September 3, 2010

Review: The Tap-a-Cap Bottle opener

tap-a-capEarlier this week, a conspicuous package arrived in the mail. It turned out to be a Tap-a-Cap Bottle Opener, courtesy of Pickled Parrot owner Gerry Balog. Great googley-moogley!

I first found out about these things a few months ago. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd have one of my own. You're a miracle worker, Gerry.*

Eager to test this amazing device, I dashed home. Editor Swift tried to follow me, yelling something about a deadline, but I outran him.

The genius of the Tap-a-Cap is that it not only removes the bottle cap, but it has a little magnet on the side which captures the cap. I don't know about you, but I've lost whole minutes of my life searching for rogue bottle caps.

Once home, I set the Tap-a-Cap atop a bottle of suds and gently but firmly pressed down ...

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August 5, 2010

The inflatable Irish pub, or, 'I want that'

Do you have a big yard you're tired of mowing? Would you rather open an Irish pub there, but don't want to waste time buying materials/building it?

Portable Pubs to the rescue! ...

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July 28, 2010

Coaster sticking to your pint glass? Pour salt on it.

if you look closely, you'll see salt on this beer coaster.And now, another installment of Weird Drinking Tips Sam Just Learned:

Last night, I met my good friend Miguel (who happens to have his own stellar nightlife blog) in Washington for drinks. Our server set our beers down on the coasters in front of us, and we lifted our glasses for a toast.

For a moment, Miguel's coaster stuck to his beer glass, and he gingerly plucked it off. It's annoying, but I've begun to accept sticky coasters and napkins as part of going out. 

That's when Miguel showed me the secret to ending sticky beer coasters forever: Pour a little salt on them ...

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July 26, 2010

My trick for removing wine bottle covers

wine top!Last week, Amie and I ordered a bottle of wine at a restaurant.

The server came over, bottle in hand, and chiseled away at the aluminum bottle cover. He cut a ring around it, but not deep enough, because the cap wouldn't come off. Then he jabbed at the top of it and peeled away a few flecks of foil.

Meanwhile, we were sitting there silently, waiting and watching.

At last, he got enough of the cover off to remove the cork, poured us some and left.

I sat there wondering why he'd gone to all the time and effort when there's a much easier way to get the cover off ...

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July 21, 2010

Pabst Blue Ribbon launches Blue Ribbon 1844 in China

blue ribbon 1844This could just be the marketing coup of the century:

According to Gawker, Pabst Blue Ribbon has reinvented itself as Blue Ribbon 1844, a high-end beer that is being sold in China for as much as $44 a bottle.

Why 1844? It's the year the original brewery was founded. Is it a new recipe? Or is Pabst Blue Ribbon just re-bottling it's same old crappy self, in the hopes the Chinese are suckers for a decent advertising campaign? The latter, I hope.

I'll bet it's the same rotgut swill that blue collar factory workers in Pittsburgh (and, for some reason, mustachioed hipsters) toss back by the case on a Friday night.

Perhaps "rotgut swill" is a little mean-spirited (liquor pun!). But it sure ain't Clipper City, I'll tell ya that. Or even Natty Boh, for that matter.

Pabst Blue Ribbon has inspired many great pop culture moments, like this one (NSFW). I really hope it's a hit in China. I mean, who wouldn't pay $44 for it? It's got "Blue Ribbon" in the name. It has to be good, right? Right?

(Image courtesy of this site)

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April 17, 2010

Useless beer gadget I'd love to have: the Tap-a-Cap Bottle opener

I didn't know I needed the Tap-a-Cap Bottle Opener until I saw this awesomely bad commercial for it. Now, I've got to have one. Or not. Maybe I'll just watch the video again and snicker.
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January 11, 2010

Why I love/hate Blenheim Ginger Ale

blenheim ginger aleYou've never had Blenheim Ginger Ale?, my friend Will asked me.

Nope, I said. Never.

You've got to try some. I've got a whole case! 

Of ginger ale? 

Yeah. It's that good.

That's how we ended up at Idle Hour the other night, with a cardboard box full of bottles of Blenheim Old No. 3 Hot Ginger Ale.

Will popped the top on one, and I took a swig and rolled it around in my mouth for a second. I've never had a more full-bodied ginger ale.

Then I swallowed it. That's when the fire started in my throat.

