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Post Your Questions for Sophia Bush and Daphne Zuniga!

Brooke and Victoria

Got something you're dying to ask Sophia Bush and/or Daphne Zuniga? After this week's surprising plot twist, you're probably bursting with questions, so ask away! We'll be chatting with both actresses this weekend.


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hi sophia...
you are a talented actor and great person!
you are a nice person!
you also a really professional person!
you never let your personal life mixed with your professional life!
i think that's awesome! not a lot of people can do that
i admirer the way you interact with your fans and press! you always nice to them even though you are in a really bad mood or tired...

you are really great person!

hey... sophia!!! what's your religion?? what do you really believe in? is there really a God?? haha..

i think your beatutiful .would u date a guy who is hot but 10 years younger than u.like if u were 29 and he wuz 20.

Hi sophia, i just want to Know
are you ever gonna come to Melbourn Australia. if you ever do heres my address 82 erinbank cresent.
i love you

Love Jayde Desiree Morris

Hey Sophia! Rania, your biggest fan, from Sweden here! You once mentioned that you would love to meet Rihanna. When you did at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008 - Cosmopolitan Party, what was your reaction? Was it anything special or was it just like meeting any other person? P.S. I LOVE YOU AND YOU'RE THE BEST OF THE BEST!!

hey Sophia,
you truly are my role model! i talk about u all the time and really wish to be as successful and pretty like you when i get older. i am dreaming to meet you one day! i went to macys in new york but the line was closed and i couldnt meet you - i cried for about 2 days. one tree hill is the best show and im getting most of my friends to start watching it.

Hey Sophia, I am one of your biggest fan. You are such an amazing and talented actress. And so far, the shows that you have done are absolutely awesome!! So a question to you...
What are the similarities between you and Brooke?

and hi also to Daphne. It is so awesome that you are working in One Tree Hill. I have one question for you...
How does it feel like to be working with the rest of One Tree Hill cast?

lots of love from Malaysia,
Sasha <3

Hey Sophia, your such a fantastic girl, I just love you. Your personality and talent (I'm in awe of it sometimes.)and your funny, I love funny people. But anyways.. I wont get too cliche on you but you are an incredible girl and I'm a huge fan!

Okay.. on to my questions for Sophia;

Whats been the emotionally hardest episode for you to shoot?

Whats it like to know that you have such a extremely dedicated fanbase for the show?

What do you think you and Brooke have most in common?

If you could describe yourself in three words what would you choose?

And now for Daphne; (you do a fantastic job on the show and your so lovely in person.)

Whats been the most common fan response towards your character?

Whats it like playing the "bad" character?

What do you love the most about Victoria?

Thanks both of you!

Hi Sophia! I'm a really big fan of yours. You are truly my Idol, you just seem like a really wonderful person and truly beautiful on the inside and out, and thats very rare to find. But back to my question for you =]

My Question for Sophia is: If you could give us young girls one piece of advice, what would it be?

And Daphne, you seem like a very nice person too and your very pretty and talented as well! Hope to see a lot more of you on OTH!

Question for Daphne:
How is it like working with the One Tree Hill cast?

Thanks for your time!



I just wanted to tell you that I think you're not only gifted and talented, but also gracious and very kind. Thank you for being a great role model for young women.

My question is this: If you could choose just one character or type of character to play, what would it be and why?

Thank You.

Hi Sophia! I'm a really big fan of yours. You are truly my Idol, you just seem like a really wonderful person and truly beautiful on the inside and out, and thats very rare to find. But back to my question for you =]

My Question for Sophia is: If you could give us young girls one piece of advice, what would it be?

And Daphne, you seem like a very nice person too and your very pretty and talented as well! Hope to see a lot more of you on OTH!

Question for Daphne:
How is it like working with the One Tree Hill cast?

Thanks for your time!

