December 9, 2011

Oh dear. The Internet is upside-down again.

In the loopy world of blogs, this is the first post you'll see. For us, it's the last.

From the time this blog launched with several contributors, it has always been in a bit of a gerrymandered space between the sports and health worlds, with some transportation and food thrown in.

We've lost some voices in the year since then, so it's with some relief that those of us still active move to Picture of Health this month. We hope you'll come with us so we won't have to miss you.

It's been fun. Thanks for all the comments!

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November 26, 2011

Chocolate cities

I’m not sure I’ll get to run it this year, but either way, I’m incredibly excited about the expansion of the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K, which is coming up a week from today in Washington. (There are also editions of the race in several other cities, including Chicago and San Diego – here’s hoping for a Baltimore event next year.)

In celebration, here’s my favorite cocoa recipe.

My wife swears I showed her how to make this. I swear the opposite. I’m the one with the computer, so I win for now. Either way, it’s really good.

Renee Maynard’s hot cocoa

In medium saucepan, heat 3 Tbspn of water to boiling, then reduce so water is merely steaming.
Stir in 6-7 Tbspn of baking cocoa, forming a pudding-like mix.
Stir in 2-3 Tbspn of sugar.
Stir in 1 tspn cinnamon.
Stir in 1 tspn vanilla.
Keep stirring slowly and constantly. After mix becomes smooth, reduce heat further to avoid burning.
Add 4 cups of milk, with the first two cups being added a quarter-cup at a time, stirring thoroughly after each addition to keep consistency even.

If it’s not verboten in your house, I’d recommend serving this with marshmallows: The cocoa is wonderfully bitter – note that I don’t call it “hot chocolate” since it’s almost sugarless – and while I love it that way, I imagine some people would welcome the extra sweetness marshmallows can add. I'm not a fan of crushed candy canes, but if that's your fancy, feel free to add those as well.

What other potential cocoa condiments am I forgetting? I know I’ve tried whipped cream before, with varying results.

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October 24, 2011

Over the weekend: Camden Yards bike racks; HIV ointment

Here's a look at what's been happening in the health, fitness and running worlds.

New infrastructure

During its famous rehab Camden Yards went from locamotives and industry to light rail, suburban fans' minivans and baseball. Now, it's making another transition, adding permanent bike facilities to the mix.

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October 22, 2011

Another way to get outside today

The 12th Mayor's Fall Cleanup is today, slipping in on the calendar just before things get cold. There's a kickoff at 8 at Charles and 22nd streets, but groups all over the city are participating.

My neighborhood is conspicuously absent from the list below, but that's one of the nice things about Baltimore: Unlike some of the municipalities near my childhood home, this area is so compact that a resident can walk through six or seven official neighborhoods in an hour without rushing. That means getting to a cleanup site shouldn't be too tough, assuming I can just manage to get a couple of chores completed ahead of time this morning.

Here's the city's list of participating neighborhood groups:

Ames Shalom Community Inc.

Architect Row Community Association

Belair- Edison

Belvedere Improvement Association


Better Waverly

Better Waverly Association

Better Waverly Community Organization


Continues after the jump ...

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October 21, 2011

We want to see your Komen pictures

We received some pretty nice shots from readers of the Baltimore Marathon / Baltimore Running Festival, and I'm happy to say that our social media team has another gallery started for this weekend's Komen Race for the Cure.

If you're going to Hunt Valley on Sunday, please consider adding yours via the instructions here. We'd love to see what you're up to, whether that's a shot from this week or a past Komen event.

October 17, 2011

What happened over the weekend: Dog park conversations; scuba for recovery; Baltimore Marathon (and others)

Here's what happened over the weekend in the worlds of running, health and fitness.

More four-leg room

At least one letter writer wants more space for her dogs at Robert E. Lee Park, which just reopened with dog facilities. Part of the letter:

I, however, am part of a small but growing community of people who would like to be able to walk our dogs off leash in the back of the park. Our reasons are varied, but in general, we find that allowing our dogs to walk off leash in a play area while we sit and watch is not particularly pleasurable.

In other words, fences are boring. Read the full letter here.

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October 15, 2011

Stephen Muange is Baltimore Marathon winner; Shurkhno repeats for women

Olena Shurkhno at the 2010 Baltimore Marathon. Shurkhno repeated her win for the 2011 event.