The "Hot" part of Old No. 3 Hot Ginger Ale sets in as the ginger ale hits the back of your throat. For a second, I thought I'd developed acid reflux. Then I realized it was the ginger ale. It flamed up like a lit matchstick ...

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October 2, 2009

Sipping Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry beer

michelob ultra pomegranate raspberry

This post might just put a permanent dent in my manliness. But that's OK.

Last week, Amie saw an ad for Michaelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry beer (think they could have made the name any longer?).

When she asked me to pick her up a six-pack at the local liquor store, I cringed to myself.

I figured she would try one, not like it, and I'd be stuck drinking the other five bottles of fruit-tastic beer.

Oh boy!

Turns out, it's not actually that bad ...

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September 14, 2009

So I tried Drank ...

sam tried drank and look what happened?Drink, Drank, drunk.

Dude. I just, like, pounded a 16-ounce can of the "extreme relaxation beverage" Drank.

My roll has officially been slowed.

According to the can, I consumed 20 mg of Valerian root extract, 20 mg of rose hips extract, 2 mg of melatonin and, like, 220 calories(!).

I pounded it, too, in 15 minutes. 

How was it? Sweet.

Literally -- sweet. I think my teeth just disintegrated. Maybe it's just the melatonin. I don't know ...

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September 10, 2009

Who wants to get their Drank on?

drankI do! I do!

I'm not talking about drinking just anything, either. I'm talking about drinking Drank.

Have you heard of Drank? It's the new anti-energy drink. It's a relaxation drink. Or so I hear.

I haven't tried Drank myself -- yet. But the name is pretty awesome. And I'll bet all the kids are gettin' their Drank on. Those kids and their Drank. Gee, what will they think of next?

Here's what Drank's publicist had to say:

Comprised of melatonin, rose hips, and valerian root, drank is intended to chill you out, or “slow your roll” as it says on the can.  drank is currently slowing rolls throughout the country (including Delaware, D.C., and Virginia), and is now turning to Baltimore.

And here I've been wondering why traffic on 495 has been so sluggish lately. I'll bet it's because everybody's roll has been slowed by Drank!

I remember melatonin having something to do with sleep and relaxation. But rose hips? Valerian root? What? ...

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June 18, 2009

Bacon vodka lives!

bakon vodkabakon vodkabakon vodka Midnight Sun and bacon vodka go back. Way back.

And it was only a matter of time before a mainstream (legal) bacon vodka hit the market.

If there ever was a time for bacon vodka, that time was now.

So, without further delay, ladies and gents, I give you: Bakon Vodka.

oooooooooooooooooh SNAP!

As you see, it's not just Bacon Vodka. Oh no. It's Bacon with a "K"! 

Edgy stuff, man. Hee hee.

I seriously am game to try it. Has anybody else tried this particular brand of it? ...

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May 23, 2009

Japanese beer for kids

kidsbeer.jpgI had to read this guest post from Owl Meat Gravy twice, I was so shocked this even exists:

Kidsbeer! Kidsbeer! Kidsbeer!
The Tomomasu company of Japan once made a non-alcoholic drink for kids chock full of the guarana (twice the caffeine of coffee), with enough kick to have the little ones running up the walls.

It didn't sell very well, so they put it in a brown bottle and changed the name to Kidsbeer.

Whoosh ... turning your kid into a kinder-meth-head is much more attractive when it seems like you're getting them drunk. All the chore-doing benefits of kiddie Red Bull combined with the gateway drug priming for later alcoholism.

Kidsbeer! And I thought Shirley Temples were weird. Why not rename this an Amy Winehouse?
Note: The photo above is from the company's actual ads ...

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May 15, 2009

Pocketshots: My new squeeze

pocket shots

And just like that, I'm off on my honeymoon. Whoosh! Don't worry, though -- I've left you some great guest posts from some delightful guest commenters. Remember Owl Meat Gravy? Here he is:

I was sitting at my desk squirting Purell directly into my mouth on Monday morning when I caught my reflection in the computer monitor.  "What am I doing?" I said to myself. 