Daphne; You're doing a great job being a mean mom on the show. I get so angry everytime Victoria get near Brooke and take this as a compliment because it makes the viewers really believe the story and everything happening with Brooke and Victoria! Now, describe Sophia with one word and what was your first impression of her? In what ways are Sophia and Brooke alike and different? / Rania from Sweden

Hey Sophia! This is Rania, your biggest fan, from Sweden! I really love the fact that the One Tree Hill cast is so down to earth and I love you all together, you're so funny, cool and amazing persons :). My question for you is; when the show ends (that'll probably be the day a bury myself), but anyway, will you still be close friends with the cast? I mean the ones that've been on the show for a while now. The four regulars, Lee, Danneel, Bevin etc. And, P.S. you're the most incredible person and I love you for being such a great role model.


1. Who are you closer with from the cast of OTH?
2. How was it like to work with Daphne?
3. what's your favourite music?


1. What's the difference between working on OTH and Melrose Place?
2. Do you relate with your character?
3. If you were one of the 3 main characters of OTH (Brooke, Peyton, Haley) who would you enjoy to be?

please you the serie to stop? like your role you? is that you am friendly with hilarie? is hushed up friends with bethany? is hushed up friend with danneel? is hushed up friend with james? and other member of cast? I admire you a lot you are my favourite. kisses. one fan

Hi Sophia:D
I love you on the show and I love you when you are not on the show.
what is your favourite line that Lucas has told Brooke. Do you think that Brooke and Lucas should end up together?
Will Brucas happend?

I love you and I hope that I you will visit Norway someday.

From a girl in Norway

this is the first time we have seen Brooke's mother on the show. was that how Brooke got her own fashion line because she works with her mom?

Hi Sophia! I love the new style you have now for this season, definitely more mature. You look great.

My question is this: Now that Brooke's mom is in the equation, do you feel that she has a right to rule over Brooke's life, let alone her business? After all, Brooke is now 21 years old and her mother was no part of her life in the past season. Do you think she still has a right to "butt in"?

I'd Love to hear your take on this new plot twist with Brooke's mother. PLEASE answer the question. Thanks! :)

Hi Sophia, i'm your biggest fan, you're so amazing, a wonderful actress and i love to death your character, the beautiful, selfless, sweetheart, loyal friend and funny Brooke Davis.
My question is : do you think lucas is the guy for brooke ? i'm a die hard brucas fan, and i love the show because of them and you.
Thank you so much for your work with brooke davis.
Kiss, Dasha

For Sophia:

1. Being a celebrity and role model yourself was it easy to portray that in your character this season?

2. What was your reaction when you first heard that the show was going to jump 4 years?

3. Do you ever think you'll have your own fashion line?

4. Do you relate more to your character now than you did when she was in high school?

For Daphne:

1. What has been the best part about being on the show?

2. What got you interested in playing the role of Victoria Davis?

3. Do you consider your character as the villian of the show?

Hi Sophia
I just wondered if Lucas and Brooke will ever have chanse og being together. Do we Brucas have something to lokke forward to?

Do you guys like Brucas or Leyton best?

Hi sophia! i saw you at macy's and you signed my shirt that i made about you! My question is, how did you feel and react when you realized that oth might be over? I Know im not taking it too well.

hey sophia i know u are just skimmming these because you probably get like 20 million emails a day, i just wanted to ask is hard working with Chad considering what he did and your past? i know its personal but alot of people care about u and just want to know.You are such a beautiful SMART,funny women never ever ever forget that. Chad missed out and you deserve alot better!

p.s james is smoking you guyes would be a cuteeee couple!
email me back sometime i would love to talk to you.
your one of my idols
love Nicole Sellitto Edmonton Alberta

Hi Sophia,
We know from interviews that you are an only child (I am too).So here is my question.Would you like to have brothers or sisters or no?

P.S I am from Greece.I hope you come here one day!

Sophia, did you have fun snowboarding in BC? Will you snowboard again?