Kenyan Stephen Muange has barely pulled ahead of two competitors to win the 2011 Baltimore Marathon.

Muange battled fellow elites Ambesse Tolosa and Tesfaye Assefaudube until the very end of the race, with all three competitors finishing within seconds of each other -- a relatively unusual situation in a race that spans more than two hours.

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October 11, 2011

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I'm doing: I'll be blogging from the Baltimore Marathon on Saturday morning. Other than that, this is lazy time for me. Next week I might start some cross-training or light running again.

What else I recommend: I would find it tough not to push the stilt-walking class. Who doesn't like stilt-walking?

More Maryland running events this month:

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October 10, 2011

What happened over the weekend: Columbus Day edition

Yes, it's Columbus Day, which means that instead of reading this blog, you should be out doing ... whatever it is people do on Columbus Day. (That apparently means eating spaghetti, according to a search of our event listings.)

But, since you're here, here's a slice of what happened over the weekend in the worlds of running, health and fitness:

In Chicago, a death alongside a course record

There was a new course record for Chicago's flat, windy route on Sunday. From Tribune staff:

Moses Mosop said his fitness level was only 85 percent of optimal because of training time lost to an injury this summer. And he still set a course record of 2 hours, 5 minutes, 37 seconds in Sunday's Bank of America Chicago Marathon. More >>

... but there was also a death. From a separate story:

Firefighter William Caviness was a life-long athlete and veteran marathoner from North Carolina who signed up for the Chicago race aiming to raise $2,000 for burn victims. More >>

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October 3, 2011

What happened over the weekend: Twin Cities win; Yoga deal; Catonsville safety scare

Happy Monday. Here's a slice of what's happened over the last couple days in the spheres of health, fitness and running.

A twin cities win

Here are the top 10 listed Maryland finishers from this weekend's Twin Cities Marathon, including Yeshimebet Tadesse-Bifa, an Ethiopian pro who snagged the first-place women's spot for a $15,000 prize.


Kenyan Sammy Malakwen won on the men's side. See full results here.

More marathon stories: Milwaukee | SoMD.

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September 26, 2011

What happened over the weekend: Patrick Makau's record; Milwaukee's aspirations; Sinai race

Happy Monday. Here's what's been happening over the last couple days:

A new world record

Patrick Makau has taken the world marathon record down by 21 seconds.

Haile Gebrselassie lost the race against time on Sunday when Patrick Makau shattered his marathon world record and ended an era of two decades dominated by arguably the greatest distance runner in history.

His lungs seizing up and struggling for air after more than 27 kilometers (17 miles) of the Berlin Marathon, Gebrselassie finally quit shortly after kilometer 35.

By then, Makau was more than two minutes ahead — on his own and on the way to the German capital's landmark Brandenburg Gate and a new world record.

More >>

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September 1, 2011

Labor Day contest: What do you do on a cold day at the beach?

Here are five beach ideas for cool, post-Labor-Day weather. Add yours for a chance to win a specially modified badminton set.

>>> Go fly a kite. The Maryland International Kite Expo is in the spring, but kites are functional in any season. The adventurous can try variations, such as kitecarting. Either way, flying a large kite can be excellent full-body exercise.

>>> Go be a kite. I learned about skatesailing from my dad. This one is winter-specific, since it requires a solidly frozen surface. Don't be dumb -- the usual rules for skating apply. Come to think of it, it's probably safer in general just to ice skate. That will still give you a good workout.

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April 15, 2011

Walking - but not too far

You're seeing all these 5Ks and up in listings everywhere, and you scroll past them because that's just too far to walk, much less run. But being a newbie or non-marathoner isn't a sign that you should plop back on the couch with a bag of chips.

Don't skip over the notices so fast. Plenty of these, especially the fund-raisers, have walks. Walks, jogs, strolls -- whatever you want to call them -- get you outdoors and moving. You're going at your own pace and at a distance that suits you better, typically up to a mile, and you'll have lots of company on your walk.

For example, on Saturday morning, the Baltimore State's Attorney's Office has a 5K run to raise money for an emergency fund for crime victims. But it also has a 1-mile walk. The event is in Patterson Park. Registration, $25, for the 9 a.m. event, opens at 7:30 at the Virginia S. Baker rec center.

