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September 3, 2010

Did GoodLife Boys send buses to Mosaic last night? Maybe.

a bus parked outside Port DiscoveryAfter all the controversy stirred up by my earlier post about the event promoters sending buses of college students to Mosaic, I felt a follow-up was in order.

I wasn't able to make it to Power Plant Live last night to see whether or not the GoodLife Boys brought buses near the downtown entertainment district as planned. And the GoodLife Boys couldn't be reached for comment today. But I did get a message from the event's Facebook page at 5:25 p.m. yesterday, which made it sound like the party was still on:


An anonymous tipster sent me this photograph of a bus parked in back of Port Discovery, the adjacent children's museum across President Street (that's Port Discovery, the children's museum, in the background). The tipster said this was one of a few buses parked there. But, as Power Plant Live's spokesman Chris Furst (rightfully) pointed out, this one photo doesn't prove anything.

"That could have been any group," he said. "People use buses for millions of events. There's nothing I can do. It's not on our property." ...

me!Whether or not it was a bus full of college students, this whole ordeal raises a good point: To what length are clubs responsible for trips like this? If an event promoter organizes a college night and buses in students from area schools but drops them off two blocks from a club (against the club's knowledge), is that the club's responsibility? 

I also got forwarded a text message -- with a photo -- which was, according to my tipster, sent to Power Plant Live security guards last night:

this is the guy from the sun. he might have glasses and a slight beard. he's not here yet.

Wow! I'm not sure whether to be flattered or freaked out by this.

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Hahaha! If anybody's wondering, here's the link:

That's disturbing,
Better get a new disguise, Sam! <:-o

LOL Sam my wife loves that crap

Why does PPL even care if there is bussing?

It prevents drinking and driving, period.

It's definitely going on, so what! I am sure there are buses going to the other hotspots as well. I just don't understand why there is a coverup. That alone makes people want to check out to see if there are buses. Ugh!

In case you're really on the fence about this, Sam: It's freaky, not flattering. Really? Yes, really.

And for some reason when I picture you with glasses and a beard you look like a cross between Mr. Magoo and Mr. Miyagi. Bad disguise, but it might work for you IRL.

That is one of the dumbest things I have heard during this entire blog. Promoters are paid by the clubs they work for making them employees. So if that logic holds up then they are not responsible for anything, ex: a bartender that that servers a minor is anot the clubs fault because the upper management didn't pour the drink themselves.

There is no logic in power plants logic. Just man up and say "yes we are running buses, it's the safest way for college kids to go out"

Setting up a sting to catch college kids coming to bars?

Stick with this story man; very interesting indeed.

So how is having your picture going to effect the presence of buses? Did they hire David Copperfield to make them disappear?

Sam - I have a tip something might be going on at the Watergate hotel in D.C. Can't talk details in the comment portion of the blog. Let's just say it involves Port Discovery, a one-armed man, and a slight beard. I've said too much!

I don't understand how this quantifies as an interesting article or issue. The transportation of private individuals to and from public property is completely legal. It does not matter what the facebook event says or what it might be "aiming" to encourage. The fact that they aren't being dropped off on Power Plant Lives jurisdiction makes it not their responsibility. The only responsibility that Power Plant Live has is to insure that all people drinking in their establishments are of age. It is no different than if Sam Sessa and takes a limo with some of his friends to the side walk of a homosexual club, he is not encouraging homosexuality he is simply providing transportation from one place to another, and arriving on sidewalks, which are public property.
With that in mind perhaps the author of this (myopic) little blog who doesn't look like he'd be allowed into half the nightlife places he writes about with out a press pass should focus on the potential and real life positives of something he writes about before condemning it in-order to cause a stir and get ahead at his paper.
Or maybe he won't be around that long?
Because his article shuts down buses, and some drunk individual hits him on I-83 when they are trying to get back to the county because there wasn't affordable transportation available.

As a side note: I was a Baltimore and Towson promoter for 4 years, I ran buses and got shut down after little articles like this which missed the point of the transportation, which isnt underage drinking its safe and reliable transportation. I know both of the Goodlifeboys and Nino isn't one of the owners. He simply works for them, any half decent reporter would have looked into this.

