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September 1, 2010

Promoters busing students to Power Plant Live for "College Night" (updated)

Promoters are once again busing in students from area schools for a weekly "College Night" at Mosaic, a lounge in Power Plant Live.

The event, called Thursday Night Banger, is run by the local event promoter GoodLife Boys. It began last week, and the next one is set for tomorrow.

"We take a bunch of college kids and bring them out there," said GoodLife Boys co-owner Nino Sylvia.

"Towson, Loyola, Hopkins -- we've got all the students coming out there. ... The ratio of girls to guys is ridiculous." ...

Power Plant Live has had a strict anti-busing policy since 2006, when the entertainment zone canceled its once-popular College Nights after numerous citations for underage drinking and pressure from advocacy groups. Power Plant Live spokesman Chris Furst was unaware of Mosaic's event, he said.

"We absolutely don't permit it," Furst said. "We're completely against busing them down. ... We're trying to get away from the whole college image." 

Mosaic's College Night is strictly 21+, Sylvia said, and last week's event sold out.

UPDATE: Furst stressed that this night has nothing to do with Power Plant Live, and none of Power Plant Live's staff is promoting it as a college night.

"We don't permit buses," he said. "If it's a matter of that event being canceled, absolutely. ... Mosaic does not hold a college night. Power Plant Live does not hold a college night."

ANOTHER UPDATE: I also spoke with Jake Miller, Mosaic's regional manager, who said the club knew nothing about the buses and emphasized that Mosaic only admits patrons who are 21 and older.

"It's not a college night," he said. "It's the furthest thing from a college night. ... We had nothing to do with this."

(Baltimore Sun photo of a woman at Mosaic by Lloyd Fox)

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Posted by Sam Sessa at 11:00 AM | | Comments (34)
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Great report. One side says one thing and the other side says the other. Please do a follow up, this could get interesting.

"We're trying to get away from the whole college image."

How about getting away from the whole douche bag image first?

Snitches get stiches

Umm...bus the kids two block from Power Plant Live them let them out and it has nothing to do with College Night.

Just a bunch of random kids taking buses downtown to drink.

That way PP can deny a "college night" and still sell to underage kids who'll then pee all over downtown.

Would you rather them drink at the Power Plant and drive back to their colleges?

This is a clear violation of Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education.

typical power plant "Who Me" ? I didnt notice 8 buses drop off in front of the building with 400 kids

Cant wait to see them bus the kids to Arundel Mills

Now we just need Lucille's and Have a Nice Day Cafe to open back up and the world will be a happy place again!!

what's the big deal? If they're legal, so what? At least they're getting taken to and from safely.

... I'm pretty sure I've seen GLB's pictures online... looks like D-bag central, but whatever... maybe just not my crowd.

It's not a big deal other than PPL is saying one thing and the promoters are doing the other. This is when having a promoter can be a bad thing. Everybody wants to make money.

Personally I think bussing the kids in is a great idea, it makes everybody cash. I am surprised that more clubs don't do that especially in either Canton, Fells Point or Federal Hill.

You are helping out with the drinking and driving along with the parking situation but the neighborhood associations would be furious.

Could you have imagined if Taps had 4 bus loads of students pull up in front of their bar. They still might be open.

Nino Silvia is not an owner of the goodlifeboys! I know both of the owners and they are not involved in running buses any were. I think next time you write an article you should get your facts straight first and make sure the person your talking to is really the owner.

They reason bars don't bus students in is because the Liq board, police dept & MADD along with certian colleges do not want it to happen. Towson and Stevenson are strongly against running busses and will call the state police and DOT in on any buses they hear of also once the Liq board gets wind of it them and Vice show up. (Unless of cousre yu area Cordish owned properity.)The schools complain because 100's of drunk kids get dumped off on their campuses and things get trashed. MADD's complaint is that it promotes binge drinking.

The funny part is how proud the promoter was about bussing in college kids and how they were sold out but then power plant turns and says they know nothing about it.

Hey Guys, those big yellow things dropping off 18+ kids behind port discovery and rams head, those are Buses and they are coming from colleges... oh yeah... the shuttle looking things are also buses!!!

maybe if sam sessa was a real reporter & not just a good friend of th g.m. for mist & bourbon street he would have writing something about bourbon street being 18 & over & all the buses and under age drinking there. no he wont do that. not to his buddy sam chaney. come on!

@Anon -- Actually, I don't even know what Sam Chaney looks like. I have a much better relationship with Chris Furst, who I speak with (and see) on a semi-regular basis. The last time I was even at Bourbon Street was last year for City Paper's Best of Baltimore party.

Also, if you think I give Bourbon Street unfairly positive coverage, ask owner Jim Temple what he thought about the piece on his teen night.

I'm not sure who you are, but I don't pick favorites when it comes to news coverage.

In fact, I didn't publish a comment from a guy had some potentially libelous accusations about the club's underage drinking policy.

Typical Cordish operation , attack , attack and make counter acusations...