In Annapolis, on May 21, the police department presents a one-miler to benefit Special Olympics Maryland. Registration is $25, but less for kids. Some entrants will do a 6-minute mile, but the program is geared to include walkers. You can take home an award even if you aren't the first to cross the finish line. They're promising to include awards for such non-athletic categories as best costume.

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March 29, 2011

Shooting near B&A trail

Sun reporter Don Markus has a couple updates on the man shot outside a Ritchie Highway mall. From Markus' article:

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March 25, 2011

Gardening and exercise

Gardening is a combination of diet and fitness: Burn calories and tone muscles while you work to grow the good food you'll be eating.

I love seasoning tomatoes I grow with herbs I grow. I enjoy the beauty of flowering plants and shrubs, with all the butterflies, hummingbirds and even bees they attract. And relaxing in the shade is terrific, including as a place to cool down with an iced tea after exercise.

Last weekend, I was torn between going to the gym and going to the backyard to start preparing the veggie/herb garden and the like.

I did a little of both. Anyone who has gotten busy with their garden knows those activities work arm, leg and back muscles. I actually tried doing a lunge with a little shovel in my hand to attack weeds. It wasn't all that efficient for gardening, but it made for great lunges.

I checked around on the calorie burn and fitness value of gardening. Lots of numbers are out there, and fyi, weeding by hand is good for about 182 cals in 30 minutes. But I found this item, though it's not brand-new, particularly interesting. It shows gardening has health benefits way beyond growing your own yummy organic foods:

If you've got some gardening-exercise tips, share them with us!

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March 24, 2011

2011 National Marathon preview

When the Suntrust National Marathon starts at 7 a.m. Saturday, Lisa Reichmann will already have been up for about 3 hours.

For the top Maryland woman at last spring's event, that won't be a huge change. "I wake up every morning at 4:15," says Reichmann, a former attorney who's now a full-time parent for three young children.

She will go to pick up a friend at 4:30, then drive southeast from Gaithersburg to the area near RFK stadium, where she'll join more than 15,000 people in the combined marathon, half-marathon and team relay.

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Forecast for Saturday's marathon in Washington: A bit chilly

According to, we can expect temperatures just above freezing for the Suntrust National Marathon on Saturday: As of this morning, the predicted high is 45°, with a potential low for the day of 35°.

I've been running in shorts lately, but that temperature range would definitely be tights/hat/gloves weather for me, especially considering the early 7 a.m. start time.

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March 16, 2011

On foot with Dave Barone

steve-mellott.jpgWhere he walks: Dave Barone goes out most days on the Heritage trail in York, PA. The trail connects with Maryland's NCR route.

Age: 63

What he does: Retired after 32½ years at the the USDA Forest Service. He and his wife both worked at the headquarters in Washington, DC.

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March 10, 2011

NCAA indoor championships start tomorrow

The NCAA male and female indoor championships start tomorrow in Texas. Maryland's Kiani Profit (Pentathlon) and Dwight Barbiasz (High jump) will be there, along with several other locally-tied people. (See these links for division I seedings of men and women, respectively.)

I always liked indoor track in high school, especially in old buildings. Unlike newer facilities, old buildings sometimes had poorly placed girders or overhangs near their tracks, making the experience much more exciting than usual: A race feels much faster when there are giant pieces of metal whizzing by.

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March 7, 2011

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: It's likely that my wife and I will go hiking on our own on one of the weekend days.

What else I recommend: The Kelly race is a big Baltimore tradition. There are also other St. Patrick's Day events around the state, along with the pub run (which is being set up by a group that I run with sometimes -- all links are after the jump).

Other options:

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February 28, 2011

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: Not sure yet. Probably tonight's Federal Hill run, at the very least.

Why: I'm tempted to drag myself out of bed and cheer for some friends doing the B&A trail races next weekend. Then again, I'm tentatively scheduled for 24 miles the day before, so I might just phone it in and bring brownies to our next training run. We'll see.

What else I recommend: A lot of people will simply want to recover from last weekends club challenge. For those who don't, there are a couple of pretty distance-heavy options in the RASAC and Seneca Creek runs, along with the first hint of the spring season for shorter races (WRRC prediction run, Get Pumped for Pets, etc -- see links on full list below).

Other options:

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February 21, 2011

Walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: Probably just distance training this week -- no races likely.

