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Clark comes out to Lois...all together now: About time!

We fainted too when Clark FINALLY told Lois his secret

Do you recall that moment you thought you heard something odd on the wind Friday night? We all heard it. It was the collective sigh of every "Smallville" fan around the globe breathing out simultaneously. Because Clark finally revealed his secret identity to Lois. Didja hear me? IT FINALLY HAPPENED! (If my writing becomes a bit too unclear here, it's because I'm dancing a jig as I type. Now, I never knew how to dance a jig, until this moment. But to quote Mr. Smith -- not the Brad Pitt variety--I got jiggy wit it when Clark did it.) That mailroom moment between the two--complete with confetti-- was like Christmas, birthday surprise and sweet 16 gift wrapped all in one. Can you tell I loved it?

Everything else during this episode is gravy after witnessing the reaction after the reveal. But if you must know…Lois did get possessed by Isis's cursed amulet this time around. She turns into a flying goddess seeking the pieces of her true love Osiris to reunite with him after centuries apart. Cool as it may seem, those who wear the bauble are apparently condemned to hell for eternity. But Clark breaks the possession as only he can, with Green Arrow's help. But not before Lois/Isis tries to put the heart of her dead, scattered lover into Clark's body. The things one does when trying to bring hell on Earth. Heck, if I can't have my man from the Underworld, I'd take Clark's in a heartbeat.

Of course in between the start and finish of it all, there was a bit of second guessing, until we see that superheroes get their own cereals and thank-you gift baskets. That's it. What alter ego can I tap for free stuff? In this recession, that could be a leg up in a bad market. Keep the city safe. Check. People person. Check. Leader, not a follower…check.

Wait…wait a minute. Who brought Cat back into the Daily Planet fold? After ogling over Clark, she is again determined to outscoop Lois, which she thinks she has done when she witnesses possessed Lois and thinks she is the Blur. She saw Lois chanting over a body in the museum, so of course her mind goes toward satanic rituals. Whose wouldn't? But Clark tells Cat Lois was possessed and Lois reminds Cat weird things happen all the time in Metropolis, so get used to it.Before Cat exits stage left, she stabs Lois in the hand with a pen and promises Tess, her boss, she will bring down the Blur once and for all. So I'm sure we'll have to see her again. But I ask you…why? Seriously…why?

Anywho, Oliver finally reconciles with Tess, sharing his feelings about Chloe. And Tess finally gets a heart. And Clark and Ollie know this because she actually comes to their aid in their time of need. And this act gives her the keys to the kingdom, aka Watch Tower. Wait. This episode is like the Wizard of Oz. Ollie is the head of Emerald City -- Green Arrow, duh. Tess is the Tin (Wo)Man, and the yellow brick road was traded for gold Egyptian ropes to bind Kal-El. (Don't hate me because I like pop culture.) In the end, Tess is so overwhelmed by Clark's and Ollie's faith in her, she runs off crying. This newfound trust instills in her the belief that she can love and be forgiven. So she's giving that love to young lab-created Alexander Luthor. All he needs to overcome his malicious DNA is love. So now Tess is playing single mom. Ummm, OK? But then we see Alexander's big blue eyes when he tells her he loves Tess. And we understand. I think we all cried a little with that scene. The character that is Tess might be redeemable after all. Go figure.


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Loved the reveal. Resented the third week of political jabs at fans with conservative beliefs. Smallville's writers can't write themselves out of a paper bag and yet they think they throw in simplistic political remarks. Really smart to alienate 1/2 your audience, CW. I thought Tom Welling knew better. I mean, you guys have been on the air 10 seasons now, right?

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! I was having palpitations while screaming at my TV at Clark when I thought he was going to back down, YET AGAIN, and Not tell Lois his secret. When he started his speech, I Knew he'd Actually 'bring it home' for us This Time, ...FINALLY. It was Beautiful, he was beautiful, she was Beautiful, THEY were Beautiful! I was ECSTATIC! THAT was the BEST Reveal EVER! (IMO) I Celebrated with them and all the rest of Smallville's fans. THANK YOU, SMALLVILLE!!!

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