Hi!! as u noe lucas has been in alot of relationships but as sophia bush nt brooke davis who do you think is most suitable for him brooke or peyton
1 more thing claiming victoria is ur mum in the laz ep means tt she is the same bitch the left half way in s1?? so wat happened to brooke's dad n his company???
hope u ans my qns dying to her the answers

For Sophia:

If you wern't on the show would you be a brucas fan or leyton fan? Do you think brucas has a chance at being endgame?

Brucas Forever<3

Hi! This is for Sophia, my favorite character is Brooke and I think you've done a really good job being her. I have 2 questions:
1.What's your favorite thing about OTH?
2.What do you think about the relationship between Brooke and her mom?

Hi! This is for Sophia, I have to say that my favorite character is Brooke and I think you've done a really good job being her. I have to 2 questions:
1.What's your favorite thing about OTH?
2.What do you think about the relationship between Brooke and her mom?

For Sophia:

Are you dating James Lafferty?

how does it feel to have brookes mom finally appear on the show? is it something you decided?

What is your favorite quote from all five seasons? It can be from any character.

Sophia is my favorite actress so i have a lot of questions :

1 ) What friendship do you prefer on the show?
Brooke and peyton or Brooke and Haley?

2) Can you say more informations about your new movie " the narrows ? "

3 ) What is your favorite type of films? horror, dramactic, tragedie, comedy?

4) Do you think brooke still loves lucas after all the time?

5 ) Have you really a Myspace? i don't really ask you the address if you don't want to give it i understand just yes or not because a lot of people pretend to be you.

I love you ! i would really meet you one day it's my dream, you'll be my favorite actress forever.

Hey Sophia and Daphne,

I was just wondering if you in particular Sophia were surprised that Daphne was going to be your Mum on the show as much as we all were that she was your Mum, total shocker? Still cant get over it but its great.

Oh and hello from New Zealand :)


First of all congratulations for the amazing job you both are doing.

Question for both: I was wondering why is it that Brooke didn't call Victoria "mother" before the end of last episode. I know they never got along very well, but most people call their parents "mother" or "father" even when they don't have a very good relationship. So is there a reason Brooke didn't call her "mother" until now or was it just so that the story could have a surprise effect?


From one Sophia to another I was just wondering what your favorite episode or scene was from One Tree Hill?

How are you liking the realtionship you have as a godmother to Jamie?

As a major Brucas fan I was just wondering if you presonally still feel that Lucas is still in Brooke's heart?

Daphne: I just wanted to know what was is it like to work with Sophia Bush?

Sophia: Do you think you'll be able to visit your fans in the Middle East? (Yup, you even have fans over there, and I'm one of them =D!)


I know you've recently wrapped up your latest production 'The Narrows'. Have any scripts caught your attention lately?


What's one thing you and Victoria have in common?

i have 2 questions for Sophia

1)what is this that i hear that you with James. because if you were that would be great you two look perfect together

2)do you think your character is better of being with Felix or Chase in the show and which one would you rather be with

hi. I am biggest fan of you and James. If Nathan and Haley broke up in season 4,is there any chance for nathan and brooke can be together? Because nathan and brooke are so great together and perfect for each other. what do you think?


What are you going to do, when OTH will be over ??

Are there any new projects?

Would you prefer to do new series or movie ?

Are you single ?

Sophia - I absolutely love you and your character! I was wondering if any of the designs shown on the show from your line were any of your ideas. :)





Hi Sophia
You look amazing in season 5. I just wanted to know if we Brucas fans have something to look forward to in season 5? Will it be something between Lucas and Brooke that might lead to something.

To Sophia: Do you have any favourite quotat`s from the series?

To Sophia and Daphne: Do you like Brucas or Leyton?

Brooke and Lucas are ment to be.