What a bunch of jerks

I don't think this has as much to do with Cordish as it does Mosaic and the promoters that they hired. Cordish doesn't want the bussing, but they can't micromanage everything that goes on in Power Plant Live.
Bourbon Street isn't ran by Cordish and probably have the same problem with bussing kids into their establishment.
This blog is about what Mosaic is doing and what Cordish's policy is, not what other bars are doing. I don't think that Cordish is doing anything wrong this time;)

I didn't even publish a comment that I am going to retype right here and insinuate the same accusation that I am pretenting to cover up....In fact.

@Andy -- Good point. That's what I get for commenting so early in the morning. Fixed!

Cordish micromanages EVERY property under their umbrella nationwide. They knew exactly who was promoting, that it was a College Night, and that there were busses running. Miller is not telling the truth here. They do this every fall at Power Plant, run busses then deny they know.
For the record, it should be a blessing to offer these young people a ride and a safety factor of keeping them from behind the steering wheel of a car. This should be viewed as something good, not problematic.

I have never met Sam and I didn't even know he was at the best of Baltimore party. I do remember the teen article and I remember the great piece on my Thriller Party last year. Thank you for correcting that person.
If u really want to know how I feel about buses I'll tell you. I want power plant to run buses and have a successful night promoted towards college. Bourbon St hasn't run buses in almost a year and if people are running buses to power plant then that opens the door for everyone else to run buses from Towson. Which in my eyes is a good thing. Power plant had a great Thursday and I had a great Thursday, there is room for all of us without some jack a$$ trying to create drama with power plant and myself. I have a great working & personal relationship with all of the management in PPL and a mutual respect and friendly competition with the higher ups.
As far as busses go... Keep busing them in. Maybe people will begin to see that buses are a good thing and a much safer way for college students to go out.

I have to agree with the idea of bussing students in for the simple fact of safety. With all the construction going on downtown for the race and the shortage of police officers, it's nice to know there are people willing to go out of their way and help kids enjoy the "nightlife experience" ...

And besides, based on recent experiences at the Power Plant... that place needs a serious boost to its crowds. Perhaps Cordish should stop worrying about putting slots near a family establishment (Arundel Mills - which already has its share of mugging and theft problems) and give the Power Plant a makeover. After all, they ended the "5 Below Ice Bar" a month before the contract was up, leaving employees stranded... they tell people "you're not wanted" with no warning whatsoever. They're a cheesy corporation with little sense of respect.

But I digress. Sam - Keep up the good reporting. And just remember, it's Baltimore... nothing is ever permanent anymore. :)

PS... Anonymous who called my name out on something you know nothing about, I know who you are by how badly written your comment is. I won't call you out on this blog because I have come to expect statements like that from you. You need to worry about your side of the street and I will worry about mine.

One more thing, the promoting game is not about trashing another clubs events or parties. Fake promoting, lying to people and trashing another club are all just signs of weakness in your own events and abilities.

Cordish Flame War!

Bus those college girls over to The Block. Instead of "college night" we'll call it "amateur night". Its a win-win.

@Dave - Nice!

@Towson, Villa Julie, and other local schools - Put the blame on the adults you allow into your institutions of "higher" education. You let the knuckleheads into your schools deal with it.

@Sessa - great post

This piece is not factual at all. The Sun needs to worry about the integrity of their journalist then slapping together a half-ass story to prevent another closing like the Examiner.

First off all.. your main source Nino Sylvia, is not the 'co-owner' of The Good life boys.

Second. NOBODY who promotes at PPL provides buses to ANYONE. If you make this claim and then write a blog about it, I suggest you show me proof. Buses are not permitted on the property period.

Third. What type of journalism is writing an article based on hearsay? This piece can be applied to Mist, Bourbon or any nightclub in Baltimore. Journalism 101 permits you to find facts, not a phone conversation to present a valid point.

The line has been drawn.

@Jae "NOBODY who promotes at PPL provides buses to ANYONE. If you make this claim and then write a blog about it, I suggest you show me proof. Buses are not permitted on the property period"

I hope you are right. That's like saying that PPL doesn't serve underage people. They might not do it on purpose but I am sure a few get by, same with buses. Just cause they don't drop them off in front of PPL doesn't mean that they don't drop them off one block away. They are not permitted on the property but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

I am surprised how much attention this particular blog has gotten but it just keeps getting better.

Maybe we can bus some underage kids from the city out to Towson!

Wait, we do, Bus Route 48. Why aren't the Towson kids that resourceful!

with all the bad grammar and misspelling- you “anon” kids should be in school and not Mosaic

@jae did you even read the article? One of the promoters ... proudly says how they bus kids in from schools. The facts came straight from the horses mouth.

Nino owns 20% of the Good Life Boys... I think maybe you should know the facts before you open your mouth.

"They reason bars don't bus students in is because the Liq board, police dept & MADD along with certian colleges do not want it to happen. .....MADD's complaint is that it promotes binge drinking. "

So, are we just admitting that Mothers Against Drunk Driving has basically turned into "Mothers Against Drinking At All?"

@ADMIV- Doesn't 3 for 5 or 2 for 1 promote binge drinking. What about wedding parties, when it's all you can drink. What about if I go to the club and buy a bottle of Grey Goose, doesn't that promote binge drinking?

What's more dangerous a grown adult deciding whether or not to drink or whether or not to drink and drive. That's the dumbest thing that i have ever heard.

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