What I recommend: If you're able to somehow squeeze yourself into the club challenge in Howard County -- see the link after the jump -- it seems to be the big event for the coming weekend. It's officially full. Good luck.

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February 17, 2011

On foot with Steve Mellott

steve-mellott.jpgWhere he walks: I ran into Steve Mellott walking with his Chocolate Lab on a stretch of the C&O Canal trail just south of Williamsport, near Hagerstown. He doesn't always stick to the same stretch; the area near Fort Frederick is his favorite.

Age: 46

What he does: Trucking, maintenance and repair work

Where he lives: Mellott has his home on Falling Waters Road, a rural area about a mile from the portion of the trail on which we were walking. The road roughly follows a westward bend of the Potomac River.

What's the routine? He tries to walk on the towpath every day.

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February 15, 2011

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: The Olney Country Road Race looks viable, if I'm up for a Sunday event.

Why: Last weekend's race started a bit late for my taste, at just after 10 a.m.. While I'm normally a big fan of the HCS afternoon runs, I like the Olney race's 8 a.m. start time.

What else I recommend: The GW marathon is a bit out-of-the-way for me, but it looks exciting: It's in its 50th year, so they must be doing something right.

Other options:

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February 12, 2011

Participant's perspective: Cupid's Chase 5K, Philadelphia

An area along the river-facing side of Philadelphia's Kelly Drive is known as Boathouse Row, and right on cue, a crew of men glided by as I did a belated warmup this morning for the Cupid's Chase 5K.

I was warming up at the last minute because, like the majority of my preregistered race-mates, I stood in line for a good 25 minutes before getting my race number. That's somewhat forgivable, since this was the event's first year, and the turnout was significantly higher than the slightly green organizers had expected.

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February 7, 2011

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: Heading up to Philadephia to run a 5K race up that way.

Why: Held at 10:00, the race is late enough in the day that it won't be too tough to get there on time. (It's also right across the river from the country's oldest zoo.)

What else I recommend: If I were around, I would probably crash one of the breakfast runs on Saturday or maybe head up to Carroll County for the McDaniel group run on Sunday. The Howard County Striders' Sunday race also a appears to be a nice, low-key, non-heart-and-flower event, if past iterations are any indication, and with most of the Striders races charging less than five bucks for registration, it's probably the best deal in the area -- probably cheaper than some training runs, when you factor in gas or food.

Other options:

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December 6, 2010

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: Not sure yet. I might head down to the Figgy Pudding race if time and budget allow.

Why: It's been months since I took part in a Baltimore race.

What else I recommend: The Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk for Arthritis also looks like a fun city event. A couple friends have also mentioned interest in the Anniversary Run.

Other options:
Daily Glen Burnie walking program, Annapolis walking ghost tour

Frederick Reindeer Rescue Run, 4th Annual Fells Point Figgy Pudding Race, NCR Trail Snails group run, Berlin Reindeer Run 5K & 1 Mile, HCI Santa Shuffle 5k Run/1 Mile Fun Walk

Westminster Sunday group run, Rockville Jingle Bell Jog 8K, Anniversary Run 15K, Baltimore Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk for Arthritis, Glen Echo Bread Run 10K, RASAC "Rocky" 5-miler, Legends of the Fall series (final event)

Monday run in Federal Hill

What did you do last weekend? Upload race photos here.

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November 29, 2010

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: After a week of on-again-off-again cross training, I'll probably start running a bit on Saturday, most likely joining friends in Anne Arundel County for a short piece of their longer route.

Why: It's generally a good idea to recover slowly from a marathon -- Philadelphia, in this case. Additionally, I have to return some Thanksgiving Tupperware down in that direction.

What else I recommend: There are jingle bell runs throughout the country, but very few of them are in places as well-suited as Ellicott City, which looks like it could easily host Santa's workshop. If you go to their Jingle Bell 5K, be careful: Part of what makes the downtown picturesque is its location in a valley, and that means lots of hills are almost a certainty.

