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February 22, 2011

Tiki Barge's neighbors want bar's liquor license revoked to "promote the peace and safety of the community"

Some 14 neighbors of the Tiki Barge want its liquor license revoked.

They've asked the Baltimore Liquor Board for a hearing to discuss the floating barge, which opened last Memorial Day and includes a swimming pool and two tiki bars.

The official item on the docket, which hasn't been released yet, says the neighbors want the bar's license revoked for "false statements made by the licensee in his 2010 renewal application" and also to "promote the peace and safety of the community."

The hearing has been scheduled for March 3 at 3 p.m. The City that Breeds posted an item about it earlier today.

The Tiki Barge, in anticipation of the hearing, is going on the offensive.

They've asked fans - via a Facebook group, natch - to e-mail liquor board commissioners pledging their support.

And they've also asked fans to sign an online petition in support of the venue. So far 249 have signed it. It remains to be seen how many actually turn up for the hearing. 

Will have more on the Tiki Bar's saga on the day of the hearing. 

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Shutting down the Tiki Barge would be a mistake. That place is awesome, drinks are inexpensive, pool is clean and the views are unreal. Best place to enjoy a "sick day" away from work.

The Tiki Barge is great, here's what I think what might have happened.

When they first opened, the Tiki Barge had an older crowd and then they had the younger crowd. The both wanted it to be their bar and the younger crowd took it over.

Now the older crowd, who pay a lot of tax money and have a loud voice don't want anybody to have it.

Great bar, Mr. Fogleman, for the young and the old.

How about the liquor board allows them to move the Tiki Barge all over the city? One week its off key hwy, next week its in the harbor, the week after that its in curtis bay. Ok, maybe not curtis bay, but move it around. Then its a fun week when it shows up at your dock, and neighbors only have to deal with it for a week.

It was a pleasant, quiet marina. Then it was sold. The new owners put up a security gate, which seemed like a decent idea. Then they opened the gate to every 20-something drunk from B'more to Princeton. Said 20-somethings took over the pool for which residents and slip-holders have paid enormous annual fees to use, who now can no longer use the pool because it's turned into a frat party and a completely inappropriate environment for adults, let alone children. And every weekend morning the pier is spotted with vomit from the night before. And boats were broken into, so they've had to install security gates at each pier, to supplement the one they installed at the beginning, but now leave open so the drunks can get in and out. This is the problem with the Tiki Barge.

do the slip holder and residents get to walk into the tikibarge pool for free, i felt like everyone had to pay an entrance fee if they wanted to use the pool at the tikibarge?

its not like was there for years, and then someone opened it up to the general public out of the blue

LOVE the tiki barge. It was Baltimore's best new bar of 2010 (in my opinion).

The Tiki Barge cannot close! I will cry... :-(

@bonwheels- didn't they charge every 20-something $10 to get in?

Like I said before, if the older people who pay the "enormous annual fees" can't use it then they don't want anybody to use it.

Instead of trying to take away their license, why not try to work with them

What if they just hired security from open til close, I am surprised they didn't do that, how did people get in after midnight?

I don't think the Tiki Barge is going anywhere, they just need to fix a couple of issues with the old folks

I wouldn't normally directly link to just a comment on the ol CTB but this guy Matt seems to have a lot of relevant input on the matter, very in line with what anon;) is saying:

check it

@Evan- no link

sorry i guess it got stripped:

evan has good points, but i'm not sure he's 100% correct. i have friends who keep their boats there and they're not old or rich. one told me he's found random beer cans on his boat and others have reported people are definitely loud after leaving the bar. they installed security gates on each pier, but they're a joke. i climbed around one to make a point in front of security. either way, the people who keep their boats there pay a lot of money for their slips - and they pay it because they live in fed hill and the next closest marina is in fells or at nicks (and nicks is horrible). i'd complain too. they shouldn't have to leave because people are disrepectful. as for residents, i can't speak to that end, but i know slip owners are pissed too. i like the tiki bar, but i'm not down with people being aholes.

Since the posters before me don't have first hand experience of the barge and the marina, I will fill you in.

