire and she doesn't even know it. And Jeremy! His character is growing up, and we like it. He's not grief-driven emo boy so much these days.

After the opening montage, we didn't see much of Katherine until the end of the show, but she was there behind the scenes the whole time. Riddle us this: How is it that everyone in the audience knows that Katherine is always one step ahead and wasn't fooled for one second about Stefan and Elena's faux relationship troubles...yet the young couple who has first hand experience with her evil actually thought they were getting away with it. They were the only ones surprised that Katherine was in the know.

More about Mason, Jenna, and Stefan and Elena's break up after the jump!

So Mason really should not have crossed the Salvatore brothers. We get that he's into Katherine and under the delusion that Katherine is in love with him. We totally get the love delusion...and so does Damon. If Mason hadn't crossed the brothers earlier, we choose to believe that Damon would have let Mason live and perhaps would have enjoyed torturing him to extract information a little less.

Once Mason revealed that Katherine was the one who wanted the moonstone, Damon had no more use for him. We felt sort of sorry for Damon when he looked at Mason and acknowledged that he saw himself in Mason. Both were boy toys being used by Katherine for whatever her nefarious hidden agenda was at the moment. Poor Mason. We didn't love Mason, but he was awfully good looking and a good role model for Tyler, so we were a little bummed when Damon reached in and snatched his heart out, effectively ending the life and times of Mason Lockwood. Boo. He was a worthy adversary.

On to finding the moonstone: Of course Mason hid it well-steeped in vervain. Of course Stefan leaped in feet first and of course he required rescuing. What we were not as down with was the gratuitous use of snakes in the well. Mystery snakes that don't like vampires but do like Elena. "Why did it have to be snakes?" as we remember a certain adventuring professor famously said.

Our favorite thing about the moonstone recovery scene was that it had the three girls working together again. We like it when these three get along.

What Damon should not have done after his success with Mason was taunt Katherine with it. Poor Jenna! Though honestly, how could our vampy friends not have noticed that Jenna was under control and no longer using her vervain. Yeah yeah, blaming the victim is bad and all that, but Jenna, poor sweet Jenna, did not deserve to be compelled into stabbing herself with a really big knife in the gut.

Nor does Matt deserve to be compelled into fighting with Tyler to the death. We trust that Caroline + Salvatore brothers will be enough to stop that one in time.

Why does Katherine need a werewolf? What is the real purpose of the moonstone?

Most importantly, will Elena and Stefan really break up for good, forever??? What do you think? Tell us in the comments!


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WHY?!? WHY?!? Why did they have to break-up? WHY?! It was so sad. I cried :(

Best episode of the 2nd season! Won't miss Mason..one thing that makes this show great is they aren't afraid to kill people off. I am glad Jeremy is more involved and less whiny. Bonnie is starting to annoy me with her righteous attitude towards vampires..favorite line by Damon to Bonnie: "THEY are the bad guys. Really? You're gonna play morality police with me right now?"

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