Other options:

Glen Burnie daily walking program, Annapolis ghost walk, PRR all-comers group runs

Family nature walk, Frozen Slopes Cross Country, BYRON 15k Mountain Run, BYRON 15k Mountain Run, Ellicott Jingle Bell 5K, Reindeer Run, Santa Shuffle 5K,">Gar Williams Half Marathon, Wright Stuff 5K Fun Run & Walk, RASAC Long Distance Run, Southern High School Bulldog 5K Run and 1 mi Walk, Frozen Foot 50K, Share the Holiday Spirit 5K Run/Walk In Memory of Laura Gondeck, NCR Trail Snails Saturday Group Run, Solomons Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 5K

Master's 6-miler and Holiday Social, Legends of the Fall #6, Sunday Morning Group Runs, Dancer Dash 10K, RASAC Charity 5K, Iron Fitness 140.6 min indoor triathlon

What did you do last weekend? Upload race photos here.

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November 20, 2010

Hoping my Philly Marathon time benefits from construction

The expo for the Philadelphia Marathon was pretty packed this morning, but I'm happy to say my packet pickup went smoothly.

Ironically, the presence of a not-so-smooth commuting obstacle for Philadelphia drivers may contribute to an equally fluid experience for those of us racing tomorrow, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The paper quotes the race's executive director, who says that construction work has eliminated Lemon Hill from the route. That theoretically should make the race easier for me and the other 11,000 runners expected on the marathon course.

I've never run this race before, so while I can safely say that the route is a bit flatter this year, I don't really know the details of what that means -- and to be frank, I'm not going to dwell on it, since I signed up for the purpose of running this race rather than covering it.

Update: Searchable results for this year's events are available here.

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November 15, 2010

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: I'll be picking up my Philadelphia Marathon packet on Saturday, then running the race on Sunday.

Why: Thanks to the Philly's proximity -- along with my wife's willingness to drive for a day trip on Sunday and a $3.50 round-trip ticket on megabus for Saturday -- I won't have to get a hotel room. That makes this race a pretty good deal, if you're considering it for next year. (This year's event is sold out.)

What else I recommend: My coworkers have been raving about the JFK 50 for weeks now. The Battle of the Potomac also caught my eye.

Other options:

Tidal Basin 3K & 1500m

2nd Annual Heather L. Hurd 5K Walk/Run, St. Jude's Give Thanks. Walk., Fells Point PubWalk, Run Under the Lights 5K, Lights on the Bay 5k Fun Run, Stone Mill 50-mile, Mount Vernon GhostWalk, Howard County General Hospital Dazzle Dash (run), Bita's Run 5K, Rampace 5K, Bobbi Jo Memorial Turkey Chase 5K, RASAC Gunpowder 50K, One World Run a 5K to benefit Project AIDS Orphan, Toys for Tots Turkey Trot, Battle of the Potomac XC Championship

Legends of the Fall 2M/10K/15K, Cold Turkey 10K, JFK 50 Mile, Flying Feet Burk Memorial 5K, Stone Mill 50 Mile Run, Howard County General Hospital Dazzle Dash (walk), King of the Road 5K, Wounded Warrior 5K Run/Walk,

Daily walking program, Annapolis Ghost Tour

What did you do last weekend? Upload race photos here.

More events | Submit an event

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November 1, 2010

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: I'll be spending Saturday morning churning out the longest of my pre-Philadelphia runs. This will likely be followed by a painful Sunday with as little movement as possible.

Why: With Philadelphia coming up on the 21st, it's time to start tapering down.

What I recommend for others: I really enjoyed last year's Down's Park 5 Miler, as it's a perfect way to view the changing leaves near Gibson Island. I was a big Joe Shafran fan when I worked in Annapolis, so if I feel inclined to get up on Sunday, I'll probably go talk to people at the Joggin' Joe Memorial 5K.

Other options:
Tuerk House Annual 5K/1 Mile Walk, Down's Park 5 Miler , Frizzellburg 3-mi XC @9AM, Feronia Funrunium, 5-Mile Trail Run for Healthier Babies, Cardinal 5K, MCCA-Colombo 5K, Jug Bay 5K/10K for Wildlife and 3K Fun Walk, Be True to Your School 5K, RASAC distance training run, 10th Annual Step-by-Step 5K, One Step Closer Autism Walk

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October 31, 2010

Marine Corps Marathon update

The 2010 Marine Corps Marathon has now passed the halfway point, with the 10K having been completed.