Lots of love fom a girl in Norway<3

For Sophia:
This is Rania, your biggest fan, from Sweden. First of all I just wanna say that I admire you so much, you are an incredible person and actress and you helped me so much when things were a bit tough. My question for you is; what brooke-moment is your favorite? it could be a moment, a scene a line? something you won't forget for a long time.

Sophia and Daphne

Can you tell us something about what's going to happen between you and between others characters

Sophia and Daphne

What are you expecting for the rest of the season ?

Sophia Daphne ,

How is it to play mother and daughter in One Tree Hill ?

Did you think it'll happen ?

* There has been rumours about Brooke having a love interest in the TRIC bartender, Owen. Can you tell us about his character or the relationship they might have?

* In the past four years, has Brooke seriously dated anyone or was she too busy with her fashion line?

* What is it like having all these new cast members on set? Who do you get to work with the most?

* What are some similarities & differences between Brooke and yourself?

* Do you think Brooke & Lucas will ever get back together?

* If you could change one thing about Brooke's season five storyline, what would it be?

- What is your favorite quote that Brooke has said from any season so far?

- Do you know how to speak any languages other than English?

- Did you know right when you signed on to OTH that you would be playing Brooke's mother or was it a mislead for you too?

For Sophia:
One tree hill is my favorite show I can't miss it, Do you have a show that is your favorite that you can't miss??

Daphne, you attended UCLA. Sophia, you attended USC. Is there any jovial onset rivalry?

Sophia & Daphne,

Brooke has needed a mother around for so long. Even though she has had others that acted like her parent she has really needed her own. A mother would have helped her with the things she went through in the first four seasons. Do you think that now that she has one and the fact that she is older Brooke will be more disciplined with her mistakes?

Sophia -- do you have any funny stories about your castmates? Who's known for the onset pranks? :-)

First let me just say that so far, I'm enthusiastically enjoying this season. A definate improvement, especially with Brooke's storyline.

My question: Sophia, now that your character has some form of a parental figure that has graced Tree Hill, what is the one comment that you would like your character to say face to face with her mother?

I kind of thought Victoria was going to end up being Brooke's mother. For Sophia; What do you think Brooke really wants from her mother? It seems that she wants her to be her mother, not just a business partner and friend. It also seems to me that Victoria is living a life she has always wanted through Brooke. Do you think this is true?

Hey Sophia! I love watching you on One Tree Hill and the movies you've been in! I'm such a fan of yours!!!
Can you tell me where you get your hair done? It always looks so pretty:)
Whats your favorite store to shop at?
After hearing Brooke's negative view of her mom do we get to find out why she hired her?
And who do you want your character to end up with? I hope you say Mouth! :)

Sophia, I was just wondering if you have a favorite spot or place in Wilmington that you've discovered either threw filming or just living there since the show began?
And is there a favorite quote you have from the entire series so far?

Sophia: Do you think you will be doing One Tree Hill for the next 3 years?
Daphne: Who is your favorite costar from the show? LOL!

This question is for Sophia,

I was wondering, because you have to do so many different scenes and you have to play it from all different kinds of perspectives, what is your favorite kind of scene to film?

Do you like filming the fun loving, carefree Brooke?

Or would you rather film the angst ridden, heartbreaking scenes?

And if you had to choose one of your castmembers to get stranded on an island with...which one would it be?

Will we have some flashback scenes with Brooke and mommy Victoria from back in high school, pre-4-year-jump?

Sophia: What's your favorite episode or scene from One Tree Hill?

How do you feel about finally having a parental figure present for your character?

Do you think that Lucas is still in Brooke's heart?

Daphne: What was it like to work with Sophia?

(both) Do you think you were casted because of simularities you may or may not have (and which simularities do you two have?) and was it difficult to "adjust" to the (secretive) mother/daughter vibe you have had in the first 3 episodes and onwards.

Dorien & Evelien (twinzz)
Belgium, Europe

Sophia, What is a future role that you would love to play? you are terrific and my role model it is funny because im brittany davies and ur character is brooke davis so everyone calls me bdavies! so anyways yeah ur awesome

Sophia who is your favorite character that you like to interact with as Brooke.

