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January 1, 2010

Garden resolutions for 2010

Generally, gardeners don't abandon their New Year's resolutions until about August, when the drought and the insects combine to make gardening a real chore.

That's a better track record than smokers and dieters, but let's not kid ourselves. Not many of the garden notes and plans I wrote on my black-and-white, marbled composition book in September will come to fruition in 2010.

Still, we are determined to begin anew each January.

I have asked my garden friends to tell me their resolutions for 2010. Here are a few of them.

Angela Treadwell-Palmer of Plants Nouveau resolves to plant more containers with "low-water" or drought-tolerant plants. Not only will it reduce the chores (and the stress on the plants) of a hot summer, but it will be a challenge to find new varieties.

Margaret Roach, author of the very popular blog A Way to Garden, says she makes the same resolution every year: to label all the plants in the garden. And then she breaks it.

Michelle Cobb, posting a comment on Jodi Torpey's Web site, Western Gardeners, resolves to compost more and plant a new variety of an old favorite. Lisa Gustavson, commented on the same site, said she wants to spend more time teaching and inspiring others to garden. "With a little encouragement, more people would try gardening."

Kerry Senser, an editor for National Wildlife magazine who tweets as klsnature, resolves to expand her backyard habitat and learn more about the creatures who visit.

Speaking of visits, New Jersey landscape designer Susan Cohen resolves to visit more public gardens because they need our support.

Jan Bills, of Two Women and a Hoe, resolves to stop and smell the roses. "Literally!"

Resolve to keep reading...and to add your resolutions in the comments!

Fern, at the blog Life on the Balcony, resolves not to buy a single plant in 2010, but to grow everything from seed or propagation. "I want to be fulfilled by the process, not the purchase," she writes.

Likewise, Brenda Vincent writes that she will use yogurt cups and other recyclable containers for starting seeds. She also swears she is going get up early enough to water in the morning, not in the evening, which is the worst time for the garden. (Me, too!)

Gerrie Leinfelder said on Garden Variety that she wants to grow enough to contribute to the local food bank.

Melissa Miles McCarter writes that she wants to establish a budget for her garden -- and stick to it. (A resolution I endorse. The spending has got to stop!)

Along the same lines, Tina Gallagher resolves not to buy more plants or trees until she has found a growing spot and dug a hole.

Carrie Engel, my gardening pal from Valley View Farms, lists her top three resolutions on her new blog, Carrie on Gardening:  to space her vegetable plants farther apart to allow for better growth and air circulation; to to keep my camera with me at all times to update blogs, web sites and journals, and to take part in the Garden Writer's Association's Plant a Row for the Hungry.

And what is Garden Variety's New Year's resolution? To get the fall 2010 clean-up done before spring 2011!

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