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February 2, 2011

Baltimore bars that will carry Natty Boh on tap

On Thursday, Nacho Mamas's will tap the first keg of National Bohemian in over 15 years.

Soon after, Boh on tap will be available at least 80 locations in Maryland, a majority of them in the Baltimore metro area.

Of these, Sidebar, Brewer's, Ottobar, Frazier's, Hamilton Tavern, Idle Hour and Frisco Tap and Brewhouse in Columbia will also have keg tapping parties. (A schedule is below)

It's too early to tell if Boh on draft is here to stay for the long run - Pabst Brewing Company says it is - but this is at least a step in that direction.

Here's the most recent list of all the Baltimore bars that will start carrying Boh within the next two weeks*. They include the usual suspects - Mount Royal Tavern, Idle Hour - and some surprises.

(A list of bars outside the city will be posted later today.)

Plan your Superbowl accordingly: 

Baltimore bars that will carry Boh on tap:

Charles Village Schnapp Shop, 2941 N CALVERT ST
8 x 10 Club, 8-10 E CROSS ST
Ledbetter's, 1639 THAMES STREET
Dead Freddie's, 7209 HARFORD RD
Della Rose's at Canton Crossing, 1501 CLINTON ST SUITE 110
Mahaffey's, 2706 DILLON STREET
Frazier's, 917 W 36TH STREET
Fish Head Cantina, 4802 BENSON AVE
Duda's Tavern, 1600 THAMES STREET
Tommy's Downtown Tavern, 837-39 W CROSS ST
Liquor Pump,8535 OLD HARFORD RD
Hamilton Tavern,5517 HARFORD RD
Todd Conners, 700 S BROADWAY ST
Sea Horse Inn, 701 WISE AVE
Midtown Yacht Club, 15 E CENTRE ST
JD's Smokehouse Bar and Grill, 3000-02 O'DONNELL ST
Oasis Bar & Grill, 7539 OLD OCEAN CITY RD
City Limits Sports Bar, 1700-04 E FORT AVE
The Waterfront Hotel, 1710 THAMES ST
Life of Reilly Irish Pub, 2031 E FAIRMOUNT AVE
Little Abner's,1306 1/2 LINDEN AVE
Looney's Pub,2900 O'DONNELL ST
Mad River Bar & Grille,1110-12 S CHARLES ST
Pickled Parrot,3020 ELLIOTT ST
Mount Royal Tavern,1204 W MOUNT ROYAL AVE
Mother's,1113 S CHARLES STREET
Brewer's Art,1106 N CHARLES ST
Fin's,2903 O'DONNELL ST
Hertch Tavern, 1902 GWYNN OAK AVE
Patrick's of Pratt Street,131 S. SCHROEDER ST
Nacho Mama's,2907-11 O'DONNELL ST
Emerald Tavern,8300 HARFORD RD
Dionysus,8 E PRESTON ST
Smitty's Cut Rate,1044 S CHARLES ST
New Dunbar Tavern,269 COLGATE AVE.
Spirits Tavern,1901 BANK STREET
Howard's Pub and Deli,7312 HOLABIRD AVE
John Stevens,1800 THAMES STREET
Sticky Rice,1634 ALICEANNA ST
Swallow at the Holow,5921-23 YORK RD
Shuckers,1629 THAMES STREET
Camden Pub,645-47 W.PRATT ST.
The Laughing Pint,3531 GOUGH ST
Luckie's,34 MARKET PLACE
Hubcap Inn,6003 BELAIR ROAD
Hull Street Blues,1222 HULL STREET
Westway Liquors, 5312-16 EDMONDSON AV

Keg tapping parties:

Thursday, Feb 3, 6-8pm Nacho Mama’s

Friday, Feb 4, 5-7pm Sidebar

Friday, Feb 4, 8-10pm Ottobar Upstairs

Saturday, Feb 5, 5-7pm Brewer’s Art

Saturday, Feb 5, 8-10pm Frazier’s

Monday, Feb 7, 7-9pm Idle Hour

Wednesday, Feb 9, 5-7pm Hamilton Tavern

Wednesday, Feb 16, 7-9pm Frisco Grille

*All bars have different shipping schedules, so they won't all have the kegs at the same time. PBR anticipates they all will within the next two weeks. 

Photo: Natty Boh logo (Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun)

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I don't see why there is all this excitement over a beer that is not even brewed in Baltimore. It is brewed in Illinois. How about drinking something that is brewed in Baltimore and brings jobs to the city? Oliver's , Brewers Art, or Clipper City anyone?

Natty Boh is getting delivered today and might be pouring tonight and a couple of establishments!!! I will keep you posted.

Actually, Bryan, all National Bohemian beer is brewed at a facility in North Carolina. (Not that it changes your main point, but I figured I'd clear up that detail.)

Drinking Baltimore beer doesn't bring jobs to the city; it's not like choosing to drink Clipper City means a new Clipper City plant in Canton. Also, Brewer's Art beer is brewed in PA.

The Schnapp Shop is tapping kegs now?!?!?