First of all I love the chemistry Sophia and Daphne have together and I believe there could be no better actress to play Brooke's mom on this show. I hope we get to see a lot of scenes between the two.

I've got a few questions to both of you.

Questions for Sophia:

Describe yourself with three words. Describe your co-star Daphne with three words.

Did you ever watch Melrose Place (Daphne played Jo) back in the days?

You know how the OTH fans are shippers of different couples on the show like Brucas, Leyton or Naley. But is there any show you watch that you are a shipper of a certain couple if so what show and who?

What has been your favorite episode so far in S5?

Does episode 5.12 end in a cliffhanger for your character?

Do you get any say on Brooke’s storylines and what direction they might lead or is that all in Mark's hands?

Due to the writers strike you guys aren’t filming anymore episodes at the moment so what do you do with all the free time you might have now?

As a Brucas fan can you tell me if Brooke still has Luke in her heart and vice versa even if they are shoving “LP are meant to be” at me again this season much to my dislike?

Brooke has had a bunch of different boyfriends through the seasons but who do you think is still the guy for her out of those, Lucas, Chase or Felix? * imo it’s always gonna be Lucas*

Questions for Daphne:

Describe yourself with three words. Describe your co-star Sophia with three words.

What was your first impression of working with Sophia?

Besides filming a lot of scenes with Sophia did you get to film scenes with some other cast members, if so who?

How did you get the role as Victoria Davis? Did you have to audition or did Mark offer you the role?

Can you share any funny stories from the set that happened while filming scenes together with Sophia?

For Sophia:

What is your favorite characteristic of Brooke this season?

Who are you closest with in the cast?

Do you think Lucas and Brooke have any chance of getting back together?

Do you think Brooke and Lucas have a chance of getting back together? In my opinion, they have always been meant to be. Or if they do not have a chance together, do you think Brooke and Chase will reunite? They are my second favorite couple.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put brooke and lucas back together they were perfect fir eachother... i dont really like lindsay and lucas and peyton dont make any sense together it freaks me out because i think thy look to much alike

Is it hard for you and Chad to do scenes with each other because of your past?Also will Brooke and Lucas ever get back together?

hey sophia,
i love one tree hill and i love the character you play especially in season 5 I am a starving actress which means i want to become one so badely and i day dream all the time about being on one tree hill that would be the most amazing thing in the world I love one tree hill so much i watch it all day every dayIm crying right now cuz every word i type means something i know theres a one in a million chance that ill actually get to meet you or get on the show cuz you probably dont need another character but if theres any way possible i would like to know how or even if you email me about it. I really hope your reading this and if you are thank you so very much!
love: Izabella

i can not belive that Daphne on the show is your mom. lol.

Sophia your my liek my idol, i adore you, yourr soo great, how does it feel to be a role model for young girls.

andd if you had to pick what scene would be your fav.

thnkss Marcela<3

Sophia, which cast member do you get along with the best?

Hey Sophia,
I have been a huge fan of yours since OTH started. I simply adore your work and will continue too. Who do you think Brooke's soulmate is? Lucas or someone else? I am loving we finally get to see Brooke's mom its about time. Anyways keep up the amazing work, I run sophiabushfan.org


How do u handle doing the show with your ex-husband? What are somethings that you've had to face in this situation?

Your a great actress. Luv ya!

Hey! For sophia: First off I would like to say that I am your biggest fan ever!! My friends and I were planning on coming to Macy's this Sat. but something has come up and I am so upset that I can't come :(! So my question is... If One Tree Hill was to end, would you want to star in another show, or focus on movies?
oh and if you are still going to be in N.Y. on Sunday where can I meet you!! haha( Not trying to sound stalkerish!!!haha

Now that Brooke got her own clothing line on OTH; would you ever consider about getting one of your own since you played the role of being the big boss of a huge clothing line and did such a great job on it?

