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September 22, 2010

B&O Brasserie's Brendan Dorr wins bartender competition

PX00052_9.JPGB&O Brasserie bartender Brendan Dorr is America's Next Top Bartender! Or something.

Barenjager Honey Liqueur sponsored a competition in New York City to find the best drink recipes with their product. On Monday night, Dorr won first place against five other bartenders, $1,000 in cash, and all-expense trip to this year's Okotoberfest in Munich.

Dorr, who's won a bunch of mixing competitions, won with a cocktail ominously named "El Oso" (The Bear), which is made out of Barenjager, Tequila, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, and Jerry Thomas' Decanter Bitters.

Alcohol companies routinely host bartender competitions to promote their products. This was the second one for Barenjager, which is made in Germany, but is owned by a New York company.

Last year it was open only to New York City talent, but for Monday's competition it was extended to other states, except, the competition's press release says, "Texas, Washington, California, Tennessee, Alaska, and Hawaii."

What gives Barenjager? Anyway, Dorr's competitors were from Philly, Denver, New York, Brooklyn and Chicago. 

All bartenders submitted recipes before August 23 to move on to the final round on Monday night.

Dorr's cocktail will appear on B&O's Fall drinks menu.  

Photo: Gene Sweeney Jr./Baltimore Sun

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Posted by Erik Maza at 9:54 AM | | Comments (35)


So how many people submitted recipes?

One out of 5 is great and all, but how many people TRIED to get into the final round? What was the basis for getting to the New York Round?

Now I see why this guy was so offended when I ordered one of his drink recipes sans lime juice. Sorry I hate lime juice.

Good job Erik on actually posting about something bar related.

Sessa would have taken the next step and investigated why those states were excluded. My guess is the product isn't available in those states..

This is awesome news! My wedding is at Hotel Monaco next April and can't wait to work with Brendan on my cocktail menu!!

How is this awesome news? He was going to make you a cocktail menu whether or not he won this contest, how does this have anything to do with your wedding?

Or are you a hotel monaco/B&O shill trying to get the word out that you host weddings and that you can work with the bar guy on a cocktail list?

The douchebaggery of commenters has increased exponentially recently.

Everyone who isn't a cynical a-hole with something negative to say has to be a shill.

Maybe its because the quality of the blog has decreased exponetially recently? Crappy posts = crappy comments

just a theory

or am I being to hard on "captain do half the research"?

So stop reading.

Sessa mailed in the last few months of his reign. Get Outs (aka "Who is at Rams Head/8x10/Pier Six tonight) and concert reviews ... that was it.

I'll take variety over that lazy garbage any day of the week.

Im talking pre-sessa vaca days. I am lumping "recently" into the summer months. Maybe thats the problem, Erik is reading sams recent posts and assuming that is the standard. I dont see much difference between late sam and new Erik, except for just MORE half ___ed posts. They even cross thier arms the same way.

I want quality over quantity, not 7 half ___ed posts a day but 1-3 fully researched and well thought out posts.

but i get it, i dont have to read it if im not interested, i guess im just disapointed is all

the # of anonymous comments is directly proportional to the # of crap comments.

give the guy a break. what exactly is wrong about this post? maybe eriKKK should have given use the whole history of german liqueurs while he was at it. what were you THINKING ERIK!

how dare you!

There's definitely nothing wrong with posting about a Baltimore bartender winning a competition. I found it pretty interesting.

However, as a long-time reader, I would ask that Erik try to post more often about what's going on with the local bar scene. I feel like this blog has turned more and more into posts about concerts, music, and the "get out"s.

Also, commenters, how about we all try to be a little less negative and a little more constructive? (Insert your snarky response here)

I don't think Sam phoned it in at the end so much as his life just stopped having the drunken mis-adventures that made this so interesting to read. Also the fact the Eric spells his name with a 'K' is just impossible for me the get past.

I 100% co-sign Matt's post

agreed with matt.

i think all those 100+ degree days has effected people psyche.

I agree with Tif and Matt ... but if there's not local bar scene news, there's not local bar scene news (I have no way of knowing ... that's why I come here)

That said, if there isn't news, I don't want to read a "review" of a bottle opener or a recap of an argument with a beer girl at a bar just to fill a "bar/drinking" quota

I know its all personal preference, though

It just used to be here.

I think if Sam had dropped off and didn't say anything, some wouldn't have even noticed. That said, the new guy's tone is a bit offputting. I was expecting Erik's Misadventures in Baltimore. Right now we're getting music junk (though Sam had a lot of that in the early months) and rehashed articles on Padonia Station that slightly feels like we are being talked down to.

As someone who has at least tried to have his finger on the pulse of the bar scene in bmore, I can say with a lot of certainty that it comes and it goes - right now there's not a whole hell of a lot to talk about aside from the normal happy hour junk, but with Oktoberfest and Baltimore Beer Week right around the corner, it'll get much much much better.

So loosen your sphincters a bit guys, it's just bad timing

Hey a****e Tim. No, I am not a shill for Hotel Monaco. I'm a chick who is having her wedding there and excited to read about the good press the hotel and B&O are getting. You idiot.

Welp. Sessa never let us call each other a****s. That's kind of fun.

... and sphincters too!

Nobody ever called Pablo Picasso an a**hole.

Why so douchey, people?

Its about time Brendan got recognized. Had a great conversation with him the first time I went in for lunch.

The guy is definitely a talented mixologist. He makes his own cola. His own cola! Next time you're in there, go ahead and order one up...with some Basil Haydens if its time for a cocktail.

i dont either. im an asterisk nazi. remember kids, no profanity.

I’m just saying it may not be much in the news but everything should be new for Erik. I mean I’ve been to two new bars the past month- did you guys know that Tatu the old Blue Sea Grille has an $18 fishbowl of alcoholic goodness topped with flaming 151 with straws for two? Instead of all the “get out” maybe he should like- uhh get out. (triple entendre)

Geez, why do people get upset over him spelling his name with a K? Buncha racist xenophobes y'all are.

I'm neither- I'm just a drunk and I want my drunk people news

Really tired of the knee-jerk rudeness of the anti-Mazaratti.

No, he di'int!

I think some of you must get up in the morning on a Wednesday and scream, "Nooooo... I HATE Wednesday. I want Tuesday back."

Tuesday's gone with the wind, so sine yo pitty on the the runny kine and get yosef rejuvenated and rang dang diggedy dang di-dang.


I second Kateebee's sentiments.

kateebee et al, I think we need to take the bull by the horns and organize the Sessa Sayonara ourselves.



I agree with you about the Sessa Sayonara. I think Erik should be there as well and that way we can get to know him the same way we know Sam.

Let's save Midnight Sun before it Jumps the Shark!

Let's have it at Maxx's or at the Dog Pub or where it all began at the Idle Hour.

How bout Maxxx's?

jason z is with me.

I assume kateebee is with me!

I also assume Maza is with me!

Was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor!?

Let's do this!

Sessa, bring Patchen. We're doing this. Patchen, you bring.... um.... your um... just be there.

I'll bring the bacon vodka

bacon vodka was the dirties trick ever played on me *shiver

I am in. Shall I bring the flabongos? haha.

What say you, Sessa & Erik? You guys in?

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