Like a message from God, a voice inside me said, "This would be better if it tasted like tequila instead of potpourri." If only there was a way to sanitize my hands and get my gel swerve crankin' too.  Reason number 637 of why America is great: PocketShots.  
PocketShots are 50 ml (1.7 oz.) squeeze packets of alcohol gel preferred by discerning ladies in ill-fitting tube tops everywhere. The container looks like the worst (best) tiny IV bag ever. They contain 80 proof alcohol as gin, vodka, rum, tequila or "Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged Four Years."...

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December 31, 2008

Some New Year's Eve drink ideas

Is there really a special New Year's Eve drink (besides champagne, of course?)

The folks over at emailed me some intruiging drink ideas, and I thought I'd pass 'em along. If you've got a NYE specialty drink, feel free to share it, too. Here's three ...

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December 2, 2008

Hey, is this your beer? Why, yes, it's mine. See?

my beerI like silly stuff like these plastic beer-marking bands.

They're like Lance Armstrong's Livestrong bracelets, but not for charity.

And they say "Mine." Like those sea gulls from Finding Nemo. I like that, too.

As a rule of thumb, when someone gives me a gift like this, I use it once and then slowly lose all of the thingys.

But hey, these only cost like $10 or something. Although $10 goes a long way in a recession.

I didn't find these beer markers myself. Liz over at Consuming Interests did.

Heck, there's a whole photo gallery with cheap stuff like this on our site. Here's a link.

You're welcome. 


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October 9, 2008

So (un)necessary

beer pong rackMS reader Lisa tipped me off about this site, where you can purchase all kinds of random drinking game doo-dads, such as the Beer Pong Game Rack With Freezable Center (pictured).

With this one-of-a-kind device, you can not only guarantee a perfect rack -- ALL THE TIME -- but you fill it in water and put it in the freezer before playing so it keeps your beer icy cold!

All this for a mere $21.95, plus shipping and handling.

That's right folks, the double awesome, one-of-a-kind Beer Pong Game Rack could be yours for the price of one 30-pack of Bud Ice.

Personally, I'd rather drink the Bud Ice. But hey -- that's just one man's opinion. I'm sure there are plenty of college kids with money to burn on useless beer pong memorabilia much like this here. Otherwise, this site wouldn't be in existence.

I did, however, find one beer pong accessory I liked ...

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October 7, 2008

The Sneaky Leaker

Brace yourselves. I have a post prepared that is sure to shock and appall you. In the interests of public discretion, I will give you a chance to stop reading now, if you wish. You can click away and never come back to this post.

Or, you can read on, as I tell you about one of the dirtiest, most devious devices man has ever known ... 

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September 21, 2008

Another awesome yet pointless invention

There exists a robot which is part mini-fridge and part beer opener. This is not a legend. This is real.

All you do is put a glass mug in its hand and push a button. The robot does the rest. The downside? It takes freaking forever, and I'm sure it costs a fortune. But it does rank pretty high on the Awesome-O-Meter. It even speaks Japanese! At least I think it's Japanese.

Watch and enjoy ... 

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September 19, 2008

Beer on a stick

beer on a stickWhy? Because we can.

And this is America, fool.

That's why.

Here is a link to the official Beer on a Stick site, where you can purchase this incredibly innovative yet strikingly simple accessory. It comes in different colors, too!

I also enjoy Beer on a Stick's motto:

"It's how you hold that keeps it cold."

Truer words are seldom spoken.

Also, if you look to the sidebar on the right side of this site, you'll see a new category called Drink-ology. I'm putting all the posts about weird drinking gizmos there.


Also, if one of you ends up buying Beer on a Stick (Evan, I'm thinking about you), I want you to take a photo of Beer on a Stick in action and send it to me. 

(Photo from Beer on a Stick's site)  

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September 12, 2008

I want that

Just stumbled across this video of what is perhaps one of the most American inventions ever ... uh ... invented.

This machine costs $1,500 but is worth every penny. I mean, would you, dear reader, want to get off your couch to fetch another beer if you didn't have to? The answer is no.

Watch and learn ...

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September 11, 2008

Options are good ...

... such as, the option to sip or chug (hassle free!) from either end of the same mug.

And the illustration of how not to walk downstairs is key.

This product gets Midnight Sun's official stamp of approval. 

For the record, I first saw the photo of this mug here. And I'm not sure where it originally comes from. But it doesn't look like you can order it from this site.

I'm sure you can find it elsewhere, if you're really interested. 

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