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One Tree Hill Podcast: "We All Fall Down"

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Did Mark Schwahn just join an ashram? Because the characters on One Tree Hill seemed determined to give up their lucrative careers and worldly possessions this week, and we're wondering where that came from. On the upside, we're anticipating lots of wacky Tree Hill fun when everyone moves into the same commune to save money... and Darcel has plans for what Jamie will do to contribute.

Seriously, the whole episode was about reversals of fortune -- Nathan's giving up basketball, Brooke's giving up all she owns, and Alex is giving up... herself, which, upon reflection, isn't really all that different from her usual modus operandi. Well, as least she and Chase seemed to be having fun.

Join me and Darcel as we discuss Nathan's career prospects, Haley's first week as a crisis counselor, the state of Quinn and Clay's house (it never occurred to us, but duh, of course the EMTs don't clean up after themselves!) and yet another profession that seems to be locked out of Tree Hill. Plus, we express our apreciation for a man who knows his flowers and for a woman who knows how to rule the prison. 

Listen to our One Tree Hill podcast for "We All Fall Down" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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Re: Brooke's Dad: He was around when she was in high school, but he was always as terrible as Victoria was. Victoria and Brooke let it out that they divorced sometime between HS graduation and the "after-college" jump. We have never seen him, and Brooke always talked a lot more about her mom than her dad.

I totally agree with Sarah about Brooke giving away all her money and possessions. My thought was that 70% was a perfectly respectable amount to give back. That girl can go to college with 70% of her college fund returned. Dumb move.

And also, I think it's funny how they all find themselves broke. It was utterly ridiculous how they all found themselves rich after the jump. They'll be back down to where they should have been.

Well back in season 4 Nathan worked with Skills dad for like 5mins. but I'm kinda glad that he's gonna be at home more.

I was surprised that we heard from Junk. But after that I thought she would have gone to find him.

I thought that the EMT's were not allowed to clean up until the police were finished because it is a crime scene.

Oh and apart from Alex wearing tiny skirts she also said she wasn't wearing any panties. Am I the only that noticed that? lol

Victoria was so awesome in the prison. I wanna see a spin off show with her in the prison. But I did feel sorry for that investor eventhough it was his own fault. Brooke giving away everything she owns is a gutsy move and I don't really like it.

But the whole Brooke's dad situation. I can't really remember but I'm pretty sure he is out of the picture and is divorced from Victoria.

This is gonna be my last post for awhile :(
great podcast as always

In relation to Brooke's father we have never actually met him on screen we just heard about him in Season 2 when him and Victoria moved to California but, when we came back in Season 5 him and Victoria were divorced so he's never really had any real importance on the show.

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