The male and female winners of that event, Mark Pepple and Alemtsehay Misganaw, respectively, are both originally from other areas: Misganaw was registered as a Howard County resident but labels herself a New Yorker, and Pepple came here from New Mexico, where he recently moved after going to school in Gainesville, Fla.

The differences between the two are rather extreme: Misganaw is a seasoned road runner at distances from the 10K to the half-marathon and is sponsored by Adidas, while this is Pepple's first road 10K. Pepple enjoyed the conditions on the course: Though the last hill was "rough," he said the temperature and running conditions were agreeable.

In the marathon itself, Gurmessa Megerssa, who is also listed as a Howard County resident, is in third place as of the halfway mark. Leading is Alexander McGregor of Woodbridge, Va, followed by Kurt Michaels Bozeman of Montana.

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October 25, 2010

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: Checking out the Marine Corps Marathon (as a spectator).

Why: While the Suntrust National Marathon is growing, it's a spring race, and the Marine Corps event is what my running buddies all get excited about.

What else I recommend: I'm very curious about the Fire on the Mountain 50K. If it weren't for family being in town, I would almost be tempted to take a trip to Allegany County.

Other options:

Teach, Learn, Play 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run, Miles for Megan 5K and Family Fun Walk, Fire on the Mountain 50K, Seaside 10, Turkey Trot training, KidsPeace 5K run and 1 mile walk , The Calverton School 2nd Annual 5K Halloween Run, Ghost Runners 5k - Walkersville, MD, Big Vanilla 5k for St. Judes, Headless Horseman 5K/1K, Mustang 5K Stampede and Scream & 1 Mile Zombie Walk, Baltimore Crossroads Cross Country Challenge, RASAC Run to Mamma, Pumpkin Pursuit 5K, Kemptown Elementary Fall Festival 5K, Halloweeny Fat Ass Ultra
at Spookhill
, Union City Grill Halloween 5K, Field of Screams 5K Run/Walk, Teach Learn Play 5K, Monster Dash, St. Michael's School 5K Fun Run & 1.5 mile Walk

Susie's Cause 5K Run and Family Walk, Middletown High School Field Hockey Team 5K Run / Walk, Seawitch Fall 5k Classic & 1 Mile Walk, Harford Community College Ecology 5K & 1 mile walk

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Other choices for 2011


Cincinnati will be one of several spring options for runners who were shut out of Boston. (AP Photo)

After Boston filled up in just over 3 hours last week, a lot of people are looking for spring alternatives.

Since I met my wife in Wood County, Ohio -- and since my original home state of Michigan lacks any large spring races of more than 20 miles -- I thought I'd take a shot at Toledo's Glass City Marathon. While a date conflict made that impossible, Ohio thankfully has two other big options in the spring: Cincinnati's Flying Pig takes off in early May, followed by the Cleveland Marathon on the weekend of the 15th. Here are some other prominent spring options around the country:

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October 21, 2010

Don't get stranded: Learn to fix your bike!

A friend just passed on this tidbit, happening this weekend:

Members of Baltimore Bicycle Works -- "Baltimore’s only worker owned and democratically operated bicycle shop" according to their website -- will be at the Baltimore DIY fest this weekend to teach you how to fix your bike's flat tire.

The DIY fest will be at 2640 St. Paul Street and the Roadside Repair workshop by Bicycle Works will be held from 4:15 to 5:15 in the venue's Sunday Room.

I am sure this, and similar workshops, are aimed at others like me: I just bought a new bike last summer, but I haven't changed a flat since I was a kid, so I know I'm tempting fate. It's just a matter of time before I get stranded somewhere, I'm sure.

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October 18, 2010

On dozing with Miss Darby

While finishing the weekly event update a few hours ago, I noticed that one of these things was not like the others.

Doze with Miss Darby is one of a few "non-races" I've seen in the last decade, and while I don't generally like non-event events, I'm a sucker for alliteration: The name ultimately caused me to move the event into the "evil genius" category of my personal taxonomy. (It doesn't take much to please me.)

My preferences aside, do you think the organizers will get much of a not-really-responding response, as it were? In your opinion, is this just lazy fundraising all around, or is it a respectable way to gain a bigger audience? I'm curious about how people feel on this.

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Weekly walking/running roundup

What I’m doing: Probably catching up with some buddies in Anne Arundel County. Maybe interviewing people at a race on Sunday.