I don't see Max's is that right? The list would be easier to read if it where in alphabetic order

Thanks for the clearing that up, NC is still not Baltimore. As I understand it the Brewer's art beer served at the brew pub is brewed on site and the bottles and cans are brewed in PA. Yes I do realize Brewers Art is on the above list.

Baltimore beer does create jobs, plenty of people work at the two brew pubs and the brewery I've listed. Natty Boh was sold and left Maryland taking jobs with it.

This is like everyone rooting for the Colts and saying "They're Baltimore's team". Just like beer, there is a local team and it is far superior.

What is Tommy's Downtown Tavern on Cross Street?

That's West Cross st. I think I saw a drug addict in google maps street view

Natty Boh is hooked up and ready to go tonight at No Idea Tavern

However tomorrow, No Idea and Don't Know will have penny Boh's til the first keg is kicked!!!

@Mobtown: Tommy's Downtown Tavern is actual a pretty good corner bar, but it's not shady, has great food and the drinks are cheap. Pretty sweet corner bar.

@Tif: I am sure you were trying to be funny, but it is quite apparent that you really have no idea what you are talking about, so it might be best to keep your mouth shut.

ALL 3 Looney's will have it on tap..$1 pints during happy Hour..It is laready tapped at all 3

ALL 3 Looney's will have it on tap..$1 pints during happy Hour..It is laready tapped at all 3

new transported man, you are only partially right - Brewer's Art bottles and cans are brewed and packaged in PA, under the supervision of the guy in charge of our brewing ops HERE IN BALTIMORE. All draft is made at 1106 N Charles.

I will happily show you the brewery and the brewers if you come by during the day M-F. Hell, you can probably smell it being made if you just walk by.

Drinking locally made may not bring a lot of jobs but somebody nearby should is making money and those taxes help the state and if in the city it helps city tax income too

@Calvin I'm confused-I looked up the address in the post and what the internets showed me was not the Cross st. my parents owened and operated a business on for 20 years but somewhere where there are blue light cameras. Might be Maza's mistake but look it up.

@Calvin I'm confused-I looked up the address in the post and what the internets showed me was not the Cross st. my parents owened and operated a business on for 20 years but somewhere where there are blue light cameras. Might be Maza's mistake but look it up.

@Calvin I'm confused-I looked up the address in the post and what the internets showed me was not the Cross st. my parents owened and operated a business on for 20 years but somewhere where there are blue light cameras. Might be Maza's mistake but look it up.

@Calvin I'm confused-I looked up the address in the post and what the internets showed me was not the Cross st. my parents owened and operated a business on for 20 years but somewhere where there are blue light cameras. Might be Maza's mistake but look it up.

Damn droid tablet

Damn droid tablet

@Tif Without giving too much away of where I live in regards to Tommy's, If I go to the left from my street, there is a police light there on Carroll St I believe (they need it). If I go to the right a few blocks down is Tommy's and there are no lights there and I am very comfortable walking from there at night.

Just so everyone knows, Tommy's really is a great business in the Pigtown area. The staff are very nice and attentive and everything is priced just right. You should check it out sometime, especially if you live in Pigtown.

Patrick's of Pratt had it last night.

It is my assumption that Pigtown- err Washington Village will never be as promised because the gentrificators seem more hostile than the element that has always been there. Very homogeneous atmosphere I bet.

Not sure how we got missed from this list but Captain Larry's 601E. Fort Ave. will also be carrying Natty Bo on tap...

@Bryan F: i guess you really can't put value or logic on nostalgia. yes, it's brewed out-of-state and yes, there are far superior beers brewed in-state, or even in-city, which i happily and frequently consume. but my grandparents didn't serve those beers at their bar 50 years ago. and when the city tore down their bar and their home for the 83-expansion-that-never-happened, their bar and home was looted, so they had very few items leftover. for my family, the natty boh memorabilia is a shout-out to them. i'm excited to drink a boh off the tap about 3 blocks from the site of where their bar used to be. i'll be drinking to them...

wait, did that guy just suggest that the Ravens were better than the Colts? holy
frank in a bucket, when?

Ravens better than the Colts? i gotta agree,
worst analogy ever. i guess he could have
suggested that the boh was better than the brewers art brews, thank goat he didn't.

Yes it tastes like piss smells, but it's our piss. Except it's brewed in North Carolina. You people make no sense! No sense!

no sense? drinking what you admit is
piss, because of some sense of
nostalgic loyalty makes no sense.
less than no sense, when there are
many other local and enjoyable beers
to be loyal to.

of course nothing could possibly be as great the old Baltimore Colts - they were the greatest thing to ever happen in the entire history of all professional sports and certainly haven't at all been over-romanticized in the heads of old men for the past 40-50 years.

oh no - that couldn't possibly be the case.

It's also on tap at Riptide in Fells...

You can also get Natty Boh on tap at Della Rose's Avenue Tavern in WhiteMarsh. Come join us for our Keg Party on Wed. Feb. 16th. $1.00 Natty Boh drafts plus prizes!

It is also on Tap at Down the Hatch in Locust Point for $1.25

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