To Sophia,

Why is it that your character Brooke cant stand up to her mother?, even aged 21 considering she dont really have a relationship why does she still take orders?

Plus whats this idea of 'Leyton' belonging to each other, can you not see the sexual tension between Luke and Brooke?and do you think it is fair to see fans of Brucas not getting what they want but Leyton fans do?, should the writers/prods get Luke n Lindsey together to keep both parties happy?

how has it been working with kids this season-has it changed the atmosphere on the set much?

Ok Sophia first of all your my role model and your so gorgeous. i know that lucas still has feelings for peyton and lindsay but do you ever think that brooke and lucas will ever get back together? i loved them.


ashley <3

For Sophia and Daphne

How is it to play together being great actresses who play (and played for melrose place) in great Tv show?

Sophia, do think in the near future this season theres going to be a future with you and chase?


How is it to play 4 years after the end of the last season ?

Hi Sophia,

I have some questions to ask to you.

1) Can you go in France XD.
2) How does you look so amazing, physically and personately.
3) I love you so much. You're my favourite actress. Do you think Brooke still loves Lucas ? Because i'm a big fan of Brooke and Lucas.

Marion, from DREUX in France

to Daphne:
did watch OTH before you where cast?

to Daphne!

Where where you when you found out you had been cast?

For Sophia:

How do you feel about Brooke finally getting interaction with her a parent and a possible new love interest this season?

Sophia, what is your favourite season so far?

You're the best, Laëtitia.

Sophia, was it easy for you to make your character, Brooke, act like she had a mother, since you hadn't had to that the whole season?

Daphne, was it hard to make you character, Victoria, come in and be Brooke's mother after us never even seeing her for the first four seasons?

Hi Sophia! My question is, have you wanted in the past four years, to have a mother around for Brooke? Was it something that you ever wanted them to venture into, and if so why?

Hey Sophia, you're a great actress!!definitely my role model<3
How do you deal with your celebrity?
have you always known you wanted to be in acting?

Yovana, Mauritius

Sophia :
Brooke is amazing and it's all because of you.

Are you happy with her storyline this season ?

Do you think that now that she has everything she ever could dream of she has to think about her heart and be with the lucky person who'll be with her ?

And what do you think about another reunion of Brooke and Lucas now that they aren't the same people ?

ps : Sophia you're amazing !




Hi Sophia! are gonna see your mom interact with the cast? maybe if dan got out of prison they could get together lol and are you going to keep her on your staff or fire her since's she's being so controlling?

For Daphne:

How is it working with your "beautiful people" co-star Torrey DeVitto again? It was a great show and ABC Family was not thinking when they canceled it.

hi!i live in france and i know about you won't come here so want to ask you if you can speak once with me and sophia! you're so pretty and thank you for this beautiful season that i see each tuesday like the americans so thank you one tree hill and i hope to you will continu for a very long time

What was your reaction when you learned you were going to have interactions with your mother this season?
Is Victoria how you imaginated her for the last 4 years?

From what we saw until now, fans aren't loving Victoria. I'd like to know what you like about her?

*Extra Question*:
On season 3 DVD, we had the chance to hear Chad and Paul speak french, On YouTube we've been able to see Danneel and Elisabeth. And we know Sophia's dad is from Montreal... Can Sophia try to speak french for us?
Daphne could try too! ;)

Sophia are you excited to finally be able to explore the relationship that Brooke has with her mother and what would you like to see happen with it??


Sophia your my role model and you have inspired me in more ways than you'll know.

So i would like to know who was your role model while growing up?

17, UK

i love you sophia

Why would you, Shophia, not call your " mom " mom?

Also,Daphne why do you try control her life, she isn`t a kid anymore?

Did You Ever Think We Would Get To Meet Brooke's Mom?

TO Sophia,
Would you continue to do one tree hill, if there's a 6th, 7th, 8th season?