Why: Last weekend was the running festival, and next weekend will be the Marine Corps Marathon, so this weekend is the best week to take things easy and meet for a relaxed Saturday run/brunch.

What else I recommend: If you just ran the marathon or half-marathon, I recommend not racing at all. Assuming that's not the case, I like the student-public-hybrid nature of the Raven Classic Cross Country 5K (in list below). I would also be interested in how the Goddard Running and Orienteering Club Fall 10K turns out, especially for anyone using it as an offbeat tune-up for the Marine Corps 10K. For a Friday option, there's the MPRC 5K Walk/Run.

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Now the recovery begins

recovery187.jpgPreparing for a race distance that's sometimes blamed for deaths can be tough, but what comes after the race is almost as important. Once the celebrations have died down, runners have to figure out a way to reconcile their previous training with whatever comes next.

Thankfully, a blog hosted by our sister paper in Chicago has gone over some options for recovering from the conveniently timed marathon in that city. Most of it can apply equally to recovery from the Under Armour Baltimore Marathon (more coverage here). Here's what they've posted:

>> Immediate recovery

>> Recovery: Day 2

>> Recovery: Weeks 2-16

I wish I had followed this advice more thoroughly after last year's marathon. By not cross-training, I risked injury, but just as importantly, I stopped enjoying what I was doing for a period of a few months. Sometimes a controlled deviation into other interests can be a good thing, especially if you've just had a huge dose of one thing.

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October 11, 2010

About the weekly roundups

By default, I make an effort to list all advertised, Maryland-based running and walking events that are open to the general public within a given week, usually posting most listings on Mondays.

How to submit an event

If you want to highlight a race outside of Maryland (or just want to make sure your race is included), please use the red "Submit an event" link below AFTER reading the rest of this paragraph. To be included on my lists, the submission must be made at least two weeks before the event, and it must include at least one of the following words/phrases in the title field: "5K," "10K," "mile," "miler," "run," "walk" or "race."

Upload race photos | Submit an event

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October 4, 2010

Weekly walking/running roundup

What I'm doing: Going down as a spectator to check out Bita's Run for Wellness.

Why: Everything I've seen leads me to believe it is a well-organized event that's likely to attract a big, interesting crowd.

What else I recommend: Vibrant Life 5K in Hagerstown, Little Bennett's Revenge in Derwood, Berg-Man Triathlon in South Germantown.

Other options: Celebrate Your Style 5K, Bowie Run for a Cause 5K, Marian House 5K run, Walk and Talk, SMHS Run for the Bathroom 8K, Race for the Ribbon 5K, Crop 5K, IMA World Health 5K Run/Walk for Haiti, Autumn Glory 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk, Arundel 5K and fun run/walk, Pink Ribbon 5K, Clemens Crossing Cougarthon 5K fun run, IOCC 5K Run/Walk, Riverfest 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk, Caribbean Sounds 5K Walk/Run 10K Race, Lightning Running Club YOUTH Cross Country 4K/3K/2K/1K, Ellen's Run 5K, 4 mile 5 hill run Legends of the Fall #3, Lower Potomac River Ten-Mile Run, Renie Amoss 5K Memorial Run/Walk, Dimes for Lyme's 5K & 1-mi

(Added later: 10.10.10 run)

What are you thinking about doing this weekend? Leave a comment, or upload last weekend's race photos here.

About this list: By default, I make an effort to list all advertised, publicly accessible Maryland running and walking events within the next week. If you want to highlight a race outside of Maryland (or just want to make sure your race is included), please send me an e-mail with the subject line “Race listings.” The message must include a direct link to your race’s webpage, and it must be submitted at least two weeks before the event.

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October 3, 2010

Participant's perspective: Falls Road 15K

Any time an event involves Druid Hill Park's meandering back roads, there's bound to be some worry about navigation. The organizers of today's Falls Road 15K, in which I ran, took this into account: While the pre-race instructions were a little bit scary, those instructions got us thinking about directions, and the course was full of people pointing us along the way.

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October 1, 2010

Weekend Workouts: What do you have planned?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's looking forward to somewhat drier weather this weekend. So, with a gorgeous fall forecast, at least for Saturday, what do you have planned?

Are you riding in the Tour du Port? Running the Fall's Road 15k? Taking a hike with the family? Komen Race for the Cure? Something else? 


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