And Sam Sessa this is directed directly at you, if the buses stop its not going to stop individuals from going, by taking away this option with your continued coverage of this story your are going to push the result for other means of transportation which is going to include drunk driving. I hope you can live with any deaths on your conscious.

If you remember a few years ago when they were busing kids in from Towson, Hopkins, and Loyola, the colleges all put a stop to it by not allowing the buses on the campus. They didn't allow the fliers to be posted or to be distributed on the campus.

What did they do? They teamed up with pizza joints nearby to pick the kids up and drop them off in the pizza joint's parking lots. A win/win. Promoters got to run their buses, what drunk college kid is not going to get off a bus in a pizza joint's parking lot and not get a slice....errr whole pie?

Eventually, it took heat from the city council-people to get BAR, HAND, McFaddens/Lodge to stop their college nights, then Iguana picked them up for a while.

Inherently, what is the issue, really? If you're going to provide safe transportation to/from the bars and serve only the 21+ crowd, and stop serving them when they're too intoxicated, and they don't act like idiots, what is the real issue? Oh wait, none of that happens.

How about we get some true action where it belongs?

Colleges: Don't let promoters run buses out of your campus.

Promoters: Stay off private property and only work in public venues and with your business partners

Clubs: Only serve 21+ and do not overserve.

Party Goers: Enjoy yourself but within the laws.

Cops/Legislators: Enforce the laws that exist.

I see nothing wrong with bars trying to get more money. I see nothing wrong with promoters trying to get their piece of the pie and fame. I see something wrong with breaking the laws and with selective enforcement of those laws.

"And Sam Sessa this is directed directly at you, if the buses stop its not going to stop individuals from going, by taking away this option with your continued coverage of this story your are going to push the result for other means of transportation which is going to include drunk driving. I hope you can live with any deaths on your conscious."


I typically enjoy reading dissenting opinions because it keeps things interesting and (hopefully) encourages productive thinking. I get the argument that buses provide alternate transportation for those who may otherwise drink and drive. I'm not going to comment one way or the other with regard to my support or my being against this idea. What I am going to say is that the idea that it would be Sam's (or anybody else's) fault if someone was killed by a drunk driver because said driver was only behind the wheel due to a bus service being shut down is ridiculously illogical and short-sighted. Is it possible that someone could wind up in this situation? Yes. But to blame anybody other than the person behind the wheel is fallacious. It would be easy to blame the person who was responsible for shutting down a bus line, but then what about the bartender who served this person too much to drink? What about the person's irresponsible friends who didn't take his/her keys? There's lots of potential blame to be spread, but it would be distracting from the reality of personal responsibility.

Now, whether people are capable of that much personal responsibility is certainly up for debate, but it's one that runs much deeper into the human condition than a discussion on whether promoters should be allowed to run buses or not. I'm pretty sure the core of human behavior is not exactly the first topic that comes up when promoters / businesses are deciding how to attract an audience.

Is there even all that much money to be made selling liquor to 19-year-olds? They never have any cash.

@Dave F. well put, however the reality of personal responsibility doesn't exist in the USA. If you don't work the government will take care of everything. And whatever the government can't take care of, a lawyer will try to help you out. It's never my fault;)

Went to the game tonight and saw that Mother's had a bunch of buses outside it's establishment. I personally think that it is great, people coming up from Annapolis to watch Navy play against Maryland. So what is the difference? Why can't Mother's or any other establishment grab a few buses from Towson, Loyola, or wherever else? Is it always good for the goose but not for the.......

Nice, Potter implies that Sam Sessa is a homosexual and then makes a barely veiled death threat. Keep it classy, douchebag.

This anti-bus crusade by Sam seems stupid. Am I missing something? What is wrong with busing students to bars?

I agree that the clubs need to serve 21+ and strictly enforce that. But the idea that you can take a bus from you campus to a club is fine. Is Sarah Palin behind Sam's motivation? It seems like a stupid thing she would push.

What is your next crusade banning liquor stores that are withing 3 miles of a campus? The use of shoes for the purpose of walking to a bar?

In the end if someone is an adult, they need to take responsibility for their actions. Sam, stop being the moral police, and stop reporting on nightlife you do not seem very qualified.

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