Will Brooke continue to take control over her own life or will she allow her mother to continue to run it? And why has her mother now taken an interest in Brooke's Life, she hasn't really been there for her and she and her husband let her in Tree Hill?

first of i just wanna say I LOVE YOU haha!

Who's your favorite person to hang out with off-screen?

Sophia, I couldnt help but notice that none of the characters in OTH have any kind of religion. For most people in the world that is an aspect of their life, do you think in the future it might be brought up?

Sophia, many fans can't help but notice that the brucas relationship is treated now like it never was anything real or special same as the jake and peyton relationship, and it seems to focus alot on peyton and luke, being the destined relationship which really doenst make sense with past history, so do you think that brooke and lucas will be treated like just a fling?

Sophia, this season the storylines seem harder for people to relate to, every one has something huge a novel, a fashion line, head coaching at 21, a nanny, a record company, all these things, were you ever worried that it might be unrealistic that people couldnt relate to the show anymore?

Brook Davis 4 years after, has achieved everything she ever wanted. Still she's not happy. she longs what she used to have. Do you ,as Sophia, ever feel that? And if so do you think it's all worth it?

Sophia, Greece
(yes we have the same name!)

[B]To Sophia[/B] ~ First of all I'm a major fan of you. I think you're an amazing actress and also seems like an amazing person!
[I]Here is my question[/I]:
How is to suddenly go from small roles in like Nip/Tuck and Sabrina to be playing major roles in movies and OTH?

I wish you all the best in the future!

- Cecily, Denmark

Hey there. Sophia only one question: Why do you don't stand yourself in relationships with your mother?? You suposed to be strong woman what happened to that girl?? By the way greets for all cast of OTH you're doing really great thing out there :)

is brooke planning on getting married and having an children this season?

is anything happening between brooke and lucas in a relationship?

will brookes dad be coming into the show?

will victoria be in the show more as brooks mother now or more as brooks employee.

Hey Sophia, I'm a HUGE fan! Do you think living in Wilmington has helped or hurt your career?

question for both actresses...............
will there be a sixth season?

Question to Sophia:

How did it come about that your mother would be working for you, after all these years when you hadn't spoken etc?

I love the scenes that you have with Jackson. Was it fun working with him?

Sophia: How do you feel about having fans all around the world? Have you considered doing something special for your fans living outside of USA? Because I'm your #1 non-American fan, and I'd love to meet you someday!

Do you still love Chad in real life? And does Brooke still love Lucas in oth?

For Sophia Bush. What is the one thing you can relate to Brooke the most?

One Tree Hill is my show that I always had to watch

What was or is the show that you always have to watch/tape no matter what?

This is either to Sophia or Daphne....

As a child did you always want to get into acting or did you have another "dream job" in mind if so what?


If you could change anything about your character what would it be?

also, if anyone could guest star as your love intrest who would it be?

whydo you think you have to be abitch to your daughter in this season?

Hi Sophia and Daphne!!
My name is Katie Sandoval. I was wondering, is it easier for you to act a mother-daughter relationship or to act as a more work-related relationhip. Thank you very much for answering this question. And Sophia I admire you so much and I wish I could meet you because you are amazing in my eyes. I know alot of fans say that, but I really truly think that you're the best!! And Daphne, you rock and are an awesome actress. Thank you.

hello my question is for sophia, my question is do you have a bf and are you living in wilmington? i live in north carolina too. about 2 or 3 hrs from wilmington and i would love to meet you and the cast. your fan crystal scott

I don't have a question yet, but I did want to say I was totally surprised and loved the ending to episode three. I think Daphne makes a great Mrs. Davis and I am really looking forward to seeing where their relationship goes. Great new material for season 5!!

Sophia how does it feel from being an ordinary college student to being famous?


Brooke and Peyton seem to have overcome four seasons of being on opposite sides of a Lucas triangle. Are you happy with the direction they've taken their relationship four years in the future, and how they seem stronger than ever now that they're young adults?


