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September 13, 2011

Living Social offering 50% discount at Whole Foods - now what should I get?

Whole foods at Harbor East
I'm not generally a big fan of Whole Foods. They swallowed one of my sister's favorite grocery chains in one gulp awhile back.

But I'll go there occasionally for a specific item or two. For example, the last time I needed imported clotted cream on a Saturday night*, Whole Foods was the only place I could find it.

Now, however, our adorable little Mid-Atlantic Groupon clone, livingsocial, is offering a 50% discount on up to $20 worth of goods at Whole Foods. It seems like it would be a waste to buy that much clotted cream, so I'm looking for something more creative to use it on***.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Tell me what single-meal, two-person recipe you would make with $20 (normal price) at Whole Foods. The rules:

- The recipe has to come in under $20 at the store's regular prices ($10 with the discount)

- The recipe has to have a printable page somewhere that you can link to

- Meat dishes are allowed. Meatless dishes are allowed. Gluten is allowed. Everything is allowed, so long as the recipe would be labeled as a main course by three random people on the street. I may actually ask random people on the street

- You'll want to include a mention of any crazy health risks. So, for example, if this involves raw fish, please make a note of it

- Contest ends in two weeks. Submit your recipe by then

The winner**** gets an ACE Hardware gift card. Good luck!

*This is not remotely a normal problem for me. I'm usually more of a Country Crock type.

**Or anyone else's for that matter.

***Especially since I want to impress my wife with some new food tricks when I see her again in a few months. The phrase "look, honey, I got us five pounds of clotted cream" just doesn't seem like it would have the same resonance as a candlelight dinner with a good entree.

****Winning recipe is arbitrarily chosen based on how much I like the resulting food after I mangle your instructions in the kitchen. Be forewarned: My tastes in dining are terrible, so this could be pretty random.

*****I just like asterisks. Don't hold it against me.


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since when is living social mid-atlantic??

Ella: I believe their American operations are based in Washington. I may have misread:

They also appear to have a good-sized British office. At the very least, their list of co-founders has a decidedly Mid-Atlantic lilt to it (if a list can have a lilt -- that might be worth debating.)

I take it from your regional pride that you would suggest something crab-based or perhaps pit beef-oriented for a recipe.

Am I close?

The bison is about $8, the goat cheese is about $4, the onion is about $1.50, and the wine, well, since we're in MD, you gotta come up with that yourself, but I've made it without the wine and it was amazing! (ok, ok, in reality, I cut out most of the ingredients in the link, it was just the only link I could find. I just did bison with salt and pepper, caramelized the onions and topped with goat cheese. Even cheaper and easier!)

International Quinoa Salad
quinoa, corn, chickpeas, tomato, jalepeno, cucumber, mint, parsley -

It was a pretty impressive uptake. In just 78 minutes, over half a million coupons had been sold. You can see a chart of the sales here

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