First, the tiki barge has more security than any bar I've ever seen. From open to close there is anywhere from 2-6 security guards, sometimes off-duty officers. It is the safest and most secure bar of any in the city. This isn't because there have been any problems, but the operators wanted to ensure the neighborhood knew they were protecting them.

Second, the beer cans and vomit on the docks (which I have never seen!) could just as easily be attributed to the boaters in the marina as it could the barge. Good or bad, many people have parties on their boat and there's always a group of drunks in every marina.

This barge is a great asset to Baltimore. And I hope that the disgruntled neighbors realize they are jeopardizing not only the business in the area but the jobs that the barge, and other jobs around it, give to people that are desperately in need of them. They're trying to blame someone for the depreciation of their homes but unfortunately they are to blame for paying too much for them.
If you want to live in peace and quiet,
move to the suburbs. This is a city and we should encourage life and growth in it! Save the tiki!

Bonwheels is so off base with his comments and speaks untruths. Residents and slipholders DO NOT pay any annual fees to use the Tiki Barge and never have. This and everything else bonwheels has written are absolute lies......just like the lies of the 14 petitioners......


So the once quiet marina was sold and new management made changes to cater to a different crowd...sounds to me like a couple of people should just accept that they do not own the marina and if they do not like how its run they should find a new one.

It is a great place to relax in the makes you feel like you are somewhere else other than Baltimore (and sometimes in the summer, you need ). I vote to keep it open.

I've been a resident of the Harborview Community for these past 6 years. Having been in the hospitality industry most of my life I can say, without any reservation, that The Tiki Barge is probably the best thing that has happened to this community in years. I have known Bud Craven since he owned The Hot Air Saloon, through his Schaefer's Pub days and his vision to open the Bay Cafe. He's congenial, respectful and a visionary who possesses great integrity. He has given this community something to look forward to from Spring through the Autumn seasons.

I have had the pleasure of hosting many gatherings at the Tiki Barge, whether during the day or evening hours, and have never found an atmosphere to be troublesome or offensive in any way. Our apartment overlooks the Tiki Barge and, I must say, when I wake up in the morning I cannot wait to look out my window to see this little oasis that awaits me with the lovely palm trees swaying.

Bud Craven has gone to great lengths and expense to provide an atmosphere and a place to enjoy the most beautiful view of Baltimore City. My saying is "there's always at breeze at The Barge". I take so much pride in the Tiki Barge that I have adopted it as my own. I never hesitate inviting guests of all ages to join me there. In all the years that I have known Bud I have never had an unpleasant experience. He has a history of working with the community hand in hand in an effort to address any concerns and immediately takes action if and when necessary. He is active in fund raisers and charitable events. He never says "no" when there's a time of need.

It would be a very sad day for the Harborview Community if we were to lose such a respected operator as Bud Craven and to lose such a fabulous place for the residents to gather. There's nothing else like it in the City and I would devastated if the unwarranted opposition seeks and gains the approval of the Board to close this facility.

Bud Craven has a proven track record and it would be a great loss to the community if we were to lose an operator such as Bud.

alright enough knob polishing, the barge will be fine

Th' tiki barge be me favorite spiced grog port in th' harbor. i be assemblin' a crew to commandeer th' constellation 'n save th' harbor. join me to save th' tiki barrrrrge or swab th' decks ye divvys! it be kookoo bananas to me that anyone would inquiry th' barrrge, it be a safe 'n a ruckas place to parrrty in th' harbor. skewer harr:


Please cite the fact that it's only 14 people who signed the petition? The petition that I signed had 50+ RESIDENTS of Harborview that signed it..

Can you post a link to the picture of the girl showing off her tatas? That will get your blog more hits than a Lady GaGa review.

You can put it on an outside site!

You can put it on an outside site!

Typical. Can't have fun in Baltimore without someone getting upset about it. How disreuptive can a floating bar be to a high-rise. Do the residents even have windows that open? What on earth are they complaining about

What about the guy that jumped into the harbor from the top bar @ Tiki Barge? He did it to impress his server and the old guy that was mgr on duty didn't do anything but sit on his stool drinking his beer while on the clock.

hahahaha that's awesome!

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