-I'm dying to see "The Narrows" do you have info about the release? Love you!
-What was your favorite episode to film this season? Scene?
-The cast seems like a tight little group. Who are you closest to on set?
-Sadly, since the writers strike as stopped production. What have you been doing in your free time?


-Just wanted to say I've been a fan of you since Melrose Place. Does that seem such a long time ago?
-What was it like filming in Wilmington? How was the cast? Love you!
-The casting department did a good job casting you as Brooke's mother. You both looke so alike! Don't you agree?

Hey this question is for Brooke and i just wanted to ask her " is it hard to work with Lucas because of their past?"

Hey! I love the show, and Brooke's fashion is fantastic, and I was just wondering actually....who designs the Clothes over Bro's clothing line?

Will lucas and brooke get back 2gether?

Question to the best actress in young hollywood and my favorite actress, Sophia Bush

Do you think Brooke still loves Lucas?
and do you think she only broke up with him because she wanted peyton to be happy?

what has it been like going from playing a party girl whos about to graduate with very little responsibilities to someone that has so much responsibility and such a high profile to maintain? What have you had more fun playing?

To Sophia: Do you like who Brooke has become? Is this how you envisioned your character evolving on One Tree Hill, or did you see her going in a different direction? Also, if you could change or improve one thing with Brooke, what would it be?

Thanks :) Big Fan here, I really hope to meet you Saturday!!!!

whats up?

What's been the best part about working together so far?

This question is for Sophia! Could you see yourself going into the fashion industry like Brooke? And do you have any plans to come to the UK soon?

- Laura in the UK!

Over the past few years we have seen Brooke in quite a few reltionships with guys. What relationship do you think meant the most to Brooke?

I don't really know how to write these questions right but I'll do my best.

So I've got two questions for Sophia.

1. Are you aware of that OTH is not only popular in America but all over the world. What do you think about that ? =)

2. How do you feel knowing that you are a role-model for a lot of young girls/women. You are mine anyway =)

And to Daphne

1.What is the most memorable moment you have experienced from working on One Tree Hill?

With love from Iceland
- Thyri

Sophia, did you ever watch Melrose Place? If so, what did you think of Daphne's character?

Daphne, what's it like filming down in Wilmington compared to filming in L.A?

Sophia, over the last few years you have become my favorite actress, and more importantly; my role model. How does it feel to be looked up to by so many young girls?

- Melissa

why do you think Brooke gave her mom a position at her own clothing line?

[after all those lonely years?]

For Daphne, is your personality in real life at all like it is in the show?

what is your most favorite episode of one tree hill?

Hey BIG fan of both actresses over here! I've followed Daphne's career since she was on Melrose Place and Sophia is just my idol, I love her to death:)

My question for Sophia: Brooke has mentioned her mother a few times in previous seasons but we've never met her until now. What was your reaction when you found out Brooke's mom was finally going to be on the show?

My question for Daphne: What made you interested in the part of Victoria Davis?

Daphne, how does the drama of One Tree Hill compare to the drama of Melrose Place?

My question: How is having an actul mom this season?

Sophia, are you and the cast still really close?

Sophia, what moment do you think was the most romantic on One Tree Hill? :)

Sophia, you are looking stunning in this new season. Do you get to take any of the gorgeous clothes you wear on the show, home?

What was the easiest and hardest scene you did this season?

What was your reaction when you found out that we would finally get to see Brooke's mother?

What do you like the best about Brooke this season?

For Sophia, whats it like finally having a mom on the show?

Hey Sophia and Daphne! I love that Brooke finally got a mom I've wanted my favorite character to have a mom for awhile now, you two are really great in scenes together but my question is actually about my favorite couple Brucas! Is there any hope at all for Lucas and Brooke fans that they could reunite someday or this season even? :) Thanks so much!

When is the show coming to England!

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